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Fake Dating the Amnesiac School PrinceChapter 58


Note: not proofreaded

Shi Bufan and the others all snorted. Ye Lian found the smallest things to be funny, so he laughed the loudest. yWqbl6

Yan Hao felt as if he lost his face, so he slightly knitted his eyebrows. His gaze landed on Zhen Yuanbai’s face again. Of the people around, he was the only one that didn’t laugh at him

Zhen Yuanbai said, “As long as you guys want to learn, you’ll definitely obtain good grades.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Hao felt better and he said, “Don’t worry. I’m not scared of being laughed at. Back then, when Brother Shi said he’ll score second, people must’ve questioned him, yet he was able to endure this. Therefore, I can as well.”

He glanced at Shi Bufan, giving him the look as if he had been through a lot. Shi Bufan’s lips twitched and even more that this dude was a retard. Zhen Yuanbai didn’t think that at all. He was persistent and believed that those who wanted to become famous for their grades are not pure good people, but he believed that Yan Hao wouldn’t be a bad person. mw1Y6T

He gave his phone number to Yan Hao and said, “I’ll give you guys a diagnostic exam tomorrow to see your skills in each subject. Then, I’ll figure out a plan to help you guys.”

The boys quickly nodded.

After bidding farewell, Shi Bufan had his friends leave before knitting his eyebrows and saying unhappily, “Why are you helping him?”

Zhen Yuanbai looked down and suddenly laughed. He turned around and faced Shi Bufan, saying, “Did you know that in the past, I was very afraid of people like you and Yan Hao? Whenever you guys were talking to me, it feels as though you guys were burning me with a torch.”


Shi Bufan became quiet while Zhen Yuanbai pursed his lips, slowly saying, “People like you guys should be despising people like me.”

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In their eyes, Zhen Yuanbai only had good grades, but he was useless. He was a bookworm and a fool in their hearts. Zhen Yuanbai wasn’t attacked by them just once, but multiple times. This made him doubt himself, wondering whether he should be proud of his good grades. He originally thought that Shi Bufan didn’t like to learn which is why he wouldn’t like himself, someone who has good grades.

Shi Bufan said nothing and he was about to hug Zhen Yuanbai when the latter’s eyes brightened, and he said, “But did you hear that? They were asking me for help and to tutor them!”

The person he was most scared of in the past was currently standing in front of him. He glanced up at him and wanted to request for his help. The burden in Zhen Yuanbai’s heart suddenly undid itself. He noticed that these people weren’t as scary as he imagined them to be. xOJNnw

He suddenly stepped on the flowerbed and immediately became taller than Shi Bufan. He followed the path and slowly walked. When he jumped down, Shi Bufan subconsciously held onto his hands, so Zhen Yuanbai fell into his arms. He hugged Shi Bufan and laughed happily in his arms.

“I’m really amazing, right?”

Shi Bufan curled his lips up and patted Zhen Yuanbai’s head, saying, “Of course. You’re very amazing.”

“I am very amazing. All this time, I’ve been very amazing.” Zhen Yuanbai rubbed his face against Shi Bufan’s chest firmly and said, “But I didn’t know that I was that amazing.” pc1Rld

There was a divide between people with good grades and those with poor grades. Those with good grades disliked those with poor grades, and the people with poor grades would also dislike those with good grades, thinking that they’re bookworms. Between these two groups, there would be a portion of the people who have low self-esteem. There were people who were excluded from others for poor grades, and those who were isolated for having good grades.

They had all a characteristic in common and that was being sensitive and weak, only daring to stay in their comfort zone and didn’t dare to take risks. For example, Zhen Yuanbai. The moment someone who disliked him scolded him, Zhen Yuanbai would plummet down the cliff as if in eternal darkness.

Zhen Yuanbai pushed him away and said with sparkling eyes, “I can try to help them. If they improve their grades, then I’ll become…even more famous!”

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“You’re already famous in my heart.” Shi Bufan rubbed Zhen Yuanbai’s soft face and felt overwhelmed with feelings. Before he could find the words to express himself, Zhen Yuanbai pinched his face and he hissed in pain. The latter widened his eyes and said, “You’re muttering nonsense. That’s not true.” TA9OQa

“Qts cba?” Vtl Deojc mbnfgfv tlr ojmf, atlcxlcu atja tf gfjiis rtbeivc’a tjnf ofia yjv obg tlr ilaaif mijrrwjaf. Ktf ijaafg kjr rb rqblifv ys tlw atja tf vjgfv ab yjcu tlr tfjv jcv qlcmt tlr ojmf. Pc atf oeaegf, kbeiv tf milwy bc tlr tfjv?

Itfc Tejcyjl rjlv mbcolvfcais, “Tbe erfv ab tjaf jcv yeiis wf lc atf qjra. Tbe atlcx atja P obguba jybea la?”

“…” He really couldn’t explain this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But no matter what, teacher Zhen started teaching. It was unsure what Ye Lian and the others were influenced by but they also came over to study. Either way, Zhen Yuanbai was still teaching, so it didn’t matter. Therefore, the second day after school was over in the afternoon, the group of people met up in the library near the school. 8j0ueN

When the twelve people walked into the library, the manager of the library trembled when they saw them. The library was prepared for the nearby schools and students would come over normally. There were some students who worked part-time at the library, so they were extremely familiar with this notorious people.

Meanwhile, Zhen Yuanbai was like the angel within the group of devils. The teacher in the library stopped him and softly asked, “Why did they come over?”

“They’re here to learn. They won’t bother anyone.”

Yan Hao nodded and waved his hands, saying, “Quick. Come and greet the teacher.” Pp kmK

Because the seven boys had made it on the news for fighting, they had loud voices and said in deafening voices, “Hi teacher!”

The voices attracted a lot of attention, but people didn’t dare to voice their anger. Originally, Shi Bufan and Yan Hao could reluctantly make a draw, but now that the two groups came together, they were undefeatable.

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Someone secretly called the guard who was nearby and by the time the uncle from last time brought the people over, they watched incredulously as the children had occupied the rows of seats and were scratching their ears, working hard on their exams.

As a model student, Teacher Zhen’s words were believable. Therefore, the police officer called him over and asked, “What’s going on? Did they bully you?” amS7sV

Zhen Yuanbai was forced to explain, saying, “No, they wanted me to help tutor them.”

The uncles and brothers from the police station observed for a while and noticed that they didn’t cause any problems, so they temporarily left.

The fact that Zhen Yuanbai was mingling with the rascals had made it on the school news. Yan Hao and the rest were called over by the principal and warned. Meanwhile, Zhen Yuanbai received the principal’s concern as he asked, “These people really didn’t threaten you? Don’t be scared. If they joined hands and bullied you, I’ll call their principal and punish each one of them!”

After Zhen Youxiu found out, he hurried over and went inside, looking over each person’s exam. Then he sneered and said, “With skills like these, you want my brother to tutor you guys?” I3ahnW

Yan Hao raised his head and Zhen Yuanbai hurriedly pulled Zhen Youxiu over, saying, “Don’t mutter nonsense. They’re being serious.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Why are you helping them? Let them become the loser of society and to fend for themselves.”

“Hey, this child.” Yan Hao couldn’t hold it in anymore, saying, “Why do you have to say things in such an ugly manner?”

Zhen Youxiu said to Zhen Yuanbai, “Don’t you think this world is strange? Is his name ‘Loser’?” WIi8TN

Zhen Yuanbai said, “Of course not…”

“Then why is he butting in the conversation when I’m just talking about a loser?”

Yan Hao was speechless.

Shi Bufan laughed in the meanwhile. Zhen Youxiu had a sharp tongue. If they really argued, Yan Hao wouldn’t make it. Normally, when he was being attacked verbally, he wanted to so badly tear this boy apart. But when Zhen Youxiu was attacking someone else verbally, he noticed that this younger brother was quite cute. 8tcy6D

No matter what, a portion of the people were touched by the fact that these rascals, who never came to the library no matter whether it was raining or storming, actually came for the first time. Even more, this had startled the TV station. The world was strange like. When a child with good grades suddenly became rebellious, they would definitely think that this child can’t be saved. No matter how much he respected the elders and cared for the youngsters, no one would remember that. But when a group of rascals who only knew how to fight suddenly turned over new leaves, there would always be a group of people applauding and cheering.

The group of people led others to become more passionate with learning as well. Everyone was scared that someone might surpass them in rankings. Within less than a month, the entire Shengyi and Shengsan High School’s grades increased by 5%. The scariest amongst them was Shi Bufan. He actually went from the top 100 to the top 10 within the grade. Even more, he was ranked 7th in class.

When the grades were released, Zhen Yuanbai was extremely proud and his eyes were sparkling. He pursed his lips and tried his best to contain his excitement.
Ji Yanping placed the exam in front of Shi Bufan and approved of him deeply, saying, “Work harder and you’ll be able to become deskmates with Zhen Yuanbai next month.”

Applause rang within the classroom, but Song Mo lied on the table, feeling lifeless. “God…I might be dreaming.” nq8JpA

Zhen Yuanbai also lied down and he couldn’t help but smile as he look at Song Mo, saying, “He really can do it.”

Song Mo said sadly, “Do you know how difficult it was for me to sit next to you? Look at the bags under my eyes. He was able to catch up just like this… tell me the truth. Did you give him a secret weapon or something?”

“My secret weapon…” Zhen Yuanbai thought about it for a while before responding, “Is that I believe him.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It seemed as though Song Mo had clung onto his last hope and he asked, “Then do you believe that I can continue to sit next to you next month?” d7ao1K

Zhen Yuanbai said, “As long as you tried your best, the result isn’t that important.”

“…You don’t believe me?”

Seeing that Song Mo’s tears were about to fall down, Zhen Yuanbai hurriedly comforted, “Since someone is sitting in a sedan chair, there must be someone carrying it as well. Don’t think too much about this.”

Song Mo said with teary eyes, “Then, you’re saying that I’ll definitely lose to Shi Bufan.” IFMY0

“I didn’t say that.” Zhen Yuanbai said, “Who knows. You’re outstanding, so you must be able to stay second place.”

Song Mo touched the bags under his eyes and decided to enter the hardcore studying mode. No matter what, he must not let Shi Bufan take over his place.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At this time, Zhen Yuanbai’s phone suddenly vibrated. He received a message from Yan Hao, saying, “Teacher Zhen! I’ve improved 57 ranks! I’m not second to last anymore!”

At the same time, the group chat that they were in became lively. Each person reported their rankings. The people that Zhen Yuanbai had taught all improved an average of about 50 ranks. Towards these people who usually received 0s, it was an improvement that was unlike anything precedent. Sphynj

Up until Shi Bufan entered his ranking in the group chat did it quiet down.

They really couldn’t compare to him. He’s so cool.

Zhen Yuanbai received a perfect score and he smiled happily.

He really enjoyed this atmosphere. EWf1T

No matter whether they achieved good or bad grades, they all tried their best to learn. This was the responsibility of a student.

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People really became fascinated with studying.

Zhen Yuanbai suddenly wanted to walk home, so he called Zhen Youxiu and prepared to head back from the slope. This time, Shi Bufan didn’t stop him, and ended up walking home with him.

Zhen Yuanbai suddenly went through the old accounts and asked, “How come you stopped me from going home this way?” SeOIF0

Shi Bufan said as if a matter of fact, “Because I was going to fight with someone here and I was scared that they might have eyes on you.”

Zhen Yuanbai was stunned for two seconds before he said confusedly, “Is that so? Didn’t you used to hate me in the past? Why would you be considerate?”

They couldn’t get over this topic, it seems.

Shi Bufan shifted the topic and said, “I scored 7th place within the grade. Aren’t you going to reward me?” mAXrg9

“Yes.” Zhen Yuanbai smiled right then and grabbed Shi Bufan’s hands, clapping firmly, saying, “Congratulations to the return of the top student!”

Shi Bufan raised his eyebrows and said, “That’s it?”

“And, Yan Hao and the rest need to thank you for their grades.”

“They are most thankful towards you.” YijzVQ

“I didn’t do anything at all.” Zhen Yuanbai tugged the strap of his backpack and said slowly, “In the end, it’s because they were willing to learn. Even more, they were influenced by you. I… only really taught you. The others… I didn’t really teach them.”

Shi Bufan liked to listen to this, He wrapped an arm around his little classmate’s shoulder and said, “Look at how many fans I’ve attracted for you. Shouldn’t I reward you?”

Zhen Yuanbai allowed Shi Bufan’s arm around him and he secretly glanced around. He suddenly turned around and stood on his tippy toes, kissing his face.

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“Not just that, but you’re basically my hero!” BO4Uh5


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