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Do You Remember My Name?Chapter 52

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After putting on his clothes Hai Xiu stepped out of the house. His heart beating fast he hurriedly gasped in the cold air. Holding Feng Fei’s phone his heart was filled with excitement.


The taxi arrived very quickly and Hai Xiu got in telling the driver Feng Xuan’s (T/N: Feng Fei’s big bro) address before praying silently in his heart ‘Feng Fei has to be at home, he has to be.’ If Feng Fei had gone out to play without his phone again he really wouldn’t be able to find him.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As Hai Xiu thought that he suddenly began panicking ‘Feng Fei couldn’t have really gone out right?’


Hai Xiu remembered that Feng Fei had told him before that his family often went out on the holidays. Feng Fei himself also loved playing and it wasn’t uncommon to stay out the whole night. 


Hai Xiu then couldn’t help but think ‘With Feng Fei being Feng Fei when he goes out to play at night there should be lots of girls surrounding him right?’



They also know how to play Don’t say 7 (T/N: A Chinese game where everyone sits in a circle and counts numbers from 1 to infinity but you can’t say 7 or any multiples of 7) and Suck and Blow.

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When Feng Fei first taught Hai Xiu how to play Suck and Blow (T/N: 峰非当初教他玩传牌,不小心亲到他的画面出现在海秀面前,海秀使劲摇摇头,峰非跟他说过的,从来不会跟别人玩这个。At least I think it’s this game? Just w/o alcohol https://drinkinggamezone.com/drinking-games/suck-and-blow/) the image of kissing him accidentally appeared in Hai Xiu’s mind. Hai Xiu shook his head forcefully. Feng Fei told him before that he would never play Suck and Blow with other people.


When one was alone it was always easy for their imagination to run wild. Hai Xiu held Feng Fei’s phone distractedly and could only hope to arrive sooner.


Fortunately there weren’t too many cars on the street and there was no traffic the entire way. In less than half an hour they arrived at Feng Xuan’s community (T/N:


Hai Xiu paid and got off the car. Feng Xuan’s community had access control (T/N: ) so he couldn’t get in. And even if he could get in it was no use, he didn’t even know which apartment was Feng Xuan’s! Hai Xiu sat on a small bench outside the community and rubbed his hands (T/N: I know it’s cause his hands are cold but I couldn’t stop imagining the rubbing hands action  characters make before a big secret underground deal with a bunch of money is being made…) before calling Feng Xuan.


His call was connected very quickly and Hai Xiu very nervously took a deep breath before saying “Is this Feng Xuan-dage?  (T/N: dage= big brother it’s added to give a sense of closeness cause otherwise it sounds like the government is calling you) It’s still me… I’m Feng Fei’s classmate, Hai Xiu, I called you in the afternoon. Feng Fei’s phone is here with me… I originally wanted to send it over tomorrow but on his phone…there’s a lot of messages and missed calls. I was afraid that it would delay things so I came to send it back. En…it’s convenient to let him……” 


“Baby?” On the other side of the phone Feng Fei was in disbelief “You came?!”


Hai Xiu was so shocked he stood up stuttering “You you…… it’s you?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“My brother is in the kitchen, I saw that it was my number so I just picked up the phone.” Feng Fei was also extremely shocked by Hai Xiu “Where are you? How did you get here? Who sent you here?”


Hai Xiu was a little embarrassed and he whispered “I… I’m outside of the community I called a taxi to get here…”


Feng Fei was silent for a moment and wanted to scold Hai Xiu a bit but was also reluctant to do so and anxiously said “Don’t move and don’t hang up I’ll immediately come find you.”


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Hai Xiu obediently nodded his head “En.”


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After a few minutes Hai Xiu saw Feng Fei’s figure and hurriedly stood up furiously waving his hand.


Feng Fei ran over and saw Hai Xiu who was holding his own phone and sheepishly smiling. He felt suffocated and his breathing was unstable. He looked to his left and right and saw a monitor not far away.  | Even if he wanted to do something he couldn’t and could only pinch Hai Xiu’s face angrily “It’s in the middle of the night! It’s so cold and yet you didn’t call in advance……”

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“I wanted to see you.” Hai Xiu fawningly looked at Feng Fei “I missed you so much I couldn’t bear it.”


“You……” Feng Fei’s words were blocked by Hai Xiu’s one sentence. Speechless he reached out and pointed at Hai Xiu “Good! Awesome! You……”


Hai Xiu’s eyes moved with Feng Fei’s red fingers and he grabbed them with his own breathing out on them “Your fingers have been frozen……”  


Hai Xiu frowned at the thin clothes on Feng Fei “How come you didn’t wear a coat, it’s such a cold day……”


Feng Fei completely lost his temper and gritted his teeth “Do you think I dare to waste any time?! It’s in the middle of the night and it’s just you out here. If I were any later you might’ve been given to someone……”


Feng Fei closed his eyes and slapped his mouth “Pei!” (T/N: it’s a superstition thing people do so that the bad situation they just described won’t come true)


“Do you dare!” Hai Xiu anxiously held Feng Fei’s hands “How can there be so many bad guys and besides I’m a guy…… Ai, hurry up and go back up, it’s too cold.”

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Feng Fei’s words got stuck in his throat “Go up?”


“Yeah.” Hai Xiu gave Feng Fei his phone and the long prepared new year’s gift and shyly smiled “Just seeing you is fine, happy new year! I’ll go back home right now, you can relax.”


“Relax my ass!” Feng Fei grabbed Hai Xiu’s hand and pulled him into the community “You want to leave after your done?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hai Xiu hurriedly said “No, no, no, no, I really can’t stay. I told my mom that I was just sending a phone. She’s still waiting for me to come back. You… where are you taking me?”


Feng Fei pulled Hai Xiu all the way to the garage and opened the rear car door pushing Hai Xiu inside. He then opened the driver’s door and drove the car into a dead end with no monitoring. Feng Fei got out of the car, opened the back car door, and got in.  


Feng Fei terrified Hai Xiu with his series of actions. Hai Xiu swallowed and tried to hide on the other side of the car. He watched Feng Fei and was a little scared and mumbled “Wh-what’s wrong……ah……wu……”


Feng Fei grabbed Hai Xiu’s pant’s waistline (T/N: and the pants flew off with a wheeeeeee! JK sorry guys) and with a single strong pull directly dragged Hai Xiu towards him. Hai Xiu was unbalanced and directly fell and lay down on the rear seats. Hai Xiu, who was being held down, was thoroughly kissed.

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Feng Fei was angry and was more violent than usual. He punished Hai Xiu by biting lightly at his lips but seeing Hai Xiu’s painful frown he gently kissed him as if comforting him.


After a while Feng Fei lifted his arms and left some space for the lacking oxygen Hai Xiu.  Hai Xiu’s face and lips were bright red. Feng Fei’s previous anger completely dissipated and his eyes were as gentle as usual. Feng Fei massaged Hai Xiu’s forehead and smiled “This New Year’s gift is pretty good.”


Hai Xiu was embarrassed and retorted in a low voice “That watch… is your real New Year’s gift.”


Feng Fei lowered his head and kissed Hai Xiu again before reaching out to grab the gift box that he had previously tossed onto the passenger’s seat “Put it on me.”


‘He’s bullying me again’ Hai Xiu whispered in his heart however his hands still obediently opened up the gift box. He took out the watch and first showed it to Feng Fei “Do you like it?”


“It’s beautiful.” Feng Fei stretched out his left hand and smiled “Did you know that you can’t casually send dudes watches and belts?” 


This Hai Xiu really didn’t know. He sincerely put the watch on Feng Fei’s wrist and dazedly said “I haven’t heard of that. Is there a saying or something?”

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Feng Fei couldn’t resist teasing him “How about you guess?”


Hai Xiu thought for a moment before shaking his head “I can’t guess.”


“Then what was the meaning of you sending me a watch?” Feng Fei slowly guided Hai Xiu “What was the purpose?”


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“To let you pay attention to the time when testing.” Hai Xiu said sincerely “Especially when it’s a language arts test. Everytime you write essays you aren’t able to write more than 800 characters even when there’s only 30 minutes left. | You don’t take it seriously. Really…… if it wasn’t for the fact that your handwriting is beautiful your essay definitely wouldn’t be able to get the needed amount of points. Also……”

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Feng Fei’s face darkened little by little and Hai Xiu immediately stopped talking and chuckled before shifting the topic. “Th-then what is the meaning of sending a belt?”


Feng Fei coldly said “The meaning of sending a belt is to pick a fight. When you’re not obedient I can use the belt you sent me to beat you up.”

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Haixiu looked at Feng Fei in panic and hurriedly said “I, I won’t send a belt!”

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Feng Fei couldn’t help grinning. He kissed him on the forehead and said with a smile “I’m teasing you, how could I be willing to hit you? You’re so obedient,thinking of a way to find me on the 30th.”


“On the gregorian new year (T/N: January 1st, European new year), you also came to find me.” Hai Xiu felt happy to the point of disbelief every time he remembered that day. “You coming to see me then was much harder than it was for me to come see you today.”


Feng Fei laughed “What’s the point in comparing how hard it was. Alright, I’ll send you home now.”


Before Hai Xiu could refuse Feng Fei first said “If I let you go back home yourself I would have to worry the entire way. I might as well send you myself. Okay, go to the front.”  


Hai Xiu could only go to the passenger seat. While Feng Fei reversed he  said “Oh yeah, how come I don’t remember putting my phone in your backpack? Did you accidentally put it inside while packing up?” 


“Uh……” Hai Xiu didn’t expect that Feng Fei really thought that he had unintentionally taken his phone and didn’t know how to respond. After a while he said “That……” 


Feng Fei glanced at him and said doubtfully “What’s wrong?”

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Hai Xiu didn’t dare lie and obediently told the truth. He told Feng Fei how he had stole his phone from his pocket while they were hugging | and how he had set alarms to make Jiang Yuman think that Feng Fei’s family had been constantly calling him. And finally explained how he explained the situation to Jian Yuman and got to Feng Xuan’s community, throwing even the plate out (T/N: 和盘托出 he pan tuo chu, means to reveal everything like you toss away the food and the plate)


Feng Fei was amazed “This… you planned this out earlier?”


“En……” Hai Xiu took the initiative to apologize “Sorry, I…. I couldn’t think of a better way. I was afraid that your older brother would find something out and that my mother would find it weird. It was the only way……”


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Hai Xiu saw that Feng Fei was still silent and raised his hand to promise “I swear! I only used your phone to make 2 calls and set an alarm. I didn’t look at anything else, really.”


“Who asked you about that.” Feng Fei said with a helpless tone. “You’re about to become a spirit (T/N: So Hai Xiu is like a spirit/ghost thingy where he can magically take his stuff and Feng Fei won’t realize it.) , you took my phone from my pocket while you were hugging me?”


Hai Xiu weakly nodded his head and Feng Fei shook his head “I really didn’t feel a thing…… I was muddled by my love (T/N:要不说美色误国呢, like when rulers like someone so much that they do anything for them and it causes the downfall of a nation.) , I don’t even remember what I was thinking at the time.”


Feng Fei drove the car away from the community and sighed “Just a hug can make me this muddle. In the future if we……” 

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Feng Fei coughed and was too embarrassed to continue. Hai Xiu was afraid that Feng Fei would think that he was terrifying and hurriedly explained “Really, this is the only time this will happen! I won’t dare to do so in the future. I… I didn’t tell you in advance because if I told you you definitely won’t agree to let me go find you at this hour.  | At most you might even take my phone and flip the situation and tell your family that you’re going to send my phone back.

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Hai Xiu whispered “Late at night…I’m not willing to let you come over.”


Feng Fei glared at Hai Xiu “And I am?”


Hai Xiu laughed and Feng Fei calculated the days before saying “Your mom has to go back to work on the 6th day after Chinese New Year right?”


Hai Xiu nodded and Feng Fei continued “Okay, then on the evening of the 5th day after Chinese New Year.” 


ToEatOrNot: I know my translation isn’t that great so feel free to post suggestions below! Keeping the meaning of the sentence while going from chinese to english is hard…

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