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The King's GameCh55 - [QiLing XX]


After the marriage, it was also witnessed by heaven. Gu Huai and Xie Yan stayed happily with each other in this world.

Due to the position of his cultivation, the time limit for the clearance would naturally be prolonged compared to the other world. rVY5Bt

However, even for more than a thousand years, in the eyes of cultivators who had already become immortals, it could only be seen as short.

Since the double cultivation with Xie Yan, Gu Huai’s cultivation had been rising rapidly, and his pure spirit body served as an advantage. Now, with Xie Yan’s double cultivation, his cultivation had been growing rapidly.It took only a thousand years or so for Gu Huai to reach a state of cultivation that most people could not match in their whole lives.

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Another cultivator of the sage’s realm appeared, and he noticed the phenomenon that appeared in the world. All species were shocked by it, and even the war was in disorder for a period of time. It was the same phenomenon some cultivators saw nearly ten thousand years ago, when Xie Yan was the one who broke through to the realm of saints.

People who had seen the scene at that time felt it was still unforgettable. They never thought that they would see the same scene again in their lifetime. M9ND1q

In fact, the cultivators living in the two sides of the world were not unaware of the changes in their world. The older generation of people living for a long time in the clans, like Gu Huai, had found the problem of the weakening spiritual energy. But even if they knew it, they had no way to deal with it.

They could only regard it as the direction and the fate of heaven.

It was more and more difficult for the new generation of cultivators to practice, and they wanted to break through the realm again, so they were greatly shocked when they realized the sudden appearance of the sign.

Who was it that could break the boundary that they thought no one could cross? TpcuZ

After nearly a thousand years, Gu Huai’s appearance could no longer be suitably described as a teenager. His appearance was exactly the same as that in the original world. He was a tall young man with beautiful skin.

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Clearance value: 75%

Between the Taoist couple, they agreed with each other. Gu Huai finished the last step. Xie Yan was the first one to find out. He was by the side of the youth, but now he held his waist.

As for Xie Yan, it meant that he could stay with the youth for a very long time. vmH96E

“Ah Huai is going to get through Shenyu?”

He had talked about this topic with the youth earlier. The youth asked him if he knew there was still a higher level of space in the world. Xie Yan nodded his head at that time, But also said that he had no ability to open it.

In order to get access to the divine realm, the most severe condition was not to be at the saint realm, but to also have a pure spirit. The birth of a pure spirit was extremely low. In tens of millions of years from ancient times to now, only one pure spirit had been born.

“UN.” Gu Huai nodded back to confirm. HgYZyG

In recent years, Gu Huai had basically read all kinds of ancient books and records, and had only found some information slightly related to Shenyu. From the integrated information, he could roughly infer that the channel of the divine realm was not closed at the beginning, which seemed to be the most prosperous period of the whole cultivation world. Later, it became closed due to unknown changes.

He was ready to go, but he had to go to qiaozhou to study how to operate it.

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If his thoughts were correct, qiaozhou should be the space originally existing in the divine realm, which was scattered to the world in that unknown accident. Because of this, crossing the boundary wall at the top of the barren mountain always felt like passing through the door of trials.

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The master of the spirits, thinking of the black haired youth who had become more and more vigorous in recent years, people couldn’t help sighing. Some people were more angry than others. They had a deep understanding of each other.

The only two sages in the world came from the spirit clan. They were afraid that no one in the world could compete with the spirit clan. Fortunately, the spirits had always been peace loving, especially under the leadership of the black haired youth.

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They had to find time to visit the spirit clan. Kad6JZ

No one in power could be indifferent to such a big event.

But just one day after their idea was born, the world was once again shocked by a thunderous sound.

On the boundary wall leading to qiaozhou, that was, the sky above the barren peak, it seemed that there was a huge gap now. All the cultivators who came here now saw the tall figure reflected by the sky light through the huge gap.

At the same time, the cultivators in the field felt the spiritual energy gradually becoming more abundant in the surrounding space, which they had never felt before. If they were in an environment full of spiritual energy, their cultivation speed could double. vusYHi

This huge crack seemed to be a passage to some unknown space, but it seemed very difficult to pass through.

The younger generation of cultivators didn’t know what it was, but the older generation of people who knew and understood what changes in aura around them meant were shaking their lips and gazing at the figure against the sky.

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The other side changed the fate that they thought was the heaven’s will. They thought that one day, when the spiritual power of the world was exhausted, the era of cultivators would end. But the youth in the front of us restarted the divine Realm, and now connected the divine realm with their world. From their intuition, it could be seen that this was a channel for spiritual regeneration and circulation.

“Elder, how do you…” The elder of the family suddenly bowed to the black haired youth near the huge crack and gave a kneeling salute. He was excited, and a young demon who followed him was shocked. lUV1uO

But the elder knelt, and it was obviously not good to stand on his own. The young demon knelt with him, and then continued to look up at the figure in the sky.

The celebrity of the spirit clan? He looked very good, but he still didn’t know why many cultivators around him curtsied to the other. Was this man doing something amazing?

Many years later, the young demon also became an elder of his clan When recalling this, he felt that he was too young and naive at that time, and his attitude should have been more humble.

He knelt down for a good person. ePO102

Although the leaders of different clans didn’t do this ceremony, they also slightly lowered their heads. As the object looked around, Gu Huai pulled up his lover and ran away.

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It was time to hide for a while. His skill and fame couldn’t be hidden. From the old generation to the new generation, according to word of mouth, the great contribution of the leader of the spirit clan to the cultivation world would be basically known in the near future.

When the problems in the Xiuzhen world was solved, the problems in the Xiaoqian world would be solved automatically, because the two had the door of trial as the connection.

“You’ll wait until the deadline is met this time?” It was noted that the clearance value of youth had reached 100% at the moment of completion of this event. stFgnd

This time, the system was actively asking. Its voice was as usual flat and low, but there was no discontent.

“Yes.” Gu Huai answered quickly.

The system didn’t dislike that every world dragged on like this. Gu Huai was very grateful to the other in this regard. Gu Huai was forced to participate in the game by the other, Gu Huai was still slightly smirking and said with a narrow smile: “System, you are so good. Is there any serviceIt scoring link after the game is over? If so, I will give you a full mark. ”

*System: “…” eivd8u

The remaining time limit was more than one hundred years, which was quite short for the immortal. As he knew it was short, he cherished it even more. For the rest of his time, Gu Huai was ready to stay in the spirit clan.

The next world, he may not be so lucky to see him again. Of course, they couldn’t waste the time they had.

“Gulu…” The spirit of xuanhu, who was brought back to the spirit clan, leaned against the youth at this time, and his head rubbed against the youth from time to time.

In addition to the spirit of xuanhu, there were other low-level animal spirits around the youth, all of which were brought back from the Xiaoqian world. tGs58O

“My dear, you should practice hard first.” Gu Huai reached out his hand and touched the heads of the spirits one by one. He soothed them with his movements, and his voice was slightly harsh. The environment of the spirit clan was more suitable for cultivation than that of Xiaoqian world. Considering this, Gu Huai now arranged people to go to Xiaoqian world to extradite some low-level spirits at regular intervals.

The only mistake was that Gu Huai didn’t expect that these low-level spirits who were extradited from the Xiaoqian world would often neglect cultivation because they liked to surround him.

They heard a little harshness in the voice of the youth. Although they didn’t want to leave, these animal spirits didn’t want to go against the youth’s idea, and soon they scattered to practice.

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The spirits beasts that surrounded him were gone, but then came a round white fur ball, “Chirp.” His cub form had not been used for tens of thousands of years,, but Xie Yan had been very handy in this regard in recent years. LC08Sg

Leaping into the young man’s arms, the round cub moved in the young man’s arms and put the wreath in his mouth on the hand that the young man extended to him.

Gu Huai gently poked the soft abdomen of the cub on his chest with his fingers. He still thought it was amazing. It was clear that the other’s human form in the last world was totally different from this world. How could his cub form be the same?

The stretched finger was encircled by the cub in his arms with a silver tail. Instead of pulling the finger, Gu Huai simply changed his sitting position from lying back to lying position, and let the cub with only its tail encircling his finger lie on his lap.

In the years after the successful opening of the divine realm, the aura of various realms had become more abundant than ever before. Many cultivators who were originally stagnant had gained new progress after the environment was renewed. Like Xi Huan, who became the third Sage in the world. WakhKb

“Xi Huan didn’t come to give…see you off recently? A word ‘give you money’ almost came out quickly. Gu Huai changed his words in time when he said the first half of the word.

In fact, Gu Huai thought that it was no wonder that he would have this impression, because Xi Huan, the demon lord, would come to the spirit clan to have a competition with Xie Yan every three to five days.

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According to the oral agreement more than 1000 years ago, the other lost one game and gave 100,000 Lingshi very honestly. In the eyes of Gu Huai, the other was quick and the boy who gave money left an impression.

When asked this question, the round cub, who had been lying quietly on the young’s lap, turned back to his human form. In this position, it looked like Xie Yan had laid the young man under his body. 4dEuK7

“Stopped by the elders of his clan.” Xie Yan replied truthfully.

Thinking of the reason, Gu Huai didn’t resist squinting his eyebrows and smiled. When he smiled, the spirit on him lowered his head and pecked at the corner of his eyes, “chirp.”

Both of them had been practicing for a long time. Every time the other did this kind of action, Gu Huai would still see the simple and serious look on the face of the spirit, especially when the other stared at him for a while after kissing like this.

He didn’t want to see the remaining time limit, but even if he didn’t, Gu Huai could remember the remaining time. In the last world, he told the other that if he suddenly disappeared one day, he shouldn’t wait for him, and the result was not successful. VsdFv

“In a while,I have to leave for some time.”

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There was no way for him to wait. Gu Huai reached out and touched the hair of the spirit who was staring at him silently. When he stopped he looks back at him. “I will come back later.”

The young man’s words sounded very sudden and groundless, but Xie Yan soon lowered his head and nodded his head seriously.

Not long after that, Xi Huan came back to fight in the spirit clan one day. Xie Yan did not refuse as usual. After winning the battle and harvesting 100,000 Lingshi, he put them into mustard seed space, and prepared to wait for it to gather up a million and send them all to the youth again. YgNIK6

After weaving a wreath in the human form, Xie Yan changes to his cub form, searched for the position of the youth with his spiritual energy, and then moved towards the youth with the wreath in his mouth.

He was in the sea of ​​flowers.

“Chirp?” Holding the wreath, he climbed up the placid young man’s lap. He held the wreath gently, and his body was close to the young man’s neck.

The young man lying in the sea of ​​flowers was very quiet, even if he had been shaken , he had not moved his eyebrows.” 8GcOoZ

For a moment, Xie Yan realized something and hurriedly returned to his human form, holding the lying youth in his arms and holding him closely without any gap.

The wreath, which had just been woven, fell to the ground, but Xie Yan ignored it. He picked up the young man who seemed to be sleeping quietly and said slowly, “I will wait for Ah Huai.”

Wait… He would wait, no matter how long, he would continue to wait.

TN: mdGE5N

The End.

See you next arc 👋✌😉

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