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This World Has Gone CrazyCh43.2 - Drunk (Part 2)


P.S. This chapter is NSFW, so read at your own discretion 😉. This update was delayed because I originally wanted to release the whole chapter at one go, but this part took me about 6 hours from all the research on erotica. I now have a lot of weird bookmarks lol. Hope you enjoy this, the real stuff is still yet to come 😝❤️



Gu Bai walked back and forth in the living room. Finally, he couldn’t help but quickly draw the curtains, opened the bathroom door and slid inside. The bathroom was full of white mist. Qi Le stood there, naked from head to toe. He was already swaying left and right. Gu Bai suddenly felt a shortness of breath. He quickly removed his clothes and pulled Qi Le into his arms from behind. Their bodies were attached to each other, skin against skin. The delicate touch instantly ignited his desire. His gaze deepened as he leaned in close and whispered, “Xiao Le…”

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Qi Le’s brain immediately went on strike. He turned around in a daze, his voice sounding soft and nasally, “……Hmm?”

Gu Bai looked at his silly appearance and couldn’t hold back anymore. He lifted his chin and kissed him, the tip of the tongue insistently parting Qi Le’s trembling lips. The taste of alcohol on his lips lured him in, stirring up more of his desire. 1bBAcq

This kiss was tender, Gu Bai’s tongue gently entangling his, continuously swirling, plundering. The kiss dizzied and hypnotized him. He didn’t hate it and allowed him to do as he pleased. Gu Bai’s breathing grew heavy. He hooked the back of his head, urgently thrusting his tongue deeper while his other hand slowly kneaded his waist and made its way up.

At the moment, their bodies very close together . Qi Le could clearly feel something hard against him. But before he could reflect what it was, an electrifying heat spread out from his chest, washing over him. A groan escaped his lips and he turned aside to dodge the kiss, “Go out…”

“I’ve taken off all my clothes. Let’s shower together, hmm?” Gu Bai clasped him in his arms, crushing Qi Le against his chest. He bent down to bite his earlobe and asked in a low voice.

Qi Le looked at him warily, staring with wide, misty eyes. “Then you can’t do anything weird…” s8hzH

“What do you mean by weird?” Gu Bai smiled as his lips met Qi Le’s again. His other hand moved downwards, stroking Qi Le’s semi-hard desire. He asked wickedly, “Like this?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A rush of pleasure coursed through his body like a wildfire of searing flames that set his sensitive nerve endings ablaze. Qi Le shuddered and released a low moan from the back of his throat, obviously unable to resist his teasing. He grabbed his arm and subconsciously wanted to push away. But in fact, he barely used any strength. Gu Bai’s hands didn’t stop moving and he soon felt Qi Le’s hardened response. Right then, his mouth was on Qi Le’s again. Qi Le’s entire body was trapped in his arms, unable to escape from Gu Bai’s wandering hands that explored every inch of his skin. He only felt that indescribable sensation hit, wave after wave, bewitching him to surrender to the mindless pleasure. His breathing soon became disordered, muffled moans spilling from his lips. His voice husky, he squeezed out the words, “…Erquan”

“Hmm?” Gu Bai covered his lips with kisses. “Does it feel good?”

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With his back plastered against the cold, hard wall, Qi Le trembled and sobered up a little. He subconsciously tried to push Gu Bai away, but the man’s chest was pressed onto him. Qi Le, who had lost all strength in his limbs, gasped, “Erquan, you bastard…”

Gu Bai’s eyes seemed to darken. His hands catered to Qi Le’s pleasure, all the while listening to his uncontrollable gasps and moans. He smiled mischievously, “Shall I stop then?”

Qi Le looked up at him in silence with an aggrieved expression on his face.  NTKtAY

Gu Bai felt his chest tighten. He pulled down Qi Le’s hand that was resting on his shoulder, pressed it on his swollen shaft, led him to move up and down, and leaned over to kiss him. “Be good.”

Naturally, Qi Le knew what was in his hand. His throat clamped up but his hands moved obediently.

Gu Bai’s breathing grew more and more heavy. The staggering rush of pleasure was beyond his imagination. It made it even harder for him to hold back. He kissed him eagerly; his other hand slipped down from the back of Qi Le’s head and caressed his back, moving down inch by inch.

As their bodies were entangled, the sound of their breaths and groans grew clearer and clearer in the quiet bathroom while Qi Le’s consciousness grew more and more hazy. All he could feel was a heat that seemed to be racing towards something. His thighs instinctively tightened, repressed moans escaping his gritted teeth. His entire body stiffened a moment before he trembled and released shot after shot of searing hot cum. He leaned against the wall, short of breath. That tidal wave-like sensation seemed to have devoured him, taking away all his strength. NKqaVL

Gu Bai caught him in time and kissed him comfortingly on the lips. He was about to cum as well. He held down Qi Le’s hand and huskily instructed, “Don’t stop.”

Right now, Qi Le’s head was a blank sheet. He took a few deep breaths before stroking Gu Bai again.

Gu Bai hugged Qi Le at the waist and pulled him into his arms again, continuously kissing, sucking, nibbling on his ear. Then, with a low groan, he quickly reached the peak, covering Qi Le’s hands with his thick, milky seed. He kissed him contentedly, and with a sexy voice that was influenced by his desire, he said, “Xiao Le, I love you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le was so lazy that he didn’t want to move. He symbolically pushed him twice and said, “Sleep.” Jzuynd

“I’ll help you bathe first.” Gu Bai bowed his head. Xiao Le’s eyes were slightly lowered and his face was dyed with an attractive blush. Gu Bai felt a thrill at the sight of him. He quickly cleaned the both of them, carried Qi Le out and fell into bed.

Qi Le felt the cool air after leaving the bathroom. He was awakened slightly and looked at Gu Bai with misty eyes. Seeing that the man hadn’t left, he couldn’t help muttering, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for something.” Gu Bai replied casually, thinking that it was a pity to waste such a good opportunity. He was just about to enjoy his main course!

Qi Le mumbled and rolled over to sleep, “…Goodnight.” y3AfPB

“Why are you sleeping so early?” Gu Bai smiled as he got into bed with a smile, pulling him over for a kiss.

Qi Le subconsciously reached out and pushed him away. Then, he discovered that this man’s hands were behaving more and more naughty. Suddenly, he remembered something. He opened his eyes and glared at him. “Erquan, my brother-in-law said that the lubricant for you was laced with an aphrodisiac!”

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Gu Bai, “…”

Qi Le pushed him away, rolled over and climbed down from his bed. “I’m going to throw it away…” wZ0FyH

Gu Bai looked at the bottle on top of the table and quickly pulled him back. “It’s too late, throw it away tomorrow. Go to sleep now,” he urged.

“No, I must throw it away… Don’t think I don’t know that you want to use it on me now…”

“I said I wouldn’t force you,” Gu Bai held him in his arms and coaxed him patiently. “Go to sleep. You have classes tomorrow.”

Qi Le struggled for a long time but couldn’t break free from him. Finally, he settled down, turned over and grabbed him, “Go out…” ruWJSw

Gu Bai gave him a kiss. “This bed? This is my bedroom.”

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“You should still go…” Qi Le’s voice grew blurry. Soon, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Gu Bai looked at the bottle nearby and looked at Qi Le again. He sighed helplessly and thought to himself that there’ll be ample time for that later. He carefully let go of Qi Le and got out of bed to hide the lubricant. Only then did he embrace him again and fall asleep.

Qi Le drank too much, then let off steam so he slept deeply. EPRCe


The next day, he slowly opened his eyes after being woken by Gu Bai. His face was filled with confusion, “……Hmm?”

Gu Bai hugged him, caressing him all over. “Get up, don’t you have class in the morning?”

Qi Le only reacted after a while and slowly recalled what happened last night. His face suddenly turned red as he rolled over. “I know. You can go out now.” Nyi7ux

Gu Bai stared at his red earlobes and caressed him with a smile. “Are you embarrassed?”

“You’re embarrassed…” Qi Le retorted. Then, he suddenly froze and turned to look at him. “Last night, were you thinking of taking advantage of the fact that I was drunk to do it?”

Gu Bai was particularly calm. “I didn’t do it.”

“You must have thought about it. No, I must throw that thing away.” Qi Le pushed him aside, casually pulled on his pajamas, opened the drawer and took out the ordinary lubricant, huffing and puffing as he walked out. dbt76

Gu Bai remembered that Xiao Le had mistakenly thought Zhong Ruiyuan gave him this bottle. He thought to himself, if he had allowed Qi Le to throw it away last night, he would’ve had a chance to continue with the main course. He turned silent at once. At this moment, he regretted so much that he wanted to slam his head into the wall.

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  1. Thanks for the translation.. And here I’m still torn between wanting them to just do it or wanting Gu Bai to keep being tormented for more time until Qi Le can wholeheartedly accept him.