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The Werewolf Young Master’s Caretaker

The Werewolf Young Master’s Caretaker 人狼坊ちゃんの世話係

RAW Source
Author: Tsubaki aquo
Total Chapters: 224
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
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Translators: Ama. Editors: reizora
Release Schedule: Sunday


To support my family, I become a male prostitute.

One day, a suspicious man offered me an outrageous sum of money and asked me if I can become his ‘Nephew’s Caretaker’.

I thought this was absolutely suspicious, but I decided to accept the offer.

Then I was taken to an old mansion hidden in deep forest. There, I meet with Yuria. A tall, dumb, but incredibly gentle young man.

My life as a caretaker was more peaceful and ticklish than I had ever experienced.

But Yuria has a dangerous secret…..

Indonesian Translation

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  1. A guy named Julia… not Julien/ Julian?

    The plot seems interesting, though.

    Let’s wait for the upcoming chapters then.

    • Actually I’m not really sure about his name translation because his name in raw is ユリア and I found so many suggestions about it (T ^ T)

      Mostly suggestions use Julia that is why I use Julia. Already asked my friend about this too but katakana name indeed so confusing. I will change it later if I find the most suitable translation name for him! (。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧

  2. This is gonna be awkward for me since my sister’s named Julia. It looks interesting though. ;-;

    • I already change the name! Don’t worry ٩( ‘ω’ )و

      Sorry for make you feel awkward hshshshshsh

  3. Oh!! male prostitute…

    I want the MC to be pure one (mean V and innocent) but i’ll see what this story have for us 😂 I wish he’s still pure😅

  4. Not gonna lie, when I saw the book cover I was like: subaru?

  5. Another interesting story 💙 I am gonna camping here to wait for more updates..

    Thanks for translator and editor for your hardworks 💙💙

  6. Hi ! I really love this story and your work, so I want to ask you if I can translate it in French please ? Of course I’ll credit you in my blog too.

  7. it’s not very often that you see that the ml is a himbo. quite interesting! i’m wary of the rape tag on the NU page though. thank you for translating!