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Violant of the SilverCh24 - A Letter of Invitation (IV)


translator: mii

editors: sleepchaser, Fire hMRxpY

Two days had passed since they had left Leca town to attend the crown prince’s eighteenth birthday party. Vio sighed, feeling his head ache at an unexpected problem. 

Presently, he sat in his room at the inn, Cheval sitting across from him. Cheval had been averting his eyes in an awkward manner ever since he had entered the room.

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“Sir Cheval, I don’t have a hobby of poking my nose into others’ love affairs, but… don’t you think it’s only normal that she kicked you after you suddenly propositioned her?”

Rille stood behind the chair where Vio sat. Although she hid behind him as if she were scared of the knight, her red eyes proved cold. Like she was looking at a pest. hzRn2Y

Cheval seemed to hold feelings for Rille. He had confessed to her shortly after the group had left for the trip. However, he had skipped various stages in his confession and asked outright, “Would you like to come to my room?” Furious, Rille had kicked him in the stomach before running away.

But even Rille would be afraid after kicking the crown prince’s messenger. She then consulted with Vio, which led to this meeting where they discussed what had happened.

“Rather than a one night stand, please opt for a relationship that won’t cause any future trouble. It annoys me that you mistook my servant for a prostitute. I can even consider this as an insult.” Vio looked at Cheval, gaze cold enough to freeze. Vio realized he rarely grew angry, but Rille was like his elder sister. As such, he was upset that another had treated her with utter disrespect.

“Master…” Rille murmured, emotional.


“I fully understand how the people around me view my family, and also know that the servants of my elder brother go through anguish to pay their debts. I don’t want my servants to experience such unpleasant things. Or, do you think you can throw your status as the crown prince’s messenger around to do anything you please?”

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“N-no, that’s not it…” Cheval hung his head in shame. Seething, Vio was about to ask him what else his action could have meant, when Legion unexpectedly said, “Forgive my rudeness, Lord Violant, but please don’t be too angry with him. Cheval is… How should I say this… He is hopeless in love affairs.”

“Hey, Legi—”  

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“Uifjrf ibbx ja tlr ojmf. Zjsyf la’r yfmjerf tf erfv ab qijs jgbecv j iba, yea atf kbwfc tf fcvr eq ojiilcu obg jikjsr oijais gfpfma tlw. Lf’r rlwqis j rjv ofiibk.”

“Please forgive me! I was going to confess, but the words that came out of my mouth were completely different from what I was thinking. I didn’t mean to seem like I was playing around with her!” Cheval said in desperation, his face bright red.

Ah… So that’s how it was… He’s the type that acts awkwardly around someone he’s serious about, huh?

With that, Vio’s anger disappeared. He then glanced at Rille. “…Seems like it’s a misunderstanding, Rille.” vc dz0

Not a word leaving her lips, Rille crossed both of her hands to make a large X.  

Following that, he turned back to Cheval. “It seems like you’re out of luck, Sir Cheval.”

Wailing, Cheval crumbled down onto the table. Legion patted his back, full of pity.

“Rille, since we’re done with this issue, you can go back to your room now. But make sure to lock the door before resting.” 1ZuYzU

“Of course. Thank you very much, Master.” Rille bowed and once more glared at Cheval, ice cold. Then she left the room.

She hates you even more than she does Legi, Sir Cheval…

Vio found him pitiful, but then again, he should pay for his mistakes. “Sir Cheval, before confessing to a woman, I believe there are various ways to court her, such as giving her flowers or inviting her to a meal.”

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“…Flowers?” Raising his tear-stained face, Cheval frowned.  A351XC

In a flash, Legion said, “Please forgive him. This guy hasn’t experienced such a pure romance…”

“Eh… So he’s only experienced in physical relationships? That’s a little…” Vio wondered whether Cheval was too much. Also, he was slightly disgusted. Cheval’s face fell again.

“U-um… Anyway, please do your best to get her to like you first. For example, you can give her flowers, sweets, or other things women seem fond of. Or perhaps, invite her on a date…”

All of a sudden, Cheval grabbed both of his hands. “Lord Violant!” ajsMf0

“Wah!” Vio leaned back in his chair to put some distance between the two of them.

“I don’t want to give up on Miss Rille! Please give me permission to court her!”

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It was normal for the head of the mansion to be involved when someone wished to have a relationship with a servant, but Vio didn’t have any intention to meddle so much. Such a thing troubled him.

“…Hey, Cheval?” With a frightening expression, Legion grabbed the back of his collar and tore him off of Vio.  zC96wT

For some reason, Cheval grew pale and cried out, “It’s not like that!” 

Vio wondered what he was talking about. “Sir Cheval, for the time being, make sure not to approach Rille for no reason. Give her a genuine apology. If she rejects it, then give up. I don’t want to comment on my servants’ romances, but if Rille feels troubled or scared, then that’s a different matter altogether. Other than that, feel free to approach her,” replied Vio.

Cheval’s face brightened in an instant. “Thank you very much! I’ll pay attention to your warnings!”

“But make sure not to approach her after the sun has set. Keep your advances in moderation.” QEG HO

“I understand. I’m truly grateful!”

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The Cheval who had first entered the room and the Cheval now were as different as night and day. He left with a skip to his steps. 

A loud sigh escaped Vio’s lips. 

“I’m sorry, Lord Violant,” said Legion. “I will keep an eye on him as well.” bVGWLQ

“Yeah, do that, Legi. We’re not in the mansion, so it’s easy to lose sight of him.”

“Yes.” Even Legion hung his head in shame, as if his relatives had done something disgraceful.

Well, I guess I would feel the same way if my friend did something like that…

Vio glossed over the complicated atmosphere by clearing his throat. “How should I put this? Your friend is interesting, huh?” LVPIHu

“He acts like a fool sometimes, but he’s a good guy. So if possible, um, please don’t scold him too much for this matter…”

Vio started to find Legion, whose entire body exuded an air of sadness, pitiful.

“Since he’s your friend, he’s definitely a good person. Okay, I’ll leave this matter to Rille.”

“Thank you, Sir Violant.” Legion let out a deep breath. zqsl1P

“We’re going to reach the royal capital in nineteen days, right? Will this be alright? Anyway, I’m glad that Cheval isn’t abusing his status.”

“Even as His Highness the Crown Prince’s messenger, he can’t use his authority for something like that. I’m sure it will be fine. Also, he’ll definitely be careful after personally experiencing Rille’s kick.”

“Ah…” Now that Legion had mentioned it, Rille once mistook him as a bandit and sent him flying with a kick. After Vio had recalled that, his worry lessened.

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