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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh33 - Summons


Song Xiao blanked out for a long while before he reacted to what Yu Tang had said and turned red on his end of the phone call. “Empress – empress dowager… why does she want to meet me…”

“Transfer ownership of this apartment to Zhuo Jingjing.” Inside the chairman’s office at Xinghai Entertainment, Song Zicheng passed the real estate agreement to his secretary to handle. O 6R54

Si Dashu took the agreement, which was for a luxury apartment. In a place like A city, where land was expensive, it was pretty valuable. As a member of the working class, Si Dashu really felt his heart ache when he looked at the agreement. “The meeting will begin in ten minutes. This is the financial report which the finance department just sent in; take a look.”

Getting up and accepting the report, Song Zicheng looked through it as he walked. The figures in the report weren’t impressive, and the profits column was awful to look at.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The finance department believes that if this trend continues, we will still be in the red by the end of the year.” Si Dashu pressed the button for the elevator, which opened with a ‘ding dong’. Inside the elevator was a colleague from reception who had come up with an express delivery.

“Put it on my table ba.” Si Dashu greeted the receptionist beauty, then followed his boss to the meeting room. WaGvcN

The female receptionist placed the express delivery, which was tightly wrapped and had the words “Private and Confidential: Chief Song” on it, on Si Dashu’s table. In any case, as a private secretary, Si Dashu had access to all the boss’s things. From the pile of letters for the boss on Si Dashu’s table, he was truly admirable!

“To reverse the deficit, we need four hundred million at the very least by the end of the year.” The head of the finance department pointed at the profits trend displayed on the presentation slide. “Last year’s investments consumed too much working capital. We don’t have many projects this year, and our only hope for turning things around is the three movies that will be released next month and at the end of the year.”

“Director Liang’s ‘Profound Theory’ is one of them, so four hundred million shouldn’t be a problem,” the person from the investment department interjected solemnly.

The finance department head looked at him. “I hope that is the case.” R7hTdH

In recent years, China had aligned with international film standards and started to popularise big productions. Xinghai Entertainment wasn’t an exception and had invested in a major film production.  The movie’s director was Liang Xinmu, who was famous in the domestic scene, and the actors and actresses were all at the level of film emperors and empresses. Given the big scenes and large production, their single investment had exceeded four hundred million.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liang Xinmu was on friendly terms with Song Zicheng, so Xinghai Entertainment’s investment in ‘Profound Theory’ accounted for the bulk of investments.

“Publicity for ‘Pink Winter’ will start next week, but the female lead, Zhuo Jingjing, is in the hospital…” The person from the marketing department took out the latest publicity plan and began to explain it.

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Right at that moment, Li Weiwei came looking for him. The company had acting training today, which would be especially fun, so he wanted to drag Song Xiao along.

“Say, if you’re going to meet, uh, someone else’s parents, what should you bring?” While Song Xiao was distracted by his thoughts, Li Weiwei pulled him into the car. CZmvrw

“Oho, meeting the parents!” Li Weiwei gave him a strange look. Looking at Song Xiao’s appearance of one earnestly seeking advice, he couldn’t help teasing him. “That depends on the parent: is it the future mother-in-law or father-in-law?”

Song Xiao thought about it. “Mother-in-law.”

“…Whut?” Li Weiwei’s eyes widened.

Li Weiwei’s soul still hadn’t returned by the time they reached Xinghai Entertainment, and they directly bumped into a gorgeously dressed Zhuo Jingjing. xdqhu3

Zhuo Jingjing had just had a miscarriage, so by right she should’ve been resting in bed. However, her plan to blame it on Song Xiao had failed, so she was feeling anxious. Song Zicheng also hadn’t visited her in the past two days, so she couldn’t help but come to the company.

“Jingjing jie, I heard you were sick, so why are you here?” When a few of the company’s C-list actresses saw her, they welcomed her with smiles on their faces.

“Isn’t it because publicity for the new film is about to start? Work can’t be put off, after all.” Zhuo Jingjing had thick makeup on, which masked the haggardness on her face.

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Everyone in the company clearly knew who the “Mr. Song” she had mentioned in front of the media was. Song Zicheng still hadn’t denied it until now, which indicated tacit acknowledgement of the fact that he was marrying Zhuo Jingjing. Even the receptionists were much more polite to her compared with before. ECQbrW

“It’s hard on your body, you don’t have to jeopardize your health like this.” The female actresses who wanted to curry favour with Zhuo Jingjing hurriedly enquired about her well-being and congratulated her on her pregnancy, while advising her to rest.

“It’s work ma, it can’t be put off.” The moment Zhuo Jingjing turned around, she bumped right into Li Weiwei. Staggering a little, she was about to open her mouth to reprimand the rash junior, when she saw Song Xiao behind him. Instantly, she switched to a smile. “Xiaoxiao, why are you at the company?”

The entire lobby instantly fell silent. The young master versus the future stepmother – it seemed that there was going to be a good show to watch.

On the other side, Song Zicheng was done with the meeting, and he somewhat tiredly rubbed the space between his eyebrows. With the company continually making a loss, the pressure on him was the greatest. They hadn’t entered the market for very long, and the market had very high hopes for Xinghai Entertainment. Their investment in ‘Profound Theory’ exceeded their budget last year,  causing the company to fall into the red. Song Zicheng had already been severely berated by the board of directors. NDSO2U

No matter what, they couldn’t make further losses with the three movies at the end of the year.

Si Dashu knocked on the door and entered. With a queer expression on his face, he handed Song Zicheng a file, along with the real estate agreement that had been given to him that morning.

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“What happened? Is there a problem?” Song Zicheng took the file for a look.

“Take a look at this first.” After Song Zicheng saw it, he probably wouldn’t want to give the apartment away anymore. Si Dashu didn’t dare say too much, and turned around to leave. As a private secretary, he knew too many of the boss’s secrets. The pressure really was enormous. ica39M

Song Zicheng flipped the file open, and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. Then, all the blood in his body rushed to the top of his head.

Si Dashu, who was considering whether he should take leave today, had just shut the door, when he heard a bellow from inside. “XIAO SI!”

Si Dashu could only turn around bitterly and go back in to face the raging Song Zicheng.

In the lobby, the grand show of a familial dispute which everyone had been anticipating never came to be. They only saw Zhuo Jingjing, the future stepmother, go over to say hello, but Song Xiao walked past without even sparing Zhuo Jingjing a glance as he directly entered the elevator. He had initially thought that she was an innocent person, but now it seemed that she was actually a prostitute, so he didn’t say much to her. lP4svF

The receptionist lifted a folder to cover the way her lips couldn’t help stretching wide. The other female actresses who were passing by looked at each other, then did what they had to do as they scattered, pretending that they hadn’t seen anything.

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Zhuo Jingjing’s face felt painfully hot. Gritting her teeth, she lifted her feet and followed Song Xiao into the elevator.


Little Theatre l8x67L

David: Wh- wh- what, what’s all this?

Xiaoxiao: Mother-in-law means mother-in-law

David: I know, but that isn’t the main point, ok?

Fish Tang: (holding wife) You have complaints? gMo7Ut

David: …

Zhang Xiaoren: Come stand with me, woof! 

Baobao Notes

For those who noticed that Dairi Media became Dari Media, that’s because i’m a big dumdum who accidentally auto recognised da as dai, but later realised that the Da probably is pronounced like Dayu. skwaT3

Translator's Note

deliberate misspelling, he used a really informal way of saying what

Translator's Note


Translator's Note


Translator's Note

I think it’s implying that they’re both dogs bc david was fed dog food(pda)

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  1. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’}

    Thanks for the chapter! It is adorable how worried the guy is about his “summon” & making a good impression, & how royally dismissive he is of that rotten trash of a human being.

    • Fake pregnancy made me think of one detective-thriller book, if I’m not wrong it’s called Kaiken by a French author I suppose, I say if I’m not wrong because I lent the book to an acquantance, but they never returned it back, but that’s not the point lol and she actually did something that still gets my head spin. Because she was infertile she faked her pregnancy, but how? She actually came from France back to Japan for her friend to sew in some sort of bag and during the progress they filled the pack with liquid so it’d imitate a belly of a pregnant woman, until it was time to “give birth”. To this day I still find that the imagination of this author is really wild.
      • If you want to do fake pregnancy it’s actually not that hard; you just need your boyfriend/spouse to corroborate your story. A pastor of mine had a married couple come and ask him to pray for a child. But they specifically asked that the wife will be instantaneously three months pregnant. It’s because the husband felt bad about their infertility, and so they lied about the pregnancy, and the lie had been going on for months X-D (How were they planning to maintain the lie? Who knows…)

        • Yeah, these novelw omen at least go to lencgths to get some prove, I could say that what she tried to do is pretty smart, it’s low blow, but it’s smart, she’s not an empty head who doesn’t understand the man she tries to cheat. Well, for the book I described the protag’s wife had a reason (though I don’t remember lol). But as for what you mentioned, talking seriously there’s a lot of cases of post-pregnancy syndromes including stress and even psychosis, same may happen to women who can’t get pregnant. I’ve heard of cases when such a “lie”, let’s call it, was used as preventive measure to a person’s nervous breakdown. But if they just decided to do that for some other reasons, then that sounds kinda weird. But imagine the possible dialogues, it’d sound like talking to someone mental: – You pregnant? – Yes. – How long? – Three motnhs. – Like four months ago you were also three-months pregnant. – But I’m three months pregnant. -…..
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