Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh97 - Carrying Someone


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

After the heavy rain abated, it began to drizzle. NU5zjl

The region that the Big Bear Tribe was in wasn’t dry, but it was still rare for them to encounter such endless rain, and everyone found it a little hard to bear.

Zhou Ji also didn’t like this kind of weather, where it felt like his lungs were being drowned every time he took a breath. He would rather be sleeping by the fire back home.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He sighed, then spent some effort to find a big tree hollow to light a fire in and lie down.

He rested in the tree hollow for a day, and after a full day of eating, the weather finally cleared up. yrcFWP

Zhou Ji’s mood improved a lot, but Xiong Ye and the others were in trouble.

At first, everything had gone so smoothly that Xiong Ye and the others had thought that they could slowly eat up all of Hu Tian’s troops. But the situation was never that simple––Hu Tian had run off.

Xiong Ye and the others also needed to eat, sleep, and take care of their basic bodily needs. The rain had made it inconvenient to do anything, and so they had had no way to keep a close eye on Hu Tian’s team. As a result, they hadn’t paid as much attention recently, and Hu Tian had run away.

Hu Tian had left behind a hundred or so people and led his few trusted subordinates to return back to the Giant Tiger Tribe!


Hu Tian had brought three hundred people with him for this attack against the Big Bear Tribe, and he still had over a thousand people left in the Giant Tiger Tribe.

It could be said that Hu Tian had made a very smart decision––as long as he could return back to his tribe, Xiong Ye and the others would be unable to do anything to him.

After discovering this point, Xiong Ye didn’t hesitate to say to Zhu Zhan, “Let’s chase after them! Everyone else can stay behind and continue to keep an eye on the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe!”

Hu Tian had run away, causing the morale of the remaining people from the Giant Tiger Tribe to plummet. They no longer had anything to push for, so Xiong Ye believed that the people that he had trained from their tribe would be enough to deal with them. JMoC2t

After Xiong Ye finished speaking, he immediately set off in pursuit. Zhu Zhan followed closely behind him, and his subordinates stayed behind after exchanging glances with each other.

They were unable to catch up to Zhu Zhan even when he had one lame leg; they shouldn’t even bother trying to chase after him now.

Hu Tian was very clever and had used some methods to cover his own scent. Coupled with the fact that he was bringing less people with him this time, it became very difficult to find traces of his whereabouts.

As long as he was a little more careful, it was completely possible for him to evade the people of the Big Bear Tribe and return to the Giant Tiger Tribe! 7nd91u

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Xiong Ye also understood this point and couldn’t help but be a little anxious.

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Wlbcu Tf aegcfv lcab tlr jclwji obgw jcv gjc nfgs delmxis atgbeut atf obgfra, mjerlcu delaf j ylu ralg.

A few small carnivorous dinosaurs smelled his scent and immediately ran towards him, wanting to catch him. As a result, they had just chased after him for a few steps when Xiong Ye turned around and sent one of the carnivorous dinosaurs flying with a swipe. luh5v

These carnivorous dinosaurs immediately gave up.

Xiong Ye’s pace wasn’t very fast. Even though he was now a lot bigger, his speed hadn’t increased by much. In truth, due to the fact that running in his animal form consumed too much energy, it wasn’t long before he grew tired.

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Xiong Ye thought for a moment, then turned back into his human form to continue pushing forward. At the same time, he didn’t forget to start cultivating.

He had been able to fight and cultivate at the same time before. He should be able to run and cultivate at the same time… ecZolJ

While Xiong Ye was running, Zhu Zhan was also running.

At first, when Xiong Ye turned into his animal form, he had followed behind him and felt quite relaxed with the pace––although his giant pig form wasn’t as big as a brown bear’s, it was much faster than a brown bear.

Later, when Xiong Ye began to run in human form, he had also turned back into his human form to follow behind him and felt that it was still an easy run––he was tall, and his legs covered more ground!

But… WdjexV

One hour went by, then two, then three…

Xiong Ye was still running tirelessly!

Zhu Zhan was no longer able to hold on. He was gasping, and his tongue was already lolling out of his mouth.

Even if he was able to run, he couldn’t run like this. He was going to die of exhaustion! lDAEXY

After running for a while, Xiong Ye noticed Zhu Zhan’s state, “Are you unable to go on?”

“I… I can!” Zhu Zhan gritted his teeth. He was determined not to say he couldn’t go on!

“Then hurry up.” Xiong Ye said and sped up.

Originally, he had been unfamiliar with the new cultivation method and felt a little unaccustomed to it; using it felt scattered and rough. But now, after using it for a few hours, he had begun to get used to it, and the speed at which he could use the cultivation method had begun to accelerate. With that, he was no longer tired at all! X4dtw6

Zhu Zhan: “……” Exactly how had Xiong Ye grown up? How come he still wasn’t tired?!

If they continued running like this, he was really going to die!

Zhu Zhan continued to run forward expressionlessly, but he felt that a lot of the things he thought he knew had been subverted ever since he arrived at the Big Bear Tribe.

“Why are you so slow?” Xiong Ye asked. After seeing Zhu Zhan’s expression, he realized that Zhu Zhan was tired. JPj25F

“Forget it. I’ll carry you!” Xiong Ye said.

Zhu Zhan already had no energy left to refuse.

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But, what he didn’t realize was that Xiong Ye’s version of ‘carry’ wasn’t what he expected.

Xiong Ye always remembered that he had a mate. Since that was the case, he of course needed to keep a little distance between them. xqm9Y

He found a large leaf and had Zhu Zhan, who was only wearing a very, very small piece of animal hide, wrap himself up.

Zhu Zhan had been tired out by the run and had to gasp and catch his breath while wrapping himself up in leaves. His expression was full of confusion, “What are you wrapping me up in this for?”

“It makes carrying you more convenient.” Xiong Ye said. Seeing that Zhu Zhan was wrapped up, he picked him up and started to run.

Zhu Zhan, who was wrapped in leaves and looked like a leaf roll, was tossed over Xiong Ye’s shoulder and really didn’t want to say anything for a while. jG5onY

He was also unable to say anything––he really wanted to throw up from the way Xiong Ye was carrying him!

Hold on… Zhu Zhan looked at the trees that wasn’t far from him and clutched at his head, “Xiong Ye, be a little more careful! I’m going to hit that tree!”

Zhu Zhan felt very psychologically tired. He was the Giant Pig Tribe’s young chief who had very high combat power. Why did it turn out like this when he joined Xiong Ye?

Zhu Zhan finally chose to play dead over Xiong Ye’s shoulder. InMxAH

Zhou Ji, who had been following behind them in secret, “……” He was a little unhappy… Should he help Xiong Ye so that he could find Hu Tian faster?

After Xiong Ye began to run, he didn’t feel tired at all. However, he began to feel hungry after running for a long time.

He and Zhu Zhan found a place to catch prey and eat it, then continued on after eating. When Zhu Zhan couldn’t run any further, Xiong Ye would carry him and go on…

After running like this for a day, they had gotten closer to the Giant Tiger Tribe, but they hadn’t encountered Hu Tian at all. OD8mpR

Xiong Ye was once again carrying the exhausted Zhu Zhan and running forward when a small dinosaur suddenly appeared in front of him. The dinosaur was also running in the direction that he wanted to go!

Xiong Ye subconsciously chased after it, his speed increasing as he went.

Zhu Zhan hung off Xiong Ye’s shoulder. His heart was a little tired.

Fortunately, nobody else had seen him like this. Otherwise… He would really be humiliated! 0Lz 7K

Zhu Zhan was thinking about this when he suddenly heard Xiong Ye say, “Hu Tian?!”

Zhu Zhan lifted up his upper body and saw Hu Tian in front of them, staring at them in shock.

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Hu Tian first felt shock when he saw Xiong Ye––he hadn’t expected that Xiong Ye would catch up so soon!

Immediately after that, he felt happy––Xiong Ye was on his own, while he had several people by his side. He would definitely be able to kill Xiong Ye! y0sJmu

That was what Hu Tian was thinking when he saw Xiong Ye set down the person he was carrying over his shoulder.

That was actually a person! Hu Tian was suddenly a little dazed. And the things that happened after that left him staring like a fool.

That person who had been wrapped in leaves was actually the other medium level Beast Warrior from the Big Bear Tribe!

What kind of hobbies did these people have!? They were clearly very strong, but liked to use schemes and trickery, and a medium level Beast Warrior actually had someone else carry him! lZPGYy

Hu Tian felt that the people of the Big Bear Tribe were too terrifying.

Zhu Zhan: He must kill these people! This was too humiliating!

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