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Back to the ApocalypseChapter 128


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Human greed was endless. In fact, the distribution of tasks where each group was assigned to a specific place wasn’t reasonable, but everyone was selfish. Everyone was supposed to act together to obtain the goods and then hand them over for redistribution, but when they operated separately, it became easy to hide what they had actually taken. As for whether they would be discovered, apologies, but if they wanted them to produce the items, they needed to first provide evidence! DYxd0J

When that time really came, it would depend entirely on their abilities. If the other party was capable, they would be forced to spit out the items they had taken in private, but if the other party wasn’t, they would keep them and without evidence, others would only be able to look on blankly. In any case, it was better than having everyone act together. When they split up into groups like this, they could at least know that everyone had the same goal and didn’t have to defend against other people during battle or worry about a situation where they had to share their stolen goods and lose out.

The top level management of the base had possessed the topographical map for the military factory for a long time, but nobody knew where the important items were. This operation relied on luck and their individual abilities.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since everyone had such a mentality going in, it was logical for all the factions to take their subordinates and act separately once they entered.

Zhou Yuanji led his people straight to the third floor of the basement. They were very excited as they went through the first floor – father’s information had been very useful, and there were only a few zombies on the first floor of the basement, to the point where they could be dealt with in just a few moves. The number of zombies had increased by the time they reached the second level of the basement, but they were mostly low level zombies. Their team had over 700 people, and these small zombies didn’t even register in their eyes at all. Pukej7

Zhou Wei’s blood boiled with excitement, and it was as though he could already see the scene of taking over the entire Capital Base.

Zhou Yuanji also had a rare happy expression on his face. As long as they could acquire the weapons and machinery, the Zhou Family wouldn’t have to worry about anything else in the future. They wouldn’t need to worry about the threat that the Bai and Song Families posed any longer!

The third floor of the basement was right in front of them.

The dark doors were wide open. wqGdV

The smoothness of their journey made them forget one thing – if it was so easy to advance to the third floor, why did the former explorers never make it back?

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People’s thoughts tended towards inertia, and it was very easy to make them relax their vigilance. They had been very cautious when they entered the first floor of the basement, but when they entered the second floor and started killing, they became overwhelmed by their victories.

“Be careful!”

“There are a lot of zombies here.” Z31kCd


When they found the zombies inside, they weren’t afraid at all. Instead, they grew increasingly brave the more they fought, and at that time, they only believed that the situation would be as it had been before, and victory would be theirs.

Wasn’t it normal for there to be zombies on the third level of the basement?

Colorful flashes of abilities being used created a series of dazzling lights, and the originally dark basement space was illuminated. q7ycnA

The disgusting smell of blood spread through the air.

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“Rba ubbv, wbgf jcv wbgf hbwylfr jgf mbwlcu.”

“Ktfgf jgf jirb tlut-ifnfi hbwylfr.” tAcMIR

“Vbwfatlcu’r cba gluta tfgf.”

“Qtja’r atlr?” Pc atf rqjmf liiewlcjafv ys atf oijrtfr bo qbkfg, atfs vlrmbnfgfv atf gfwcjcar bo j mbk’r ybcfr qlifv eq lc jc ecbyagerlnf qijmf. Po atfs vlvc’a lcrqfma mjgfoeiis, la kbeiv’nf yffc nfgs vloolmeia obg atfw ab vlrmbnfg atja jgfj klat atf hbwylfr rmjaafgfv fnfgsktfgf.

Zhou Yuanji’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his attention was caught by the dark stone lying near the remains. He squashed down his fear and told the space ability users, “Quick, get that thing away.”

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How could this happen? How could the meteorite be here? flyuKN

Zhou Yuanji’s heart was suddenly buffeted by storms. He naturally recognized the thing that he had sent out before. He recalled how Wu Guoan and his team had been acting yesterday, but had no time to reflect on it as he hurriedly roared at the top of his voice, “Withdraw! Quickly withdraw!!”

No matter how important the goods in the basement were, it still wasn’t as important as their small lives.

Only, it was now too late to pull back.

“There are zombies coming up from behind.” One of the soldiers closed his eyes in despair. kZl9QT

A large number of zombies poured in from the second floor of the basement.

They had no way to push on ahead, and there were zombies attacking them from behind. Both ways out were blocked by zombies, and in this enclosed space, there was nowhere to escape to.

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The situation was getting worse and worse. Zhou Yuanji couldn’t hold onto his scruples at this time as he ordered his men to cover for him and rushed towards the door of the cold storage area as quickly as he could. Perhaps they could kill their way back out using whatever was inside.

Only… ehbQq

Looking at the empty cold storage, an unprecedented despair attacked his heart. Zhou Yuanji pressed his lips together. He was already drenched in blood, and his entire body was in a terrible mess. Were they really going to die here today?

“Uncle, I don’t want to die.” Zhou Wei finally understood enough to be afraid at this point in time and screamed like a madman, “Why, why is there nothing here? It must be them. It must be something they did!”

“Shut up.” Zhou Yuanji hollered furiously. He had suddenly aged by at least a decade – he didn’t need to look at the next cold storage to know that there would be nothing inside. Ever since he discovered the remains of the cow and the meteorite, he knew that they had fallen into a trap. He hadn’t expected the tables to be turned on them, and that they would be toppled here.

He didn’t want to die… wx2tgj

No sooner had the zombies in front of them died than others stepped into the gap left behind. More and more of them gathered, and they didn’t scatter just because the meteorite had disappeared.

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The soldiers were about to be overwhelmed.

Zhou Yuanji looked at the countless corpses, and it suddenly occurred to him that they were at a military factory. There used to be a military garrison here, and there must be over ten thousand zombies. How could they resist?

“Rush out––“ His voice was muted and filled with despair. They were in the basement, and there weren’t even any windows. Knowing that the possibility of successfully rushing out was minimal, he still couldn’t just wait here and die. At least if they struggled, they might be able to kill their way out alive. 9ISf3m

Human potential was infinite, especially in times of despair.

Comrades in arms who had just fought side by side now could become a deadly enemy in the next second. Faced with the desire to survive, human beings’ instinct came to the forefront, and as long as they could survive, stepping over the bodies over others seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

This battle was a tragic, confusing, and thrilling fight…

Zhou Yuanji was full of remorse and resentment, but so what? He could only look on as he himself was drowned in the sea of zombies. RgIBtl

Unlike their misery, Wu Guoan and others were leisurely to the point where it didn’t seem right.

Having received news from Bai Jing and Xiao Sa, they had known for a while now that they wouldn’t encounter any danger today. However, the kind of relaxation they felt now made it difficult for them to smile or laugh, and they felt uncomfortable all over.

Had anyone ever seen zombies like these?

They could ignore the low level zombies who ran away as soon as they saw them, making it so that everyone who was gearing up, ready for a fight, felt that pursuit was uninteresting and pointless. mrJxu8

As for the senior zombies, they would be lying if they said they weren’t nervous encountering them for the first time, but they soon discovered that the senior zombies also didn’t seem hostile. Not only did they not attack, they also acted in a very friendly manner.

Under circumstances where their enemies were strong while they were weak, and their enemies had the definite advantage, since the zombies didn’t start attacking, Wu Guoan and the others naturally wouldn’t make the first move. Operating under the principle of waiting for the other party to make the first move, both sides were stuck in an awkward situation.

But goddamnit, Wu Guoan really wanted to curse.

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Who could tell him what was going on? uxqskE

Yao Yao was the most beautiful girl in their team, and ever since she began to follow Young Master Jing and had enough to eat, her previous malnourished appearance had long disappeared. With the improvement of her abilities, she had also gained self-confidence and gave off an indescribable charm as she grew even more elegant and refined.

However, who could explain to him what this level five zombie was trying to do, presenting a shrivelled up apple to Yao Yao like a treasure?

Yao Yao was really about to cry. She wanted to fall to her knees and beg, okay? She could really do without a zombie’s pursuit.

The only thing worth celebrating was that the level five zombie’s face could still be looked upon. Although there was an aura of death in the grey face, at the very least, it wasn’t missing any pieces. If it had been drooling, missing a nose and eyes, and had the scent of rotten blood coming from its mouth, Yao Yao thought she’d be better off dead in that case. 4ftoOh

Wu Guoan was extremely depressed.

There were more and more zombies gathering. Although they had no expressions on their faces, for some inexplicable reason, they could tell that the zombies were looking at them with curiosity.

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What the heck, they weren’t monkeys!

Everyone was extremely nervous. Having to maintain their calm while surrounded by so many zombies was really testing their psychological control. A9GZKx

They couldn’t communicate and couldn’t even start fighting. For the first time ever since they followed Young Master Jing, they experienced what it felt like to be stifled.

They would really rather not have to ‘enjoy’ this kind of leisure. Even if they had to do a big job, it would still be better than having people… Oops. It would still be more pleasant than being surrounded by zombies.

However, the current situation meant they were at a disadvantage against the zombies and they had no other choice. They definitely wouldn’t try to court defeat by fighting against overwhelming odds, but looking at the thirty odd level five zombies in front of them, everyone wanted to cry but had no tears. How were they supposed to deal with this!

They couldn’t win in a fight and couldn’t escape if they wanted to run. The zombies didn’t understand what they were saying; what kind of situation was this! dUxQkl

Moving on from how deadlocked Wu Guoan and the others were, Bai Jing and Xiao Sa had soon arrived at the warehouse behind the training grounds.

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They weren’t sure if it was because of the placebo effect or something else, but they felt that the way over was incredibly smooth. They hadn’t encountered any zombies or met any troubles along the way. (Of course. The zombies had all gone to watch the monkeys!)

The sounds of battle coming from the distance seemed to be a world away. There was a lot of fighting over there, but there was too much peace on this side.

They didn’t think too much about it. In any case, this was a good thing for them, and it wasn’t their own people who were fighting. Bai Jing had always believed in avoiding matters that had nothing to do with him. If he poked his nose into other people’s business, perhaps he might actually end up dragged down with them. IUPV0T

That group of people had always liked finding trouble for themselves.

The thick warehouse door was half hidden in shadows, and Bai Jing’s heart was tense. The closer they were to the warehouse door, the more clearly he could sense the pressure that was emanating from it.

This was from a level seven zombie, and there was more than one.

A wide spread of spiritual power hung over the sky, and everything that occurred in the entire military factory seemed to be under the control of this zombie. KdDJwd

This was a zombie with psychic abilities. Bai Jing’s hands were clammy with cold sweat. Although he had guessed long ago that the zombie had discovered their presence, he hadn’t expected that it would be so powerful.

What kind of power level was this?

The higher the level of power, the wider the gap between them. For him and Xiao Sa who were level five and six, the difference was already as wide as the sky, and this was the case despite his space and spring giving him a cheat.

Then what about zombies? What kind of gap was there between level six and seven? 1HwZtD

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