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Holding Onto My ManChapter 49


TLed by Shirubame
TLCed by Dandan
Edited by Evan

Even if Qianmo Pei didn’t threaten him to go to the in-person meet-up, Gu Bai would have still gone. RW2wVY

There was also such a meet-up in the original plot, but at that time, the original host had already quit the game, suffered a great blow in real life, and been driven out of the house. Naturally it was impossible for him to attend.

Song Xianxun, due to her beautiful appearance and also being the girlfriend of Tang Linyi and thus the Lady of Gui Yun Sect, made a name for herself at this meeting.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If Gu Bai wanted to fulfill the wish of the original host, he couldn’t let Song Xianxun enjoy that grand scene.

Since the in-person meeting was in B city, which was far away from the Southern City, Gu Bai, who was now still a student, could only ask for a leave from school and then fly there. SXzVqh

After entering the task for so long, apart from playing games and going to school, Gu Bai didn’t do anything else. He behaved well, and his grades went up, so Tang Dahai was very satisfied.

When Gu Bai asked if he could go out to play for two days, Tang Dahai naturally agreed. He gave him a card without any questions and also called to help Gu Bai book the tickets.

It was still early when Gu Bai arrived in B city. The meeting started at 7PM, and it was now merely morning. Gu Bai first went to the Forbidden City to take a stroll and relax.

He spent most of the past six months in the game and didn’t go out much. Now that the task was about to end, he was going to walk around and see if he could meet his man in this world.


Although he has never shown it, he had missed him all this time. It was like a feeling that had been pressed down for millions of years suddenly bursting out uncontrollably.

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All of a sudden, a low, magnetic male voice sounded from behind.

When Gu Bai looked back, he saw a tall and very handsome man standing behind him. He looked about 27 or 28 years old and was wearing a dark suit. He had an aura of being in charge, especially due to the look in his eyes, which was too fierce for people to dare to look at directly. SxyZoT

This person with such an imposing manner was just like the man he missed, but he didn’t feel the man’s aura on this person.

“Is there something wrong?”

After a couple of glimpses, Gu Bai withdrew his gaze and regained his composure. After several experiences, he had determined that regardless of how the man’s appearance and name changed, the aura of his soul was the same.

The moment Gu Bai’s eyes changed, the man narrowed his eyes. He was sure that the boy was thinking about someone else. Who was he thinking about? 5FDBJA

“Are you a player of ‘Record of Immortal Cultivation’? Did you come for the in-person meet-up?”

The aura emitted from the man was cold, then he recovered. His handsome and cold face showed a hint of softness, unlike his previous fierce demeanor, as he pointed at Gu Bai’s gaming helmet in his backpack.

“Record of Immortal Cultivation” was currently the most popular and the only real life simulation holographic online game. As long as you saw someone carrying a backpack with a gaming helmet on the street, you knew they were definitely a “Record of Immortal Cultivation” player.

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“Yes, you too?” Gu Bai nodded, not denying it. M7FPWp

“Tfjt, P qijs abb. Qtja lr sbeg ujwf erfgcjwf? Zjsyf kf xcbk fjmt batfg. Qf mjc ub ab atf wffa-eq abufatfg lc atf fnfclcu…..”

Ktf wjc kjr nfgs fcaterljralm klat tlr lcnlajalbc. Llr rwlif ujnf j ojnbgjyif lwqgfrrlbc.

Lbkfnfg, Xe Djl kjr xffcis jkjgf bo atf batfg fwbalbcr lc atf wjc’r fsfr, ktlmt wjvf tlw j ilaaif ecfjrs. Lf atbeuta jybea la jcv atfc rjlv:

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“My name is Bai. I’m just a rookie player. I came to do nothing more than to join the fun….” f GgtD

“Bai?” The man evidently raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face grew with a slightly more sinister smile.

“That’s truly unfortunate. I seem to know you….”

“Eh????” Gu Bai froze suddenly.

“My game username is Extremely Arrogant….” rlvZ2E

“What? You’re that unlucky star!”

Immediately, Gu Bai’s eyes widened. Although he only knew him for a day, he had a deep memory of this “Extremely Arrogant” player. Ah f*ck, he ran into this person again. Surely this didn’t mean that he was going to suffer from bad luck again?!

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“Unlucky star? Is that why you deleted me as a friend?” The man smiled in anger.

“No, my hands slipped!” Ibxf3e

Gu Bai replied very seriously. He absolutely could not tell this guy that it had been intentional. Otherwise, he would be miserable due to this unlucky star again. He was definitely not going to give him an explanation!

However, his explanation was obviously unreasonable. “Record of Immortal Cultivation”  was not an ordinary keyboard game. It was all operated with the mind. How could he have possibly made such a low-level mistake as ‘having his hands slip’?

But the man did not expose his lie. The corner of his mouth lightly rose.

“Oh? It turns out that we are so fortunate to have met here. It’s better to have met each other by chance. Let’s have a meal together and head to the meeting together later in the evening….” PdDHps

“There’s no need for that, as I’ve got something to do. Please go ahead first!”

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Gu Bai refused firmly, then turned around and prepared to run away.

From the previous incident in the game, he was already certain that this guy was an unlucky star specially customized to give him a hard time. He always had a bad feeling when encountering this man.

“Wait a minute. I saw you visiting the Forbidden City just now. Just in time, me too. Nice to meet you, my real name is Pei Moqian. What’s yours? Last time you played very well, ah, let’s talk….” IuW8Yg


Gu Bai wanted to leave, but Pei Moqian directly grabbed his arm and held him close with enthusiasm. No matter how much Gu Bai shook his head and refused, Pei Moqian simply refused to let go. He was so enthusiastic.

In a public and touristy area such as this, and with the other’s attitude still very good, it was not convenient for Gu Bai to suddenly turn hostile. He could only close his mouth and let the other speak, then quickly walked in the hopes of getting rid of him.

But what bothered him was that the man named Pei Moqian was like an electric radar, finding Gu Bai again every time he was able to shake him off in less than a minute. zsbGhK

After time and time again, he couldn’t get rid of the man. Gu Bai simply stopped playing around and went to the in-person meet-up to report in advance. By that time, everyone would go to the location of their faction. He didn’t believe that this “Extremely Arrogant” human would dare to come to the demon’s side.

Although the meet-up started in the evening, there were a lot of people coming in the afternoon. The game company was very well prepared. Each faction invited from the game had a designated position with the name of all the sects laid out in the front, which made it very easy to find.

“Do you still want to follow me? Oh, but I’m going to the Devil sect of the demon race….”

When he got to the demon faction’s area, Gu Bai found that Pei Moqian was still following him. He couldn’t help but give him a reminder. He remembered that “Extremely Arrogant” was of the human race.  He wasn’t part of the bunch of demon players. So why was he still following him? jFE0QK

At that moment, one of the demon players, a young man with red hair and very fashionable apparel revealed a surprised expression, and then pulled a refined-looking boy with a cold expression with him and ran over.

“Boss, you actually came!”

Boss? Gu Bai had a bad premonition in his heart, and then he saw the man across from him grinning at him with an evil smile.

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“Oh right, I forgot to tell you that ‘Extremely Arrogant’ is only my side account. My main account is ‘Qianmo Pei’……” 7ddny3

“Fuck! It turns out it’s you, you bastard!”

Gu Bai couldn’t help but shout out in alarm. No wonder he always felt something was wrong. No wonder the man looked at him differently just now. It was with the same feeling as “Qianmo Pei”!

So “Qianmo Pei” was his main account, and “Extremely Arrogant” was his side account. Could a player who reached God level make mistakes three or four times while playing on his side account?

The answer was no. In other words, at that time, “Extremely Arrogant” was deliberately giving him a hard time! “Qianmo Pei” and Pei Moqian were both this guy! m7Jjlc

Gu Bai glared at Pei Moqian with hatred and suddenly had the urge to hit someone.

Pei Moqian stared at his expression and couldn’t help but smile. He then introduced the others to Gu Bai, saying, “This is ‘Winner Is King’. His real name is Liu Tian…”

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“Yes yes yes, I am ‘Winner Is King’. This is ‘Loser Warms the Bed’. Once you hear this name, then you know he’s my wifey la. He also has a very adorable name, Mengmeng…” The man with red hair, who was “Winner Is King”, did not wait for Pei Moqian to finish and warmly introduced himself and “Loser Warms the Bed”.

“‘Meng’ your sister, scram!” b0ng7c

When the cold boy next to him heard his introduction, he immediately blushed and gave him a cutting glare before introducing himself.

“Boss, my real name is Ye Zimeng…”

“Wifey, you said it yourself in the first place, if you lose, you will have to warm the bed for me. You’re not keeping your word~~”

After the aloof cold boy over there introduced himself, the 1.8-meter-tall man by his side immediately stooped down ignoring the strange gazes around him, fiddled with his fingers, acting cute and pretending to be pitiful. It was a sight people couldn’t bear to look straight at. x0fKZd


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t help but want to leave. The demon players were abnormal, sure enough.

At this time, the other demon players nearby noticed the commotion. Apart from the red-haired man just now, there were also several other people who knew the man, judging by their facial expressions. They should also be friends in reality.

All of a sudden, those players also came over. Other demon players came to see the important gods in the sect and also came to see the excitement. They stared at Gu Bai questioningly. vw2TRb

“Boss, long time no see. This is…”

Gu Bai was currently wanting to casually slip away. However, Pei Moqian quickly took a step forward, reached out and placed his hand on Gu Bai’s waist, and introduced him with a smile.

“Let me introduce you; this is your sect master’s wife…..”

When that word fell, the demon players screamed excitedly. VRKj2

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is our sister-in-law?”

Ah, ah, ah, ah, I’ve finally met him. It turns out that elder sister-in-law was actually a boy. And, he’s , a beautiful boy as tender as pinching water!”

“So adorable!! I’m dying, I’m dying. No, no, I have to take some pictures and show them off. I had long guessed that Boss was handsome, but I didn’t expect that sister-in-law was also so beautiful!!!!”

As the demon players screamed, the players of the other races around them also looked over. NKwmG5

Since the last secret mission, Gu Bai had become the hot topic of the entire game world. Whether it was the previous feud with the kill order of the Lady of the Gui Yun Sect, “Ningbo Fairy”, or the identity of the Great God Qianmo Pei’s companion, it made him a celebrity in the game world.

Aside from coming to play, the majority of people at the meet-up were attracted by the names of “Shangguan Yu” and “Ningbo Fairy” on the game company’s list.

It goes without saying that Song Xianxun was very famous on the account of a greenhorn landing the Great God Tang Linyi. It wasn’t known who said it, but everyone had heard that Ningbo Fairy was a peerless beauty.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In addition, there was the grudge with Gu Bai in the game, hence everyone came to admire the famous players and watch a good show. Anyway, the players who could come to the meet-up today were all high-ranking gods. They did not lack money or pleasure. gxWHip

Seeing the increasing number of eyes around him and the demon players chanting “sister-in-law”, Gu Bai wished that he could bury himself in a hole.

“My name is Tang Zihao. Everyone can call me Zihao…”

No matter how thick his face was, it wasn’t enough to handle being called “sister-in-law” by so many people. The man’s hand was still holding onto his waist. He really wanted to beat someone up at the moment. The original host’s character was impulsive, and he couldn’t control it until he completed the task.

However, these people bore no malice, thus it wasn’t proper of him. So he could only grit his teeth and correct them, while reaching out to the side and pinching Pei Moqian’s waist to vent his anger and to keep him away from himself. Pei Moqian was not allowed to eat tofu! oFdhES

“Baby, are you implying something? Don’t worry, my waist is very good….”

His strength was not small, but the man’s face was thicker. He not only did not leave, but also came closer to whisper into Gu Bai’s ear, the imitate gesture leading to a wave of screaming and red hearts among the demon players.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai didn’t know how many times he had become speechless. There were too many people in the public, and he wasn’t very good at demonstrating his power. He’d go back and slowly settle accounts with this annoying guy!

Pushing Pei Moqian aside, Gu Bai went straight to the table for the demons and found a place to sit down. The man was not bothered by this and smiled, following him. KMuDYB

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Translator's Note

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Translator's Note

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Translator's Note

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