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  • unlimited flow is when the protagonist has to go through games to survive or return to reality, but it’s all the same world. quick transmigration is when the protagonist travels between different worlds where everything is different. Usually unlimited flow is half horror half puzzle, while quick transmigration is being in different worlds, quite literally, and living there as a person. How to distinguish: Unlimited flow treats different worlds as ‘games’. quick transmigration treat different world as ‘worlds’ or something like that.

  • I’m Beth#0219 in discord, aka ‘bad luck baobao’ rn. thanks btw!

  • it wasn’t a wrong answer. What happened was that every person who took a ‘coupon’ had to do another round of selection. However, there are only three rounds of selection allowed. ‘Another round of selection’ is just a trap saying that they are doomed to remain in this instance forever. Hope this makes sense.

  • hi, i’ve already said in chapter two that i’m well aware and planning to retranslate.

  • hi, sorry but yeah, i feel bad for you having to give up your hard work but I would rather you not publish it

  • My current plan is to put this translation on hold until i can get absolute proof that it is or isn’t the author on amazon. Though very unlikely to be the author (believed by many people and me) I would rather err on the side of caution. If the authors cannot be contacted, I won’t be able to resume translations. Thanks for reading!

  • yes, I do not regard full mtl as translations. I’m talking about a kindle book being sold on amazon. I took down the link a few hours after I put it up due to suspicions of plagiarisation.

  • I saw the link you sent, and it’s not the possibly plagiarised one. It’s just machine translation. Sorry, I’ll have to reject that link anyways. If you guys wanna read mtl, feel free to google mtl sites! There are tons of mtl sites haha

  • I understand if youre confused and disappointed. Allow me to explain what happened.

    At the very beginning, I did not know the work might be plagiarised. When I found out and skimmed the first couple chapters, it was identical to the raws, and the bio of the author sounded as if they might have been the original author. So I decided to drop the translation as, if there was already a full translation (and from 2017), there was no point in resuming translations.After that, readers and some people who have been helping me figure it out have been reporting that there’s a possibility of it being plagiarised and that the story was different, which is why I took down the link to the amazon kindle.also, it isn’t that easy to find out whether it’s the real author because BL in China are written by practically anonymous people, as they could be sent to jail for writing BL.Currently someone I know has messaged the author, and if there’s proof that it’s not the author, I will resume translations.

    tl:dr: I thought it was the author’s work, and decided to stop translation because it would support the author. But now there’s a possibility of it not being the author and so I took down the link. Technically the translations is on hold until I receive confirmation whether it is actually the author.

    I apologise for not making any research before this, but I still would not have continued translating until I’m 100% sure it’s not the original author. Thanks for enjoying the novel!

  • Only if there’s concrete proof, such as the author themselves saying it isn’t them, or maybe the amazon author providing undeniable evidence.