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Do You Remember My Name?

Do You Remember My Name? 想起我叫什么了吗

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Author: Slowly Procrastinating
Total Chapters: 93 (ongoing)
Genre: Doting Love Interest, Fluffy, Modern, School, sweet
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Translators: Soulless, ToEatOrNot[potato]
Release Schedule: Sporadic


NU Synopsis: Hai Xiu has a slight social disorder. After he transferred schools, his new teacher tried to help him to treat it slowly by giving him the task of sending and receiving homework and test paper from his fellow classmates. Although Hai Xiu has communication problem, he still stumbled around trying his best to do so. However, he accidentally misplaced the test paper of the school’s resident “bad student”… And thus, started their sweet story together…


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  1. Ooohhh~ I think I saw this once on NU but didn’t check if there were chapters then I couldn’t find this anymore… need to stockpile chapters (but end up reading once this updates)

    Thanks for translating this~ ( ^ ♡ ^ )/

  2. Im rlly confused i got a notification saying that chapter 41 was added but I can’t see it here and I thought this translation hasn’t even started yet. Anyone else?

  3. Yay! Thanks for picking this up! It’s been on my list to read since long, but never picked it up cause it was on hiatus! I try to read novels that have ended or are about to now a days, or else I have so many incomplete ones, that they all start mixing with each other, especially the characters 😂 🙈

    Thank you again! Can’t wait to read this fluffy novel!

  4. When I saw that there was a new novel

    I went to NU to read all previous chapters and ……..

    Ahhhhh this novel is so sweet that you will have diabetes and tooth ache

    I absolutely recommend you to read this novel ☆_☆

    ChG translators sure have a good eye and taste ❤