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Violant of the Silver

Violant of the Silver 白銀のヴィオラント

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Author: 夜乃すてら
Total Chapters: 320
Genre: BL, Fantasy
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Translators: mii. Editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic, Katie_WanderingFujoshi, fire
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Violant Lesserhain. That’s the name of the villain who appears in the comic “Princess Dances with the Night.” After the protagonist’s accidental death, for some reason he wakes up as Vio, and decides to walk in his shoes. Then it strikes him: before the “Hero” slays him, he must not tread a villain’s path…

Knight x Master


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  1. Ooh!! Are you going to continue translating this?! I’ve been waiting for a long long time!! Thank you for picking this one up!!!! Truly grateful to mii. 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

      • Omg thank you sooo much for picking up this project! Always wanted to read it but never started it since it was dropped. Love you already ❤️

  2. mii’s kind of story is the Hero x Villain kinds ^o^ does it also has to be specific blonde x silver hair 🤣 because NHAD has this character setting Al(blonde) Lian(silver)… jk mii I love the webnovels you translate, putting on my readin list

  3. Thank you, Mii. I have tried to read this novel so many times, but I always stopped when I saw that it was dropped. Thank you very much.

  4. Halo, Mii !! Bisakah saya menerjemahkannya ke bahasa Indonesia? Ketika Anda telah menerjemahkannya. ^ – ^ Saya akan menantikannya. Saya sangat suka novel terjemahan Anda dan saya ingin menerjemahkan novel Anda lagi.❤

  5. Ah ah ah, dari sinopsis keliatan menarik, cover-nya uga sesuai selera. Knight x Master bikin doki-doki bayanginnya XD (Jujur belum pernah baca novel BL jepang 🙈 saya mau nyoba baca ini, www)

    Mii-chan semangat! Menunggu chapter 1 muncul ….


  6. Setting up camp here mostly because of the picture… I like stories about the „villains“ cause they always give something nice, kinda unexpected. Hopefully not too dog-blood QvQ

  7. i love this novel!!! will wait until youve caught up with already translated chs so i can binge read them to remind myself of whats going on with the story. its been so long since an update ive nearly forgotten the finer details! i never said anything to the other translators (or any of the translators actually) because i think its rude to leave a comment like gimme ch! when im not contributing anything you know? like im not paying you for your translation, nor am i buying the raws so i have no say all i should and can do is give my thanks for what you have done, hence my name ^.^

    • Aw, thank you for the sweet comment! We will work hard to catch up, so please wait for it! ><

      Also you don’t have to worry and just comment like that in my projects!! I personally feel like having people demanding for more chapters (politely) means people are interested in what I’m doing and want more! >< When I feel tired of translating, I’ll look at all of the comments I get (like now ahaha) and motivate myself that yes, people care! Mii, you can do this!!

      Hope you’ll enjoy this journey!

      • Wait…does this mean I can beg for more chapters of NHAD? Cruel and evil temptress, please give us more chapters! A mother shouldn’t play favorites with her children (I personally think seeing the NHAD fans suffer pushes your buttons…not saying you are an S…but…)

        And also thanks for picking up this one. Like the above poster, I am also waiting till this gets past the prior translations so I can binge. You are awesome


  8. Oh God !! Can I tell you how much I love you for picking this storie😍

  9. I’ve been waiting for someone to pick this novel up, i’m so excited😀