Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh98 - Dancing


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhu Zhan had felt particularly uncomfortable when he had first started being carried around. Not only had he wanted to throw up, he had also felt very dizzy. However, after being carried around for a while, he had slowly become accustomed to it. Abcj2I

For better or worse, he was a medium level Beast Warrior, and he wouldn’t be unable to go on just because he was being carried.

At the moment, he had been carried for a long time, and he had even managed to find the opportunity to rest for a while and restore his strength…

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Now that he saw Hu Tian, he didn’t even speak before turning into a giant pig and charging straight over.

Hu Tian had no choice but to fight. SN 91H

Hu Tian felt that he probably wouldn’t lose. He had brought his trusted subordinates with him during this trip, and they had all been going at a swift pace. A portion of them would always be running while carrying others, and when they were tired, they would switch positions to continue on, but he had been carried for practically the entire way and basically hadn’t run much at all.

Not only that, they had slipped away during the night, and the people of the Big Bear Tribe would only have discovered their absence the morning after, if not later. Since that was the case, these two men must not have had any decent rest in order to catch up to them.

Even the combat ability of medium level Beast Warriors would be affected by fatigue!

Xiong Ye and Zhu Zhan indeed weren’t well rested. This was particularly true for Xiong Ye. It could be said that Xiong Ye hadn’t stopped at all and had run for a full day and night.


Even though he had cultivated along the way, he was in fact finding it a little uncomfortable now.

But it was different for Zhu Zhan.

He had been carried over  Xiong Ye’s shoulder the entire way and had managed to sleep for a while during bouts of dizziness. Although it was a little uncomfortable… It wasn’t enough to really tire him out.

Under such circumstances, Zhu Zhan began to fight against Hu Tian. BCZIpM

The two of them were about the same age, and they both had rich experience in fighting. Their sizes were similar as well, so it was only natural that they seemed well-matched when they fought against each other.

Zhou Ji was watching from the sidelines, and at this moment, he felt that Zhu Zhan… was really amazing.

Well, it made sense. Giant pigs were carnivores, how could they not be powerful?

After observing Zhu Zhan, Zhou Ji moved his attention to Xiong Ye. USWF9C

Xiong Ye had also turned into his animal form. Although he looked especially big, brown bears… Even if they were big, they still carried traces of cuteness.

After Zhu Zhan and Hu Tian began to fight, Xiong Ye sat down.

The people around them who saw this scene were confused, but on the other hand, Zhou Ji  understood––Xiong Ye was resting.

His little bear had run for so long. He must be tired and needed to have a proper rest. 7Kbf21

After discovering that Xiong Ye was absorbing the energy from the surroundings, Zhou Ji also sent some energy over so that he could better rest and recover faster.

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Zhou Ji’s mood became quite good as he watched this scene. He suddenly had a thought––if Xiong Ye was a little bigger, would he be able to slap away these intruders with nothing but a swipe, like a cat toying with a mouse and slapping them to death?

It was quite amusing to think of it that way.

For a while, the fight continued to remain at a draw, and this kind of even situation was not beneficial for Hu Tian.

He understood very clearly that if Xiong Ye rested for a little while longer and recovered completely, he definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with two medium level Beast Warriors at the same time. kOeBqV

“Roar!” Hu Tian called out. His men heard his roar and stopped attacking Xiong Ye. Instead, they rushed towards Zhu Zhan, and at the same time, Hu Tian turned around and fled.

Zhu Zhan was blocked and couldn’t give chase, but Xiong Ye immediately went after him.

When he saw this scene, Zhu Zhan suddenly felt a little sympathetic forHu Tian.

Xiong Ye, who had started running, was really too scary! CBsnoQ

Hu Tian had no idea about Zhu Zhan’s thoughts. Seeing that Zhu Zhan had been blocked, leaving only Xiong Ye chasing after him, he let out a sigh of relief.

Xiong Ye had been carrying Zhu Zhan with him as he ran before and was already tired. Now, he might not necessarily be able to catch up to him!

He had to get away!

With that in mind, Hu Tian sped up! 9JAkQm

Xiong Ye didn’t turn into his animal form, and it was a little difficult for him to catch up. He could only struggle behind him, trying to use the way that the mystery man had taught him and concentrate the energy in his body into his legs.

His speed suddenly became much faster. Although he still couldn’t catch up with Hu Tian, he wouldn’t fall too far behind either.

During this chase… Hu Tian could feel that something was wrong.

Bears weren’t animals that had good endurance. Their running speed was very slow; how could Xiong Ye still chase after him after so long?! vrokPy

He was starting to become unable to go on!

Saber-toothed tigers weren’t like canine species that would run until their prey was tired out before going up to bite them. They generally hunted by lurking, and their endurance wasn’t very good…

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That person from the Big Bear Tribe should be supporting himself with sheer willpower! If he ran a little further, the other party would definitely be unable to continue! Hu Tian told himself this, but the person behind him simply continued chasing and never gave up!

Hu Tian thought that he was about to go crazy. What exactly was this bear?! He was so good at running! VTiu8a

It was no wonder that he had been carrying the other medium level Beast Warrior with him as he ran. Originally it was because he was too good at running!

If they continued running like this, he was afraid that he would lose his own life… Hu Tian finally stopped running. He was unable to continue that way so instead turned around to charge at Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye turned into his animal form and lashed out with a paw.

Zhou Ji was standing nearby, watching Hu Tian with a rather sympathetic gaze. DPrdng

Before, when the Big Bear Tribe and the Giant Tiger Tribe had fought against each other, the one who had fought against Hu Tian was almost always Zhu Zhan. There was a reason for this––at the end of the day, Xiong Ye had only just become a medium level Beast Warrior, and when it came to combat effectiveness, he was really inferior to Zhu Zhan and Hu Tian.

The main reason why he had been able to fight against Zhu Zhan for such a long time back at the tribe was because Zhu Zhan had no intention of killing him.

If Hu Tian hadn’t run for so long and had immediately started fighting with Xiong Ye after he gave chase, it would be hard to say who would win and who would lose. Yet he had led Xiong Ye on a run for such a long time…

After running for such a long time, this tiger had already become a trash tiger. xWTDM5

Xiong Ye’s attacks came one after the other, slamming constantly on Hu Tian’s back. His blows were incredibly fierce as he broke the tiger’s spine and beat Hu Tian to death.

He had been scratched by the saber-toothed tiger’s huge fangs, but his injuries weren’t particularly serious… Zhou Ji kept an eye on him and then heard him say, “I was too fierce and didn’t give myself a chance to hone my fighting skills…”

Alright, this was a little bear who didn’t miss a single chance to fight!

Zhou Ji was rather relieved, then using his spiritual powers, he ‘saw’ Xiong Ye, who had already turned back into human form but hadn’t put on his animal hide skirt, jumping and bouncing around next to Hu Tian’s body. U4ir1v

It was obvious that Xiong Ye was very happy. After dancing for a while, he made a couple of turns and let out some strange sounds. It appeared that his excitement had gone to his head.

Zhou Ji: “……”

Xiong Ye’s dance was the same as the priest’s usual dance. He used to think that it was a bit offensive to the eyes when the priest danced it, but now… He felt that Xiong Ye’s dancing was pretty good.

It was just that this location wasn’t quite appropriate, and the surroundings weren’t quite appropriate either. RQK4ps

Xiong Ye should be in their home, dancing around the fire in their bedroom. What was he doing, jumping around a corpse without wearing his animal hide skirt?!

Although Zhou Ji thought so in his heart, he still smiled broadly as he watched this… strip dance?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After dancing, Xiong Ye cooled his outward show of excitement, got dressed, then looked for some leaves and peeled off some bark to tie up Hu Tian’s body, preparing to bring it back.

He needed to reunite with everyone else. h0lzv4

When Xiong Ye returned to the place where they had originally run into Hu Tian, he found Zhu Zhan there roasting meat to eat. There were a lot of bodies next to him––all of the people who had been with Hu Tian before were all there, and not a single one was missing.

“You’ve killed them all?” Xiong Ye was a little surprised.

“Of course.” Zhu Zhan said. These people had seen him in such a humiliating state. He definitely couldn’t let any of them off!

So even if one of them escaped, he had still chased them down to kill them and even managed to catch a small dinosaur to eat. spFid6

“I killed Hu Tian.” Xiong Ye said.

“Oh… Would you like something to eat?” Zhu Zhan offered Xiong Ye a piece of meat.

Xiong Ye accepted the meat. He really missed Zhou Ji right now.

If Zhou Ji was here, he would definitely have praised him. I1kb0V

In fact… Even if Zhou Ji wasn’t there, Xiong Qi wasn’t bad either. Unfortunately, only Zhu Zhan was here right now…

Xiong Ye quietly started to eat his meat.

Even if nobody praised him now, people would still praise him when he returned.

Zhu Zhan might not have taken notice of Xiong Ye’s small thoughts, but Zhou Ji could guess what Xiong Ye was probably thinking right now. f1dDR9

At the end of the day, Xiong Ye wasn’t very old. Before, he had spent all his time thinking about having enough to eat and staying warm, and he came off as particularly steady, but now… He was really becoming more and more lively and increasingly cute.

After Xiong Ye and Zhu Zhan finished eating, they carried Hu Tian’s body with them and headed back.

When they found Xiong Qi and others…

“Xiong Ye, you’re really too amazing!” AJuc5D

“You actually killed the tribal chief of the Giant Tiger Tribe! Xiong Ye, you’ll definitely become the most powerful person in the future!”

“Xiong Ye! Xiong Ye!”

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Everyone burst out in cheers and praised Xiong Ye, to the point where even Xiong Qi was unable to squeeze in more than a few words.

Xiong Ye immediately became delighted. Lz WF0

And in a moment of inattention, Hu Tian’s body was beat up by the people of the Green Hill Tribe until it was unrecognizable…

He had wanted to bring the body back for Zhou Ji to see, so that Zhou Ji would know how amazing he was…

Forget it, he could just have Xiong Qi tell Zhou Ji about it later!

It would take them a long time to return. By then, the body would have probably rotted away, and they wouldn’t be able to bring it back anyway. Ko4qvm

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