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Violant of the SilverCh22 - A Letter of Invitation (II)


translator: mii

editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic, Fire lOJZMN

The next day, Vio visited the commerce and industry guild. And when he walked out of the guild, his problems were all solved, just like that.

Vio had informed the guild executives about the circumstances regarding the Kingdom of Ruslan, as well as his worries about the town’s lacking defense. Understanding how grave the matter was, they stopped what they were doing and prioritized giving Vio some advice. 

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Getting soil and sand, materials used for making bricks, wasn’t a problem with how abundant those were in this region. They could easily be gathered using spirit magic. 

It was the lime mortar, a combination of lime putty and aggregate such as sand, that Vio thought would be most troublesome to obtain. However, that problem was immediately solved as well. It turned out that there was a quarry nearby, located further within Amade village. Though, the guild executives told Vio it was no longer in operation. 9w1gXt

The reason for this came in two parts: the long winters of Leca town made it difficult to traverse to the quarry, piles of snow abound, Which led the quarry to fall into obscurity, limiting its utility. Nevertheless, that quarry was where the townspeople had gathered the necessary materials whenever they were to build a house. It should be possible to obtain enough of the right type of limestone there to repair the walls.

With that settled, as long as Vio could find something to substitute the firewood needed to make bricks, the commerce and industry guild would be able to complete the restoration on a low budget. 

Vio broke into a bitter smile. If he had known this would happen, he would have talked to them from the very beginning. He decided to rely on the guild more next time.

Soon after Vio left the guild’s meeting hall, he spotted Legion waiting in front of the hall, hand still wrapped around the horse’s reins. He approached him, unable to suppress his delight. His smile. “Looks like the wall’s restoration will go smoothly. Thankfully, my biggest problem has been solved.”


Legion expression softened. “That’s a relief, Lord Violant.”

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Some women passing by waved at Vio. When Vio raised a hand slightly in return, the women shrieked in excitement. Following that, they bowed before leaving. There were others who came close to tripping over themselves with how frequently they glanced at Vio. 

Presently, Vio wore a white shirt with a blue vest and a pair of black trousers. And on top of his entire ensemble, a blue hooded cloak. He had drawn the hood over his head to shield himself from the sharp glare of the summer sun, but the townspeople could still recognize him. CBwptY

They began making their way to the town hall. This was Vio’s first time visiting town, and he was rather impressed to discover how much larger it was from his imagination. The shrine dedicated to worshipping the Great Spirit was especially large.

Once he and Legion arrived at the town hall, around ten government officials approached Vio to greet him, simply the picture of excitement. However, Vio wasn’t able to see his three tax and administration inspectors. Although they often spent their working hours in the town hall, they happened to be out.

After exiting the town hall, Vio said to Legion, “Alright, I’ve finished my work for the day. Let’s return to the mansion.” He then walked to the side of the horse.

“Understood,” responded Legion. Once Vio had successfully mounted the horse, Legion said, “Please excuse me.” Following that, he did the same, sitting behind Vio. zYwDp

Vio had decided to try traveling by horse. The reason: he felt bad whenever his servants had to prepare the carriage despite only going for a short trip. But after remaining indoors every day for two years, he had forgotten how to ride a horse. Back in the mansion, Vio had only been able to get on the horse’s back before growing stiff with fear. As such, Legion had suggested that he just accompany Vio on foot, pulling on the horse’s reins the entire journey.

However, Vio’s mansion, which stood on a hill, was a bit far from town. A thirty minute walk to travel from one place to the other. Feeling apologetic, Vio had made Legi ride the horse with him.

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“Vbggs, Oful. P’ii vb ws yfra ab gfifjgc tbk ab glvf j tbgrf jr rbbc jr qbrrlyif.”

“Uifjrf ifa wf xcbk ktfcfnfg sbe qijc bc qgjmalmlcu. Pa’r vjcufgber ab vb la jibcf.” BronMw

“Yxjs, P klii.”

Nlb mbeiv jirb jrx Ljerfg, atf wjcrlbc’r rajyiftjcv, ab afjmt tlw, yea Ofulbc tjv lcrlrafv bc yflcu tlr wfcabg. Vlcmf tf tjv yffc rb fjufg, Nlb vfmlvfv ab pera ulnf lc ab tlr gfdefra.

Shortly before they passed through the town gate, another passerby, a middle-aged man, greeted Vio. Vio greeted back. The man then turned to his friend beside him, yelling, “He responded to me!” 

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Vio shot them a glance before continuing their ride back to the mansion. 6RdOFn

He wondered why everyone’s reactions seemed so exaggerated. Shouldn’t it be normal for him to reciprocate their greetings?

“Oh Legi, I’ve been wondering about this, but… Why am I riding at the front? I heard that the back is more stable.”

“It’s actually the opposite, Lord Violant. It’s shaky from where I’m sitting. Since you’re not used to horseback riding, I had you sit in front of me.”

“Ah, is that so? I didn’t know that.” Z6VdcK

Horseback riding was a favored pastime of the nobles. But back when Vio had been in Nada town, he had never ridden a horse outside of training. His father and brother had disliked bringing Vio with them on long rides, so he had always stayed behind, assigned to watch over the lord’s residence. Even before he had gained a phobia of going outside, they would use his ill health as an excuse to order him to remain in his room.

Vio’s health was especially bad during his childhood.  He often had a fever, worrying his mother. It was one of the reasons behind his mother’s indulgence toward him.

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The horse climbed the gentle slope at a leisurely pace. After a while, they arrived outside the mansion, where Vio noticed an unfamiliar gray horse tied to the side of the gate. As he wondered whether he had guests, they entered the mansion gates. Right after that, a middle-aged man with an eye patch covering his right eye ran toward them. He looked like an ill-mannered person at first glance, but he was actually the stableman. “Welcome home,” he said.

“We’re back, Hauser.” oJu6Uc

After Vio and Legion dismounted from the horse, Hauser promptly took the reins, taking charge of the horse, before lowering his torso in a bow. “A messenger hailing from the royal palace came to our mansion. Mr. Butler notified me of the messenger’s wish that you see him immediately after your return.”

“From the royal palace? Got it. Thank you,” said Vio. He then entered the mansion, slightly puzzled.

Vio had barely taken a step into the mansion when Jill and Rille appeared. Jill took Vio’s cloak. Following that, Vio washed his hands in the water basin Rille carried. Then, he headed to the drawing room.

There, a young, blond knight in a navy blue uniform sat on the sofa, drinking a cup of tea. Sewn on the left breast of his uniform was a crest that consisted of a green leaf and a silver sword. Among the Royal Knights, that crest was used by the Knights of the Green Flash, the division directly under the crown prince. pbOXMJ

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m Violant Lesserhain,” said Vio, upon which the knight stood up.

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“I’m Cheval Royston from the Knights of the Green Flash. I’ve come to deliver an invitation from His Highness the Crown Prince to Lord Violant Lesserhain and Sir Legion Salt,” said Cheval, extending two written invitations to them.

Vio accepted the one in front of him. Legion did the same, bewilderment etched on his face. “Sir Messenger, I got an invitation as well?”

“Yes. However, please don’t call me ‘Sir Messenger,’ Sir Legion. You sound very distant.” PVC5I0

“No, how could I act impolitely toward the messenger sent by His Highness the Crown Prince…”

Vio glanced at the flustered Legion. “You know each other?”

“Yes. We joined the Royal Knights in the same year. We also shared a room in the dormitory.”

Hearing this, Vio understood. Cheval had probably accepted the task of becoming a messenger in order to check up on Legion. “I see… If you’ll excuse me, Sir Messenger.” Vio then took a seat. “Legi, you should sit too.” VacmAB

“Alright. Please excuse me.”

And so, Legion and Cheval sat side by side on the chaise longue. Vio rang a bell, summoning Rille and Jill. Rille came to his side and set up the tea utensils, while Jill handed Vio a letter opener.

“Thank you, both of you. You can retire now.” After Jill and Rille bowed and left, Vio turned to Cheval and said, “I will now read the letter.”

With the letter opener, Vio opened the seal on the invitation before passing the knife to Legion. Vio then skimmed through the letter. r8kpaF

“Is this an invitation to His Highness the Crown Prince’s birthday party, which will occur a month from now?” he asked, expression darkening.

Since the crown prince had hand-written the invitation letter, Vio understood that he couldn’t refuse. 

Cheval seemed to grow nervous upon seeing the gloominess on Vio’s face. “We know that Lord Violant is sick and in recuperation. His Highness the Crown Prince stated that in the event you aren’t well enough to bear the travel, he wouldn’t mind if only Sir Legion attends.”

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“Legion, His Highness the Crown Prince acknowledges you?” Vio asked, the gloom giving way to surprise. doDXdB

Since Legion had received a written invitation despite only being a knight of a humble background, that meant the crown prince held a rather favorable opinion of him. 

Embarrassment evident on his face, Legion answered, “I wonder about that… I received encouragement from him when I had won a martial arts tournament. Since then, His Highness would often approach  me.”

Doesn’t that mean that you really are highly favored?

As he pondered how he should respond to Cheval, Jill returned to the room, a letter in hand. “Please excuse me. Young Master, Her Grace sent an urgent letter.” 72qWZp

“My mother?” Hurriedly, Vio took the letter and scanned it for any news of an incident or the like. But written inside was simply Vio’s mother ordering him to attend the crown prince’s birthday party. It was such perfect timing.

Actually, he had planned on declining the invitation. But according to his mother’s letter, since he had received a handwritten invitation from the crown prince, he had to attend no matter what. And because of the short notice, she would have all his necessities ready for him in the capital so as to reduce his luggage preparations. She had also arranged for him to stay in one of the royal castle’s guest rooms, to put as much distance as possible between him and Rupheus. Lastly, she wrote that he should return with Flora.

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Looks like I won’t be able to decline now…

“Did something happen to the duchess?” Legion asked, tone anxious. Vio shook his head and handed him the letter. After asking for his permission, Legion scanned through its contents. Once he was done, he stared at Vio in astonishment his amber eyes. vLkFBE

“Sir Messenger, I humbly accept this invitation. Legi, how about you?”

“Of course I will accept. Refusing His Highness the Crown Prince’s invitation would be disrespectful of me.”

Cheval nodded in relief. “May I ask you to please write a reply? I have a carrier dragon ready.”

“A carrier dragon?” asked Vio, blinking.  h70ge4

People would usually use a carrier pigeon to send messages. If the message was rather urgent, then they would opt for a carrier falcon, which flew faster than a pigeon. The fastest method possible would be to use a carrier dragon. However, only the royal family could utilize them, so Vio had never seen one before. That said, what surprised Vio even more was the fact that Cheval wasn’t bringing back their responses himself.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I was ordered to return with Legion,” Cheval awkwardly explained.

Realization struck Vio. Considering the recent attack on the mansion, there was a high chance Vio would refuse the invitation. And since Legion was known for his loyalty to his master, he might have prepared himself to commit treason to the kingdom by doing the same. Even if he agreed and went with Cheval, he might want to return midway on the journey.

The crown prince, and even the knights, seemed to have a good understanding of Legion’s character. PD1IXt

“Is that so? Then please stay here until the day we depart. However, our guest rooms are currently occupied. The only available bedroom we have is quite small and narrow. Is that alright with you? If not, then I can have you stay in one of the inns in town.”

“No, I don’t mind staying here.”

“That’s a relief. Now then, while I will prepare your room, please make yourself at home,” said Vio. “Legi, may you accompany our guest? Since you’re acquainted, you should have many things to talk about, right? You can also choose to take a walk around the town. Feel free to do whatever you like.”

Whilst still on the chaise lounge, Legion bowed. “Yes, thank you for your consideration.” Lxqmds

Once Vio stood from his seat, he nodded to Cheval. “I will take my leave now. If you encounter any problems, please inform Legi, and we will quickly deal with them.”

Cheval mirrored Vio’s actions. “Yes. Thank you for your hospitality.”

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