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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh39 - I’m Going To See My Sweetheart!


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

The first game between the top four of the individuals competition was over at last. dcZFSK

Contestant Odin knocked out the shadow warrior Tower and won 2:0!

By the time the two contestants had returned to the stage, Tower’s face was full of respect as he took the initiative to shake hands with Tyron, saying, “I’ve participated in e-sports competitions for many years, but I’ve never been crushed like this by knife skills. I respect and acknowledge your position as a War God from the bottom of my heart and have no complaints about losing.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron shook hands with him and didn’t reply.

He’d never had any habit of talking on stage, and always left the little goblin and audience thirsting for more. They spent the whole time wondering out loud on the public screen, “How can we make our male god say a couple more words?” UfXnad

“If you want to melt an iceberg in the Arctic, you will need to write a paper. To melt my male god, you might need to hold a world summit…”

When the host came over, she added, “Contestant Odin really cherishes words like gold. You are so lively and direct on stage, and have established your own style and system of combat, the very imba ‘Lord Four’s tactics’.”

She praised him exaggeratedly for a while, then changed the subject. “Now, the audience has a question to ask: Lord Four, since you used flash four times in a row to empty out Contestant Tower’s remaining HP, we all want to know: why didn’t you use this technique during the first match? Is it because you wanted to hide your strength?” sYxnkl

She handed the microphone to Tyron.

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And then, everyone watched as Tyron steadily, unhurriedly said, “No.”

Host: “……” Fine, I know that this means ‘no, it wasn’t for the sake of hiding my strength’, but Lord Four, can you say an extra word? Can you?!

For some inexplicable reason, the fans were delighted by this! lNCWeq

They were already used to being abused by Lord Four’s concise words. When they encountered this single word ‘no’ again, they actually felt that it was a little cute, a little familiar, and a little… cool?!

The host then asked, “So, may I ask, why is this? Why would you choose to take advantage of the map’s rules in the first match?”

Tyron spoke without changing his pace or tone, “Save effort.” uH Mkl

Host: “……” He really managed to say ‘one extra word’… ah.

Fans: Yingyingying My Lord Four is so lovely! Iceberg War God spoke such cute words with such an expressionless face, it’s simply impossible to resist hahahahaha!

If Tyron knew what these fans were thinking, he would probably want to show “……” Six points of deep silence. KGWxQ1

Killing the enemy in the most cost-effective way––wasn’t that a universally accepted, perfectly justified thing to do?

Tyron came from a real battlefield––how could a battlefield be like a game, in which every fight began with both opponents in perfect condition, and they didn’t have to worry about any physical problems or fatigue?

Tyron had encountered countless ‘wheel battles’, as well as countless stalemate battles. If he had used all of his energy to kill his opponent in every match, he would’ve died on the battlefield due to lack of physical strength long ago. By now, not even his bones would remain.

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The fighting style that had developed over hundreds of years wouldn’t be changed just like that. ‘Lord Four’ would naturally have his own unique style and system of combat. Klkojz

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Qtlif atf ojcr kfgf ralii byrfrrlcu bnfg tlr meafcfrr jcv uluuilcu jwbcura atfwrfinfr, Ksgbc tjv jigfjvs ifoa nlj atf yjmxrajuf.

Fcfzqfmafvis, tf kjr yibmxfv ja atf vbbg ys j ugbeq bo ojcr.

Snfg rlcmf ijra alwf, ktfc atf wfvlj remmfrroeiis yibmxfv Obgv Mbeg ja atf vbbg veglcu atf afjw mbwqfalalbc, tlr ojcr tjv yfuec ab fcujuf lc atlr ‘tlaalcu atf pjmxqba’ jmalnlas. Ktfs kbeiv rla jcv kjla ja atf vbbg joafg fnfgs wjamt obg Obgv Mbeg ab rtbk eq. eAcVt7

They had never thought that this action of theirs would really be so effective!

When Lord Four appeared, the fans were all stirred up!

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“Ahhhhh male god, take off the mask, please, male god! My curiosity cancer patient colleague is waiting for me to burn it for him!”

“Lord Four, may I have your signature? Lord Four, I’m begging you for a hug! It’s also fine if I can give you a kiss!” txYV4l

“Male god! Sleep! With! Me!”

Tyron: “……”

The master assassin’s heart was full of rejection. He knew that the interstellar people had tossed away things like moral integrity a long time ago, but he hadn’t expected them to hang it on a rope and play around with it like a yo-yo!

Intimacy? Sex? Marriage? pMAn I

This was a very serious matter!

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Based on his fame and prestige in his past life, even the gods up in heaven would pay attention to his marital status. After all, this was related to a man’s fate, and couldn’t be decided arbitrarily.

Tyron ‘Old Antique’ Odin felt that he must tackle this problem head-on, so he responded very solemnly, “No, I have no plans to marry.”

His mother’s misfortune had been a great warning, and he had never considered marrying anyone. 1skpRC

The fans rarely received a response from their male god, so they were so excited that they almost burst into tears, “Why! Male god! Are you going to be a single male god forever?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to get married! Big lord, I want to give birth to your monkeys!”

“Male god, you can choose not to get married, how about you fall in love with me instead!” odC3DJ

Tyron felt that this was endless. After asking about marriage, they still had so many questions, wanting to know why, and then wanting to know about dating. After asking about dating, they wanted to know why…

Two seconds later, Tyron was expressionless as he said, “No. I have a partner to do these things with. Goodbye.”

Fans: Q口Q!

After he departed, all that was left behind were the withered hearts of his fans. The wind blew past, and they all broke apart into glass shards. PNJ2Ri


The next day, a certain news trail became like this: The first win amongst the top four in the finals! Lord Four admits to having a partner!

This piece of news repeated the conversation between Lord Four and his fans word for word and was used specifically to generate interest and popularity.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Most people simply followed the news for fun, but a certain person felt very unhappy. omsWgi

This person was Victor.

At the time, Victor and his roommate had just finished watching the match and subsequent news. His roommate even said, “Hey, hey, hey, Little Vic, you know this is fake, right?”

Victor: “I know. Don’t worry. I’m not unhappy.”

Roommate: “Little Vic, perhaps your male god is saying it just to fob off his fans. Doesn’t he dislike being blocked by fans? Besides, there’s a chance he might even be talking about you!” lgmASO

Victor: “Come on, I’m not fantasizing blindly. I still have a lot of work to do, I’m leaving first.”

Roommate: “Oh. In that case, I’m relieved.”

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Relieved, my ass! iHSM7a

In the middle of the night, Victor, in his pajamas, knocked on his roommate’s door while clutching a pillow with an ‘I want to cry’ expression on his face.

Roommate: “……??”

Victor: “I dreamt that male god has someone he already likes! It must be a dream wuwuwahhhhhhhh…”

Roommate: “……” … I was relieved too soon. DaE8x3

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The roommate pulled Victor into his room, sat him down on the bed, poured him a cup of hot water, brought out some snacks, turned on a TV comedy, and patted him sympathetically on the shoulder before saying, “Little Vic, don’t be unhappy. I’ll lend you my shoulder.”

At this moment, the roommate felt that his face was filled with the glory of the Virgin Mary.

Then, Victor poked his shoulder, felt that it was too low, and placed the pillow in his hands on top of it. He rested his head on top of the pillow in a dejected manner, “I like Mr. Odin.” mBIV0d

Roommate: “… I already knew that.”

Victor: “I don’t want him to like other people; I don’t want him to date anyone.”

Roommate: “Okay, okay.” Little Vic, to tell you the truth, your directness is very cute!

Victor then added, “It’s okay for him to fall in love and date me, but he can’t do that with anyone else.” EYmsCQ

Roommate: “……” Little Vic, ever since you started your own business, you’ve picked up a bit of a domineering president attitude??

Victor continued, “My male god is too perfect. I’m very happy, but also a little sad. I don’t know what to do! He has both good looks and strength, his IQ and EQ are both very high, and he’s always been so impressive. I, I… I don’t know anything about e-sports, and I don’t understand much at all!”

“But, Little Vic,” his roommate comforted him, “You also have good looks and strength. You graduated from a famous school, you’re able to act as a legal representative, can make financial statements, and you even opened such a great company. Many people also think that you’re a male god who is difficult to approach!” 47ORUF

Victor spoke sadly, “I’ve always been very confident and I know how to be modest when I should be, but I’m very clear about where I stand.”

Roommate: “……” Oh, you group of Learning Gods are simply…

Victor continued, “But I just have no way of being so self-confident when I’m standing in front of my male god…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Roommate: “……” Tsk, tsk. Revenge is sweet. This thing called emotion is really a great vanquisher. ioPUMG

Victor paused for a moment, then suddenly said, “But, I think you’re right! I should be more self-confident. I should go and find my male god, and tell him how I feel! Since I like him and have liked him for so long, I should let him know!”

Roommate: “……” What, what, what??? What did I say?

Victor: “I shouldn’t hide and shrink away! There’s nothing in this world that can’t be solved with good communication! As long as I think of a way, I, Victor, can do anything!”

The roommate’s expression was muddled as he watched Victor remove the pillow from his shoulder, abruptly switching back from being ‘wilted Little Vic’ to being ‘domineering president Vic’ and running enthusiastically back into his own room. RcxCre

Roommate: “… Li, Little Vic, what are you going to do?”

Victor: “I’m going to see my sweetheart!”

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Victor was very nervous, but also very excited. He changed into his favorite coat, carefully fixed up his appearance in the mirror, and sprayed on some cologne. FkzPwW

Then, he ran all the way to Tyron’s residence before finally remembering that it was still very early.

He planned to wait until eight in the morning before knocking at the door.

But Victor was still quite excited; just thinking about being able to see Tyron soon made him very happy.

He paced back and forth outside the door, excitedly organizing his speech. His palms were hot and sweaty, and he had a foolish, delighted smile on his face as he continued to fantasize about it. 2jbXOB

At this moment, his heart was full of visions of the future. Regardless of whether it would be good or bad, he had already gathered together all of his courage in preparation to begin.

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When the sky of the virtual world began to lighten up, and half of the sky was still covered by the starry night with dawn slowly creeping in, Tyron discovered that someone was outside. It was Victor.

Victor had already taken a step forward, his eyelashes fluttering nervously, the moment Tyron opened the door. wYx5hy

“Mr. Odin,” Victor said, “I know you said that you have a partner, but I still have something I want to say to you. I have to say it; I must say it! If not today, then it must be tomorrow. I like you very, very much!”

At that moment, Tyron was actually left dumbfounded. His dark golden pupils contracted slightly.

Victor pursed his lips and forcefully pressed down all of his excitement and shyness in order to speak clearly. “I will become the happiest person in the world if you can accept my feelings. If you can’t, then I’ll try to think of some other way!”

Tyron’s mouth curved upwards slightly when he heard this, and he asked, “Think of what ‘other’ way?” kdOMbW

Victor said, “I, I’ll continue to work hard to become a better person so that when you become the world’s number one male god, I will also have become the only person who is worthy of being with you!”

Tyron crossed his arms over his chest and smiled as he leaned against the door frame, “And if that still doesn’t work?”

Victor finally tugged on his ears and said, “Then, then I’ll wish you luck in finding a better person. If you get together with someone else and get married, I’ll be happy, and I’ll be sad. I, I also don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll cry on the day you get married, but I’ll still like you…”

bear: i think we all need a dose of little vic’s domineering president confidence in our lives ᶘ ᵒ㉨ᵒᶅ
celtic: wow, you’ve really got to admire Little Vic, putting it all out there so bluntly. tf aWe

Translator's Note

imba – imbalanced

Translator's Note

wheel battles – taking turns fighting one opponent to tire him out

Translator's Note

burn it for him – obscure slang. assuming the curiosity cancer patient died, in Chinese customs, people would burn offerings (money, furniture, even houses made of paper) to the dead. Here, they’ll burn a photo of Tyron for their colleague who has ‘died from curiosity cancer’.

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