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This World Has Gone CrazyCh44.1 - Opportunity (Part 1)


Qi Le threw the lubricant into the trash can of the living room, tied the trash bag into a knot and put it at the front door so he could throw it on the way out. Only then did he return to his bedroom. He was about the same height as the original owner. His clothes from his previous life fit perfectly, which saved him a sum of money. He dressed up simply and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Then, he suddenly turned silent a moment before he blinked his eyes angrily,  “Erquan, come over here now!”

Gu Bai had already adjusted his mood. Anyways the “tools” were still there. There would always be opportunities in the future. He leaned against the bathroom door and looked at him in a good mood, asking although he knew perfecting well. “What’s wrong?” 7bOmZS

Qi Le pointed to his neck, “What’s this?”

“A hickey.”

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“…” Qi Le said, “I know it’s a hickey, I’m asking why you did it.”

Because I want to declare ownership… Gu Bai smiled and held him in his arms while he rubbed his head. “It’s alright. It’s just a little mark. I was too excited last night to control myself. I’ll pay attention next time.” nwod2X

Qi Le couldn’t help recalling last night’s blurry scenes and his face grew a little hot. “…There won’t be a next time.”

“Didn’t you feel good?” Gu Bai softly exhaled into his ear and said in a low voice, “When I asked you last night, you admitted it and didn’t tell me stop, did you?”

Qi Le, “……”

As a person who had almost no love experience, no emotional intelligence and had to struggle with himself for half a month just to hold hands, Qi Le thought that this topic was too absurd. He broke away from a certain someone’s arms and tried to calm down. “Go out. I want to wash up.” 2VOsoQ

Gu Bai looked at his red earlobe and didn’t tease him again. He turned to the living room and placed breakfast on the table, then waited patiently for him.

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Qi Le quickly finished washing up and slowly shuffled into the living room. He was a little confused. He didn’t know how he felt about this person, but to tell the truth, what happened last night wasn’t disgusting. On the contrary, he felt rather good. However, after they had been together for so long and were brothers or perhaps even considered family for so many years, he was too familiar with him. Now that this suddenly happened, he was a little embarrassed and at a loss.

Gu Bai saw him come out, smiled and came forward, lifting his chin to give him an affectionate good morning kiss.

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Qi Le’s heart trembled slightly. He only felt that the tongue stirring in his mouth was warm and soft, and a refreshing fragrance spread along with it. That sensation continuously overloaded his nerves and made him intoxicated. He subconsciously grabbed his clothes and slowly closed his eyes. W7FR8g

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The two soon finished eating. Gu Bai drove him to school. “Are you going to go home or stay at school since you don’t have class in the second period?” VAdUCI

Qi Le thought for a moment. “I’ll stay at school, I want to revise.”

“I have class in the second period. I’ll pick you up for lunch after class.”

Qi Le nodded, said goodbye to him, opened the door and left. He arrived relatively late this time and entered the classroom just in time for class. Wan Lei had saved him a seat in the front row and  was beckoning him over. “I thought you weren’t coming. Got up late?”

“Mmm, I drank a little too much last night.” Qi Le sat down beside him and began to listen to the teacher. He lifted up his head slightly and exposed his slender neck. Wan Lei suddenly saw traces of purple-red on it. His face darkened as he quickly looked away. After listening briefly, Qi Le found that it was all conceptual content. He felt rather bored. He looked to the side and found the exam materials lying on Wan Lei’s desk. He asked curiously, “Which school are you going to apply to?” wnRTMJ

“S University.”

“S University.” Qi Le had some regrets. He was there in his previous life. Unfortunately, after transmigrating, he was only able to study a major he didn’t like here. However, the Taoist priest was now a student of S University’s Chemistry Department and God knows what his academic background was before.

Wan Lei looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

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“Nothing,” Qi Le snapped out of his daze. “S University is a good school. Do your best.” EQ z1l

Wan Lei nodded and remained silent for a while before asking, “How do you know your boyfriend?”

Qi Le froze and suddenly remembered the scene in the cemetery where he hit the tombstone with his head tragically. He couldn’t help curving his lips into a smile. “He and I are very well known in our circle. We’ve heard of each other before and then one day we suddenly met and talked for a while. Then, we got closer to each other.”

“After you lost your memory?”

“Mmm, why?” t2qJms

“Nothing.” Wan Lei explained, “You used to like Ning Xiao. Now there’s such a sudden change. I’m just a little curious.”

“Ning Xiao is a scumbag. I must’ve been blind in the past to have fallen for him.”

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This is the truth... Wan Lei thought to himself and asked again, “You don’t feel anything for him now?”


“Then can you remember anything regarding him? Don’t you have any impression of him?”

“Mmm, I don’t.” Qi Le turned to look at him and said earnestly, “If I have the chance, I’ll introduce someone to you in the future. He also really likes gossip. I think you guys can chat freely. What’s more, both of you don’t look like the kind of people who like to gossip. The world is really amazing.”

Wan Lei, “…”

The time for class passed quickly. Qi Le packed up his things and prepared to go to the library to revise. But then his cellphone suddenly rang. He took it out to look at the caller, struggled for a while, and answered, “Hello?” h8MCvX

“Zheng. Xiao. Yuan!” Yi Hang said one word at a time, almost gnashing his teeth. “I heard your brother-in-law say that you came up with the idea of watching those films, huh? You’re too evil! Bastard, how could you come up with that idea?! And the idea of taking a bath together is also too fucking evil! You know that bastard’s brain circuit isn’t normal. As long as it’s his friend’s advice, he’ll listen to it. How could you… “

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“…” Qi Le said, “Hello? Hello? What’s happening? I can’t hear you!”

“…Huh?” Yi Hang was surprised and after a while he asked, “Do you hear me now?”

Qi Le continued to cry out, “Hello? Hello?! Damn it, are you there or not? Did you drop your cellphone in water? Ai, what’s going on?” q6Ujk7

“Still can’t hear me? Let me see, the signal on my side is full, you move somewhere else ah.” Yi Hang howled, “Ah, ah, ah! Cough, cough… Laozi’s throat is sore from yelling. Can you hear me now?”

Qi Le moved his phone aside and spoke into the air, “Hey! I can’t hear you. Oh, my cellphone is running out of battery…” He hung up and turned his phone off calmly.

Wan Lei, “…”

The noise was so loud just now… Can’t you hear it? uaKHYI

Qi Le looked at him. “I’m going to the library. Are you going too?”

Wan Lei nodded and left with him. He accompanied him the entire time. When Gu Bai came to pick up a certain someone at noon, Wan Lei went downstairs with him and casually asked, “Where are you guys going to eat?”

“Just nearby,” Qi Le thought to himself that this man was very kind to him and worthy of a deeper friendship. He asked, “Would you like to come as well? Anyway, we’ve class in the first period in the afternoon. We can come back for class together after lunch.”

“Sure.” Wan Lei agreed at once, opening the door and getting into the car. 7pTqQ



P.S. Idk if this is confusing to you too but I thought ZXY was already in university. So, I don’t get why WL is applying to another university, unless it works different in China.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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  1. Maybe ZXY is in a 2-year community college which later on can transfer to a university?

    Anyways thank you for the chapter I really love this novel <3 <3 <3

  2. Yeah that is confusing… also are they not allowed to change majors? In my country, it’s almost expected that you’ll change majors by the second year :p

    • Seriously?! How fudgin lucky…

      In my country, we can’t do that😭

      If you wanna change major then you gotta take anational exam again and most ended up in another uni then starr from the scratch again as a freshman😤

      • Dang that sounds super difficult. I’ve changed my major like 3 times already. In the US you have these like core classes which are math science history and English. You major is separate from your core class so the core classes a basically interchangeable with your major unless you go into sciences history math or literature then you got to take multiple of those classes. I had Art as a major and I took the most basic math class, with level 1 and 2 writing, and an astronomy and earth science class and 2 basic history classes. Also need to take speech but hate talking in front of people. Might have missed some too. When I changed my major to English my math science and history classes were enough I just needed more literature classes like intro to mythology or some other stuff like that. Then I changed it again to journalism and now I’m back to art but with a concentration in painting. Soooooo yay US kinda…… education is freaking expensive!!
  3. hahaha Yi Hang is just too precious and Qi Le is too funny (naive and cunning at the same time)

    Poor Gu Bai wanted a lovey dovey lunch, but now it’s been invaded by pests. You’ll need to get a stronger bug spray next time, GB

  4. Well maybe they are in college and thus need to choose a university of their choice.. But if they are in university then that mean he is going for a master degree.. Since after a bachelor degree you can get master just by having to study for roughly a year.. but of course it depends on what study you are going to take for your master as it can be longer…