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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 75


translator: xiin
editors: alamerysl & juurensha

Yan Liang calculated well, but he had never thought that his caution would cause his downfall. ntYXj9

When Bai Jing arrived at Yan Liang’s rooms, he immediately discovered that the man was heavily guarded. With his keen spatial awareness , he could clearly sense that there were over fifty masters nearby. The only thing to be thankful for was that Yan Liang was very cautious by nature and never allowed others to enter his room. Even his bodyguards remained just outside the door.

Bai Jing sneered. He created a space screen to shield himself from view and looked around before quietly hiding in the shadowed corner behind a wardrobe. Yan Liang really valued his own life highly; his security was airtight, and he probably never dreamed that someone would be able to enter through teleportation.

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“Crack!” The sound of something slamming against the door rang out, and Bai Jing unconsciously held his breath, pressing himself lower against the floor.

“Damn it!” Yan Liang was angry, flopping down onto a chair with a dark expression on his face. He had no time to think about anything else before  a sense of foreboding inexplicably rose up in his heart. b0IdXm

“You…” Yan Liang stared blankly at the person who had suddenly appeared in the corner of his room. He wanted to shout for help, but discovered that his throat seemed to have been pinched shut by something, and he had no way to cry out as as the air slowly escaped from his lungs.  

“Rest in peace!” Bai Jing’s lips curved slightly as he silently mouthed the words. His face was wreathed with an incomparably gorgeous smile that carried traces of fierce pleasure.

Yan Liang’s mind was enveloped in panic. His rigid body seemed to have been bound by something, and no matter how hard he struggled, even when he desperately tried to use his abilities, he had no way to free himself from the  transparent net that cut off all avenues of escape. The gap between ranks in ability users was insurmountable. Yan Liang could only sense that his consciousness was beginning to fade as his breathing gradually became ragged…

Bai Jing watched him coldly as he set the silencer on his gun. He aimed directly at Yan Liang’s head and ended things quickly. Bai Jing did not want to be discovered, and it would be too obvious if this guy had suffocated to death.


“Pop!” Blood splattered everywhere!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Liang’s eyes were still open in death. He had considered the possibility of dying, but he had never thought that he would die at the hands of this brat. He watched as his own body fell to the ground, thrashing in its violent death throes and causing a ruckus. He was unwilling! There were so many guards at the door – why hadn’t any of them rushed in? Even if his death was already certain, at least he could pull this brat down with him.

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However, Yan Liang’s wish was doomed to remain a fantasy. In the instant of his death, he could see that the brat from the Bai family was still as arrogant as ever, tossing everything in the room around and rearranging his death scene in an orderly manner.

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Bai Jing was now in a great mood. Not only did he manage to smoothly deal with the problem, he had also been surprised to discover that he had developed a new power. He could now control the space within a small area and even block the air flow within that space. He quickly searched through the room, unscrupulously flipping through the cabinets and taking anything that could be carried before teleporting back.

As soon as he arrived, a chaotic mess of bodies and the evidence of battle scattered around the house greeted his eyes.

Bai Jing frowned in disgust. Cao Lei and Qin Yi were not in the room. There was only Chao Haoyang, who was sitting there restlessly, Yu Yue who was looking around everywhere, and finally Xiao Sa, who had his eyes closed as he mediated.

“You’re back.” Xiao Sa opened his eyes, and the lines on his face instantly softened. He did not ask how things had gone for Bai Jing. He knew that if Little Jing had returned safely, it meant that he had definitely been successful. He not only needed to have confidence in his lover – he also needed to show trust. WmT3Ic

“Yep!” Bai Jing nodded, and immediately asked, “Where are Qin Yi and Cao Lei?”

Xiao Sa no longer tarried. He pulled out a gun and shot at the corpse on the ground. “The two of them have gone out to build contacts. We’ll continue on as planned.”

“Bang! Bang!” Bai Jing took in the situation and unhesitatingly made a few shots. At this moment, the house that was already in chaos seemed to become even messier. He then gave Chen Haoyang a cold glance.

“I know what to do.” Chen Haoyang trembled all over, and immediately swore to the heavens that he would do as they asked. He was nervous, afraid, and excited – all kinds of jumbled up emotions. He had never thought that Yan Liang would die so quickly, so silently… GaxN4h

Bai Jing calmly turned his gaze. He was not afraid that Chen Haoyang would betray them since he already had no other way out, but it was still necessary to threaten him a bit. Out of respect for Zhang Baoqiang, they definitely needed to bring this person back with them when they returned with the army, but Bai Jing did not want there to be an additional information merchant leaking Jing Sa City’s secrets.

Catching sight of their actions, Yu Yue quickly rushed towards the door. When he arrived at the entrance, he even rolled around the floor to cover himself in blood before running out and yelling, “Hurry! Come quickly! Protect the Young Master…”

Qin Yi and Cao Lei had been talking to the soldiers. They were also from the army, and were naturally able to find common topics. As long as they wanted to interact, with just a few words,   they could set up the beginnings of a friendship just by virtue of their special identities. As superiors and subordinates talked back and forth, it was very easy for them to develop a feeling of camaraderie.

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Hearing the commotion from the side, the expressions on their faces changed as they hurriedly rushed back. The soldiers that had been hanging out with them also rushed over regardless of their duties. Just now, Cao Lei had mentioned that their Young Master had a transfer document, and it was very likely that he would become their new supervisor. If that was the case, they should be hurrying over anyway. EgP2dt

Even before they reached the scene, there was a burst of noise followed by the clattering sound of troops moving. A large number of soldiers marched out, and the person at the lead was Yang Gang’s trusted subordinate.

Bai Jing stood outside with a cold expression on his face. As his ‘bodyguard’, Xiao Sa secretly tried to shield him behind his body while Yu Yue watched the newcomers warily and cursed them right to their faces. “Why were there assassins? You guys really have some guts, betraying the army and selfishly attempting to take over the army as your own.”

He first stuck such an exaggerated charge on their heads. Even if it had become a well-understood truth, before the national government officially collapsed, this was still a good string to tug on to move people’s hearts. The people at top knew what was going on, but the soldiers at the bottom were still in the dark. Xiao Sa’s intention all along had been to bring back the army, but when it came to the officials, forget it! Apart from Chen Haoyang and the few people he had pointed out who would still be useful to keep around for now, the rest of them all had backers, and it would be best if they died! This was also the reason why Cao Lei had only approached the common soldiers.

Liu Chaohui was cold all over. He could see fifteen corpses laid out on the ground, all of them killed by a single shot. He hadn’t expected that they would be lucky enough to still be alive. Seeing the soldiers become agitated, and noticing that Cao Lei and Qin Yi had also brought along another group of men, he wanted to come up with countermeasures, but then heard someone shouting, “Not good! Colonel Yan has been assassinated and killed!” Sdetbv

Following this cry, the entire audience was in an uproar. Someone then pointed to the bodies on the ground and called out anxiously, “Those should be the ability users under Lieutenant Liu’s command.”

“This has nothing to do with me.” Liu Chaohui could feel cold sweat beading on his back. Today must have been a set-up. Yan Liang was already dead; Yan Gang would definitely not forgive him. He glared viciously at Bai Jing and stated, “They impersonated state personnel. Kill them all—”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sparks flew as the situation turned explosive. The men behind Liu Chaohui quickly raised their guns, and the ability users prepared for action. Only the soldiers, who had been following behind Cao Lei and Qin Yi, were completely at a loss.

“What’s the matter, what’s going…” Another group of people rushed over from the distance. C8ETPn

“Bang! Bang! Bang! ” At that moment, bullets started to fly around chaotically. Strangely, the person who had shot the gun was sweating heavily. The voice of the person who had been rushing over stopped, and he stared incredulously at the blood that was flowing out of his chest and dripping down onto the ground.

“Liu Chaohui, you’re rebelling!” There was no evidence more compelling than witnessing the death of one of their own with their own two eyes.

Liu Chaohui’s actions were unforgivable. Two more groups of people had arrived by this time, and the scene became even more chaotic. Xiao Sa kept his gaze fixed firmly towards the front as he split his ability into innumerable strands, carefully controlling the direction of any stray bullets. This was a power that he had developed after he went up in rank. He wanted to bring back the army, not a group of disabled and wounded people.

Cao Lei and Qin Yi were also facing some difficulties. There was truth to the saying that an army of ants could take down an elephant. If they were to truly fight, they were very confident that they would have no problem killing their way out of the encirclement. But exactly what was happening now? Although Xiao Sa’s strategy was very useful, and they had managed to build up countless goodwill in a few short minutes, boy, were they tired… 6vzWS

Their mission was taking more energy and brainpower than just fighting under a rain of bullets and grenades. Not only did they need to protect themselves from injury, they were also required to protect others. At the same time, they also needed to get rid of the undesirable people. The two of them felt really aggrieved – even fighting was not as unpleasant as this.

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Chen Haoyang was frightened to the point of trembling. His awe for this group of people reached an unprecedented height. He had also been involved in today’s events. He had originally thought that he had nowhere left to turn, and would be dead regardless of which way he chose, so he left it up to luck. Unexpectedly, things went so smoothly that it was simply beyond any sort of logic or reason.

Seeing that all the potential dissidents had already been cleaned out, Bai Jing brought out his grenade gun and fired it towards a distant uninhabited area.

“Boom!” The loud noise made everyone’s hearts clench, and everyone stood stock still for a moment. Ed2LBy

“Stop it!” Bai Jing roared, his gaze sombre. Yu Yue instantly aimed his gun at Liu Chaohui. Now that the blame had already been pinned squarely on his shoulders, there were no more words that needed to be said.


Seeing that the scene was about to turn chaotic once again, Bai Jing immediately took the lead and yelled. “You will all stop this now. Take a look at what all of you look like. Are you the triad? If you want to be a gangster, go ahead and get lost as quickly as possible. There is no need for undisciplined soldiers in my army.”

Xiao Sa gave Bai Jing a meaningful glance. Looking on from the side, Cao Lei had a sense of rejoicing in disaster. Xiao Sa actually was a leader of the triad. But then again, the leader of the triad was now the leader of an army. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable his heart became, as he had once also been a regular soldier. tOuNC2

Bai Jing lowered his head with a guilty conscience and handed the stage over to Xiao Sa. He swore, he really didn’t mean to disparage the triad! Only, that scene just now would make anyone who saw it think it was a fight in the underworld. Still, it was fortunate for them, as this was precisely what had provided them the opportunity to accomplish their task.

Someone from the crowd couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you guys?”

There were others who were also dissatisfied, “On what basis are you claiming that this is your army?”

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