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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 93


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha 

Returning back to his space, Bai Jing’s suddenly contorted as a burst of hot energy rushed through his chest and ran through his meridians. He could feel his veins swelling, his skin wanted to tear apart, and his body seemed to want to explode. JmgBhv

“Fuck! This is the worst timing.” Bai Jing cursed and soon discovered the cause of his pain. He had forgotten that he’d brought in a level two crystal nucleus today. After returning to his space, the energy from the crystal and the zombie virus naturally began to clash, and he was very familiar with this feeling. It was the same as when he had ranked up last time.

His heart was full of a mix of frustration and delight. Bai Jing hurried to the bottom of the spring. Although he really regretted not being able to first rush over and see how Xiao Sa was doing, he also knew that he urgently needed to expel the zombie virus from his body. 

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Having experienced it once, he was familiar with it when it happened again. Bai Jing very naturally circulated the energy through his body at the bottom of the spring, gradually relaxing his body and consciousness. He and Xiao Sa were both in the water, one floating on the surface, one sitting at the bottom of the spring as they slowly began to glow with a faint blue light, like twins in a mother’s body. The glow gently comforted their bodies and implicitly tied them together, closely, tightly, and inseparably!

As time slowly crept by while they were unconscious, a huge fire raged through Phoenix Mountain, burning for nine days and nine nights before it was finally extinguished by a torrential rainstorm. Many trees in the mountains were reduced to ashes, countless birds and animals were killed or injured, and many mutant animals fled from the forest. 7sZk4f

The potential danger of Phoenix Mountain was erased by the fire, but for people in the nearby bases, it was unclear if it was a blessing or a curse. 

Zhang Qiucheng and the others scrambled out of the mountain forest, constantly cursing and scolding in their hearts. They had originally been happy sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight, but just as the fisherman had been about to make a profit, the huge fire spread over, and they barely had time to escape, let alone be depressed over their loss. Fortunately, they had still made some gains by successfully infiltrating the army during their escape, and it was now only a matter of time before they gained momentum and influence.

Time flew by in the space. Bai Jing successfully advanced to become a rank two ability user. He stretched lightly underwater and didn’t linger. Bai Jing’s thoughts moved, and he couldn’t wait to return to the surface. He missed Xiao Sa so, so much… 

As soon as Bai Jing had gotten a firm footing, a gust of warmth surrounded him and held him tightly within an embrace.  bXaGdC

“Xiao… Mmm…” Even before Bai Jing finished his words, his lips were fiercely blocked by the person who had come over, and he was bitten and licked evilly.

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“Don’t…” Bai Jing was gasping for breath from the kiss, his rigid body turning soft. The vague refusal had just been uttered when a piercing sensation shot up from his chest.

“Really don’t?” The hoarse voice carried a slight sense of playfulness as ten fingers moved agilely, simulating a steel knife and efficiently peeling off the clothes of the lover in his embrace. His kiss was punishing as his hands kneaded Bai Jing’s flesh, slowly exploring his lover’s erogenous zones bit by bit.

“Hey!” Bai Jing gave a choked cry, feeling embarrassed and angry, but he didn’t realize what a beautiful view he presented at the moment. F f4sN

Xiao Sa took no notice of his cry, holding little Bai Jing in his large hand as he laughed deeply, “That’s not what this is saying.” 

“You…” Bai Jing was indignant and stared at him fiercely. He clearly wanted to resist, but his body went against his will and arched into Xiao Sa, “Faster… Go a bit faster…” 

“There’s no hurry.” Xiao Sa’s response was nonchalant as he skillfully moved his hand up and down Bai Jing’s hardness, forcefully gripping the top when Bai Jing was about to reach his peak. Heavens knew how anxious he’d been these past few days, wanting to punish the little person in his arms, but since he couldn’t bear to raise a hand against him, he still needed to find a way to make sure Bai Jing remembered his lesson. This method was perfect; Xiao Sa very much enjoyed this kind of play. 

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One of Xiao Sa’s hands held the head of Bai Jing’s member, while he mercilessly pushed apart his lover’s legs, his other hand openly and boldly appreciating the hidden parts of his body. He was delighted to discover that his lover’s chrysanthemum leaked transparent liquid that seemed to serve no other purpose than to ease the way. It was so beautiful that he couldn’t look away. l2NZ0x

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“Give you, give you what?” Xiao Sa’s gaze grew darker and darker. His lips still carried traces of the silver liquid as a single finger penetrated into the pink hole, pressing and rotating agilely along the inner walls.

“You…” A sense of shame flooded into his heart. Xiao Sa laughed lightly and stopped teasing him; it was sometimes difficult to coax the little kitten when he’d raised his hackles. He spoke softly, “Oh, don’t be anxious, I’m only afraid that I’ll hurt you.” PqEvLi

“Wu… You’re doing it on purpose…” Bai Jing’s eyes were covered in a layer of misty tears.

“How could that be?” Xiao Sa’s mouth said so, but the movements of his hands were unhurried as he slowly dipped in a second finger, exploring and playing with the wet inner walls. He wasn’t worried about his lover’s impatient appearance at all. Rather, he very much appreciated it.

Bai Jing shifted his bottom uncontrollably, his teeth itching to bite and wanting to vent his frustration. He glared angrily at Xiao Sa, “Give it to me, quickly, are you going to fuck me or not?” 

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Xiao Sa felt a full body shiver run through his body when he heard such bare, provocative words. How could he hold back any longer? Heavens knew how much willpower he’d been using to hold back; his own member pressed against his lover’s entrance and he ruthlessly thrust in…  1pKe7

River crabs crawl by…

After doing it three times, Xiao Sa was finally satisfied and planned to take his lover to wash up.

“Get lost, don’t come over.” Bai Jing’s waist was sore, his back hurt, and he kicked Xiao Sa away with one foot, not even bothering with clothes as he teleported away, intending to return to the villa to clean up. Letting Xiao Sa help out was like sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth. He’d already eaten a loss twice, and if he fell for that again, he’d have lived in vain.

Xiao Sa spread his hands and licked his lips as he savoured the taste. It looked like he would have to stop for today. However, Xiao Sa’s gaze turned gloomy again after glancing around. Little Jing had so many secrets!  8qLz v

He had woken up as early as three days ago. He hadn’t been surprised to find himself in an idyllic paradise and had only felt the heart and lung tearing pain of losing his lover. Normal people would never be able to sleep underwater, and at that time, he had seriously wanted to rip apart the world. If he hadn’t ultimately discovered that Little Jing was still alive and realized that something unexpected must have happened to him, he didn’t know what he would’ve done in his rage.

He followed the now-familiar path to return to the villa. He had explored the space three days ago, and other than wondering why eight mu of land was empty, he had harvested grain and picked some fruit over the past few days. He had even fed the chickens. Xiao Sa really had to say that his Little Jing was truly lazy. He was even more puzzled and had ten thousand portions of curiosity about how everything could grow so well when nobody was around to harvest anything. 

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The villa had lots of clothing for him to wear. Sometimes, Xiao Sa couldn’t even get angry despite himself. He didn’t blame Little Jing for hiding it from him, but he was worried, afraid, and scared that something unexpected might happen to Little Jing. 

After changing, Xiao Sa sat quietly in the living room. From the decoration and furnishings of the villa, as well as the various articles placed inside, Xiao Sa could easily tell that Bai Jing really placed him in the most important part of his heart. His clothes fit well, the towels and toothbrushes came in sets of twos, the red wine was to his taste, the brand for the razors was the one he preferred, and the models, magazines, discs, appliances, washing products, cologne, and so on were all his favourites… Everything spoke clearly about Bai Jing’s careful thoughtfulness. UVXFu0

Xiao Sa was very touched but also somewhat frustrated. Little Jing had obviously had him in mind when he set everything up, but hadn’t spoken a single word about it to him. Xiao Sa didn’t blame Bai Jing for concealing it, however, he was annoyed that he himself hadn’t done a good enough job and hadn’t provided his lover enough of a sense of security.

We have to mention at this point that Big Brother Xiao Sa, you’ve really overthought it! Still, this misunderstanding was a very good thing for Bai Jing.

After bathing, Bai Jing weakly opened the door to the room and tentatively stretched his head out as if it was under an executioner’s knife. He was racking his brains about how to explain his deception from Xiao Sa, but he didn’t have a chance to speak before he heard, “Little Jing, thank you for your trust. I love you.” 

Bai Jing made a 囧 face. In fact, his teeth ached a bit from the unexpected sweetness. It was rare for Xiao Sa to be so mind-numbingly direct and proudly flip up his tail, making it so that his worries just now completely disappeared into thin air. Pft, Bai Jing firmly refused to admit that he was relieved. bHXT8d

Bai Jing was quick to follow up with a confession about the origins of the space. His explanation was the same as before, but now he revealed that the storage space was a farmable space and told him about how he had collected all the materials.

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Xiao Sa couldn’t help recalling their first encounter and complained, “Why didn’t you stay one more day in N City?” That way, they would’ve gotten to know each other earlier, and Little Jing wouldn’t have had to bear all this pressure alone. 

Bai Jing smiled blandly. He definitely wouldn’t tell him that they had met as early as in his previous life. He slanted a glance at Xiao Sa and said, “Who told you not to visit earlier? This Young Master was very busy.”

Xiao Sa was left speechless and could only rub Bai Jing’s hair fiercely. He could admit that it had been his fault at that time. He changed the topic, “Right. I haven’t congratulated you yet on your promotion to a rank two ability user.” 3vZdjW

Bai Jing pouted, then smiled proudly, “Let’s see who follows who and do some sparring some time.”

Xiao Sa couldn’t help but laugh when he took in Bai Jing’s triumphant little appearance then shot back mercilessly, “I’ve advanced too, so we’ll forget about the sparring. It’ll be bad if I hurt you.”

Bai Jing shuttered his delighted expression. Just because Xiao Sa was happy about his advancement, he still didn’t need to bully people like that.

“There’s eight mu of open land outside. Let’s go and plant it.” Xiao Sa wisely changed the topic. He now understood why there was so much empty space and was genuinely happy about his lover getting stronger. wQGIET

Bai Jing nodded. He had also planned to do this; they could never have too much food.

Their actions followed their words. Bai Jing brought out two ploughs and a seed sowing machine.

Xiao Sa went quiet when he saw the machines. What the hell had he been so busy these past three days for…

Ten days passed, and neither of them mentioned leaving. They enjoyed the rare peace inside the space, knowing in their hearts that there would be another storm waiting for them when they left. lYKkfw

Still, they were now more convinced than ever that life would be better in the future.

The enclosure for the chickens was expanded once again; two mu of breeding land was no longer enough. The pigs had grown fat and strong, while the chicken and ducks had formed flocks. The fish and shrimp in the pond filled with seawater were fertile, the herb fields were flourishing, the branches of the trees were laden with fruit, and the fields set aside for crops were full of newly sprouted seedlings.

They both looked at the abundant and flourishing space with satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment rising up in their hearts at the same time.

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“We’ll continue to live on, won’t we?” Bai Jing asked. BuOTyY

“Yes, we will live very well, and the people of Jing Sa City will also live well.” 

“I want to run a chicken farm in the city.” 


“And farm the land.”  YpgdPX


“I also want to open a factory.” 

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“I want you to make Jing Sa City into a prosperous, independent city.” AQtdcM


“Then, I want to be the King of Jing Sa City.”


“How come you’re okay with anything?”  UOKX3u

“Of course I have to fulfil my Lady Wife’s orders.” 

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“I really don’t believe you.”

“I promise…”

The two of them talked happily as they jokingly planned out their blueprint for the future, and neither of them expected that their casual plan would come true one day. However, Bai Jing’s dream of becoming the King was shattered as he became the Queen… aCk eo


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