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  • AH! It’s actually a Japanese novel! I just added this to my reading list since the synopsis seems interesting but it never really crossed my mind for it to be Japanese. Wow. And it’s actually not in a First Person POV 😲 I’m really shocked since the Japanese novels I’ve read are usually in a First Person POV.

    But this is really great! The translation is also great! Thanks so much.

  • Hi hi. I don’t know if it’s just me, but why is there an * on some words? There was also one at the previous chapter. I thought there would be a footnote about it but there’s none. I’m not really sure if it’s an error with my connection, failing to load properly or whatnot but I hope someone could clear me for it 😅

    Thanks so much for the translations 😊

  • Wow. That was really a great first chapter. I just can’t help but think of QWTFOTD while reading this. But let’s see, let’s see.

    The translation was really great. Great work. Thanks so much 😊

  • I’ve only read the first 5 chapters, and overall, I was really confused. Seriously. But I kinda get it a little, somehow. I think it’s kinda similar to one of DPUBFTB’s arc (The Cycle of Karma). Just a hint of similarity.

    So far, I’m just curious about what would happen. Thanks 😊

  • on Little MushroomChapter 45 2 months ago

    Yes yes. Were you the author? If yes, will you still continue it??

  • on Little MushroomChapter 45 2 months ago

    Oh. Oh. I was actually asking XavierForest. I thought I got that reply right. But I might check that fanfic out. Is that MDZS? I love MDZS ❤️ Thanks 😊

  • on Little MushroomChapter 45 2 months ago

    I vote for evolution ✋

  • on Little MushroomChapter 45 2 months ago

    Ah! I think I remembered why this username was a bit familiar. It’s either you or someone with the same name, but are you that author? From FF.net??

  • Ah ah. I kinda miss the meng selling egg already 🤣

    Thanks for the chapter 😊

  • I’ve been liking this arc so far compared to the previous arcs. The translation is also great. Very nice to the eyes and reader friendy (just my opinion though 😅)

    Thanks for the chapter 😊