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  • Double price for grave digging, muah~ e (○′ 3′○)

    ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗) This story is turning out to be funnier than I expected. Thank you for the translation!

  • Is no one else confused by Xie Mu’s age? Bo Qin met Xie when he was 19. Their relationship likely went on for a couple of years. Chapter 1 says “he laid on that bed for ten years” after the accident. But the nurse has 22 on file. Tan also gloating over 3 years worth of memories b/w age 19 & 22. But what about the time Xie Mu spent in coma? Shouldn’t Xie Mu be over 30 now? Is there some typo or the author made a mistake? Was he just ten months or ten weeks in coma?

  • If you’re bothered by the idea of some random kid (aka family member) passing behind you and suddenly stopping by to read your screen out loud to the whole house then it’s definitely NSFW 😅

    I wonder if Shen Jiaze is going to confront Ye Chen here. If he waits to confront Gu instead he’ll just end up being introduced to his ‘new’ boyfriend 🤭

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

  • This part confuses me a bit:

    ”…born with insufficient Yang….So, it’s easy for him to be possessed by the undead…. we can let Tang Ye teach Chief Ling more ways to improve his masculinity.”

    Going by this logic, shouldn’t all the women there be possessed by now? Since women are mainly yin. I thought Tang’s possession was a combination of low yang + disturbing ghost’s area. Wouldn’t it be more practical to teach Chief Ling and everyone else how not to anger ghosts in the first place?

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  • I got a copy of ”Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio” that Lu Qingjiu was reading. I opened it randomly to a story called “Fox Trouble.” In it a rich man Zhang is troubled by fox spirits at home and asks another old fox for help: ”a fox who had taken residence in a certain peasant’s home”. The old fox brings a second fox friend called Zhou. This Zhou fellow kills the bad foxes in Zhang’s home and then the two live happily ever after like ”landlord and tenant.”

    ( ๑>ω•́ )☆

  • ✩.*˚* ପ₍ᐢ◌•▽•◌ᐢ₎ଓ ˚₊✩ more fluff!

    Thank you for the chapter!💖

  • (´ ▽ `) so cute!

  • I’m still stuck on the “10,000 yuan was enough to cover an ordinary student’s living expenses for a year.” (•’╻’• ) It’s actually more than enough for a student in Pakistan but I thought the cost of living in China is much higher , and doesn’t He Shen have to pay his apartment bills too? Did Qiao Shao think food is the only expense? (〒▽〒)

  • +1 Love Shao SiJia 😍

    Thank you for the chapter💕