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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 107


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The convoy drove on for the entire day. Forget zombies, they didn’t even see the shadow of a beast. The entire world was empty, as though they were the only ones left! vuqtMX

Since they had decided to go to Yuxian, Bai Jing began to explain in detail the characteristics and weaknesses of level five zombies along the way. Every time Wang Fan and Yang Lin wondered how he knew so much, Bai Jing would say, “State secrets.” This allowed him to easily bypass the question, because even if they didn’t believe it, there was nothing they could do. However, they felt happier, and for the first time, they felt that perhaps it had been a good decision to leave K City Base at this time.

In the evening, the convoy stopped. There were many empty houses by the road. Everyone was busy as they tidied up two small two-storey buildings. Although it felt crowded with over one hundred people squeezed in, it was for safety purposes so no one raised any objections. As for the four coaches that Huang Mao had sent, they chose to live in a place less than ten meters away and settled down. Almost immediately after that, people came over to their side to visit.

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When the visitor came through the door, he was shocked by the aroma of the food in the room.  His calculating gaze made it clear that he didn’t have any good intentions. Was he used to being so arrogant? As Li Ran had said before, he even disdained to make any attempt at pretence.

“Where is Young Master Bai planning to go?” Huang Xiong looked slovenly as his frivolous gaze wandered over Bai Jing and Xiao Sa. AretTF

Xiao Sa looked at him coldly. No emotion could be seen from his expressionless face, but Bai Jing knew that Xiao Sa was angry. For a moment, he mourned silently for Huang Xiong in his heart then curled up his lips and laughingly said, “Don’t you know? Didn’t Mayor Huang tell you? We’re going to Yuxian!” 

“Don’t talk big, Young Master Bai!” Huang Xiong sneered. His gaze turned dark. The base had been boiling with excitement before they left; how could he not know? But he didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe that Young Master Bai would care so little for his own life!

Bai Jing regretfully shook his head and laughed lightly, his eyes filled with contempt, as though the person in front of him was merely an ant and not a person. “This road is the one that must be taken on the way to Yuxian. You already know the answer in your heart, don’t you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t come over to ask, right?” 

Huang Xiong’s expression was livid. His gaze was grim, as though anxious to swallow Bai Jing alive and tear him apart, “Young Master Bai had better consider everything carefully.”  37wiq2

“I said it long ago. What is there to think about? Didn’t Mayor Huang clearly tell you about it?” 

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Huang Xiong sneered and knew that it was useless to talk any further. He brought his men with him and aggressively turned away to leave.

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“Why do you need to provoke him?” Wang Fan looked over anxiously. They had grown much more familiar with each other during the journey.

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“Be on alert tonight. We’ll be leaving at two o’clock in the morning.” Xiao Sa ordered calmly, causing everyone to become dumbfounded. They hadn’t recovered enough to ask why when Xiao Sa continued, telling Bai Jing, “Distribute weapons to them.” 

Bai Jing nodded. He had originally intended to test these people for a while first, but now the situation was different. If there really were a level five zombies, they may not even have a chance to survive.

Bai Jing stood up, cleared his throat, and looked at the group of people in front of him seriously, “This time, we’re going to Yuxian. You all must be aware of the danger that lies there as Yuxian is now a dead city. I am glad that all of you have chosen to leave with us despite knowing the danger. I don’t dare promise anything else, but I will try my best to ensure everyone’s safety. There’s just one point you need to know. Within our team, I hope that there won’t be any betrayal, nor will I allow it. Everyone has already suffered through trials of life and death so you all must understand that no place is truly safe during the end of the world. If you want to live well, then you can only choose to move forward.” F9TClz

Wu Guoan raised his eyebrows. He was quite surprised – he hadn’t expected that Young Master Jing would be able to make such a graceful and authoritative speech. He really knew how to move people’s hearts. Looking at the chilly Xiao Sa who stood next to him, Wu Guoan suddenly felt that this couple really matched each other perfectly. 

“Relax, Young Master Jing. Since we’ve chosen to join the team, we’ll prioritize the interests of the team. Everyone is struggling to live on the edge of life and death, and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t hate betrayal.”

“Since Young Master Jing trusts us, we’ll naturally go all out.” 

“Nowadays, it’s dangerous everywhere. Don’t worry, each and every one of us knows the importance of team unity.” QaXf5L

“Ah! This time, leaving with Young Master Jing, it was an all or nothing decision. I just hope you’ll bring us along a road where we can come out alive on the other side.”

After hearing everyone’s comments, Bai Jing smiled in satisfaction, his face unconsciously softening as he said, “I can’t guarantee that everyone will make it through, but I’ll try my best to keep casualties low. Perhaps we aren’t familiar with each other yet, but I can assure you that you have made the right choice, and I’ll definitely lead everyone to live on. Not only will we live well, but we’ll also be able to live rampantly!” 

There was a fierce round of applause, and everyone began to smile. Bai Jing’s speech had excited everyone at the start, then made them not know whether to laugh or feel awkward at the end as they recalled Bai Jing’s glorious deeds in K City Base. It was an arrogant and unbridled story of how he placed nobody in his eyes, and it made everyone smile. Some people even joked, “Then, we’ll wait for Young Master Jing to lead us to walk sideways.” 

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“Are you a crab? You actually want to walk sideways!” eykNjx

“Hmph! You’re the one who doesn’t understand. Walking sideways is also an art.”

“That’s true. It costs money to walk sideways.”

They didn’t know it at the time, but in the future, Bai Jing and Xiao Sa would really lead them to run rampant across the land. They would stand at the top of the world, and every time they recalled this period of time, everyone’s faces would fill with joy. It could be said that their choice this time was the most correct decision that they had ever made in their entire lives! 

“Alright, alright!” Bai Jing clapped his hands and asked everyone to quiet down. “Now, we’ll start to distribute weapons. Everyone will have some. Children and the elderly are no exception. The current world is dangerous, and we can’t expect others to protect us. So, everyone needs to take up arms, regardless of whether they’re an ability user or an ordinary person. I firmly believe that attacking in the face of danger is the best way of protecting oneself. If we want to live on peacefully and stably, you all need to be courageous!” cQb2TX

“Young Master Jing, rest assured. I… I’ll also get weapons?” Aunt Liu’s face was full of excitement, her words practically incoherent.

“Brother Jing, I can kill monsters, too? Can I also help everyone?” Xiaoxiao looked at him expectantly, the light in her eyes so bright it was shocking.

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Because of Xu Feng, they were more familiar with Bai Jing. After hearing their words, Bai Jing smiled softly and nodded with certainty. “Yes, you guys can have weapons, and you can kill zombies. But you have to remember, the weapons that I give you are not for you to charge forward and attack enemy lines, but rather to give you a better ability to protect yourself. Only then will those who care about you be able to rest assured and not be distracted.” 

“Brother Jing, I will. I know that I’m still young and can’t help you guys, but I will protect myself and make sure you guys don’t worry. When I grow up, I’ll protect you.” Xiaoxiao’s firm nod and cute little appearance made everyone’s heart soften. fjxOz3

Bai Jing touched her head and no longer wasted time on words. He looked at the empty area in the corner of the hall, raised his hands, and several unsealed boxes packed full of weapons appeared in front of everyone along with various scattered firearms. 

For the people who didn’t know the value of these goods, their eyes began to shine as they rubbed their hands together with excitement. Those were guns…! 

Those who could judge the value of the goods were even more excited, anxiously wanting to rush over and arm themselves. Yang Lin was one of them, glaring fiercely at Bai Jing. He had been moved by his words for most of the day, but so what? Bai Jing had hidden so much! He then turned back to the scattered firearms – the big guys he wanted were also there!

“Enough, everyone will get something, but please remember to take only what you can use. Those who haven’t used guns before shouldn’t pick up highly lethal weapons to avoid causing accidental injuries. Wu Guoan, Yang Lin, and Wang Fan are responsible for distributing everything. After that, go and rest. We’ll be departing at 2 AM sharp.” After Bai Jing finished speaking, he and Xiao Sa left first.  sdfWnq

Yang Lin couldn’t wait to grab a submachine gun and a sniper rifle from the ground, refusing to let go of them as he carefully went back and forth over the weapons. Wang Fan had no choice but to acknowledge that he had encountered a true fool. He first opened up the wooden crates to see what kinds of things were inside, then started to distribute the weapons based on the headcount and each person’s individual ability. However, glancing at the boxes packed full of weapons and bullets, he noticed that even the latest models were available, as well as hand grenades and grenade guns. Wang Fan swallowed hard and really wanted to curse. Young Master Bai must really have robbed an arsenal!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His guess was indeed correct. Bai Jing had robbed an arsenal. Yan Gang had had a lot of good things, and he had really taken advantage of it. Zhang Qiucheng had obtained the army, but Bai Jing had gotten all the arms.

Time passed quickly, and their departure time would arrive in the twinkling of an eye, Bai Jing and Xiao Sa did not rest. Instead, they began to meditate when they returned to their room. Since they now knew about the existence of the level five zombies, they felt a growing sense of urgency. They had to improve their strength as soon as possible. If they couldn’t survive in the face of these zombies, then the only end waiting for them was elimination. That was also why Bai Jing had later changed his mind and wanted to go to Yuxian – with level five zombies’ crystal nuclei, Xiao Sa’s advancement would certainly not be a problem.

At night, the sky was very dark, and there was no sound at all. At 1:30 AM, everyone gathered quietly in the courtyard, and by the time Bai Jing and Xiao Sa arrived, everyone was already prepared to set out at any time. usyRtN

“Brother Sa, there won’t be any problems with that side, right!” Wu Guoan spoke in a very low tone as he shot a glance at the building ten meters away. Ever since night had fallen, the other side had been continuously active. 

“No need to consider them.” Xiao Sa answered indifferently. His chilly voice had no fluctuations, and it was as cold as ice. He had a strong feeling that tonight would not be a quiet night. 

Wu Guoan stopped talking. Since Brother Sa told him that he didn’t need to pay attention to them, there definitely wouldn’t be any serious issues. He glanced at the shadows under the trees in the distance and soon dropped the matter from his mind. 

At Xiao Sa’s command, the fleet of cars quickly set off, leaving behind the distant sound of people cursing that they would catch up to them, followed by a string of swearing. Unfortunately, nobody paid them any heed. Xiao Sa seemed to have a magical ability to unconsciously convince people. Since he had told them not to concern themselves over the other group, they believed that even if Huang Xiong and the others were able to follow and catch up, Xiao Sa would have his own way of dealing with it. b7qdHI

The cars were running smoothly, and Li Ran quickly spread out his psychic abilities, but other than the darkness around them, nothing else could be seen.

“Go south.” Xiao Sa suddenly opened his mouth. His sharp eyes were fixed on the darkness in the distance. The people in the car were surprised and quickly picked up their weapons.




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