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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh5 - Wild Little Fan


translator: xiin
editors: alamerysl & Pyromancer

Two days later, while Tyron was reading a book, he received an official email from the league. Vv5ARJ

The email said that Spotlight Media wanted his permission to use the recordings from his previous fight, edit them, and include them in their program that would be broadcasted next week. The licensing fee was 800 dollars for every second that Tyron appeared in the final version of the program.

This price was considered to be very high, mainly because Tyron was evaluated by GNA as a ‘B-list player’ as soon as he appeared. The endorsement and appearance price for B-list players had a lower limit. If the price was too low, the League would come out and protest.

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So, even though Tyron had not revealed his real name, Spotlight Media still took the initiative to offer him a B-list price.

Therefore, one week later, Tyron received nearly 40,000 dollars in ‘appearance fees’. Ej4Ue5


Spotlight Media had its own live broadcasting platform, video websites and portals.

After they obtained Tyron’s authorization, they included his video in two separate programs. One was the monthly ‘X-month highlights’ that was broadcasted monthly; it summarized the most exciting scenes in the e-sports world that month and was geared towards entertainment. The other was the ‘XX strategy and commentary’ that was done in collaboration with GNA; it would focus on a certain profession in each release and analyse their classic PK techniques. They would also select several representative players or competitions to illustrate and explain their examples. This was a professional comparison between strong players.

The latter was not very easy to do, and usually required enough material in order to be completed.


But the former program happened to be broadcasting soon, and the video of Tyron PKing that pitiful ‘machine gun mage’ was added at the very end of the broadcast.

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When the countdown ended and the huge ‘1’ disappeared, the lens showed a close up of Tyron’s dark golden pupils and slowly pulled away…

The match had been almost completely edited. The mage began his ‘machine gun attacks’, Tyron rushed forward and got close, the mage used Flicker, and Tyron simultaneously used Shadow Leap, bursting out with a terrifying attack speed. The mage used Alpha Substitute to escape and counterattacked, but Tyron quickly followed up and harvested his life… The entire process was full of twists and turns. It was extremely exciting, and the brilliant sections basically didn’t require any edits.

The viewership for this program had always been very high. After all, many people did not like to watch live broadcasts and preferred to watch some of the particularly amazing highlights for entertainment. gdGPwp

As a result, the screen was covered in a barrage of scrolling comments: “Don’t drink water while watching, instantaneous explosions up ahead!” “Nuclear explosions ahead! Non-combatants should quickly evacuate!” “Mother, I’m kneeling!

Long discussions ensued in the comments section, and they began to speculate about the true identity of ‘Player #419’. Most people thought that #419 was a long-established high level player in the scene, and began to guess from the list of famous assassins.

The name ‘Lord Four’ was becoming more and more famous on the internet, and mister Tyron the antique had no idea that currently, his nickname had been finalized just like this.

. C6Oa2J

Three days later, Tyron took part in the 16-to-8 competition.

His opponent this round was a summoner. He was the type of summoner that required time to set up before his full power could be unleashed; he started with one summon and began to prepare for more– as long as he could hold on for 10 seconds, he would be able to pull out five summons and begin a true battle. If he was given 30 seconds, even if he only had a sliver of blood, he would still be able to pull out ten summons to encircle the enemy and grind them to dust…

Unfortunately, however, he was completely suppressed by Tyron.

Even the commentator did not know what to say. ‘“Lord Four’s explosive power was obvious to everyone. As a fragile summoner that wore cloth armour, wasn’t it too ridiculous to want to be able to drag out the fight for 10 seconds?!” SpH7OJ

The entire match took less than 10 seconds. The dead summoner laid beside the second summon that they had used their life to call out, having died with everlasting regret.

After the game was over, the host once again asked if they had any comments.

The summoner didn’t know what they should say, and finally said weakly, “I was rather unlucky… encountering my natural enemy.”

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Those in the audience all nodded, and showed expressions of sympathy. qLwm76

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It was Tyron’s turn to speak. After he accepted the microphone, he calmly said, “No.”

Lbra: Vegf fcbeut, cb mbwwfca.

Cevlfcmf: Vegf fcbeut, la kjr ilxf atlr jujlc.

Snfgsbcf ajmlais rxlqqfv bnfg Ksgbc’r ‘mbwwfcar’, jcv atlr gbecv bo mbwqfalalbc kjr bnfg. BnEih


Ktf cfza yjaaif kbeiv yf atf rfwl-olcjir yfakffc atf abq 8, klat j kffx’r gfra lc yfakffc.

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Dfmjerf atfgf kfgf rfnfc gfwjlclcu bqqbcfcar, fnfgs mbcafrajca yfujc ab ibbx lcab atflg bqqbcfcar’ lcobgwjalbc, nlvfbr, ojwber wbnfr, jcv rb bc ktfc atfs tjv alwf, rb atja atfs mbeiv wjxf oeii qgfqjgjalbcr jcv tjnf ajgufafv ragjafulfr yfobgf atf cfza yjaaif.

But Tyron only took a brief look at his opponent’s information, and then once again ran off to the library to learn more of this world’s knowledge. nFxseU


Tyron often came to the library these days.

Ever since he had almost been recognized as Pei Rong by a fan, he had always been careful to put on some form of disguise.

But because of his temperament, it was also understandable people would sometimes peep or outright stare at him. bVtg60

But the person peeping at him today… What did it mean if he had been standing in place and staring at him for ten minutes?

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Tyron silently closed the book in his hand, casually raised his head and met the gaze of the fellow who had been sneakily staring at him for the past ten minutes.

Looking through the gap between the books, he could see that the peeper was a young man in his twenties. His face was still a little tender, and he looked like he was of mixed ancestry. He had a pair of fine-framed glasses on his face, and was wearing a stiff uniform adorned with school badges and medals on his chest. At first glance, it was evident that he was an exemplary student representative. EikVCJ

Tyron: “Hello, what can I do for you?”

The other party was stunned for a moment, then quickly gathered his wits. “Well, no, I’m just…”

When people were looking for excuses, they would often glance around subconsciously as they searched for inspiration—his expression was so obvious that Tyron could tell from a glance.

Tyron: “Looking for books?” rpdq3C

The young man: “Uh, yes, I’m looking for… History of Development for the Warp Engine, a book written by Dr. J. George.”

“This is the politics and history section.”

“Ah, sorry, I’m new here…” The young man blushed, and it was obvious that he was forcing himself to calm down as his adam’s apple bobbed and he avoided meeting Tyron’s eyes. “I’m not familiar with the sections here.”

Tyron narrowed his eyes and spoke slowly. “You’re new here and yet you’ve borrowed more than twenty books before?” Rxwdst


“Two pages of your virtual book pass has already been used. That is to say, you’ve borrowed at least twenty books before.”

The young man’s face was completely red, and he felt like he was about to burn up. He hurriedly continued, “I… I borrowed my friend’s book pass.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron looked at him for a while, then suddenly laughed and said, “Aren’t you looking for a book? Let me take you there.” NFM3aj

“That’s really… Thank you so much, really.”

“My name is Tyron. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Victor… Me too.”

. bICTXw

As the two of them rounded the bookshelf…

Inside Victor’s heart: It’s over! I’m screwed! I lied three times during our first conversation! Was I very annoying just now? Did I forget to put on cologne when I left the house today? Probably not. What if he hates the smell of my cologne? …Ah, how shitty. Stop getting distracted, Victor… what book did I lie about wanting to get just now?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Inside Tyron’s heart: He likes me. Tsk, tsk.

. NkcpLS

Tyron casually asked, “Are you a student from nearby?”

“No, I’m not.” Victor said, “I came back… To give the opening speech for the freshmen and introduce the Imperial College of Engineering, our alma mater.”

Generally speaking, those who would be invited to give speeches during the opening ceremony were all excellent students that ranked in the top 10.

Tyron: “You must have been a very good student before you graduated.” 35zNCH

Victor’s face heated again and he said, “Actually, I’m not a very qualified student. When I was in school, I would also… skip classes, too.”

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“Oh, that’s human nature.”

As Tyron spoke, he stopped his steps to look at the labels on the shelf.

When his head was turned, Victor took in a deep breath. “…” TRvrxk

Help!! Who’s going to stop me from rambling on?! I should have told him that I had three degrees and that the reason I missed a few classes was because I couldn’t fit it into the course schedule…


Tyron: “What kind of engine history did you just say you wanted?”

Victor: “History of Development for the Warp Engine, by Dr. J. George.” OQBJlI

“It doesn’t seem very common. Was this your major?”

“No, No. This is… a hobby and interest of mine.” Victor said, “I always read miscellaneous books. You must find it amusing.”

Tyron: “That’s no big deal.”

There were now two lines of tears running down Victor’s heart. No! Stop being modest and tell him that you’re not the kind of person who skips class and reads pointless books, Victor! At a time when a man was supposed to show their best side, why was he so lame! xj9eyB

A few seconds later.

Victor: “Um… Excuse me…”

“Hm?” Tyron naturally looked back at him.

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Victor: “…” Ah, who am I? Where am I? What was I going to say just now? 8d5b3I

With a gentle expression on his face, Tyron slowly extended his hand towards the area beside the young man’s ear, and finally slapped his hand lightly against the wall behind him.


Victor stepped back in surprise, leaning against the bookshelf behind him. He was stuck in this kabedon position, completely unaware of the fact that he could dodge.

After a while, he seemed to accept his fate and huddled in front of the bookshelf, his face completely red. His blue eyes were wide with helplessness as his gaze glued onto Tyron’s face. MiEUcN


Then, Tyron reached out and brought down the book from the shelf behind him. He spoke as he handed it over, “History of Development for the Warp Engine. Is it this one?”

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Victor: “…”

“Hm?” Tyron dragged out the single syllable. owhU4N

Victor finally got his brain back on track. “Yes, it’s this one. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”


Inside Victor’s heart: Hurry up and ask for his contact information! Contact information! Information! Info! Eg5NVW

Two seconds later.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor: “You… You… You’re a nice person.”

Tyron: “…”

Victor: “…” Mom, your son is a total wimp. QUQ qNdCnp


For some reason, Tyron had the pleasurable feeling of ‘having caught a little hamster that passed by outside of work, and then ruthlessly and thoroughly bullying him’.  

He raised the book in his hand and enunciated carefully as he spoke, “By the way. I have a question to ask. There’s an abbreviation in this book that wasn’t explained at all—what is this ‘G-spot’?”

Victor was shocked: “G… What?!” soFnGS

Tyron repeated, “G-spot. You also don’t know what it means?”

Victor’s face was so red, his earlobe almost looked like it was bleeding.

Tyron: “???”

Victor: “That, that’s… a very sensitive spot… in the human body… ahhh.” bhDIv5

xiin: :blobnosebleed:

Translator's Note

Chinese slang that kind of refers to a child being caught kneeling in awe while reading/looking at something on their cellphone.

Translator's Note

Each contestant goes up another person from the top 16 in a 1v1 match, and whoever wins will enter the top 8.

Translator's Note

aka ‘wall thump’. That pose where one person corners the other against the wall with their arm/hand against next to their head… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabedon

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