This World Has Gone CrazyCh44.2 - Opportunity (Part 2)


Gu Bai didn’t even have a chance to speak and felt helpless at that. He quietly swept his gaze across the rearview mirror and drove off. They found a nearby restaurant, sat down and ordered some dishes. Wan Lei listened to the name of a cold dish and looked at Qi Le. “Do you want to eat this? There is coriander in it.”

Qi Le looked puzzled, “So what?” NPnDGV

Wan Lei reminded, “You didn’t like coriander before.”

Qi Le Zheng blinked innocently, “I lost my memory. Then I started to think that it’s delicious and now I eat it.”

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Wan Lei didn’t say anything. He waited and soon saw the food coming. He observed for a while and pointed to the dish that he ordered. “You’re not eating this?”

Qi Le shook his head. “I don’t eat spicy food.” He had congenital heart disease in his previous life. So, he didn’t eat greasy food and seldom touched spicy food that was too stimulating. So his taste in food was rather bland. Bk5Y 0

Wan Lei muttered an “Mmm” and bowed his head to eat.

Gu Bai sat there watching them, narrowing his eyes. He felt that it was necessary to remind Xiao Le to stay away from this man or else some problems might arise.


Qi Le and Gu Bai only had one class this afternoon, which happened to be in the first period. After they were done, they went back to the apartment together. Qi Le went to work in the evening as usual but Gu Bai wanted him to quit his job. However, Qi Le said that he wanted to be self-reliant. Gu Bai had no choice but to go with him.


Today, Shen Shu and Baby Face were both there. Qi Le greeted them and was about to play the piano when Baby Face pulled him back. “What’s up?”

Baby Face pulled out his cellphone and looked at him expressionlessly, “Xiaoyuan ge, lift your chin slightly. I’ll take a picture of you.”

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“Come with me as well,” Shen Shu grabbed him. “Xiaochuan texted me to say that there was a drunkard trying to rape him. I’m going to save him…”

Qi Le, “……”

I’m sorry but I don’t know what to do. TW g9h

While they were still talking, they had stepped into the corridor. Right then, a man suddenly flew out of one of the private rooms and crashed to the ground. Then, Ye Shuichuan slowly stepped out, stepped on his chest and looked at him from the top. “Motherfucker, are you looking to die?!”

Qi Le, “……”

Shen Shu went over. “What’s going on?”

“He wanted to rape me!” p5FO9x

“Damn it!” Shen Shu became angry. “If he dares to rape you, then he dares to rape me too. We can’t let him off!”

Ye Shuichuan nodded. “What are you thinking?”

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Shen Shu thought for a bit before shouting, “Torture him!”

“Good idea.” Ye Shuichuan said, “I’ll help you!” 3iHYt8


The two happily dragged the man on the ground into the private room. Then, Shen Shu quickly ran to the restroom and brought out a bag. Qi Le struggled for a moment, shuffled forward and pulled open the door to take a look. Suddenly, he was shocked. Fucking hell! The live version of SM! This was too exciting!

Baby Face waited at the bar for awhile, but when he didn’t see his older brother go back, he also came to the back. “Where’s my brother, Xiaoyuan ge?”

Qi Le silently pointed to the door. Baby Face looked up and was immediately shocked. Then, he quickly pulled out his cellphone and opened the camera. He excitedly entered the room and started shooting from all angles – left, right, up and down. zVQ2UJ

Qi Le, “……”

Fuck! What a mess this world was!

“What are you standing here for?”

Qi Le looked back and found that it was Gu Bai. He blinked, “Nn-nothing…” 85SjoE

Gu Bai walked over in bewilderment and looked at his wife. His first sentence was, “Don’t learn from them.”

“…” Qi Le’s mouth twitched. “I know.”

My wife is really obedient… Gu Bai rubbed his head with satisfaction and began to think about the possibility of getting him drunk tonight.

Qi Le took another look past the door. He really felt that it was better to go home. He was about to leave when he saw his older brother coming out to speak on the phone. “You’re here? I was in the back. Mmm… “He hung up and looked at the end of the corridor. dw4pFd

Qi Le also looked over and saw Zhong Ruiyuan approaching. The man looked amiable and laughed, “Did someone try to rape you?”

Qi Le, “……”

Fuck you! Your wife is about to be raped. Are you still laughing?

Ye Shuichuan nodded. “He’s inside.” gc7UGn

Zhong Ruiyuan walked in and closed the door. Qi Le struggled for a moment and wanted to see what would happen. At this moment, he heard a furious voice, “Zheng Xiaoyuan, laozi finally got to see you!”

He quickly turned around and found that it was a certain idiot. He looked surprised, “Have you run away again?”

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“You ran away!” Yi Hang said, “The bastard asked his friends to give him advice tonight. Of course I had to come along. The original place was the bar they used to go to, but your brother-in-law heard about your older brother’s accident, so they switched locations temporarily.”

Those friends… Qi Le took a second to respond, then pulled Gu Bai, “Let’s go home.” RY7fEw

“Let’s see what’s going on first in case they actually kill him.” Gu Bai rubbed his head. Just as he was thinking about how to get him drunk, the opportunity came.

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  1. I need an AU where Wan Le and Xiaoyuan are together ;-;

    Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like baby face? I mean it’s good that he’s changing but rn it’s just him being “fake” to get attention. He literally has no self respect….To me, he’s no different than these stereotypically weak, naive shou & shōjo MCs…I rather would have him not change & stay true to himself than him acting so desperately to get attention from someone unworthy. I really hope the author will have an character development for him

    • I think right now he has given up on Ning Xiao. Didn’t he say a couple of chapters ago? If there’s no hope him liking him, he might as well hate him. So he’s in the middle of painfully blackening enough and annoying NX to death.

    • I’m reading this a year late, but yeah, I absolutely agree. He’s honestly no better than NX, because he slept with his friend’s love interest without remorse!! And continued to do so even when ZXY was hospitalized after injuring himself over the shock and heart break. Really scummy. I know everyone’s now all, “Oh you go BF, so sassy,” but he’s literally just saying whatever his brother texts him. It’s a little pathetic that he’s resorted to making NX hate him just to stay relevant in that other scum’s life. Plus, I feel so sorry for the original ZXY… I can’t imagine how heartbroken he must have been to find out that a friend, who he treated like a younger brother, was sleeping with the love of his life behind his back. And in his apartment no less! Really…. Baby Face derives no sympathy from me. I’d be glad not to read any scene with him in it in the remaining chapters, but that’s most likely impossible lol.
  2. Pfft…Kekeke! Everyone is too funny. Gawd, they’re all crackheads. The only normal one right now, is Gu Bai. Very scheming, but still pretty normal. 😂