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Violant of the SilverCh11 - The Young Lady’s Visit (II)

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Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser bcI1rl

“Brother, here are the things we brought. These are from Mother, and those are from me.”

Flora’s two maids, coachman, and Rille carried her mountains of luggage into the mansion. Such a sight shocked Vio. From a glance, a majority of the items were clothes, jewelry, and food.

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“I’m happy, but… you brought a lot of things again, didn’t you?”

His thoughts wandered on how she could have loaded these items into her carriage. Under his sister’s gaze, he smiled. “Thank you, Flora. I’ll make sure to write a letter to Mother.” Zq EIW

“Please do that. Mother is cross. She said she didn’t receive any letters from you.”

A chuckle left his lips. “But I replied when I could, you know? I just don’t really have anything to write.”

“Don’t say that.” Flora pouted. “I’m also looking forward to your letters.”

Flora is really cute.


Since he had been a single child in his previous life, Vio couldn’t help but find his little sister the most adorable thing. He’d even let escape a grin if he weren’t careful. Presently, he was striving his best to keep up a normal expression. “But Flora, don’t you think there are too many clothes?”

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“Mother was very excited, so she went all out. I recommend this!” said Flora as she presented a luxurious set of clothes, silver embroidery upon a white background, adorned with jewels.

A wry smile slid its way across his mouth.

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Where can I even wear this? Umed98

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Flora turned to one of her maids. “Anna, please assist her too.”

“I understand, My Lady.” RAU32r

The maids broke into action, sorting out the items in the room. Meanwhile, Vio and Flora enjoyed the tea and sweets Jill had prepared. Noticing the knights waiting for their order by the door, Vio dismissed Legion. Flora then followed suit, saying, “Calia, you can leave too. Go and take a break.”

“Yes. Then, please excuse me. Please call me when you’re going out.”


After Legion and Calia had left, Flora asked. “Brother, how’s your health?” gxNs5D

“It’s great. Keep this a secret, but I’m feeling good because Father and Brother aren’t here.”

Flora pulled a dejected face. “I’m sure Father and Brother will appreciate you someday.”

“It’ll be great if that happens,” said Vio. However, he believed that such a day would never come. He had given up trying to obtain their approval.

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Flora changed the topic, saying, “It’s peaceful and pleasant here. May I go outside later?” lwAtYC

“Do as you like. You’ll spend a month here, right? There’s no need to hurry. The weather is great during this season, so you can go out whenever you want.”

“Really? It’s always raining in Nada town during this time of the year. It’s awful. I thought everywhere else was the same,” said Flora, joy in her voice, violet eyes sparkling.


⋆̩☂︎*̣̩ ✢ ⋆̩☂︎*̣̩ e3DFa4


“I’m surprised, Sir Legion. I never thought I’d see you in this remote region.”

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Once the knights had left the drawing room, they walked out of the mansion upon Calia’s request. Now, as they stood side by side behind a towering tree, they chatted.

“You’ve already heard that Lord Rupheus discharged me, right? After that, Her Grace employed me and sent me here. I was lucky.” FT B1c

“You sure have no ambition, huh? By staying here, you shouldn’t expect a successful career,” said Calia with a hint of teasing in her voice. She narrowed her tawny eyes. “What’s with that thing on your waist? What happened to your sword?”

“Ah, this?” asked Legion, picking up the baton hung by his waist. Though he called it a baton, it looked more like a metal rod with a handle than anything. “Lord Violant doesn’t like swords, so I made this. It’ll be dangerous if something happens while I’m unarmed. Dame Calia, you shouldn’t equip your sword in Lord Violant’s presence during your stay here.”

“Oh? So that rumor is true, then?”

“Rumor?” esamWN

“Yeah. ‘The coward who fears sword.’” The moment those words left her lips, Legion thrust his baton right at her face, millimeters from collision. 

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Calia raised both hands without resisting. “Hey, hey. Those aren’t my words.”

“If you say that in front of Lord Violant, I won’t just leave things like this.” 

“What a scary guy. No matter how rude I am, I’ll still treat the master of this mansion with respect.” zKtcel

Her words gave off the impression of fear. But in reality, her eyes twinkled with mischief. Legion put away the baton. That said, he now watched Calia with a wary gaze.

Among the male knights serving the duke’s estate in Nada town circulated a rumor. That if angered, Calia would transform into a fierce “Rose Lion.” Because of her personality, she aspired to become a knight regardless of her noble lineage. Some might not take her seriously because of her gender, but she would catch them off guard with her amazing prowess.

“Why has Dame Calia become the knight of Lord Violant’s younger sister? Didn’t you serve Lord Rupheus before?”

“Be happy. You have a comrade now,” she said. “I was also discharged by him. He wanted me in his bed and I refused.”  ltNzw3

Calia touched her neck, expression normal. “That person makes light of women too much. I felt refreshed after my dismissal. As I was about to leave the residence, I caught the attention of Lady Flora by chance. Eyes sparkling, she told me she found it amazing a woman could become a knight… Naturally, I had no choice but to serve her, right?” Calia grinned. “Plus, I love cute things.”

“If the knights in the duke’s residence heard you say that, they’ll definitely faint. Then? You pulled me here only to tell me this?”

“No way! Recently, the Ruslan Kingdom seems to be plotting something. Although the southern region is more dangerous than here, the Ruslan Kingdom is still adjacent to the Alpé Mountains. Be careful.”

“The Ruslan Kingdom?” Legion couldn’t help but shift his gaze to the Alpé Mountains. The steep mountain range was also known as the “Devil’s Mountain.” Rumor had it that people would lose their lives should they ever step foot on it. The path through the mountains connected Leca town and the Ruslan Kingdom, but in reality, their only option for invasion was to travel from the south. “If they’re coming here, wouldn’t the kingdom stop the enemy infantry once they reach the southern region? Do we need to be that worried?”  QBMo5C

Calia pointed a finger up, past the highest leaves of the tree. “There’s the sky, right? Through the grapevine, I’ve heard the Ruslan Kingdom has been training Equestrian Dragons. Leca town used to be a rural town, but nowadays, thanks to the inks and candies made with Leca flowers, this town has grown popular. You can’t say that snatching this place away won’t be profitable for them.”

“…I see.” Legion frowned, wondering if he was being too optimistic. “I’ll convey this to Lord Violant. I’m sure he’ll deal with it somehow.”

“Well, it’ll be the best if nothing really happened.”

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Legion and Calia continued their conversation, looking up at the Alpé Mountains once more. UB4QEV

Translator’s rambles:

It’s weird that I didn’t really make any translations rant in the doc after chapter 8… :blobsleepless: Maybe I just got used with the polite speech? Anyhow, it’s an improvement! 😀

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