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21st Century Journey to the West

21st Century Journey to the West 21世纪取经录

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Author: 咸刀
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
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Translators: Zryuu, Elestrea
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Several thousand years ago, in order to propagate the teachings of Buddhism through the Central Plains, Tang Sanzang travelled to Sukhavati to seek the scriptures. But in the end, at the very last moment, he failed.

After experiencing countless cycles of samsara, it is now the modern era. No one knows if Tang Sanzang’s reincarnation can successfully obtain the scriptures in this lifetime…

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  1. This sounds interesting, I’ll add it for now. If you want a short but funny introduction to journey to the west, go to youtube and watch overly sarcastic productions’ videos on it.

  2. Let me just say something

    I’m a huge Journey to the West fan!! I love the four characters!!!

    I went on a journey to watch and read a lot of the translated stuff, even some modern forms of it.

    So I’m super, super excited for this!!! Seriously, my heart is thumbing so fast in excitement!! No I’m not dying.

    Thanks for choosing this story.

    Can’t wait!!!

  3. ohmygod the covee is already speaking to me and urging me to read!!!

    thank you to everyone who is workking on this i can already tell it is going to be awesome

  4. This is like Saiyuki anime. Sanzo, Goku, Hakkai and Sha Gojyo!!! The anime isn’t BL but it is VERY worth to watch! The AMVs of the anime… QAQ