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Fake Dating the Amnesiac School PrinceChapter 24


Proofreader: Akimi

No matter whether Shi Bufan had lost his memory or not, he never worried about his grades. After all, he usually handed in an empty test, but for the first time ever, he started to think about his grades after his test was over.  loSx4Y


He had the urge to find Zhen Yuanbai to help him check, but he suppressed the  urge. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Zhen Yuanbai brought it up first and even waved his hands, as if he didn’t care. “You won’t score second place anyway, so it doesn’t matter what place you are.” UydomK


However, he was a bit curious too. 


The grades for last month’s exam were posted by the blackboard of the class. Shi Bufan and Zhen Yuanbai were on separate ends of the spectrum. Don’t mention even being on the same paper, but of the 11 classes in the grade, his name wasn’t even on the paper.  zO50G4


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But his rank within the class looked fine, so Shi Bufan carelessly glanced at the paper and thought that he would at least be on the same paper as Zhen Yuanbai. 


Ji Yanping was ruthless this time. If nothing happens, Zhen Yuanbai clearly wouldn’t fall from first place and unless something went wrong with the teacher grading the papers, there was no way that Shi Bufan would be second place.  F5e0E9


If one wanted to be in second place, that meant they had to defeat at least a few hundred people in the grade. Towards Shi Bufan who rarely studied, it was not just difficult, but as difficult as going to heaven. 


There was a poll on a forum regarding whether Shi Bufan could score second or not. Because of the monthly exam, people started to guess how many ranks Shi Bufan could improve from his current and there were people who sent anonymous comments mocking him. In short, when the hills are all flat and  heaven and earth merge, then there is the possibility for Shi Bufan to catch up to Zhen Yuanbai’s footsteps.  DOK7Zt


There were others who thought worse and said, “Why do I feel like Shi Bufan has unclear intentions towards Zhen Yuanbai?”


This comment seemed to have taken over the forums.  E4a32H


Though Shi Bufan and Zhen Yuanbai didn’t know this, Qiu Jing knew this. It made him a bit worried since he was really touched by Brother Shi’s studious attitude and felt as if he shouldn’t have mocked him last time. 


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One shouldn’t bully another based on their actions. Who knows? Maybe he could really reach Zhen Yuanbai’s footsteps one day? ByA uc


Don’t mention whether Shi Bufan could catch up to Zhen Yuanbai’s footsteps for now, but the latter noticed that Shi Bufan wasn’t in a great mood. When Zhen Yuanbai went to get lunch, he got an extra 2 drumsticks for Shi Bufan and gently soothed him, saying, “The grades should be out on Friday, so don’t worry too much.”


“Who’s worried?” Shi Bufan grabbed the drumstick from Zhen Yuanbai and squinted his eyes, saying, “I don’t care. I’m fine with sitting behind you.” 8poJ3H


He’s quite stubborn. 

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Zhen Yuanbai didn’t say any more and waited for Shi Bufan to finish the first one, before delivering the other one. Shi Bufan was about to bite it when he suddenly stopped and said, “I’m not going to eat it.” RAXNkE


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Zhen Yuanbai was no exception. When he was chewing on food, he wouldn’t reveal his teeth and his lips would be slightly pursed. His face would also be puffed up. Shi Bufan didn’t know how others would think of Zhen Yuanbai, but he thought that Zhen Yuanbai was very cute. Seeing how Zhen Yuanbai was enjoying his food, Shi Bufan licked his lips and said, “Give me another bite.” 1OBNaR


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The meat on the drumstick was almost finished by Zhen Yuanbai and this made the latter stunned, saying, “I’ll go get another one for you.”


“I’ll eat what’s leftover.” rlO0bp


Is there something wrong with your brain? Zhen Yuanbai criticized him in his heart and looked left and right. Song Mo was eating and playing on his phone and no one else was looking towards them . Therefore, he slowly gave Shi Bufan the drumstick. The drumstick had been roasted, so Shi Bufan finished eating the meat in one bite. After he was done, he said pleasingly, “I think I’m a bit full now.”


Zhen Yuanbai took the bone back and humphed, saying, “Why do I feel like I’m feeding a puppy?” 7wt8ev


“Repeat that.”


“No.” 0pdbVr


Shi Bufan chuckled and said, “You’ve gotten brave.”


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Shi Bufan thought that the food in his plate was tasteless and dull, so he reached for the food in Zhen Yuanbai’s plate. After a few attempts, Zhen Yuanbai raised his head to look at Shi Bufan, saying, “I think there’s no use in being nervous too. It’s not like it will change the results.” foUg94


“I already said I’m not…” Shi Bufan suddenly paused and stopped being stubborn, saying, “That’s right. I’m very nervous. Do you have any ways of relieving this anxiety?”


“Before the grades are out, go and study some more, so you can make the most out of yourself.”  iXKZ7h


“I think it won’t work. I can’t calm my heart down at all.”

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While eating, Zhen Yuanbai was thinking, but before he could finish his thought process, Shi Bufan continued, “Are you planning on taking a nap in your dorm later on?” 2AzKd1


Zhen Yuanbai nodded and Shi Bufan replied, “Then you should hand in your homework.”


Zhen Yuanbai choked from the scare.  ZLxu3N


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He had been busy with tests for the last few days and it felt like Shi Bufan really wanted to do well on this test as well. Shi Bufan had been reviewing the notes in the textbooks, so he hadn’t forced Zhen Yuanbai to hand in his homework. Now that the test was over, Shi Bufan stubbornly asked for Zhen Yuanbai’s homework. 


Zhen Yuanbai walked in front while Shi Bufan followed behind. As they walked to the dorm, Zhen Yuanbai immediately closed the door and Shi Bufan was locked outside. He licked his lips and said, “On the count of 3, either open the door or stay away from the door. Otherwise, don’t blame me for smacking your head when I kick the door open.” xF4Adu


“Three, two…”


Zhen Yuanbai opened the door and softly said, “I just finished eating and I need to brush my teeth.” 8NV0Ij


“…” Shi Bufan paused and then said, “Brush, brush what?”


Zhen Yuanbai was red and said, “Brush my teeth.” Fwo73P


“…” The door to the dorm was closed again and Shi Bufan paused, walking back to his own dorm. When he came out, he saw Zhen Yuanbai refilling his water bottle. He glanced at Shi Bufan and then kept his head down. 


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Around noon, Shi Bufan went to brush his teeth fully and this earned him many weird looks and then asked countless people before he finally got 2 pieces of bubblegum. He then knocked on the door of Zhen Yuanbai’s dorm.  odt9dy


There was an intense ceremony-like feeling. He was a bit excited since his Yuanyuan suddenly wanted to brush his teeth today. Did it mean that he was going to hand in his homework? Did he finally realize how many days worth of homework he owed him?


After Zhen Yuanbai rinsed his mouth, he sat on bed and listened to Shi Bufan’s rude knocking on the door. He wanted to back out now. Shi Bufan was very angry before and in a moment of desperation, he thought of an idea to stall the time. In reality, he didn’t want to hand in his homework. Who would want to cuddle and kiss Shi Bufan? 9oBKZc


Shi Bufan stood by for a while and because of this ceremony-like feeling in his heart, his face couldn’t help but be red. 

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But, his ‘polite’ knocking didn’t win over the person handing in his homework. He stood for a while and until his slight red face faded a bit, he noticed that Zhen Yuanbai hadn’t responded.  VEpInK


Shi Bufan pushed the door, but he was unable to do so. 


He suddenly realized something and kicked the door all of a sudden. Accompanying the bang, the door was opened, but then it got pulled back by the anti-theft chain on the door, so he couldn’t open it.  HAgL9X


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Zhen Yuanbai jumped up from the scare and rushed over. He watched at Shi Bufan’s gloomy face and this made Zhen Yuanbai scared. Looking through the crack, it made Shi Bufan even more terrifying. Zhen Yuanbai reached to pull the anti-theft chain and lied, saying, “I, I fell asleep.”


Shi Bufan pushed the door open and Zhen Yuanbai subconsciously backed up. He watched as someone peeked in and once he saw it was Shi Bufan, Zhen Yuanbai immediately ducked far. Shi Bufan closed the door behind him and Zhen Yuanbai had a sharp gaze, seeing that the door couldn’t close, he murmured, “The door, door is broken. We, we should go out.” 51E8wt


“You’re scared of someone seeing us?” Shi Bufan chuckled and reached over to grab Zhen Yuanbai, saying, “Since you’re not willing to hand in your homework with the doors closed behind us, then let’s do the homework outside.”


He tugged Zhen Yuanbai out and the latter subconsciously struggled. Zhen Yuanbai reached for the bunk bed’s ladder and said, “I’ll hand it in. Let’s go to a remote place where there’s no one…you, you don’t need to tug on me.” oHa3zn


Shi Bufan remained silent as  he hugged Zhen Yuanbai’s waist, making the latter scared and went to hug the ladder. He said with teary eyes, “I’ll hand it in. I’ll hand it in! Shi Bufan, don’t be like this…”


Shi Bufan was clearly stronger than Zhen Yuanbai, so when the latter hugged the ladder, the bed was suddenly tugged forward by Shi Bufan trying to pull on Zhen Yuanbai. Seeing that even the bed was going to be pulled out, Zhen Yuanbai’s tears fell down and said, “I’m sorry. I’ll definitely hand in my homework in the future. Let me go. Wah, wah. Let me go…” 7zpmMn


Zhen Yuanbai’s hair stood up as he imagined handing in his homework on the hallway. Without a doubt, within the afternoon, everyone including his parents would know that he was dating Shi Bufan. When Zhen Yuanbai thought about this, his body trembled nonstop. 


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Zhen Yuanbai suddenly heard a burst of laughter and he looked over with tears in his eyes. Shi Bufan couldn’t  hold it in anymore, laughing out loud and saying, “You’re scared? Hm?” gyZ14l


Zhen Yuanbai realized that Shi Bufan was teasing him and couldn’t help but purse his lips, attempting to push the bed back in. But he was shaking, so he couldn’t push it, making him feel useless. Even the bed was bullying him. At that thought, Zhen Yuanbai’s tears fell down quickly and Shi Bufan who had his arms around Zhen Yuanbai kicked the bed back into its original place, making Zhen Yuanbai feel a bit better. “You, you scared me.”


“Who scared you?” Shi Bufan said mischievously, “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t hand in your homework on time, I will kiss you on the flag raising ceremony. If you don’t believe me, you can try.” 2RFECG


“I’ll hand it in. I’ll hand it in, ok?” Zhen Yuanbai pushed Shi Bufan’s away and said, “My door’s broken because of you, so I can’t hand in the homework here.”

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Shi Bufan spun Zhen Yuanbai in a circle and the latter was suddenly pressed against the broken door. Shi Bufan hung the anti-theft chain back on the door while he was at it and then pressed his lips against Zhen Yuanbai.  DRoSkd


There was a sudden movement outside and someone whispered, “Zhen Yuanbai lives here. I just saw Shi Bufan kicking the door in and he probably wants to beat him up.”


“Shi Bufan, Shi Bufan?” It was Liang Xiude and he was banging on the door. He reprimanded, “Shi Bufan! I’m going to call the police. Open the door!” 6AM9lz


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Separated by the door, Zhen Yuanbai felt the scalp of his head exploding and Shi Bufan’s heart thumped rapidly. But this exciting feeling spread throughout his whole body; he felt his heart burning and boiling from the kiss and his hair trembled .


He attempted to deepen this kiss, but this terrified Zhen Yuanbai and his eyes became redder from crying.  DOlvKr


“Shi Bufan! I’m warning you. If you dare to bully Zhen Yuanbai, you’ll be kicked from the elite class tomorrow!”


Zhen Yuanbai pushed hard and mumbled, but Shi Bufan didn’t care and cupped Zhen Yuanbai’s head, closing his eyes and slightly tilting his head to deepen the kiss.  O290dV


“Shi Bufan  —” Liang Xiude hollered angrily, “On the count of three, I’ll kick the door open if you don’t open it!”



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  1. Everyone is just kicking doors like it ain’t no thang. I hope ZY can get a little braver and SBF a little kinder.

    Thanks for the great translation 😊

  2. I felt like the MC is too weak and don’t have any backbone whatsoever. He blindly follows whatever ML said only because of fear of being beaten

  3. … aiya…I don’t even know what to say. I feel that uptight shou had hurt the feelings of the patient gong by being too insensitive and cold. But I also think the gong is crossing the line too much and making this situation into a dubious consent.

    Thank you for the update!

  4. It’s one thing to tease your partner, it’s another to threaten them. Sigh… I hope Shi Bufan can learn to respect Zhen Yuanbai more

    Thanks for the update ❤️

  5. I don’t know who is hurting me more now; ZY being scared like that or SB’s unrequited love without him knowing… sigh

  6. This is one of the (many) reasons why I never really took to “The Legendary Master’s Wife” – the ML is too much of a bully, the MC is too much of a coward… 🙄 Of course, the protagonists in FDASP are not so one-dimensional as in TLMW, but the story’s starting to give me a somewhat similar vibe. Pity

    Thank you for the translation