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The Werewolf Young Master’s Caretaker

The Werewolf Young Master’s Caretaker 人狼坊ちゃんの世話係

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Author: Tsubaki aquo
Total Chapters: 224
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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Translators: Ama. Editors: reizora
Release Schedule: Sunday


To support my family, I become a male prostitute.

One day, a suspicious man offered me an outrageous sum of money and asked me if I can become his ‘Nephew’s Caretaker’.

I thought this was absolutely suspicious, but I decided to accept the offer.

Then I was taken to an old mansion hidden in deep forest. There, I meet with Yuria. A tall, dumb, but incredibly gentle young man.

My life as a caretaker was more peaceful and ticklish than I had ever experienced.

But Yuria has a dangerous secret…..

Indonesian Translation

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  1. A guy named Julia… not Julien/ Julian?

    The plot seems interesting, though.

    Let’s wait for the upcoming chapters then.

    • Actually I’m not really sure about his name translation because his name in raw is ユリア and I found so many suggestions about it (T ^ T)

      Mostly suggestions use Julia that is why I use Julia. Already asked my friend about this too but katakana name indeed so confusing. I will change it later if I find the most suitable translation name for him! (。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧

      • Thanks for picking this up~

        Although, I think you should leave it in katakana. Instead of Julia, just leave it as “Yuria”. Think of it as like “Yurio”.

  2. This is gonna be awkward for me since my sister’s named Julia. It looks interesting though. ;-;

    • I already change the name! Don’t worry ٩( ‘ω’ )و

      Sorry for make you feel awkward hshshshshsh

  3. Oh!! male prostitute…

    I want the MC to be pure one (mean V and innocent) but i’ll see what this story have for us 😂 I wish he’s still pure😅

  4. Not gonna lie, when I saw the book cover I was like: subaru?

  5. Another interesting story 💙 I am gonna camping here to wait for more updates..

    Thanks for translator and editor for your hardworks 💙💙