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Back to the Apocalypse

Back to the Apocalypse 末世重生之少爺

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Author: 夜悠
Genre: Adventure, Apocalypse, Completed, Rebirth
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Translators: xiin. Editors: alamersyl, apricot, juurensha
Release Schedule: Sporadic


It’s the beginning of the Apocalypse, and zombies are running rampant over the Earth. Bai Jing brought his space dimension with him when he was reborn.

A lousy man becomes a loyal lover.

Hidden dimension, check. Food supplies, check. Golden finger, check.

Next, I’m not good at introductions, so please forgive me.

Alternative Synopsis:

After dying a horrible death in the hands of researchers after the apocalypse, Bai Jing was reborn, bringing his hidden dimension with him as he went back to a time just before the meteorites had hit the Earth. Follow his journey as he reunites with his lover from the last life and join together to carve out their own space in the world after the apocalypse!

Please Note:
xiin is only picking up this project from where it was dropped. older chapters on NU.

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  1. Hai Xiin-san, I’m here to ask. Can I translate BTTA that you translated into Indonesian?
    I will wait for your reply!
    Thank you for continuing this project.

  2. This humble reader only comes with a small request to the all powerful translator xiin <3.
    If I could translate the first chapters of BTTA 1-53, please, since this only appears in the NU links. (Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
    Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.)
    pd: excuse the spelling mistakes, English is not my language (google translator is love)

  3. I feel like I am late but but….. ” He recalled after Xiao Sa died, his gang blamed him so bad that Han Yan really tried to kill him for revenge, until Zhou Ji stopped him. Bai felt so wronged and could not understand.” Is this Zhou Ji pure coincidence???? Or is this Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye’s Zhou Ji the same person??? They both do come from apocalyptic world!!!! Someone plzzz reply