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Violant of the SilverCh13 - The Young Lady’s Visit (IV)

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Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic woYTg0

After Flora went to the town, Vio decided to shut himself in his study. He had to calculate the amount of funds needed for his plan. Once he took out the ledger, he started calculating how to fund the war preparations.

As he jotted down his ideas with a groan, Vio heard a clink. Someone had placed a cup on the table, the scent of the black tea softly wafting through the air.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Vio looked up, expecting to see Jill. But to his surprise, it was Legion, his guardian knight. He said, “Thank you, Legi.”

“It’s nothing. Do you need any help?”  uvPGKy

“If you insist, then bring over last year’s account books from that shelf.”


As Legion approached the shelf, Vio cast him a sidelong glance, taking a sip of black tea. There was a hint of sweetness. Just how Vio liked it.

He had been unkind to Legion at the beginning. But now, hiring him seemed to be the best decision he had ever made. Legion could assist Vio in paperwork, and his timing when serving him tea was spot on. Furthermore, whenever Vio had him inspect the town or village without forewarning, his report contained everything Vio wanted to know.


Jill was also capable, but due to his old age, Vio didn’t want to overwork him. Giving the tasks to Legion was lighter on his conscience.

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“Shall I place these here?”

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“Yeah, thanks,” said Vio, receiving the account books. He examined the expenses. He had already created a general framework of the estimated budget, but wondered whether he could lower the budget even more.

“Pa’r jwjhlcu atja Obgv Nlbijca jigfjvs xcbkr tbk ab wjcjuf jrrfar, vfrqlaf bcis yflcu oloaffc sfjgr biv,” Ofulbc rjlv, j vgfjws rlut frmjqlcu tlr ilqr klatbea tlw xcbklcu la. Y Wk1A

“Efjiis? P vbc’a olcv la atja rqfmlji.”

Ufgtjqr yfmjerf tlr ojatfg jcv ygbatfg tjv jikjsr yffc raglma klat tlw, Nlb vlvc’a ecvfgrajcv kts Ofulbc obecv atja ab yf qgjlrfkbgats. Ejatfg, lc tlr wlcv, fnfgsbcf kbeiv ijeut ja tlw. Qbeiv lcobgw tlw atja remt j atlcu kjr bcis cjaegji obg wfwyfgr bo atf Ofrrfgtjlc ojwlis. 

Even so, with a serious look on his face, Legion replied, “It is amazing. When I was fifteen years old, I was an idiot who only cared about fighting. Everyone around me said that I was too obsessed with the sword and my master.”

Vio chuckled. “I don’t think you changed at all, though.” Q5gyX6

“No, no. I think I’m much calmer now. I don’t pick fights anymore. That means I’ve grown up.”

Nothing ever seemed to ruffle Legion’s feathers, so Vio found it surprising he used to start fights easily. Perhaps he was the type of person who became scary when angry.

“Considering your age, Lord Violant is farsighted and calm.”

“Well, I inherited most of my features from my mother. Maybe I resemble her so much that I also inherited her personality? Flora is also similar to her appearance and personality-wise. Except for her hair color, that is.” MoxbfG

“Please excuse my rudeness, but Lord Rupheus doesn’t seem to have inherited the same things. He’s too fierce and terrifying of a person.”

Vio’s brother was definitely scary. His sharp eyes pierced through Vio like swords, seeing through the entirety of his being. His words were just as sharp. As a young child, Vio had often cried in secret because of that. There were even times when Rupheus called him too fragile, subsequently throwing him into the basement.

“I’m scared of my brother as well. Back when I lived in Nada town, I passed every day in unease. But here, my life is really comfortable.” Then, Vio added, “Though I think being strict is necessary for a lord.”

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“Is that so?” ok7EJa

“You can’t manage a territory with only kindness. Even so, Father and Brother are too strict. Balance is important. If you keep whipping your subjects, you’ll only be setting yourself on the path to ruin.” 

The citizens were pitiful, but the Lesserhains had been valiant warriors for generations. They were known to be aggressive.

“Father and Brother believe that humans will degrade if they are not constantly disciplined. That’s why they’re very strict on themselves too. Since I’m too indulgent, they consider me a hopeless man.” Vio sighed. Whenever he so much as thought of his father or brother, gloom would fill his heart. “Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m grateful that they left me alone like this.”

After Legion saw Vio’s melancholic expression, his face grew pained. He said, “Please forgive me for reminding you of such unpleasant things.” daOb1J

“Don’t worry. It’s the truth anyway. Speaking of which, how’s your family? Are they all well?”

“Yes. My father’s leg injuries have mostly healed.”

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Vio broke into a faint smile. “That’s a relief.”

He directed his gaze at the ledger again. For a while, the sound of pages turning echoed in the room. A breeze blew in from the open window, a pleasant sensation in its wake.  obv6Vc

All of a sudden, Vio looked up, his gaze meeting Legion’s. Confused. “Legi. You keep staring at me every once in a while. Is there something on my face?”

Legion flushed. “P-please excuse my rudeness,” he said in a panic.

Vio grew even more baffled. “You don’t have to apologize. Just answer my question. Ah, wait. If you’re going to tell me something scary, I’ll pass, okay? Don’t tell me that you see something I can’t see.”

“Are you talking about spirits? No, I can’t see such things…” sBxzrN

“Thank goodness. Then what is it? I won’t be angry, so just say it.”

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“Um… Your face is so beautiful that fascination unconsciously overtook me. And I ended up thinking a sculpture of God would take after you…”

His unexpected, straightforward compliment made Vio stiffen in shock. Blood rushed to his cheeks.

“T-to call another man beautiful… As always, your compliment is a bit too much.” He wasn’t used to receiving sincere praises. oNsi9P

Vio didn’t think much of his face anymore due to his familiarity with it. It was his own face, after all. But looking back, when he had first woken up as Vio, he had also been shocked by Vio’s beautiful visage.

Legion spilled out his true thoughts saying, “Your skin is so fair even though you’re a man. Your body is delicate and not muscular, unlike those of your father and brother. The color of your hair is also a sight for the eyes. I’d want to look like you if I could.” 

His response sent Vio’s mind into chaos. “No, stop it! Pretend that I didn’t ask you anything just now!”

“Yes!” said Legion with a nod. For some reason, he had a wide grin on his face. HjUlCi

Vio glared at him. “Hey, stop smiling.”

“I’m sorry.” Legion cleared his throat and schooled his face into his usual serious look. But his face still held a tinge of redness at the sides. 

We’re both men, yet we’re acting so bashfully! Vio buried his face in the ledger. He didn’t know how he should react. The way Legion had praised him was too frank. He had often received praises in Nada town, but they were all contrived. Oddly enough, Legion’s felt sincere. 

Legi really is different from those people in Nada town, huh? I don’t know what to do with him sometimes. vAEGFS

Legion easily agitated him, but the experience felt fresh and even warmed his chest. Unbeknownst to himself, a smile slid over Vio’s lips.

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