Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh96 - Empty Cave


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While fighting against the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, Xiong Ye usually had other people from the tribe go up instead of personally making a move. Ktor3G

He did it this way so that the people of the tribe would have a way to practice their combat abilities, and also allow the people of the Little Brook Tribe and Green Hill Tribe to get revenge.

He generally watched from the sidelines and only rushed out when the people of the tribe fell into dangerous situations, knocking out those who needed to be knocked unconscious, killing whoever needed to be killed, and saving his own people.

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At the start, he had sent all the people he caught from the Giant Tiger Tribe back to their tribe, but he could no longer do so now––they had already gotten a bit too far away from the Big Bear Tribe during their pursuit.

Xiong Ye handed these people over to the people of the Green Hill Tribe who had followed him in chasing down the Giant Tiger Tribe. 3ren8S

The people from the Green Hill Tribe were seething with hatred; those Giant Tiger Tribe people who hadn’t killed anyone from the Green Hill Tribe were better off and were only beaten at most before being sent off to become slaves, but those who had killed people from the Green Hill Tribe were all met with horrible ends.

The people of the Green Hill Tribe didn’t let off any of their enemies; their hatred could only be washed clean with the blood of their enemies.

That afternoon, after once again making trouble for the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, Xiong Ye led his people to hunt down a dinosaur, roasting and eating it together.

They were in charge of chasing after the Giant Tiger Tribe, and their team had a total of 82 people. Half of the team consisted of people from the tribes that the Giant Tiger Tribe had slaughtered their way through before, and at this time, some of them began to speak up from around the fire. Someone sobbed, “I’ve finally avenged… my child…”


Xiong Ye sighed. He took some spices out of his bundle of supplies and carefully sprinkled them over his roasted meat.

Fortunately, Zhou Ji was beloved by the Beast God. Otherwise… The Big Bear Tribe’s future might have been pretty much the same as that of the Green Hill Tribe and Little Brook Tribe.

It was all thanks to the Beast God and also thanks to Zhou Ji!

Xiong Ye stared at his roasted meat and began to think of Zhou Ji again. maqILU

His cooking skills really couldn’t match up to Zhou Ji’s. Luckily, Zhou Ji had given him some seasonings before they set out this time.

“Xiong Ye, give me some chili powder.” Zhu Zhan came over and said.

“No.” Xiong Ye refused, “I don’t have much left.”

“You clearly still have a lot!” Rsc7SH

“But we might be away from the tribe for a month.” Xiong Ye glanced towards Zhu Zhan and said somberly, “A whole month.”

There was nothing Zhu Zhan could say.

Xiong Ye spoke again, “Zhu Zhan, do you think Zhou Ji is thinking of me right now?”

Zhu Zhan laughed shortly and no longer wanted to interact with Xiong Ye. b8EqJ2

Xiong Ye was still speaking, “I’m not there, and I don’t know if anyone is hunting for Zhou Ji. Is Zhou Ji afraid at night? He’s always been adverse to the cold; will he be chilled if I’m not there by his side to keep him warm in my animal form?”

Zhu Zhan: “You turn into your animal form to sleep with him? Aren’t you afraid of squishing him?” Xiong Ye’s animal form was too big! Oh, right, and their bed… could Xiong Ye’s animal form even fit in it?

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“How could I squash Zhou Ji? He sleeps on my body.” Xiong Ye said. He liked turning into his animal form and having Zhou Ji sleep on top of him.

Zhu Zhan didn’t want to speak anymore. It hadn’t been that many days since Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye saw each other, right? Did he need to be so nostalgic? His own mate… wgj IU

Zhu Zhan began to think of his own mate. He was also a bit worried.

However, he soon set aside his worries––his Zhu Zhu was also a medium level Beast Warrior, and sows who had children to protect were very fierce. They had to be alright!

Not only did Zhu Zhan miss his mate, Xiong Qi was also missing Bao Yu and didn’t have any thoughts on praising Xiong Ye any further… Of course, there was also another reason why he didn’t praise Xiong Ye anymore––he had already praised Xiong Ye time and again and had already run out of things to compliment him on.

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While Xiong Ye was going up against the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, back in the Big Bear Tribe, a good many of the captives that Xiong Ye had sent back had already died.

They had been killed by the people of the Green Hill Tribe who had remained in the tribe. Those were their enemies!

Zhou Ji didn’t stop them and then had them put the remaining captives to work. mexWi6

These captives finally had to experience the things they had put others through, such as not having enough to eat but still having to continue working.

Everything happening in the tribe was business as usual, and things were developing well… Zhou Ji went to the priest and said, “I need to communicate with the Beast God at home. Don’t come to disturb me for this period of time, and don’t let others disturb me either.”

The priest agreed immediately, then asked Zhou Ji if he needed food.

Of course Zhou Ji wanted food; he picked out a lot of smoked meat and brought it home––even if he didn’t eat it now, they could still eat it later on. ufGXTi

Exactly. He wouldn’t eat it right now… Zhou Ji planned to go and find Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye’s strength couldn’t be considered weak, but he was still worried that Xiong Ye might come to harm, so he planned to head over and take a look. He could also take this as an opportunity to teach Xiong Ye the new cultivation method he had come up with.

With that in mind, Zhou Ji locked the door to their house and climbed out of the window in order to leave the place.

He had told the priest that he couldn’t be disturbed, so the priest certainly wouldn’t come looking for him. He also wouldn’t discover that he was no longer there… U45K69

Zhou Ji soon left the Big Bear Tribe. He moved swiftly and soon caught up with Xiong Ye and his party.

He didn’t approach and instead found a tree hollow. After tossing in some seeds for plants that repelled insects and germinating them, he waited for all of the insects to run off before lying down inside and happily eating the plants he had made for himself.

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This kind of lifestyle wasn’t as comfortable as living at home, but it wasn’t bad… However, things weren’t perfect––the day after Zhou Ji arrived, it began to rain heavily.

For the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, this rain was like added misfortune on top of misfortune. Under circumstances where they could no longer see their surroundings clearly and had their sense of smell affected by the rain, many of their people ended up caught. sw6Dku

As for Xiong Ye and the others, they also had a hard time after it started to rain.

They hadn’t brought much with them and didn’t have Zhou Ji helping them find places to stay in at night, so they had no choice but to live out in the rain.

Only Zhou Ji was able to ensure that his living environment was very comfortable.

Even if he couldn’t find a hollow in a tree, he could lie down on the branches of a tree and grow some plants that could keep the rain out, making it so that not even a single drop of rain could touch him. yUkQVZ

While he was traveling… He was already able to use his energy to create a shield that isolated his scent from the surroundings. It wasn’t difficult to keep out the rain.

Throughout his entire journey, he remained completely clean and dry.

The rain was very heavy that night. Xiong Ye had no plans to go out and deal with the Giant Tiger Tribe. “We’ll rest here tonight.”

Xiong Ye finished giving everyone orders, then found a tree to climb up and lie down in, covering himself with a few large leaves to keep out the rain. eLmrcN

The tree was very large, but it wasn’t very comfortable lying down like this, and it was barely enough for him to get some rest.

Some of the others lay down in trees just like him, others turned into their animal forms and found places to burrow into, while some people slept in small tents erected from leaves and branches on slightly higher ground.

There were others who simply lay down in the rain and let the rain hit them as it liked, acting as though the rain wasn’t an issue at all.

It was late at night, and everyone had slowly fallen asleep. DeECpw

Zhou Ji approached quietly, then took Xiong Ye away.

When Xiong Ye woke up, he discovered that someone was holding him around the waist and moving forward. This feeling was very familiar… He looked up and saw the man who had taught him how to cultivate.

Xiong Ye was full of surprise.

He hadn’t seen this person in a long time and had thought that this person might never appear in front of him again. Unexpectedly, he had shown up again. How awesome! D bLms

Xiong Ye was rather excited, “Lord…”

He was tossed into a tree hollow just after he started speaking. He then heard the man say, “I’m going to teach you some new things. Listen carefully.”

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The man soon finished explaining the new cultivation method and told him to give it a try. After he had learned how to do it, the man brought him back and tossed him down.

Xiong Ye: “……” This powerful lord really came and went in a hurry! f0eIhr

However, the cultivation method he taught him this time was really better than the last one… Was it because he had become stronger that he had gotten a better method?

Xiong Ye began to cultivate seriously, but he was still a little puzzled.

Before, he would feel energized every time he woke up from sleep, but he had no such feeling now… Was it because he had been too tired after leaving the Big Bear Tribe and hadn’t had any proper rest?

Xiong Ye was confused, but he didn’t think too much about it. 8s fA7

He readied himself, then went off to make more trouble for the Giant Tiger Tribe.

Beastman Continent.

Shi Li squinted as he climbed up the mountain.

In his previous life, after their tribe had been attacked by the Giant Tiger Tribe, he and Xiong Ye had led some of the people of the tribe to leave the place where they had grown up. XIY9F

In the years that followed, they had had a very difficult time. Later on, they learned that there was a Beastman Continent on the other side of the huge river.

They hadn’t planned to go to the Beastman Continent when they had first learned of it, and it wasn’t until they heard from others that there were many powerful people on the Beastman Continent that they had changed their minds.

They had wanted revenge. In order to get their revenge, they would need to become stronger.

They came up with a way to make a wooden boat. Xiong Ye connected pieces of wood together, and they unhesitatingly began to try and cross the river. dQtk3y

They had also been lucky; they happened to meet with others who were also trying to cross the river when they attempted to cross. Following behind those people, they were actually able to arrive safely.

The ones who had crossed the river in front of them had been Zhu Zhan of the Giant Pig Tribe.

After arriving at the Beastman Continent, they had continued to wander. They had initially spent their days in worse living conditions than before, but they then found a cultivation method on a mountain, and their lives became better––they became stronger, and by virtue of their strength, were finally able to join a large tribe.

After that, their lives grew better and better. dsQao

What Shi Li was currently looking for was precisely that cave where the cultivation method had been carved.

Back then, he and Xiong Ye had destroyed the cave after learning the cultivation method. This time, he was coming here for the sole purpose of destroying the cave.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He didn’t want anyone else to see that cultivation method!

With that in mind, Shi Li’s progress up the mountain sped up. OZBJat

When he reached halfway up the mountain, he took a rest under a tree.

Everything here… was quite familiar. The survivors of the tribe had lived here for a while. At the time, they had been unable to catch any prey, and Xiong Ye could only gnaw on grass to assuage his hunger.

Shi Li thought of the things that happened back then and stilled for a moment.

He was thinking about Xiong Ye again. qVeihd

When he had been together with Xiong Ye in his previous life, he had felt that Xiong Ye was very annoying. Now, however, he missed Xiong Ye a little.

At this moment in time, the Giant Tiger Tribe should have already begun to attack the Big Bear Tribe, right? He wondered if Xiong Ye was in danger…

Shi Li was a little upset.

But he soon suppressed these feelings. DX9GnB

While the others might not be alright, Xiong Ye should still be fine. The priest would tell Xiong Ye to lead the young people of the tribe away!

But… would they be able to get away without him?

Hold on, even though he wasn’t there anymore, Xiong Qi hadn’t died…

Shi Li was inexplicably upset when he thought about how his position might have been usurped by Xiong Qi, but he soon thought of something else that cheered him up. IEbdYy

Zhou Ji didn’t even have an animal form. Even if Xiong Ye tried to protect him during that disaster, he probably wouldn’t survive.

Shi Li laughed lightly and continued moving forward.

He soon arrived at the cave that had given him such good fortune in his previous life.

This cave looked a little different from what he had seen in his previous life. It was rather messy on the outside, but it could be because he couldn’t remember it clearly. tuox d

Shi Li strode into the cave and was suddenly attacked by some bugs…

There hadn’t been such a thing in his previous life! Shi Li was a little depressed and frowned. He had no choice but to kill the bugs first.

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It took him a lot of effort to kill off the bugs and tear down the plants covering the entrance in order to let light stream into the cave.

The way the cave looked was a little different from what he had seen in his previous life. CNg9du

The walls of the cave should be flat, but they were clearly uneven now. Not only that, there wasn’t any illustrations on them at all!

The interior of the cave, which should’ve held the cultivation method, was completely empty.

What was going on? Could it be that the person who had carved the method here last time hadn’t had time to do so yet?

But that wasn’t right. In his previous life, other than he and Xiong Ye, he hadn’t encountered anyone else who could cultivate! 1xG7w4

Shi Li suddenly thought of a possibility.

The Beast God had given them this cultivation method in his previous life. Now, he already knew how to do it, so the Beast God didn’t need to pass it on to him and there was nothing here…

That must be it!

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