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Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince

Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince 和失忆校草谈假恋爱的日子

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Author: Qiao Bi (乔陛)
Total Chapters: 66 + 2 extras
Genre: Completed, Fluffy, Romance, School
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Translators: Ri
Release Schedule: Wednesday, Sunday


Zhen Yuanbai, the good student, accidentally injured Shi Bufan, the school bully, after a crash. Blood spilled everywhere.

After the ambulance took Shi Bufan to the hospital, Zhen Yuanbai walked home, trembling in fear. He pleads for his parents to transfer him to another school. As expected, his parents rejected his request.

Zhen Yuanbai has no choice but to brace himself to go and apologize to Shi Bufan. Hopefully, he will show mercy while giving him a beating.

Who knew —

Shi Bufan had amnesia.

Zhen Yuanbai couldn’t control his happiness. You really don’t know me? I’m your friend. After he lied and claimed to be Shi Bufan’s friend, Zhen Yuanbai quickly realized that he looked at himself strangely.

Until one day, Shi Bufan pushed him against the wall. He pecked his bewildered face and lowly chuckled. What friends? I knew that you like me and used this opportunity to get close to me… Be good. I’ll give you a chance. Call me hubby.

Zhen Yuanbai was speechless.

Wake up!

Don’t mention that I like you as a friend when I was the one who caused you the injury!

Submissive: Because he, a well-behaved and timid good student, was scared of being beaten up, he lied to the school bully. Confusedly, he ended up in a relationship with Shi Bufan.

Dominant: After losing his memory, he ended up fake dating Zhen Yuanbai, thinking that the latter was in love with him.

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  1. Hi, Ri!

    If you don’t mind – I want to translate this to russian)

  2. Reading the premise it reminds me of the korean manhua I Like You by Momopia, except hopefully there is no annoying joel or chase chara. Looking forward to reading more

    ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

  3. Seems good, gonna wait for 5 more chapters and extras before reading it. Thanks for your work. 😗