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The Werewolf Young Master's CaretakerCh02 - The Most Skillful Man in Bed (2)


Translator: Ama
Editor: reizora

Glimmer of silver and the feathers of the pillow’s then dancing. AF05ij

In the nick of time, I turned away my head to avoided his dagger’s tip. I turned around, fell off from the bed, and keeping my distance from the man.

Then I seized the chair in the room and held it as a shield.

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“Whoa! You! That is difference kind of thrust right!?”

“….As expected. Or you think you couldn’t avoid it?” tlemg

Is that your hobby….?

In that case, I will not forgive you.

….I want to say that, but with my sosial status even I say that surely I can’t get him to apalogize.

The man bowed in a commendable manner while I glanced at the door.


“I’m sorry for my sudden test. It doesn’t seem to be a problem, so I can take you alive… Do you want to ask something else?”

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He titled his head when he saying so.

“What are you talking about?”

With a confused mind, I thought desperately.
He seems to be taking me somewhere. And regardless I’m alive or not. ROE2xf

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“….Qtfgf jgf sbe ajxlcu wf lc atf olgra qijmf? Fcobgaecjafis, kf vbc’a tjnf jcs rfgnlmf bearlvf atf rabgf.”

“P tfjgv la bc atf ragffa. Ufbqif ktb kbgx lc atf ygbatfi… Rb. Zbra bo atf qfbqif lc atlr mlas mjc yf ajxfc tbwf lo sbe qjs obg la.”

“P vbc’a xcbk ktb abiv sbe, yea la’r abb fzagfwf. Qf mjc bcis vb atja joafg kf yelia j gfijalbcrtlq bo agera klat fjmt batfg….”

“I don’t need that.” hd4CIR

“Even if you don’t need that, I need that okay!”

Once you’re bought, they will mutilate you. I’ve heard so much about such story.

With a menacing wrinkle in his nose, the man lowered his eyebrows and threw his dagger to the floor.

“I don’t have time. I need you to trust me right now.” 4muDMU

“That’s nonsense.”

“It’s my nephew’s birthday.”

“What does that have to do with this?”

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“Well, I mean… I want to give you to my nephew.” ZgndMi

“Giving a male prostitute!? How old is your nephew!?”

“Eh… I wonder how old is he? I think he was just born the other day….”

“Just born?”

He puts his hand to his chin with a serious expression on his face. V957dt

‘Does aristocrats give sex workers to young children? Is there such a custom!? I’m not willing to be part at such custom―― No. Never!’

“Hmm. I don’t remember his exact age, so I’d like you to ask him.”

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“….Listen. I didn’t say I want to go.”

“But you need money, don’t you?” pQf97G


It seems that I was too naive to think that the conversation would be successful.

I regained my grip on the chair leg. My palms are sweaty.

Everyone alive, more or less, needs money.
But that’s probably not what this man means. 0ls5rq

“I’ll pay as much as you want. That will solve what you’ve been worrying about for years.”

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“You think I’ve worried about something?”

“Yes. Your sisters and brothers can move out from this city.”

I stared at him. aek9B7

This guy knows me. What? How far does he know me?

Why are you looking into me that extend?

“I can’t leave my nephew to a stranger. I’ve already looked into you. ”

He continued, as if he had read my mind. vxHqni

Hello! *˙︶˙*)ノ

Thank you for reading my translation! Actually I’m very nervous because this novel is my second project english translation….

Well, I want to tell you something! (ノД`)

So, back then, I just translate this novel on my personal blog for fun because I think the story itself really interesting and I want everyone to read it. I’m trying to promote this novel on my twitter a bit with a hope my friends willing to read but in the end, they preferably manhwa/manga/manhua so I forgot about my promotion tweet. WQx2XI

That was until the author of this novel, Tsubaki-san, replying my promotion tweet…. Σ(・ω・;|||

Tsubaki-san casually replied my tweet with english. After I saw my mention box, I started to panic….

I know there is some author who don’t like their work being translated so I apologized to Tsubaki-san and asked if she* didn’t like it, I will immediately delete my post. Tsubaki-san then said it’s okay if I want to continued translated this novel. She even said that she was very surprised and happy because people outside of Japan read her work!

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(*this pronoun isn’t Tsubaki-san actual gender. I use she because of my personal impression….) JyezZI

Well that’s all! Sorry for my long story but I just want you to know Tsubaki-san! She is really a nice and sweet! (〃⊃ω⊂〃)

So everyone, thank you very much for take your time to read this novel even leave the comment! I read all the comments and it’s really made my day. I hope you can enjoy this novel too like myself!

And later, I wish I can show all of your comments to Tsubaki-san too! (>ω<〃)~♡

Last bonus chapter! See you on the next sunday~ 1P8OTr

P.S: Sorry for my bad grammar! Actually, I’m very bad with english because english isn’t my first language :blobblush:
(and my editor sometimes scolds me because of my english too ฅ( ˙꒳​˙ ฅ))

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  1. The author is very nice, and Ama-san is cute! (*´ ▽ `*) っ✿ Thank you for all your hard work! and as the other reader said, please thank Tsubaki-san for us too❤

    I would also be really nervous in such a situation! And as for the bad grammar, actually I mostly only notice spelling mistakes (e.g. I noticed you often write ‘excepted’ instead of ‘expected’) But as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect,’ the more you write the better you’ll get, so keep trying your best!!*٩(๑′∀`๑)ง*

  2. So awesome that author-sama is okay with an unofficial translation of their work and is happy to know that people from outside of Japan reads their work~

    I originally thought that the ml (?) is a ‘natural’ werewolf, meaning that he was born as a werewolf not either turned or awakened… but then uncle has to burst my bubble and say he was born a day or so ago… but then again losing control is kinda a hit or miss when ml would have been born to it and supposedly have more control…

    Thanks for the chapter~ ( ^ ♡ ^ )/

  3. Wow! Thank you for translating this I’m already super intrigued by this story and waiting for updates^^

    Also thanks to Tsubaki-san for allowing this ❤

  4. The author’s pretty cool for allowing the continuation of this unofficial translation ☺️

    Please thank Tsubaki-san! I’m enjoying where this story is heading and hope he/she’ll continue writing 🙏💕

  5. Hello Tsubaki-san & Ama-chan. I’m happy when I read your work and your notes at the end of your translation is much more fluffy and warm. Thanks for translating this novel. Thanks to Tsubaki-san for creating this novel😍😆

  6. Ohhh. That’s great! We have Tsubaki-san’s permission to drool over her characters ☺

    Soooo this uncle is really weird. He’s searching for the most skillful prostitute, and he didn’t tested his abilites first-hand, so he must have investigated Ban before (did he do a poll with his clients? ) That’s kinda scary.


    There are too mistakes here : “sosial status even I say that surely I can’t get him to apalogize.” Social and Apologize.

    Thanks for the chapter!