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The King's GameCh54 - [QiLing XIX]


*Short Mature Content*

Hearing the spirit, who had come close to him, say “yes”, Gu Huai didn’t respond to this. He leaned down to kiss him passively for a while. enDPQl

Did he really know? Having doubts about this, Gu Huai looked back at his lover. He could still remember how he taught him in the last world.

His lover in the last world understood that mating was to tangle their tails together, so even if the other answered now that he knew, Gu Huai couldn’t help thinking about whether the other would have any new ideas.

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In fact, Ji lianzun asked Xie Yan the same question two days ago. The latter answered with an expressionless face, but was actually incorrect.

Knowing that the Lord knew only a little about the customs of the human world, and had always been emotionally indifferent, Ji Lianzun went to enquire about it. XUdhyF

“It is double cultivation.” His tone was very firm. Although there were differences between the two, Ji lianzun chose a word related to cultivation in order to make his master understand to the greatest extent in a short time.

When it came to cultivation, it was natural for Xie Yan to understand his talent. although double cultivation was a range that he had never touched before, it didn’t affect his learning in a short time.

“Two days ago, I studied Kung Fu.” Xie Yan pressed down the boy who sat beside the bed.

There was no mistake in doing what was described in the double cultivation scroll.


So in this current position, Xie Yan lowered his head.

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Gu Huai was stupefied, but the licking and kissing on the side of his neck made him slightly tense. When he nibbled towards the position of his Adam’s apple, Gu Huai could not help moaning in a low voice, “Hnn”.

Wrong? Hearing the young man’s low groaning, Xie Yan stopped licking and biting and went back to pecking the young man’s lips.

Though he was doing something related to desire, he still showed simplicity in his cold and beautiful face at this time, and the action of pecking at the young lips was also very simple. FWHIOy

“Chirp.” He didn’t know which step he did wrong, Xie Yan hesitated, so he didn’t take the next step.

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“Pa’r cba atja sbe tjnf raevlfv atf rxliir kfii.” Pa tjv yffc uefrrfv atja wbra bo atlr rxlii gfofggfv ab vbeyif meialnjalbc. Xe Lejl aegcfv tlr tfjv klat j mbeut jcv rjlv lc j ibk nblmf: “P’w rbggs Aera xffq ublcu. “

“This shame was much lower than the last world’s handheld teaching. Gu Huai had basically accepted his lover’s very simple setting in this regard. iwY6qR

It was normal for him to have desire for the person he liked. In Xie Yan’s eyes, the young man’s wedding dress looked like a beautiful package on the body of his beloved treasure. Now he needed to take apart the complicated and beautiful decorations on the body of his treasure.

There was no need to decorate, just his treasure itself was good enough.

Xie Yan had never felt love for tens of thousands of years. In fact, Xie Yan was in a strange state to this feeling, but his treasure was entwined with this emotion. Xie Yan then continued to achieve the goal of unity with the occasional low muffled whimpers of his beloved treasure.

Double cultivation was a kind of cultivation method. There were many cultivators who chose to double cultivate. In double cultivation, the one with high cultivation would be more helpful to the one with low cultivation, so in a way, double cultivation was indeed a good way to improve the cultivation realm. Fe0OfI

Just like the last world, Gu Huai had been haunted by his lover for one night in the process of implementing great harmony in life.

At the end of the day, Gu Huai was so tired that he didn’t even want to turn over and directly slept until the next day. And when he woke up, Gu Huai felt the improvement of his cultivation realm.

Fairyland –

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At present, the clearance value was 55%. mk1dWq

Since the time when he became an immortal, the improvement of each cultivation realm had increased by 5%.

According to his calculation, Gu Huai estimated that when his cultivation reached the realm of saints, The clearance value would be 75%.

Even if he changed worlds, Xie Yan and Alvis still had much in common. For example, on the second day when he slept with him, he would wake up early in the morning and stay next to his sleeping partner, keeping his eyes fixed.

There were still many bright traces left on the white skin of the young man’s neck. Xie Yan reached out and held the young man who had already woken up in his arms. He lowered his head and traced the marks left by him with his lips. XWApBZ

Maybe this was the feeling of contentment. Xie Yan came to this conclusion.

He had lived for a long time, longer than all the creatures in the world. He was tens of thousands years old. But most of these years was meaningless. The meaningless thing was that he felt he had to wait for someone.

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He had a person who he was waiting for. Xie Yan had this vague idea a long time ago. The idea was groundless, but it was haunting like an instinct.

Wait… When he found it, give one thing to the other. GkHi r

He didn’t know who he wanted to wait for and what he had to give, but Xie Yan knew now.

“?” There was a slight cool and soft touch on his neck. Thinking of the happiness caused by the double cultivation last night, Gu Huai trembled slightly.

However, he noticed that his lover seemed to be very serious at this time. He had to cast his doubts aside first.

“ChuChu will wait for Ah Huai and give flowers to Ah Huai.” He murmured this sentence under the puzzled eyes of the young man. PnFjEy

After Xie Yan finished speaking, he smiled slightly. Of course, it was impossible to say that he couldn’t move. Gu Huai was stunned. He thought for a moment whether the other remembered something.

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Xie Yan felt that the young man he was holding probably couldn’t understand why he said he had to wait. After all, it was only a vague idea of his own, so he quickly changed the topic and said: “before the 10th stone of the Yuan god, witnessed by the heaven, Ah Huai and I will be really married.”

“10th stone?” Gu Huai asked, this was not the same thing as the Sansheng stone in his original world

Later, Xie Yan’s explanation was similar to what Gu Huai had imagined. It was a stone that was said to be confirming a vow of marriage. If the cultivators wanted to marry the person they liked, they needed to be in front of the 10th stone to get the testimony of heaven. ysWnAg

In this way, it seems that his family’s ChuChu got on the train first and then made up the ticket? Thinking of the fact that both of them hadn’t formally married as a Taoist couple, but they had both been together intimately.

It’s very important to witness the heavenly way. Naturally, Gu Huai didn’t object to the other’s statement. After a resting, he and the other arrived.

10th stone was the place closest to the coast. It was a small place, but many people seemed to be there. The cultivators who were there were basically going to 10th stone.

It was for the same with those who were there. But the vows made by everyone under the witness of heaven were not the same. 3jrlJd

The cultivators made a vow with the Yuan god, which was witnessed by heaven. The vow could not be changed, and those who violated the vow would be punished to the corresponding extent. Therefore, many cultivators were very careful when they made vows. After all, if they were punished, their cultivation would be damaged. If it was serious, their accomplishments would be completely destroyed, or even their spirits would be destroyed.

There was no place to squeeze with many fellow cultivators. After the most crowded and busy time, Gu Huai walked with his hands holding his lover’s sleeves.

The vows were mutual. Generally, they had discussed before they could be witnessed by heaven. But Gu Huai didn’t know. To be exact, he only knew that it was necessary for them to be a Taoist couple, but he didn’t know that there was a need to make a vow.

Xie Yan didn’t mention it. Standing in front of the 10th stone with his youth, he began to lead the making of a vows with his ability as a sage. Z9quE4

“Xie Yan only likes Ah Huai.” The vows were only binding themselves, Xie Yan slightly lowered his head, “unless this body perishes, there will be no change.”

But it would be nice to have a next life.

Although to this point, the 10th stone was actually innocent. There was no reincarnation for the cultivators who had become immortal, that was to say, there would be a day when they died, but the long age they could have was immortality for ordinary people.

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It seemed that as long as they agreed, they would become a Taoist couple. Standing in front of the 10th stone, Gu Huai felt some invisible force around him. He stretched out his hand to catch Xie Yan’s tall fingers and shook it twice. He nodded his head. Hc1Kys

Gu Huai knew that there would be a next life. After Xie Yan nodded his head at the young man in front of him, he said with a low voice, “the next life, will also give flowers to Ah Huai.”

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One chapter left, then unto the next arc. VJuR3g

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