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The Werewolf Young Master's CaretakerCh22 - The King without Heart (1)


Translator: Ama
Editor: reizora

(unedited) YVxAzq

――The forest is quiet.


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That voice was heard when I looked out the window. I then closed the curtain and looked right at the head maid who just called me.

“Looks like someone trespassed into the forest.” f7Wdol

“Yes… I heard their voices. Those are the sound of hoofs. I guess the other party has 10 people. I think they are people from the Church.”

If uninvited guests enter this forest, the barrier will lead them astray for half a day. But these guests, they immediately headed right to the mansion, which is why I suspect that they are some powerful people―― Heretic Executor of the Church.

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Heretic Executor―― The specialists who massacre things that the Church acknowledge as a heresy.

“Qtja kbeiv sbe ilxf ab vb cbk?”


“Ofa’r tlvf lc atf rfmgfa gbbw. Po atfs vbc’a olcv jcs agjmf, atfs klii ulnf eq jcv ub yjmx. Kfii atf batfgr ab tlvf lwwfvljafis.”

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Ktf tfjv wjlv cbvvfv ktfc rtf tfjgv ws kbgvr jcv atfc ifoa atf gbbw.

“Po atfs mjc’a olcv wf… Rb, P tjnf ab wjxf regf atfs mjc’a olcv wf.”

The servants prepared by grandfather are night folks. They are weak to sunlight. No matter how dense the forest is, it’s still too dangerous to get all of them out in the broad daylight like this. g4hXqi

“It’s okay. I can hide myself well.”

I took a deep breath. I can’t be found by them. If they found me, well, the battle would be unavoidable, the beast would definitely wake up and then….

I do not want to kill anyone. After I kill someone, I won’t be able to be myself anymore… That’s what I think.

….It might be easier if I let myself go. vmGMdL

I threw that idea away in a hurry.

Ban-san promised to come back.

I sighed while extinguish the lights in my room.

“It’s okay.” IODLhE

While muttering that words over and over again, I went with the maids to the secret room.


Deep in the dense forest, there is a gorgeous mansion.

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“….” pTjF6d

When Captain Georg signaled with only his eyes, five Heretic Executors stepped in through the main entrance with swords drawn in their hands.

The mansion is very quiet. Even though it is daytime, the inside of the mansion is too dark and there is no sign of people at all. The furniture that lined up the hallway looked beautiful. There isn’t the slightest of dust piled up. This place is like a grave of a nobleman.

“….It’s quiet.”

One of his subordinates murmured. The “sneak” from human are meaningless to the evildoer. Maybe his opponent already noticed of their existence when they entered the forest. PWEzZQ

Georg continues cautiously.

His opponent is Seasons―― One of 12 families of night folks. Special vampires that have lived since ancient times. In addition, this prey is one of the deadliest person called King July. It’s better to think about our goals in this place, our number of people, and even our equipment.

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The mansion is still quiet.

It’s possible they already left the mansion, for avoiding the unnecessary battle. 1ifQd8


Georg looked carefully at the lights on the wall. The candle was slightly burned.

Georg looked back and nodded silently. In response to this, his subordinates wielded their silver swords.

“――Let’s begin our hunt.” sd53By

Georg murmured.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    Small note: all your “quiet” in the chapter got changed to “quite”.

  2. Those men arrived first! That means… Ban-san got lost in the forest? If he arrives in that moment, Yuria Will defend him. The battle is unavoidable.

    Thanks for the chapter!