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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 129


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Bai Jing began to congratulate himself at this point. Fortunately, they had gone to the fourth floor first and tested out the zombies’ attitudes. Otherwise, he might not have had the courage to open the front door to the warehouse and would perhaps have simply called Wu Guoan and the others to gather together, and then led them to run away. 5ptx3v

Xiao Sa was also secretly alarmed, but he didn’t show it on the surface. In any case, since they had come, there was no reason to retreat. Not only was this for the sake of the weapons in the warehouse, it was also for the sake of their future plans. Right now, he already didn’t dare consider that if the zombies were already so powerful at this point, there was no way for human beings to survive.

Xiao Sa urgently wanted to know if the zombies inside were potential allies or enemies and whether they had really learned to think and reason.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Holding tightly onto Bai Jing’s hand, Xiao Sa did not hesitate at all as he pressed his palm against the ice cold warehouse door and forcefully pushed it open.

The scene within unfolded in front of their eyes, and the two of them stood there frozen, sucking in a cold breath. kzVN6s

The empty warehouse was neatly lined with zombies. They might be expressionless, and their bodies might be stiff, they might not be able to speak at all, but they all wore neat military uniforms and stood in rows throughout the warehouse. It was obviously a legion of zombies.

Bai Jing stared wide-eyed and alert, ready to flee at any time.

Xiao Sa looked around vigilantly and for the first time, showed a cautious expression on his face.

In the middle of the warehouse, there were quite a few tables and chairs that had been precisely arranged in two rows, just like a small court. In the middle of the warehouse, there were two handsome young people with strong, angular faces. Their expressions were solemn and rigorous, and they were still dressed in green officer’s uniform. If they ignored their scarlet eyes, they looked no different from human beings.


The two of them suddenly realized that these two must be the leader of the zombie legion and the only two level seven zombies.

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Behind them stood a huge black stone. It was the height of three people and as big as a fake mountain. It quickly attracted Bai Jing’s attention, and he had a little insight in his heart – his speculation that the meteorite could improve the zombies’ levels was correct. No wonder the zombies here were so powerful. It turned out to be like this!

“You… leave…” The zombie sitting in the middle opened its mouth and spoke. Its words weren’t very clear.

Xiao Sa could guess what it meant, and he relaxed a little. It was good that they could talk – he tentatively asked, “Are you telling us all to leave?” L0MHW1

The zombie nodded with its stiff neck. Although its appearance was very human, there were still some differences, and the zombie’s limbs were not as flexible as a human’s.

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Bai Jing looked at him quietly. He kept feeling like the zombie was very familiar.

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“You’re Yang Yan?” Bai Jing exclaimed suddenly, then covered his mouth in disbelief.

Yang Yan turned his head and looked at Bai Jing, puzzled. He seemed to be trying his best to recall something, but it was always in vain as the thoughts eluded him.

“I… Yang Yan…” This name shocked him. It was very familiar, so familiar that he could sense how important it was, but he just couldn’t remember no matter what he did.

“You, aren’t you Yang Yan?” Bai Jing felt sad, but couldn’t really explain why. He could recognize Yang Yan because of how much attention he had paid to Bai Jingcheng in his previous life. The Yang family was once the top family in the Capital, and their words could cause the earth to tremble. The Zhou Family amounted to nothing next to them, and even Zhang Qiucheng’s current army had once belonged to the Yang Family. Only, no one had expected that after the apocalypse erupted, the prosperous Yang family would be the first to fall, and the most promising descendants of the Yang Family would also have ended up in such a place. Y1Np4i

Bai Jing sighed lightly and relaxed slightly after discovering that this man was Yang Yan. The Yang Family was one of the founders of the country, and they were also a military family. The legend of the Yang Family was well known and celebrated, and if it hadn’t been for the sake of protecting humans and an unnecessary sense of responsibility, Bai Jing suspected that the Yang Family might not have disappeared so quickly. After all, the Yang Family was more powerful than the Song and Zhou Families, with a deeper foundation and stronger influence…

Although he had no memories, Yang Yan obviously kept his habits from when he was alive. He may have forgotten everything, but he still remembered that he was a soldier. Otherwise, he would not have shown kindness to humans, and there wouldn’t be an army of zombies here.

Xiao Sa was shocked for a moment before he also recognized who the zombie was. He had seen him on TV before, but he was a gangster who hadn’t needed to keep up with information about the army and hadn’t paid much attention to these things. He didn’t think that they would meet each other like this.

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“I… Yang Yan…” The zombie murmured, the expression on its face turning more human. onfWvy

“Yang Yan!”

“Yang Yan!”

The zombie became happy as he called his name out over and over again.

Xiao Sa and Bai Jing looked at each other and exchanged smiles. This was a good start. GXJu7U

Bai Jing always liked to take advantage of opportunities to strive for greater benefits. It was best if they could negotiate successfully, but regardless of whether the result was good or bad, he felt like he should try it anyway. At least Yang Yan wasn’t hostile towards them, which meant that they were already halfway to success. “Hello, Yang Yan. I am Bai Jing. This time, I came to the military factory for a batch of materials. Can we take them away? The Capital Base needs them.”

Yang Yan listened and tilted his head. He seemed to be thinking about something, his scarlet eyes showing no trace of emotion as he looked indifferently at Bai Jing.

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Bai Jing secretly sucked in his breath. The pressure from a level seven zombie’s stare was really something.

After half a beat, Yang Yan spat out a few words, “Mine… no give…” ueRnvr

Bai Jing choked, and his courage grew stronger. He stared at Yang Yan in dissatisfaction. Say, you’re a zombie. What do you need so much weaponry for?

Yang Yan’s all-encompassing pressure instantly increased, indicating that he was unhappy. There was a feeling of ‘if you dare misbehave, he’ll pick a fight’.

Bai Jing stopped talking at once. In the situation where others were stronger than him, he couldn’t afford to provoke him. Should he just hide away now?

Xiao Sa seldom saw Little Jing turn crestfallen and laughed lightly. He also hadn’t expected that the zombie would be so possessive. utjVgC

Bai Jing wasn’t that disappointed. In any case, they had already gained enough during this trip to the military factory. But who could tell him, what exactly was going on?

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They watched as Yang Yan waved his hand, and the zombie army surrounded them in an instant. Xiao Sa and Bai Jing instantly tensed up, but before they could think any further, they became shocked by Yang Yan’s words.

Just one word, “Exchange!”

Exchange? The two of them were united in their thoughts as they both wondered why Yang Yan was doing this. They were ready to fight back to back at any time. nah4Nb

A level six zombie began to call out,  as its stiff hands gestured endlessly.

What was the meaning of this? The two of them really couldn’t understand.

“Awu! Awu! Awu!” The level six zombie got angry and turned around so that its buttocks were facing them.

Bai Jing finally realized that the level six zombie was the one they had met on the fourth floor of the science and technology building. After pondering it for a while, it suddenly occurred to him that he still owed thanks to the other party. T8Js9h

Bai Jing wanted to cry but had no tears as he racked his brain, finally pulling out a bottle of spring water from his space.

The level six zombie happily accepted the trade and looked curiously at the bottle. It was a little disdainful and a little happy. This was the first time it had received a gift, and it was really excited as its fingertips gently stroked the bottle, accidentally breaking the bottle cap and causing the rich aroma of the spring water to disperse through the air.

Yang Yan turned his head to look over, then impolitely took the bottle and sniffed it despite the little zombie’s protest. He took a tentative sip, discovered that it tasted even better than blood, and then the bottle gurgled as he swallowed the whole bottle and licked his lips. He looked straight at Bai Jing, “Exchange.”

Bai Jing felt a little relieved at last, and Xiao Sa wiped off his cold sweat. Originally Yang Yan wanted to make a deal. Looking at the spread of zombies around them, they didn’t dare to belittle the zombies’ intelligence any more. This kind of transaction method was really a bit too terrifying. CLIsdJ

Bai Jing was very direct as he brought out two more bottles of spring water and pointed to the weapons piled up in the far corner. “Those will be mine.”

Yang Yan put the spring water away first, then looked at the corner with disgust. Although he did not understand the role that the pile of scrap iron played, it didn’t prevent him from being able to think, “Not enough!”

Bai Jing stared in amazement and felt a little dazed. Although trading with spring water didn’t cost him anything, he was bargaining with zombies! He felt that this was a little hard to accept.

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Yang Yan was a good zombie, and as though he was afraid that Bai Jing wouldn’t agree, he stuttered as he squeezed out, “You… buildings… take away… exchange… not enough…” UaYxs0

Bai Jing was left speechless instantly. He understood what Yang Yan meant. Of course, the things they had taken away from the science and technology building had been done right under the zombie’s eyes. Yang Yan probably meant that everything they had taken in the science and technology building should also be exchanged for spring water. Two bottles of spring water wasn’t enough.

Bai Jing silently looked at the zombies around them. He wanted to ask, did he have the right to refuse? This was a naked threat, okay!

After some bargaining, Bai Jing took out six barrels of spring water to show that he really had no more to give. Yang Yan looked at him doubtfully, and then with a big wave of his hand, the zombies that had surrounded them retreated.

Yang Yan was happy and was very satisfied with the deal. nArTjR

Bai Jing was crying silent tears. Yang Yan really was a soldier that had gone through a hundred battles, right? He was really hard to trick! If he hadn’t expressed that there really wasn’t any more spring water, and they would have to trade again next time, he believed that Yang Yan would try all possible means until he was squeezed dry. Bai Jing swore that he would go up and fight against anyone who dared to say that the zombies’ brains were no good!

Bai Jing took the weapons from the warehouse and said goodbye to Yang Yan. Generally speaking, although he was left a depressed by the trade, at the end of the day, it had been a great deal, and they had really made a profit.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Since Yang Yan was happy, he was very friendly to them and even told them before they left, “I… help… basement… third floors… kill…”

“Thanks!” Bai Jing waved goodbye to him. The two of them basically understood what Yang Yan had meant and sent amused looks at the aggrieved level six zombie nearby. They had only asked in passing before and hadn’t expected that the zombie would remember and ask Yang Yan for help. Compared with human schemes, zombies were really quite cute sometimes, weren’t they? KXiCWT

The two of them left the warehouse and noticed the smoke outside, feeling as though they were in a dream. They really hadn’t thought that they could build such a good relationship with the zombies during this trip to the military factory.

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