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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 81


translator: xiin
editors: alamerysl & juurensha

“We’ll take action separately. Little Jing and I will go to the army; Cao Lei will bring people to Yunshan.” Xiao Sa thought for a moment, then spoke with finality. pgE4GV

“No!” Wang Xuebing’s face sank, “Our duty is to protect the Young Master.” Yan Gang had an army of 80,000 people. He couldn’t let the Young Master and Xiao Sa go alone no matter what.

Cao Lei patted him on the shoulder and glanced at Xiao Sa. “Do as he says.”

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“Yan Gang’s side will rely on strategy. More people won’t necessarily be helpful, but the base must be well guarded. Besides, we have too few first-level ability users right now. This time, when you guys go…”

Xiao Sa didn’t finish, but Cao Lei understood. It was rare for such a large number of level one zombies to appear; Xiao Sa most likely wanted to obtain their crystal nuclei. sjUfnu

“I agree.” Leng Han raised his hand to vote. He didn’t understand the matter regarding Yan Gang, but he knew that Yunshan was at the edge of L Province, and they would be affected if it fell. Since they had discovered danger there, it needed to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Cao Lei nodded. Besides Xiao Sa, he was the only second level ability user at the base. If he was there while they dealt with the level one zombies, they would be able to prevent many unnecessary casualties.

Wang Xuebing was dissatisfied, but since his lover had nodded his head and agreed, he could only keep silent. While he knew that Xiao Sa’s words were reasonable, it was one thing to understand his logic, but another to watch the Young Master go out and take risks. He understood Yan Gang’s character; he was secretive and hard to read, and in his eyes, the Young Master was like a child that hadn’t grown up yet. Although Xiao Sa was protecting him, human beings were not like the zombies at all, and had both weapons and wisdom. How could he not be worried knowing they were going to face the huge national army?

“No.” The person speaking up in opposition this time was Zhou Ji. His thoughts were the same as Wang Xuebing’s – he had heard about Yan Gang since a long time ago. He was a ruthless character, and although Brother Sa was a level two ability user, he would be massively outnumbered by many enemies. Based from what he knew, Yan Gang’s army had researchers, and considering Brother Sa and Bai Jing’s characters, how could they let them off? Since it was like this, the risk level would certainly increase. There were now level one zombies everywhere. If they also insisted on entering confrontations with other human beings, then… 92FDA

“That’s the decision.” Xiao Sa had the final say. He understood Zhou Ji’s concerns, but he also had his own thoughts. Weapons were mostly made of metal, and he was confident that he could retreat safely. Bai Jing could teleport and also didn’t require his concern. In fact, more people would hinder them. No matter what, he would make sure to thoroughly protect Little Jing.

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Zhou Ji opened his mouth, then closed it again, swallowing down the words on his lips. He was very clear about Brother Sa’s character – other than when he faced Bai Jing, he would always do as he said.

Xiao Sa’s lips curved slightly as he silently accepted his good friend’s concern. He glanced over at Zhou Ji, “Don’t worry.”

That steady voice that carried a hint of coldness somehow made everyone feel calmer in their hearts. Zhou Ji hesitated a moment and then nodded solemnly. As a loyal subordinate and friend, he should have confidence in Brother Sa. “When are you leaving?” KzCdG2

“Tomorrow.” Xiao Sa did not hesitate to answer.

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“Have you arranged everything here?” Xiao Sa nodded. He could guess at some of Xie Minhang’s thoughts. It really was time to let them go out and gain practical experience.

“Rest assured, I’ve already found someone good.” Xie Minhang was delighted. As long as Xiao Sa agreed, everything else wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’ll go too.” Leng Han followed up. Seeing that his subordinates were looking at him in concern, he shook his head slightly. There was no man who would turn down the chance for more strength; he was the same. Although the base was comfortable, and he had an important position, how could he not be anxious when he saw that not only were all of Xiao Sa’s people level one ability users, he even had a level two! Based on the present situation, if level one zombies had already appeared, who could say if there would be level two ones in the future? Raising up his strength was imperative.

“And me.” Yang Wenhua was naturally unwilling to be left behind. emPWR3

Soon, a few more people raised their hands to sign up. Within the conference room, except for a few people who couldn’t get away, they had all raised their hands one after the other.

Xiao Sa frowned. It was good to see that their morale was high, but the base could not be left unattended. If they all left at once, if a strong enemy attacked, the people left in the base would surely be defeated without a leader.

“You should consult among yourselves and leave three people in charge and at least five level one ability users behind. In addition, someone needs to guard the warehouse; don’t all run outside one after the other. The base is our true foundation. At most, wait until I return, and I will arrange shifts for you so that everyone can take turns going out to hunt. Just remember one thing – we need to be cautious when doing all things.” Xiao Sa laid down his requirements and then gave them a taste of sweetness after. He was too lazy to make the actual arrangements; it was enough as long as the final result was what he wanted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After that, Xiao Sa stood up and left, leaving the group of people staring at each other for a moment before breaking out into heated debates. Cao Lei was also too lazy to watch the show; in any case, his quota was fixed. As for the matter at hand, either Qin Hao or Xu Lei could stay at any base. They were sharp-eyed, petty people who liked to argue, and Cao Lei believed that with them there, the warehouse would definitely be strictly guarded. Yw2Bpm

Xiao Sa returned to the apartment building, but did not immediately return to his own room. He dithered then arrived in front of Bai Jing’s door. He’d just eaten meat today and was still savouring the taste; how could he bear to be separated from Little Jing? In any case, they were already a couple, and even if he couldn’t go another round today, it would still be great if he could sleep with him in his arms. But what about the locked door? What a joke; he was a metal ability user. Opening the door wasn’t a problem at all.

After slipping quietly into the room, Xiao Sa swiftly slid under the blankets and gently pulled Bai Jing into his arms. He immediately felt like his life was complete as he looked at his lover’s quiet, sleeping face and soon fell into deep slumber himself.

The next morning, Bai Jing’s expression was dark. He didn’t need to think about it to know how Xiao Sa had gotten into the room.

“Morning!” Xiao Sa smiled, his face enlarged as he appeared in Bai Jing’s view and gave him a kiss. He got up and dressed as though everything was a matter of course, and then, as if remembering something, tilted his head, and said, “By the way, I haven’t moved my towel and toothbrush over yet. Do you have any extras?” Y9ZhBf

Bai Jing gritted his teeth. Did this person know what self-consciousness was?

Xiao Sa acted as though he hadn’t seen the expression on his face and urged, “Hurry and get up. We’ll be leaving in a moment. I studied the route a while ago. If it’s just the two of us on the road, we can cross through from S Province.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The two of us?” Bai Jing’s thoughts were diverted from his irritation when he heard this. Xiao Sa was secretly delighted as he quickly answered, “Yunshan is besieged by zombies and there are hundreds of level one zombies. I had the others go over and take a look.”

Bai Jing was surprised for a moment and suddenly remembered that he had heard the Hope Team say a few days ago that they had reminded the people in Yunshan, but unfortunately, nobody paid any attention to it. He had not expected that level one zombies would show up so soon. ND4dGi

He sighed gently. In fact, he also wanted to go and beat up zombies to get their crystal nuclei, but they couldn’t delay with Yan Gang’s matters. Other than him and Xiao Sa, nobody else was suitable, so he had to give up on that idea.

Glancing at Xiao Sa, he brought out a towel and toothbrush from his space. He was very speechless about how shameless this man was and felt that he shouldn’t waste his words and saliva. In any case, they were about to leave, and he couldn’t move in even if he wanted.

So, under Bai Jing’s helpless acquiescence, Xiao Sa finally took the first step to moving in. Only, he regretted that they needed to leave soon; such a good opportunity to cultivate their feelings was wasted.

Both of them had their own thoughts. After washing and tidying up, they said their goodbyes. t EnIC


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Jing frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Sa soon discovered that his lover had something on his mind.

“Who’s driving?” Bai Jing gave him a slightly bitter look. They were going on a long trip without psychic ability users or people he could order about. They had lived in luxury for such a long time, but now they would need to drive night and day. Just thinking about it made Bai Jing feel tired… xmbV 8

Xiao Sa couldn’t help laughing, but everyone’s lips twitched. They were unlike Bai Jing who didn’t concern himself over anything. After spending day after day in the base and interacting with all sorts of people, they had seen it all. For some, just getting enough to eat was a problem, let alone considering driving a car. Young Master Jing’s words really made it difficult for others to know what to say.

“I’ll drive.” Xiao Sa spoke calmly. He discovered that if he didn’t cut short the topic here, Little Jing would probably really offend the public.

“I don’t have a car,” Bai Jing curled his lip.

Others might not understand, but Wang Xuebing knew very well – the Young Master didn’t have a car? Hah! RVs and Hummers… were they just there for decoration? KNH8kO

Xiao Sa knew what he meant. Hummers used up a lot of gas. Since they were making their way alone, they could keep things simple – it was unnecessary to consume more gas. Every little bit they saved would be useful since the days were still long, and they naturally needed to be careful. He hadn’t expected that Little Jing would have such a side, too.

“We’ll go to the rental parking lot.” Xiao Sa smiled slightly. It was easy to discover that while Little Jing usually acted in a grandiose and extravagant manner, everything that they actually needed to use were all properly stockpiled. For things that were truly scarce, Little Jing became incredibly stingy. What to do? He really loved this part of Little Jing too.

“Oh!” Bai Jing nodded, then turned around to go. He wasn’t concerned by the crowds’ gazes at all.

The two of them quickly picked out an SUV with good performance and low fuel consumption. Xiao Sa used his metal ability to go over it once and gave it some perfect reinforcements. He then took Bai Jing with him and left in a cloud of dust, leaving only envy in the hearts of the crowd, particularly the metal ability users present; when could they have the same level of skill as Xiao Sa…? RNm56F

They went on their way. The base managed the Pingyuan County very well, and they met no obstacles along the way. Only, one hour later, before they had even turned onto the highway intersection, when they arrived at a road that was necessary to pass through in order to reach Jing Sa City, they found their way blocked by a big tree that was suddenly cut down in front of them. It just so happened to block their way, and it was very obvious that the big tree would have hit their car if Xiao Sa was not a metal ability user or was driving just the slightest bit faster.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Jing glanced around. His body did not move at all from his position leaning against the back seat. Ever since his power level had advanced, and his body had been quenched by the spring water, he had been able to clearly sense everything within a hundred meters of himself. Although his awareness was not as good as the psychic ability users, in general, it was enough.

Xiao Sa’s expression turned severe. He wasn’t frightened or nervous, but very unhappy. He naturally also knew what the situation was around them. Originally, he hadn’t taken it seriously, but unexpectedly, something like this really happened.

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“Hand over all your things if you know what’s good for you.” Very quickly, the people who had been in hiding banded together, and a group of malicious, fierce looking people blocked their way. JF8WSM

Bai Jing was speechless. They were being robbed, weren’t they?

“Who are you guys with?” Xiao Sa asked in a cold voice. His icy aura was now a constant presence; he hadn’t realized that there were robbers around Jing Sa City. Could it be that he had been too benevolent, resulting in these kinds of people?

“Speak less nonsense and hand over your things. We are people from Jing Sa City. The ruler of the city is my uncle, and if you know what’s good for you, you’d better act smart. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay here.”

Bai Jing as really amused as he looked left and right at the robbers. He glanced over at Xiao Sa, “When did you pick up a nephew like this?” W5aP I

Xiao Sa’s face was black. He couldn’t believe he was being linked with these people.

Bai Jing: “When did you pick up a nephew like this?”
ala: LMAO
juu: Ahahaha, man you guys are dead

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