This World Has Gone CrazyCh43.1 - Drunk (Part 1)


Qi Le was holding his glass and sipping. He had no sense of danger at all. He took a look at Gu Bai and reminded him, “Don’t drink. You have to drive later.”

Gu Bai looked at him through the ambiguous lighting, leaned over to kiss him and rubbed his head. “Don’t worry, I know.” 5CDotw

Zhong Ruiyuan watched with glee. According to normal speculation, the two men would go back after Gu Bai came but Gu Bai didn’t. Instead, he ordered a few drinks and placed a super strong drink into Xiaoyuan’s hands… He wouldn’t believe it if Gu Bai said that he didn’t mean it. He was thinking that he should report this matter to his wife and also stress that he didn’t stop them. The missus would definitely be happy and he would taste the benefits tonight. Just as he was lost in his daydreams, he saw that the phone on the table suddenly light up, then brought it over and press the answer key.

Qi Le glanced at it and felt that it had to be Lu Yanbin calling. He couldn’t help looking at him carefully. He only heard his brother-in-law say, “Oh, they’re all busy. Then I can’t help you. Didn’t your wife agree with some of my ideas I came up with last time? From his eyes, I can tell that he wants to kill me with the alcohol bottle… I know he doesn’t dare to. Mmm, do you want to call them out for a get-together the day after tomorrow? Ah Jie will definitely be busy… Ai, what to do… Then tell Ah Jie that we’ll give him some advice on how to pursue his wife and he will definitely come. As for you, why don’t you watch some horror movies these two days first? Huh? He won’t watch? Then, I’ll ask the others… “

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Zhong Ruiyuan moved his cellphone aside and looked at them. “Any good ideas to help him pursue his wife?”

Qi Le’s face was covered in black lines. He thought to himself, shouldn’t you bend the man before you pursue him? He paused slightly and said hesitantly, “Why not get his wife to watche a few GVs first? Maybe he’ll learn or adapt? Oh, make sure it’s not too weird. Just get the normal kind.” MjzlS1

Gu Bai smiled at once, thought for a moment, and suggested, “Take a bath together, and you’ll be able to cultivate feelings.”

Qi Le, “……”

“That’s a good idea. There’s also a chance to take him down,” Zhong Ruiyuan nodded approvingly and laughed into the phone. “Anyway, your computer is turned on, so you watch that sort of film first and then take a bath together… If you can’t hold it, that’s also human nature. Okay, I’m hanging up.”

“…” Qi Le looked at him speechlessly, “What I mean is to let his wife watch it on his own.”


“Am I that bored? After watching it, maybe they’ll have feelings at once. He must be looking for films now.”

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This really has nothing to do with me ah… Qi Le complained inside, then paused. Suddenly he remembered the phone call during the day and looked up at him. “By the way, if Lu Yanbin saw his wife buying an inflatable doll, what would he think? Would he think that his wife is horny? Or would he feel sad or furious that his wife would rather buy that kind of thing than do it with him?”

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“…” Qi Le said, “Alright then.”

They sat for a while but Qi Le wanted to go home. Gu Bai glanced at him. Although he didn’t finish the drink, but he was almost done with it. So he nodded and pulled him to the exit. Qi Le had a few drinks earlier and then some cocktails. The moment he stood up, he felt a little dizzy but was still rather sober. He rubbed his forehead and went out with Gu Bai. Wan Lei, who was still sitting at the bar, stepped forward and asked, “Are you drunk?”

Qi Le leaned against Gu Bai. “No, just a little dizzy. You haven’t left yet?” 3 zAKb

“Mmm, I’ve been chatting with Ning Xiao for a while. I’ll leave soon,” Wan Lei looked at him and asked with concern, “Are you really all right?”


“Then go to bed early.” Wan Lei reminded, “We’ve class first thing in the morning tomorrow.”

“I know, I can’t study like this anyway. What should I do…” Qi Le paused slightly and looked at Gu Bai suspiciously. “You suddenly ordered a few more drinks today. Could it be that you want to get me drunk and then sleep in the same room with me?” o6kVJC

More than that… Gu Bai didn’t feel guilty at all and his expression was still calm. “If I wanted to get you drunk, I would’ve ordered a few more glasses earlier. You won’t get drunk with a few drinks.”

Qi Le thought that what he said was right. He was still sober right now. So he muttered an “Mmm,” waved goodbye to Wan Lei and left. Before leaving, Gu Bai glanced at Wan Lei. His heart sank slightly. Ning Xiao didn’t like Zheng Xiaoyuan, so he couldn’t see any problem. However, it was hard to say if he was replaced with this person. After all, this person likes the original owner and was bound to see something wrong over time. God knows if there’ll be unforeseen problems then.

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Wan Lei stood there, watching them walk away. He turned to look at Ning Xiao who was standing beside him. “I don’t think Gu Bai is the kind of person who easily changes his mind. He liked someone for so long. There’s no way he can change in such a short time.”


“The fact is that he changed,” Ning Xiao leaned against the bar. “I checked. The person he liked passed away recently.”

“Passed away?” Wan Lei was a little surprised and frowned. “Then he’s even less likely to change his mind in such a short time. I know they should’ve heard of each other before, but how do they know each other?”

“I don’t know.”

Wan Lei paused slightly, “You don’t know?” OjhzYo

Ning Xiao nodded and thought for a moment. “They weren’t acquainted before. They must’ve known each other only after he was injured.”

“So, Gu Bai met Xiaoyuan soon after his sweetheart died, and Xiaoyuan’s temperament changed greatly after he lost his memory. Then, they quickly got together,” Wan Lei reasoned and looked at him. “Don’t you think things are a little strange?”

Ning Xiao narrowed his eyes, “Do you mean Gu Bai is taking him as a substitute?”

“I’ve not ruled out this possibility,” Wan Lei replied. He had some doubts. The change in Xiaoyuan was too great and he was completely different from before. PeRdx

Ning Xiao thought of the man’s temper and thought of the possibility of him losing his temper if he knew that he was being treated as a substitute. His mood couldn’t help improving. He took up his glass and took a sip. “Let me ask you a question, do you feel anything for the current him?”

Wan Lei remained silent for a long time, telling the truth. “I don’t know.” In the past, Xiaoyuan had a good temper and a kind heart, but he was a bit silly. Watching him made people distressed. Now, he was more confident and his temperament changed accordingly. Although he was good this way, he could feel that this person had a rather big temper, and was obviously the spoiled type. The difference between the two was too great, which always gave him have a strange feeling and he couldn’t say if he liked or disliked him at the moment.

Ning Xiao watched him for a while and didn’t speak again.

Qi Le sat on the front passenger seat and felt more and more dizzy. After getting off the car, he could hardly tell the direction. Gu Bai helped him upstairs, “Are you okay?” d1MvpL

“Yeah,” Qi Le’s voice sounded hazy as he clung onto him, slowing rubbing his body up and down. “I think I drank too much.”

Gu Bai was satisfied and calmly said, “I didn’t order much today. Your body’s capacity for liquor probably isn’t very good. Drink less in the future.”

Qi Le mumbled an “Mmm,” entered the apartment and drifted to the bathroom. “I’ll take a shower.”

Seeing that he wasn’t walking in a straight line, Gu Bai couldn’t help going to him. He asked, “Shall I help you? I don’t think you can tell which bottle is the shower gel.” MUAx4S

“Who said I can’t…” Qi Le swung him away, leaned against the bathroom door, his eyes misty as he slowly stroked his face. “Erquan, we’re on probation now, get it?”

Gu Bai nodded.

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“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You gave my brother-in-law the idea that two people should take a bath together, and do it if they’re in the mood. I’m not that idiot. I won’t fall for it,” Qi Le turned around and closed the door. “We’re still in the probation period. If you dare to provoke me, Laozi will fire you…”

Gu Bai, “…” UpoA54

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