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Do You Remember My Name?Chapter 51

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Feng Fei and Haixiu hurried to the cram school after they finished their breakfast. The moment they sat down in the classroom, Feng Fei’s phone rang. The caller id was He Hao.

Feng Fei looked at his cell phone and connected it. He asked while packing his textbooks,  8D5v1J

“What’s wrong?”

He Hao excitedly asked 

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“What are you doing right now? Do you have any plans today? If you don’t have any plans, you should go skiing with me.”

Feng Fei looked at the classmates in the classroom, feeling helpless, and gave a vague excuse: “I can’t go. I’m busy today” TMC9Ia

He Hao was puzzled 

“What kind of things would you be busy with during vacation? Did you go out to play somewhere?”

“I’m not playing around. Stop talking nonsense all day.” Feng Fei glanced at Haixiu and whispered, “I’m with Haixiu.”

He Hao felt great schadenfreude (T/N: happiness at other people’s sorrow).


“Haixiu is going to cram school right now, right? Why would you tag along? Are you just waiting for him somewhere outside? You must feel so bitter… aren’t you cold? Do you need your good brother to send you a quilt or something?”

“You…” Feng Fei wanted to explain himself, but he also didn’t want to feel embarrassed, so he just said with some annoyance, “Don’t you have something you have to do?”

“I do! I’m going skiing!” He Hao excitedly said, “We can go hit the hot springs on the way too! Sounds good?”

“It doesn’t sound good! I already told you I’ll be accompanying Haixiu.” Feng Fei stood up and walked away from Haixiu, going towards the back of the classroom. He whispered into the phone with a hushed voice. NoZ8hj

“He woke up unhappy, and now i’m coaxing him. I can’t leave, so go find someone else to play with!”

He Hao’s face blushed inexplicably as he made some assumptions in his mind. He also subconsciously lowered his voice, hesitantly asking,

“Last night… what did you do to make him mad so early in the morning?”

Feng Fei was struck dumb, then angrily said, U79Cnm

“Just go away!!”

He Hao also got angry, and irritably said,

“You go away! This grandpa is going to go play with snow, and you can just squat there outside the classroom to wait then!”

Feng Fei hung up his phone and turned his head, just in time to see a girl sitting next to Haixiu and talking to him. His eyebrows instantly scrunched up. HkvVqG

“Oh, it’s like this…” Haixiu fluently answered all the girl’s questions. She smiled at Haixiu and said,

“Thanks so much! I never understood this part. Your foundation knowledge is quite stable, so you know all of this kind of stuff”.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Haixiu shyly kept quiet. The girl looked at Feng Fei who was still on his phone at the back of the classroom, and whispered, “Um… that’s the Feng Fei who’s in your class, right?”

Haixiu followed the girl’s gaze to look at him, and nodded his head. Gy1CkH


The girl laughed.

“I often see him in school, but I never knew what class he was in. You guy’s relationship… seems to be quite good, right?”

Haixiu didn’t know how to answer. Q7zEdi

“Yeah… it’s pretty good”.

The girl stared at Feng Fei and enviously said,

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“That’s so great. I heard his temper wasn’t good and that it wasn’t very easy to get along with him, but it turns out that you guys are so close to each other”.

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The girl had clearly seen Haixiu push the Feng Fei who had fallen asleep during class awake. She thought that Feng Fei was going to explode in rage, but instead of being angry, he just rubbed his eyes and asked Haixiu how long he had slept for. Her glasses had almost broken from the shocking sight. 

She pushed up her glasses, and tentatively asked, “I heard Feng Fei has a girlfriend. Is it true?”

Haixiu immediately became alert and nodded his head.

“Yes, it’s true”. i3 QRk

The girl felt very disappointed, shrugging her shoulders and smiling,

“Alright then, i’ll bless their relationship”.

Haixiu relaxed just as the girl thought some more and asked again, “Then… is his girlfriend pretty? Have you seen her before?”

“They’re stunning”. Feng Fei walked over next to Haixiu and sat down, looking down at his phone. “They’re very smart as well, and also has a good temperament”. crKmZL

The girl had lowered her head while she talked, and was scared into a cold sweat. She felt a little embarrassed, and sent a wink to Haixiu as she took her textbook back to her seat.

Haixiu shyly asked,

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“Were you… talking about me?”

Feng Fei lifted his head, and chuckled. QqFbai

“Who do you think i’m talking about?”

Haixiu lowered his head and gave a silly smile for a while, then told Feng Fei about their conversation.

“I didn’t know that girl just now, but she said she knew me, and came to ask some questions. I taught her, and we only talked about the questions, nothing else”.

“You were teaching her for that long?” C4hiap

Feng Fei humphed. “Just now, that wasn’t discussing questions, right?”

Haixiu looked left and right, then put his hand on Feng Fei’s arm and shook it a couple times, then said,

“It wasn’t for that long, and plus, she was asking about you. She said… that she thought you treated me very well”.

Feng Fei had actually heard their conversation, otherwise he wouldn’t let Haixiu go that easily. He felt extremely satisfied and continued playing on his phone. Haixiu thought for a bit, the quietly said, XB7scM

“This morning I heard you talking on your phone. You’re going to your brother’s home on the 30th of the Lunar New Year?”

Feng Fei nodded his head.

“Yeah. Is there something wrong?”

Haixiu hesitantly said, G n5FQ

“If you don’t really want to go, you can come over to my house. My mom likes you so much she’ll definitely agree to letting you stay”.

“No”. Feng Fei smiled. “You and your mom spent a lot of effort to make sure you could spend the holiday together, why would I go interrupt? I’ll go over to my brother’s place”.

Haixiu felt bad for Feng Fei. Both his parents weren’t home, so he had to go over to his older brother’s place to stay the Lunar New Years, and not even Haixiu could stay with him.

Feng Fei played on his phone for a little while longer, then looked at Haixiu and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that? It’s fine, I’m already and adult, you don’t need to worry so much about me”. nbmdlV

Haixiu said in his heart, 

i’m still worried though!

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Haixiu bit his lip. During the New Years (Jan 1st), Feng Fei ran all the way back to accompany him, and this Lunar New Year not only were his parents not here, he couldn’t be with him either. Haixiu kept thinking about it, but didn’t bring the topic up again.

The day with the supplementary lesson passed quickly, and in the afternoon Feng Fei left early again. The teachers originally didn’t have much hope for him to obediently study the whole time. They were okay with him as long as he didn’t disrupt the other students, so they didn’t care much about what else he did. UAuB52

Feng Fei first wandered around the department store for a while, walking around aimlessly. He bought a hat and took a selfie to show Haixiu, and then found a cafe and sat there drinking coffee and playing with his phone. When the time for the class to end came closer, he packed up and went back to pick up Haixiu.

After eating dinner together they went to the movies. Haixiu finally sat down in the couple seats that his mind had been thinking about for so long. It was the Lunar New Year’s eve, the golden time for watching movies. However, contrary to Haixiu’s expectations, the seats around the two of them were all empty.  The bad seats around the back and corners of the movie were all filled with people. Haixiu originally thought that the people were late, but the seats were empty all the way until the movie lights dimmed.

Haixiu suddenly thought of something, and turned his head to whisper to Feng Fei.

“The seats around us….” xKdHAI

“I bought them all”. Feng Fei took a sip of his soft drink, his tone casual. “Didn’t you say you didn’t like to be in places with a lot of people?”

Haixiu looked at Feng Fei’s face under the lighting of the movie screen, and felt his heart beating faster and faster.

How can there be such a good guy in this world?!’

Feng Fei looked at Haixiu and laughed. “Watch the movie! What are you looking at me for?” YGvPfh

Haixiu scooted over next to Feng Fei, raised his head, and took the initiative to kiss Feng Fei on the cheek. Feng Fei laughed again. “You kissed the wrong place, right?”

Haixiu’s face instantly turned red.

There was no one around them, and the movie theater was dark. Haixiu had much more courage than normal. He once again decided to be provocative, and gave Feng Fei a deep kiss.

The two of them had no idea what the movie was about, even when it ended. However, this didn’t affect anything, and as they walked out of the movie theater, they were both in a good mood. On the way back, Feng Fei and Haixiu managed to piece together the movie’s main plotline, fill in any plot holes they had missed, and identify the main protagonist and villain. Feng Fei was very satisfied about the day. Even without the movie, just the kiss that Haixiu gave him was enough to make up for the ticket price.  UoYjDQ

After returning home, Feng Fei was still talking about the kiss. After Haixiu came to his senses, he hadn’t regretted his decisions much, but he couldn’t bear to hear Feng Fei’s detailed description of the matter. When he couldn’t handle it any longer, he went to cover Feng Fei’s mouth with his hand. Feng Fei looked at Haixiu with indulgence, a smile in his eyes. He signaled for Haixiu to let go of his hand. Haixiu’s face was a shade of bright red, and he pitifully said,

“I’ll let you go if… if you don’t talk about it anymore”.

Feng Fei looked at Haixiu mischievously. In the next second, he gave a quick lick on Haixiu’s palm. Haixiu was so shocked he immediately let go of his hand. Feng Fei licked his lips and grinned.

“It seems your wings have grown out, to even dare to threaten me”. (T/N – Haixiu has gotten so bold as to try to threaten Feng Fei) Dknwyo

“I didn’t threaten you…” 

Haixiu couldn’t win the argument against Feng Fei, so he just decided to plunge into his quilt and wrap himself into a roll. (T/N: Sushi roll Haixiu!!)

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Feng Fei pat the bundle of blankets and laughed.

“Okay okay, I won’t talk about this anymore. Come out now, otherwise you’ll start to feel stuffy. Hurry up!” kU5N9f

Haixiu came out of the blankets. He had just laid down when Feng Fei suddenly laughed again.

“In the past I never realized your tongue was this soft”.


Haixiu tunneled back into the blankets again, making Feng Fei burst into laughter, digging Haixiu out of the blankets whilst coaxing him. qSxDWk

In the morning, they would earnestly study and take supplementary lessons, in the afternoon, Haixiu would self-study while Feng Fei went off the play by himself, and in the evening they would eat together and then head home, going to bed after reading some books. Even though it was a supplementary lesson, there were more things to learn than in a normal class. One week flew by, and in a blink of an eye it was the 30th.

On the 30th, the teacher of the supplementary lesson watched over the students for a half an hour before leaving. Before he left, he wished all the students a happy Lunar New Year and said that during the afternoon time, the students were free to go. If they wanted to stay and self study they could, and if they wanted to just go home that would be fine as well. He also mentioned that the classroom had been rented all the way until school started again, so if anyone couldn’t focus on studying at home, they could always come here and study.

After the teacher left, two students went home, while the rest continued to concentrate on studying. Haixiu moved both his and Feng Fei’s textbooks to the very last row, and started to teach Feng Fei in a whisper.

“I’ll send you home, okay?” Between the lectures Haixiu gave him, Feng Fei said softly, “It’s almost five now. If we don’t leave soon, we’ll get caught up in traffic again”. rcdVyn

“I’m not in a hurry”. Haixiu didn’t even lift his head, continuing to say, “Let me just finish teaching you this part”.

Feng Fei knew Haixiu was doing this to spend more time with him, and laughed.

“You can teach me when I get back. My older brother’s been rushing me this whole day. My sister-in-law’s food is really good too, so I’ve been waiting to go eat the food she made”.

Haixiu looked at Feng Fei, and knew in his heart that he just wanted him to get home earlier, and nodded after a pause. H0t2 e


The two of them gathered up their things, and after they exited the school, Haixiu said, “You don’t need to send me home. If you send me home and then go to your brother’s, you’ll have to go in a big circle, and on the way to your brother’s house there’ll definitely be a lot of traffic. I’ll just take a taxi home by myself”. He didn’t wait for Feng Fei to say anything before speaking again. “Didn’t you say your older brother’s been rushing you?”

Feng Fei helplessly nodded.

“Okay then”. jkeFx4

The two of them stood by the road, and not even half a minute passed before they wre able to call a taxi. Haixiu looked both sides, and seeing that he didn’t recognize anyone as his classmates, and there weren’t many people around, he took a step forwards and gave Feng Fei a hug, whispering

“Happy Lunar New Years”.

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Feng Fei swept his eyes over Haixiu, and gave a soft laugh.

“Happy Lunar New Years. Alright, hurry up and go home now”. QwpOfD

Haixiu let go of Feng Fei and got on the taxi. After only a couple meters, he turned back to look at Feng Fei, and saw that he was still standing at his original spot. He only turned his head back when he couldn’t see Haixiu anymore. His heart was beating very fast, and his fingertips were shaking, as he took out the phone he had just stolen from Feng Fei’s pocket. He felt glad that Feng Fei never locked his phone, and dialed Feng Xuan.

Haixiu tried his best not to stutter, and gave Feng Xuan a general run-through of the situation. After telling him that Feng Fei’s phone was with him, and asking him to tell Feng Fei his phone was with Haixiu, as to not let him think he had lost it, he hung up, and put the phone into his schoolbag.

When Haixiu got home, Jiang Yuman had already cooked a whole table full of dishes. Seeing that her son was home, her face was full of smiles as she told him to hurry and wash his hands, then sit down and eat.

Haixiu and Jiang Yuman ate dinner together, talking the entire time. Seeing that her son was this talkative, Jiang Yuman felt relieved and happy. After the meal, Haixiu washed and cut a plate of fruit, then continued to talk with Jiang Yuman for a little while longer. TUHtM2

At this time, the alarm Haixiu had set on Feng Fei’s phone went off.

Jiang Yuman’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Is that your phone?”

Haixiu tried his best to look natural as he said, OMomhc

“It doesn’t seem to be… I’ll go take a look”.

Haixiu went into his room and turned off the alarm. He held Feng Fei’s phone as he went back to where his mother was, quietly saying, “This is Feng Fei’s phone… I don’t know how it got into my school bag. Just now… Just now his mom called. She probably missed him…”

“Oh no!” Jiang Yuman knew that Feng Fei’s parents were not in the country right now, and her brows furrowed. “How can you be so confused right now? His mom couldn’t see him for this entire month! She must be so anxious!”

“You’re right”. Haixiu looked at Jiang Yuman, hesitantly asking, “Can I… send it to him? After I go give it back to him i’ll immediately come back to spend the Lunar New Years with you”. m80Usl

Jiang Yuman didn’t even need to think before nodding her head.

“You should go send it back. I’ll send you there”.

“There’s no need!” Haixiu rushed to say. “You’ve been busy all day, you don’t need to go back out again. I’ll call a taxi to come pick me up. It’s super convenient, and i’ll be back quickly”. (T/N: actually he’s doing something more like calling an uber)

Haixiu was very adamant, and Jiang Yuman couldn’t convince him otherwise. She could only say, MCdJKd

“Stay safe. Once you send the phone over immediately come back. If he’s willing to come back to our house, that’d be even better”.

Haixiu laughed and gave a big hug to Jiang Yuman. Jiang Yuman hadn’t been this intimate with her son for a long time, and patted his back with a smile. “Alright alright, quickly go and come back, okay?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Haixiu nodded, put on his coat, and quickly went away with Feng Fei’s phone.

Haixiu’s being sneeeeakky! nGHdmc

ALERT ALERT: I need an editor, since my last one went M.I.A… the test will soon be prepared!

pls… especially for my co-translator… I almost caught myself publishing ‘Feng Fei licked his hips’ instead of his lips… my co-translator… she spelled Haixiu three different times in three consecutive paragraphs…



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