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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh40 - Would You Like Another One?


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

The author has something to say:
In case some readers have forgotten:
Incubi are creatures that absorb human energy to live.
They would kabedon their victim, give them a kiss, and then ask “Would you like another kiss?”.
Due to their extreme charm, most victims are unable to resist the incubi’s temptation and will open their mouths to ask for the next kiss, and then…
And then they’ll be sucked dry _(:зゝ∠)_ MGs1hv

Tyron wondered how this child could be so interesting.

Tyron pressed one hand on the door frame and leaned his body forward, secretly caging Victor within his embrace as his smile gradually deepened. “How well do you know me? Yet you dare speak about ‘like’?”

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He bowed his head, his gaze intersecting with Victor’s.

The distance was so small that Victor could almost feel Tyron’s breath. His face quickly turned red, and he couldn’t speak at all for half a beat. dc4DJU

“Have you clearly seen what type of person the one you claim to like is? Was it because I was kind to you in the library, so you mistakenly thought I was gentle? Or was it because, at other times, I spoke a few more sentences to you, and you received the wrong message?” Tyron spoke slowly.

If Victor’s speech had been quick and warm, then Tyron’s words were probing and deep.

His dark golden eyes were always at half-mast. He never argued with anyone and always did everything on his own at an unhurried, measured pace––Victor used to think that this was a type of elegant aloofness, but now he suddenly discovered that it was because Tyron had experienced all the vicissitudes of life.



“What kind of ‘like’ is this liking of yours?” Tyron continued lazily, “Is it the type where you see a puppy on the side of the road and find it very cute, so you want to keep it close to please you, or is it the type where you’ve looked at some commodity in the store window for a very long time and want to have it as your own more and more every day?”

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Victor wanted to say: It’s not like that… It shouldn’t be like that!

But for some inexplicable reason, his throat suddenly closed up, and he abruptly realized that he really didn’t know Tyron as well as he had thought.

At the very least, everyone in this era spoke about ‘like’ so lightly, starting and ending relationships on a whim.  They treat it like they were just giving it a try, thinking that at the worst they would only hurt each other and their respective families. So, even if they had already started a family, they could separate due to a single jarring disagreement–– VIwG8U

But Tyron wasn’t that kind of person.

Tyron was a person who treated feelings that seriously.

Victor’s nose suddenly felt sour, but it wasn’t because Tyron’s words had hurt him. It was because he felt ashamed all of a sudden––Tyron had accurately described a frivolousness that the people of this era were proud of when they should have felt ashamed instead.

. 6Jdvoy

And when Tyron spoke those words he truly hadn’t intended to hurt Victor.

He reached out his hand and flicked his finger against Victor’s forehead lightly, “Child, how young are you now? Don’t focus all of your passion on another person so early. You were born from a noble family and have inherited a wealth of very good emotional relationships. Be a little more rational and use it for people who are worthwhile. You will have a very happy life that way.”

Victor choked back a sob and said earnestly, “But… You have to at least give me one chance! I really want to get to know you better and spend more time with you…”

Tyron was silent for a moment before speaking again, “I’m not the right person.” jUQ1yE

Victor couldn’t help but want to cry!

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He really wanted to cry out loud and make this hateful person in front of him be at a loss about what to do! That way, Tyron would become a little more gentle with him… But he couldn’t. He couldn’t simply give in and accept a total defeat just yet.


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Nlmabg raeyybgcis aeuufv bc j mbgcfg bo Ksgbc’r mibatlcu jcv rjlv, “Tbeg kbgvr vbc’a mbeca abkjgvr atlr wjaafg. P rjs atja sbe’gf atf gluta qfgrbc, atf bcis qfgrbc P kjca ab yf wjamtfv klat. Po sbe gfjiis lcrlra bc wjxlcu wf ulnf eq, atfc sbe’ii tjnf ab yf atf bcf ab atlcx bo j kjs ab ajxf jkjs atf ‘ilxf’ P tjnf obg sbe lc ws tfjga! Yatfgklrf la klii jikjsr yf atfgf, rajyylcu wf qjlcoeiis!” 0uYHGq

Tyron helplessly began to laugh. Bowing his head, he used his thumb to push Victor’s scattered hair from his forehead.

After a while, Tyron bent down and gently touched his lips to the corner of Victor’s mouth.

Victor’s eyes instantly opened wide!

. Wwd qr

Tyron kissed him.

Victor hadn’t yet had time to sort out exactly what kind of emotions had filled his heart when, suddenly, he saw Tyron’s dark golden, narrow eyes constrict.

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The instinct that all humans have abruptly made all of Victor’s hair stand on end. He realized: This was killing intent.

After the gentleness that would pull someone into a bewildering fog of confusion came shockingly frightening killing intent! 6TtaQ

Only Tyron was capable of interweaving the two!

His killing intent made Victor stiffen, but he was unable to move at all. He could only watch from the side of his eyes as Tyron approached once again.

Then came another kiss filled with both murder and gentleness.

It was so merciless, yet so enchanting. TJ4Ydt

It made a person’s heart hurt to the point it felt like it would break in half, yet it was also so intoxicating that it felt like their heart would melt into sugar water.

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Then came Tyron’s low, deep voice, like a whisper from the devil, “Would you like another one?”


––Yes, Yes! JW28Dd

Victor was shouting loudly in his heart. He had no way to reject the desire and love that poured from his soul.

However, he really was unable to move. He felt as if he would actually be killed by this intoxicating gentleness and that he would willingly give up his life to die this way.

He didn’t realize that this was a reaction from his biological instinct that had woken up due to the fact that he was facing the lure of an incubus. It was telling him that as long as he agreed, he would die without a burial place and become prey caught in the web of a dangerous predator.

Caught up in a complex struggle against his natural instincts, Victor experienced an incomparably long few seconds of silence. leB8t0

Within that silence, he watched as Tyron laughed lightly, then gently straightened up his collar for him before saying, “Go back and go to sleep. You’ll be fine.”

He didn’t know why, but the moment Tyron turned around, Victor abruptly knew: If he let him go just like this, Tyron would directly disappear from his life, and he would never see him again!


––Don’t go, in fact, I want it. ZKjpef

––Kill me, then. Take my ‘like’ and my life away together!

Victor burst into tears and, at that moment, he was suddenly able to break free from the shackles of instinct.

He threw himself at Tyron like a dying man putting up a last-ditch effort, and even someone like Tyron had to step back slightly, his back hitting the wall.

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Victor’s lips trembled, and he was still unable to speak half a word. He could only abruptly pull on Tyron’s collar, pushing himself close without warning, and crush his lips against Tyron’s lower lip. dWdHrL

…… Tyron didn’t move. Lowering his eyes to look at Victor, his gaze contained rare traces of indulgence towards the younger generation.


Two seconds later, Victor fiercely rubbed away his tears and said, “I! Am! Sorry!”

His tone was particularly ferocious, and Tyron’s lips curled upwards when he heard it, “Why are you apologizing?” PEfHV8

Victor’s expression was full of his refusal to accept the situation as he stiffened his neck and exclaimed, “Because I forcibly kissed you!”


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Tyron tipped his head back and thought for a moment, then said, “You can apologize one more time.”

Victor froze. r1tHhz

Tyron spoke unhurriedly, “You asked me to give you a chance. I gave it, and you grasped it.”

At that moment, Victor felt that all the flowers in the entire world were blooming!

Why was the sky so beautiful, and the dawn light so romantic? It was really too beautiful, it made people want to cry!

. ac5mOd

Victor struggled to hold back his tears and said loudly, “I! Am! Sorry!”

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And then, he gave Tyron another forceful kiss.

Tyron looked at his expression and couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

And then, Victor said again, “Sorry!” om4aTd

And kissed him again.

Tyron: “……”

Victor: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

…… rJedDy

If he kept kissing, his lips would be swollen.

This child. If he had fallen for a real incubus, he would have already been sucked dry a long time ago by now.


“Alright, alright, alright. I get it.” Tyron said helplessly. JwnK 8

Victor giggled foolishly at him.

Then he wailed and began to cry, “How could you be such a hateful person! Congratulations on making it to the top of my most hated person list and my most favorite person list!”

Tyron: “……”

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The master assassin was really at his wit’s end. VLvSRX


Tyron picked Victor up and carried him to the sofa, where he had no choice but to watch over him for a while.

Victor’s tears had already stopped. He said rather disjointedly, “Even my mother never bullied me like this!”

“I don’t feel like I’ve bullied you,” Tyrone said. UW6C8v

“You were kissing me while aiming killing intent at me!” Victor said, “If I got frightened and ran away, you would have had a reason not to accept me!”

Tyron looked left and right, then tried to change the topic. “Does your mother like to bully you?”

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“I know you’re shifting the subject!” Victor said. Then continued, “Yeah, when I was young, she would always take me to other people’s houses to play. Every time I wanted something the other children had she would wait until I said I wanted it, and then when I got into a fight with the other children she would happily come over to spank me on the butt! She would say I was a brat who purposely coveted other people’s things and was making things difficult for the other children’s parents… and she had to take me home and teach me properly.”

Tyron: “……” Your mother’s teaching methods are really awe-inspiring. Fzl4SO


Victor added: “Why do seniors always like to bully me! They say that I’m cute while thinking up ways to see me cry. Isn’t that a bit overboard!? Also, how much older than me are you actually?”

Tyron wondered internally if he should calculate this based on his previous life or calculate it with the time he had lived after his death?

“…I’m not very old either.” The master assassin who wasn’t actually human and had lived for over a thousand years and been dead for six hundred years said, “Maybe a few generations older.” RuU2VO

Victor: “Have you gone through many consciousness projection operations? Is your illness caused by a badly cultivated body during the last operation?”

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Tyron: “…It would take too long to explain it, but you can treat it that way.”

If he equated the contract with the God of Slaughter with this interstellar body changing operation, then he had indeed encountered something similar: The operation (contract) was different from expected, and there was a problem with his new body. He had been unlucky enough to end up involved in another person’s (Pei Rong’s) troubles.

. 5ixM30

Victor sat on the sofa and looked at Tyron the whole time. After a while, he asked weakly, “Can I apologize again?”

Tyron said, “Come here.”

He was very solemn. Victor felt a little bad about continuing to play tricks and hurriedly smoothed out his expression as he went over to stand in front of him.

Tyron said, “I’m sorry.” 071o5Z

Then, he gently pinched Victor’s chin and bowed his head to kiss him tenderly.

Victor wanted to drown in Tyron’s dark golden eyes. A foolish, smiling expression appeared on his face unknowingly as he whispered, “Why are you apologizing?”

The corner of Tyron’s mouth curled up in a lazy arc. He didn’t answer and only pinched Victor’s thoroughly flushed earlobe again as he said, “In the future, don’t cry anymore.”


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