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Holding Onto My ManChapter 48


TLed by Shirubame
TLCed by Dandan
Edited by Evan

After Gu Bai left a message to Qianmo Pei and exited the game, he didn’t play the game prior to the in-person meeting. eGUIrj

He thought that this task could be finished easily and had planned to take it slow, but it now seemed that it wasn’t possible anymore. He had to change his plans due to this Qianmo Pei.


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The original host’s wish in the game had been completed, and now there were still three people to deal with in reality: Song Xianxun, Tang Linyi, and Ling Chen. To be more precise, there was only Ling Chen and Song Xianxun.

As for how to deal with Tang Linyi, the original host did not request a specific method. As long as Gu Bai could prevent Song Xianxun from marrying Tang Linyi, then he could use any means. y1s0DO

Since that was the case, the matter with Song Xianxun could be put aside for the time being. He had to resolve the issue on Ling Chen’s side first.

The Ling family had quite a lot of power, but their business was not legitimate. The company that appeared to be operating normally on the surface was actually nothing more than a shell of a company used to launder money. What was really being done was truly shameful.

In fact, this kind of company was very easy to deal with. The government wanted to remove this kind of cancer for a long time, but it couldn’t find any evidence. However, it wouldn’t be good to wipe out all of them at once. It would be troublesome in case anyone remained and retaliated.

Therefore, after quitting the game, Gu Bai spent all his time and experience every day tracking down incriminating evidence on the Ling family.


The reason why the police couldn’t find evidence on the Ling Family was not because the police force was insufficient, but because the police force was too scattered and their methods were too uniform. Thus it was natural for the Ling Family to not be on guard against the police.

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Back to Gu Bai in the present, he directly used the special means of talented people to seize the important tasks of several Ling family officials to intimidate and induce them to confess, and the evidence came out.

After all, there were few people in the world who were not afraid of death. Even if they were really not afraid, there were ways to make living worse than dying and extort confessions. Gu Bai was not afraid that he couldn’t achieve his goal!

It took about half a month to get things done. After all the evidence had been anonymously sent to the police station, Gu Bai waited for the news. He believed that the government would never let such a good chance to make an accomplishment. cCVK18

As long as the Ling family was gone, Ling Chen, without a background, could be easily dealt with.

However, the in-person meeting was just around the corner. Gu Bai began to feel uneasy at the thought of meeting the real person behind Qianmo Pei. He always felt that he could not escape from the palm of his hand.  He could not even rejoice about being able to finish the task soon.

Meanwhile, Song Xianxun and others were also preparing to attend the meeting.

The “Record of Immortal Cultivation” in-person meeting was a special event organized by the game company as a form of gratitude. A very rich local tyrant provided the venue and free room and board in the nice environment of Banshan Hotel, which was located in the capital city of B. 1pCjra

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Vbcu Wljczec, jr atf ulgioglfcv bo Kjcu Olcsl, kbeiv cjaegjiis ub klat Kjcu Olcsl, atf “ifjvfg”. Pc bgvfg ab wjxf j ubbv jqqfjgjcmf, rtf yfujc ab qgfqjgf tfgrfio fjgis.

In order to please her, Tang Linyi also sent her a dress and necklace. Song Xianxun tried them in her bedroom after receiving it.

Although she came from an ordinary family, her family was not poor, and her monthly living expenses was more than 1,000 to 2,000, which was more than several girls in her dormitory. However, she could only say that she was well-off but not rich. A dress and necklace worth tens of thousands of yuan were very expensive for her. SzQo75

Plus, this was a gift, so Song Xianxun was very happy, and the sisters in her dorm were full of envy.

“Wow, Xianxun, this dress is so beautiful. I’ve seen it before at a store counter. It’s worth tens of thousands…”

“Of course, and it’s even from Senior Tang. You’re so awesome, Xianxun. You managed to get Senior Tang, who’s known as the Iceberg Prince. Tell us how you got Senior Tang…”

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The girls in the dormitory looked at her with envy and chatted away,  but Wang Lele, who had always gotten along the best with Song Xianxun, sat in the corner without saying anything. She stared at Song Xianxun with an ugly expression on her face. XYOqW5

Wang Lele was an impulsive person in nature. At the words of her classmates, she snorted and turned her face aside.

When they saw her, the girls in the dorm room shut their mouths in embarrassment, and the previously happy dorm room quieted down.

In recent days, the relationship between Song Xianxun and Wang Lele had been somewhat stiff. When you lived in a dormitory, you’d naturally know why a pair of good girlfriends suddenly turned hostile. Most of the reasons were related to men.

Wang Lele liked Tang Linyi. Everyone knew from the beginning when they entered school that the other person came to Qing University to pursue the male god. 9tl0WD

But right now, she was the one who didn’t get along well with her own male god, in fact, he was even dating her best friend. It was human nature to not be happy over this situation.

“Lele, I know you’re angry, but emotional affairs cannot be forced. We’ve been good friends for so long, it hurts to see you like this…”

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Seeing Wang Lele’s expression, Song Xianxun couldn’t help but begin to comfort her.

“Yes, Lele, why hurt your sister’s feelings for a man…” pBDX2e

Other students also helped to persuade her. They would have to get along for several years before graduation, so it would be hard to live like this.

Wang Lele didn’t speak. She turned over in her bed, covered her head with a quilt, and continued to sulk.

Seeing her attitude, the sisters of the dormitory were helpless. Song Xianxun hesitated for a while, but didn’t say any more.

After a while, Song Xianxun’s cell phone rang. Although she spoke in a small voice, Wang Lele’s bed was close to her, so she clearly heard the name of “Senior Ling Chen”. FovOIl

She then saw Song Xianxun dawdling for a while, and then changing clothes and leaving the dormitory.

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Wang Lele thought about it, and then ran out after her. A short while later, she saw Song Xianxun running into the woods behind the school’s sports field.

There was also a tall and thin man standing there. Because there weren’t a lot of lights at night, it was too dark, and Wang Lele could not see the man’s appearance until he came forward. Her eyes widened suddenly. The man was Ling Chen who had been pursuing Song Xianxun for a long time!

After the shock, Wang Lele covered her mouth and continued to watch curiously. KIbfcd

When Ling Chen and Song Xianxun met each other, they began to stand and talk in a proper manner, but she didn’t know what they were talking about. Ling Chen suddenly hugged the girl in front of him.

Song Xianxun was one of those delicate girls. She had no strength and couldn’t break free at all. She could only speak loudly, “Ling Chen-ge, what are you doing?  Quickly let me go…”

Then Ling Chen suddenly raised his voice and said, “Xianxun, don’t move, I just want to hold you, so let me hold you, OK? I won’t have any chance in the future… ” Song Xianxun gave up her struggling.

After that, she didn’t know what Ling Chen said, but Song Xianxun hesitated for a moment, then unexpectedly reached out to hold his neck, got up on the tips of her toes and kissed him! zmZANB

Naturally, Ling Chen, faced with the girl he liked, couldn’t hold back and embraced Song Xianxun back excitedly and took the initiative, and the two began to kiss fiercely.

Wang Lele, who was hiding in the corner, was enraged. She wanted to rush out, but after thinking about it, she restrained herself and immediately showed a gleeful look. She quickly took out her phone to record the scene before her.

Fortunately, Song Xianxun still had a certain degree of discretion and didn’t dare to really mess around with Ling Chen. After more than ten minutes of kissing, just when Ling Chen wanted to take off her clothes, she stopped him just in time and pushed him away.

With crimson cheeks, she said, “Ling Chen-ge, you can go abroad now without any worries right? I only think of you as my brother. Go. Don’t come looking for me later….” She quickly left. KPN3gT

As soon as she left, Ling Chen also left. Wang Lele, who had been hiding in the corner for a long time, walked out regretfully and followed her back.

Originally, she wanted to record something more powerful, but this wasn’t bad. Song Xianxun, who was really a bitch, usually pretended to act pure, gentle and innocent. Wang Lele didn’t expect it to be like this behind her back.

She obviously was in a relationship with her God, yet she was hooking up with other men. Even if she hadn’t slept with them, it was shameless to kiss other men when she already had a boyfriend.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just thought of him as a brother, bullshit. Pah, that was a real deal right there! Where in the world did a sister kiss a brother? Self righteous bitch! FYuHle

However, if Song Xianxun really did get along with Ling Chen, then she would definitely break up with Senior Tang Linyi, and then Wang Lele herself would have a chance.

The video was saved, and Wang Lele’s depressed mood over the past few days cleared up. So she slowly returned to the dormitory to rest, ready to hear about Song Xianxun and Tang Linyi’s break up tomorrow.

But it was beyond what Wang Lele expected.

Upon returning, Song Xianxun went on as if nothing had happened. She played games and went to class everyday as usual, and then continued dating Tang Linyi. Her feelings developed steadily with Tang Linyi, as if nothing had happened with Ling Chen. Jt4DcM

This made Wang Lele somewhat angry, but despite knowing that Song Xianxun was a self-righteous bitch, the two had been close sisters for so long, so instead of directly releasing the video to end things for Song Xianxun completely, she found a way to give Song Xianxun a subtle reminder.

“What’s your intention, Song Xianxun? Why do you want to monopolize Senior Tang when you are close with Senior Ling Chen?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Lele, what are you talking about? I don’t understand……”

Song Xianxun did not know that the ambiguous scene was seen by Wang Lele, so she was rather confused. Moreover, she never thought from the beginning that kissing Ling Chen was anything bad. J1LCso

The other day, Ling Chen said he was about to go abroad and wanted a kiss from her so that he could leave without regrets. The other person was so affectionate, thus she felt it would be heartless of her to refuse again.

Although she felt a little guilty afterwards and didn’t think it was right, when she thought about how his feelings would be hurt, she became soft-hearted. It was just a kiss, so it didn’t matter.

“Song Xianxun, stop pretending! Really, why didn’t I find you to be such a bitch before? I saw you kissing Ling Chen that night. Didn’t you say that you didn’t like Ling Chen? Why were you kissing him? Aren’t you Senior Tang Linyi’s girlfriend now? ”

But Wang Lele got angry at her seemingly indifferent manner and yelled at her. dSEliI

When she heard Wang Lele’s words, Song Xianxun’s face suddenly turned white. Obviously, she didn’t expect that Wang Lele had seen what happened that day.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Looking at the people around them whose attentions were drawn, she felt somewhat guilty. Wang Lele went so far as to say that in public, so how could she appear before people in the future?

Thinking of the other’s jealousy over Tang Linyi for liking her during this time and Wang Lele’s sarcastic comments toward her, a feeling of anger rose within Song Xianxun, and she immediately refuted.

“Wang Lele, you’re going too far! I consider you my sister, yet you’re insulting me like this. You’re obviously jealous that I am Senior Tang’s girlfriend… ” 62AtXa

“What? I’m accusing you, Song Xianxun. You’re still trying to save face? I have proof, OK! You self-righteous bitch! No, white lotus bitch!”

Wang Lele was simple-minded and couldn’t stand being provoked. Her face flushed angrily as she took out her phone and prepared to pull out the video.

Seeing this, Song Xianxun was even more furious. She didn’t expect that Wang Lele had recorded a video. This was clearly a premeditated plan!

While angry, in her mind, she was more afraid that Wang Lele really did have a video. She immediately went to stop her, but Wang Lele evaded, and the two shortly began to fight. tk 83n

Despite Song Xianxun’s petite physique, her strength burst out at this moment. Wang Lele was not aware of this, and her phone fell into the nearby artificial river of the school. The water was not deep, but it was also not shallow enough for a phone to be retrieved.

“Song Xianxun, ah, ah, you slut! Bitch bitch bitch bitch! I’m cutting off all relations with you!”

Wang Lele was angry to death. Because Song Xianxun was the school department’s flower, and her popularity was better than Wang Lele’s, people around them, who were ignorant of the situation, naturally helped and spoke up for Song Xianxun, while Wang Lele had no choice but to leave with a grudge.

Song Xianxun looked at her back and felt somewhat guilty, but thought of Wang Lele’s attitude towards herself recently and of her threat just now. She bit her lip, decided not to chase after Wang Lele, and left in the opposite direction. J1mAp5

Translator's Note

Evan: Okay, I usually don’t make comments… but I couldn’t help myself. Because, DAMN, that is a long make-out session.
…Also, wtf, Wang Lele has been standing in the cold like a creeper for 10+ mins.

Translator's Note

Evan: … So, she would kiss her brother for 10+ mins, ok… WHO IS SHE FOOLING??

Translator's Note

Saving face = to keep their reputation and prestige

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