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This World Has Gone CrazyCh42.3 - Classmates (Part 3)


Wan Lei had heard Gu Bai’s name before but he had never seen him. He didn’t think that the guy earlier was Gu Bai. He frowned and asked, “Didn’t he have someone that he liked?”

“Well, everyone is also surprised. Who knows how they got together.” JLF0ID

“Then, do you know what happened during summer vacation? How did he get hurt? “

“Yes, it’s hilarious,” the bartender said with a smile and narrated several live scenes, including the time when he went missing and was suspected of a suicide attempt by slitting his wrist. He sighed emotionally, “Apparently, he was covered in blood. It was tragic. Later, Ning Xiao and Gu Bai started fighting each other. Everyone started gambling to bet on who he would choose. But then they said later that he didn’t recover his memory. There was a lot of rumors but I didn’t ask. Xiao Shu and the others started school today so they’re not here. Why don’t you ask them? They should know what happened but even they don’t know how the two got together and asked me about it.”

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Wan Lei listened to the bartender and immediately frowned. He was about to open his mouth to say something when he saw Ning Xiao. His gaze turned cold, as if he couldn’t wait to punch the bastard. Ning Xiao sat down beside him: “Still can’t help coming? Have you thought it over?”

Wan Lei didn’t answer his question but asked instead, “He learnt how to play the piano before?” Bl0xqi

“I think so. He plays well.” Ning Xiao ordered a drink and looked over.

Wan Lei closed his mouth and frowned again. Although Xiaoyuan liked Ningxiao, he was sure that Ning Xiao didn’t know much about Xiaoyuan. He knew that he liked music, so it was inevitable to talk a little about that. He remembered that he said he couldn’t play the piano. How did he suddenly know how to play? And after a day’s observation, he couldn’t even find a trace of his former self, which was too strange.

Qi Le didn’t know he was being watched. He worked hard and stayed up on stage until 8 pm. Then, he happily got up and looked over at the bar as usual. He froze slightly before walking over to ask, “How come you’re here too?” He was surprised, was this guy gay as well?

Wan Lei explained, “I was buying some stuff when I passed by. I know that you work here, so I stopped by to take a look. I remember you used to sing before. Why did you stop?”


Qi Le was helpless, “After losing my memory, I became tone deaf. If I sing I’ll only scare everyone.”

“Then you should sing more and maybe you can regain your memory,” suggested Wan Lei. “Why don’t you try?”

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Qi Le side-eyed him. “Fine then. Pigs have two holes in their noses~” 1KlyjC

Ning Xiao, “…”

Wan Lei suddenly choked. The bartender fell to the floor and rolled to the corner. “You really didn’t hit a single note. That’s amazing.”

Qi Le didn’t care about their reactions. He stared at Ning Xiao and continued to sing, “Pig ears are so big but even if shout and curse, they can’t hear anything~”

Ning Xiao, “…” k8XVa9

Qi Le sang happily, “Pig…”

“That’s enough, stop singing,” Wan Lei patted him on the shoulder and comforted him. “Listen to more songs. Maybe you’ll learn how to sing if you listen more.”

Qi Le side-eyed Ning Xiao, whose gaze turned chilly as he took a sip of his drink, “It’s better if you listen to what he said…”

Qi Le snorted and wanted to tell them not to bother because the chance of him learning how to sing was too small. But when he looked up, he saw his brother-in-law coming. He was just about to say hello when he saw that he came over and pulled him aside. “Why didn’t you tell me that your friend is straight?” ZtaOjw

Qi Le took a second to react, “……Whaa?”

“He’s straight.” Zhong Ruiyuan took him to the sofa and sat down, “Don’t you know?”

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I didn’t know it until that day, and according to the persistence of the hot-blooded doctor, even if I pointed it out on the spot, he wouldn’t admit it… Qi Le pursed his lips, “I didn’t know. What’s wrong?”

“They got a room the other day. Ah Jie, oh, that’s the friend who wanted to do it with him. When your friend saw that he had no other choice, he admitted that he’s straight,” Zhong Ruiyuan simply explained. “Ah Jie, that guy, happens to like this sort of ‘false pretense on the lips but welcome on the hips.’ Plus, your friend even had an electric baton. Ah Jie just so happens to like this sort of thing.” SihqsP

“…” Qi Le said, “He even used an electric baton. How did he come to the conclusion that my friend was only pretending to refuse him?”

Zhong Ruiyuan ordered several drinks. “Ah Jie thought that your friend had inquired about his preferences and deliberately refused him a little.”

Qi Le’s face was covered in black lines. Fuck! Was this called refusing a little?!

“Ah Jie likes his lover to resist occasionally, which adds to a little excitement. However, your friend said  that he’s straight and refuse to change his mind or let him fuck him. So, Ah Jie gladly played along with him.” Zhong Ruiyuan took a sip of his drink. “He happened to take a bottle of lubricant from the store that day. Oh, just like the bottle I gave Gu Bai. It contains an aphrodisiac. It’s definitely good shit.” wt3Qp0

“…” Qi Le thought to himself that he had to throw the bottle away as soon as he went back! He pursed his lips and accompanied his brother-in-law for a drink, asking curiously, “Then?”

“Then Ah Jie used it on him,” Zhong Ruiyuan said. “Then, he sat on the bed and watched him. While looking at him, he happily asked,’ Are you still a straight man now?’ You have to know the effectiveness of that medicine is very strong……”

Qi Le, “……”

“When Ah Jie asked him the sixth time, your friend finally gave in…” AHtYpw

“Wait,” Qi Le interrupted, “How do you know so clearly?”

“Ah Jie told me,” Zhong Ruiyuan answered gleefully. “He told me the whole process, and even explained every single detail. He said that they did it three times!”

“…” Qi Le observed a moment of silence for the doctor, then asked, “Where’s my friend?”

“He was brought home by Ah Jie. He really likes him and wants to develop this into a long term relationship. But after two days together, he found that your friend really is straight,” Zhong Ruiyuan looked at him. “Apparently, your friend thought that he was abnormal and wanted to study him.” TjU48W

Qi Le nodded, “What do the two of them think now? How’s my friend? Has he suffered a hard blow?”

“Right now, Ah Jie wants to bend him. As for your friend… of course, he’s suffered a blow. But he said that he can’t suffer in vain. He proposed to stay close to Ah Jie and observe him from a certain distance to maintain a good doctor-patient relationship.” Zhong Ruiyuan sighed emotionally, “Because of him, Ah Jie admitted that he was sick and wasn’t normal. He asked your friend to find the cause of the disease.”

Your friend has never been normal, thank you… Qi Le felt powerless about the matter and continued drinking with him. When Gu Bai came to pick him up after class, they were almost done with their drink. He shuffled to the side and asked Gu Bai to take a seat, “Your class is over?”

Gu Bai muttered an “Mmm,” hugged him, and smelled the smell of alcohol on him. An idea flashed through his mind very quickly. He smiled and asked, “What are you guys talking about?” b76oOz

“It’s just that idiot doctor’s nonsense. If he wants to seek death, no one else can stop him.”

“Then let him be. I saw your classmate just now. He’s chatting with Ning Xiao now. He came to look for you?”

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“No, he passed by while he was getting some stuff.”

Gu Bai rubbed his head, thinking to himself that Xiao Le’s EQ was really low. He looked at the drinks on the table, called the waiter, ordered a few more glasses. Then, he handed Xiao Le a glass and joined their conversation with a smile. 4HQ5nf

Zhong Ruiyuan, who sat opposite them, grinned as he glanced at the glass in Qi Le’s hand. He was slightly shocked. If he remembered correctly, the delayed effect of this cocktail… was rather strong.

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