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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh103 - Tribal Chief


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were all dead, but they had left behind many things, including animal bones and hides. The slaves from the various conquered tribes didn’t disdain these things and sorted through it all, intending to wash everything clean and bring it all with them. Ms8qxK

As for salt and such… The Giant Tiger Tribe had brought a lot of it with them when they left the Green Hill Tribe, and Xiong Ye was glad to see it––the Giant Tiger Tribe had packed up the salt well, and despite the fact that the leather wrapping had been trampled into the mud, the contents of the package itself was still intact.

The slaves dug up the salt and began to use it to process the dinosaur meat, making cured meat. Of course, they were also able to eat the meat themselves.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

These slaves were all in bad condition and staying here for a few days and letting them eat well would be good for them.

It would also be beneficial for Xiong Ye. Jlq5Bw

Before, they had been eating on the fly and sleeping out in the open while pursuing the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe. Xiong Ye hadn’t eaten properly but had still exerted himself a lot physically. In addition, he had lost a lot of blood during the poisoning and now urgently needed to replenish his energy.

Everyone began to eat a lot and fill themselves up. At the same time, Xiong Ye shared some of the Big Bear Tribe’s rules with the former slaves.

Those people felt that these rules were actually too relaxed!

It was just about food being distributed according to the amount of labor done, the fact that they needed to work, and so on… They had been slaving away for the Giant Tiger Tribe, but they weren’t necessarily allowed to eat after working, and their lives and safety weren’t even guaranteed!


“The Big Bear Tribe is a really good tribe. You’ll all understand when you go!” Shi Hou said. He was pretty confident when speaking to people from his own tribe, “They’ve planted a large stretch of earth eggs, and there is so much of it that they go bad from not being finished in time! They’ve also planted barley. You guys haven’t eaten barley before, right? It’s very fragrant and very filling!”

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The slaves all listened carefully, and their faces were full of excitement.

Hou Shi spoke again, “The Big Bear Tribe has also raised dinosaurs! They’re even able to raise dinosaurs!”

The slaves were stunned. VmfyxD

Hou Shi was still talking, “They put mud into fire and can make beautiful things out of it!”

These slaves almost wanted to kneel down in worship!

Hou Shi continued, “They even have a messenger from the Beast God! When the Beast God’s Messenger started praying for the tribe, the earth eggs that were planted ripened overnight! The same thing happened for the barley, and they’re always able to bring back dinosaur meat to eat! As soon as the tribe was short on food, dinosaurs would send themselves to their door! There is no shortage of meat to eat in the Big Bear Tribe!”

“Really?” Everyone found it hard to believe. How could dinosaurs offer themselves up as food? 94tOpR

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Of course it’s true. These are all things that I’ve heard from the Big Bear Tribe. Also… Didn’t they just get meat again just now?” Hou Shi went on, “When the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe left, they brought all the meat with them, and you guys almost had to go hungry again. But what’s the result now? The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe are all dead, and we also picked up a lot of meat!”

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Yo mbegrf atfs kfgf! Ktf qfbqif bo atf Xljca Klufg Kglyf kfgf ja bvvr klat atf Dlu Dfjg Kglyf, jcv cbk atf Xljca Klufg Kglyf kjr jii vfjv, jcv atf Dlu Dfjg Kglyf tjv fnfc byajlcfv j iba bo wfja! 0Fojnv

The slaves’ eyes were all full of worship and reverence when they looked upon Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye: “……”

Xiong Ye also felt that things were going too smoothly!

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They had burned all the bodies of the people from the Giant Tiger Tribe. As for the dinosaurs… These slaves didn’t waste any of them, and after five days of work, they had dealt with all the carcasses. ehbrwG

By then, Xiong Ye’s body had fully recovered. However, he encountered a little trouble before he could start recovering––most likely because he had eaten too many detoxifying herbs, he ended up suffering from diarrhea for a good few days.

Of course, that couldn’t be considered a big deal.

Now that the Giant Tiger Tribe had been dealt with, and they had finished processing all the food… Xiong Ye led everyone back.

Their group was very large, and nobody dared to provoke them as they traveled. Other than the fact that the journey took a long time, the entire journey proceeded very smoothly. fmjE8u

They had so much to carry back with them that it took them nearly half a month to return to the Big Bear Tribe.

By that time, the weather had already turned a little chilly.

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It was hard to keep from shivering when the cold wind blew over. Some people couldn’t take it anymore and simply turned into their animal forms to travel.

Xiong Ye also turned into his animal form. His animal form had grown a lot larger, and he felt that he needed to get more accustomed to it. dvoeX5

Even before they got near the Big Bear Tribe, the people of the Big Bear Tribe had already gone out to meet them.

The people from the Big Bear Tribe who spotted them first were those on sentry duty. At first, everyone had been a little worried that it might have been a large group of dinosaurs or something approaching, but later when they noticed that the one walking right at the front was Xiong Ye, the patrol team started to cheer.

“Xiong Ye! You’re back!” The people of the Big Bear Tribe hurried over one after another.

Xiong Ye was still in his animal form and couldn’t speak, but Xiong Qi turned back into his human form to respond, “We’re back!” xc1tOw

“Why are there so many people with you?” Xiong Bai, who hadn’t gone with them, asked.

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“We beat the Giant Tiger Tribe and rescued all their slaves!” Xiong Qi said.

Xiong Bai’s expression was full of shock, “You guys took down the Giant Tiger Tribe?” They had thought that Xiong Ye was leading people with him to drive away the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe who had encroached on  their territory. Yet as a result… What did Xiong Ye do?

Xiong Ye actually beat the Giant Tiger Tribe! MFCVw3

“Yes! We beat the Giant Tiger Tribe, and now all the Giant Tiger Tribe’s things are ours!”

“What happened to their people?” Xiong Bai continued to ask.

“They’re all dead.” Xiong Qi replied.

The news that Xiong Qi ended up sharing with them was too shocking. Xiong Bai found it a little difficult to process, and the priest and others who were waiting for them back in the tribe were also a little flustered when they received the news. aZ3wHp

The Giant Tiger Tribe was so big, but they were actually killed off completely by Xiong Ye and the small number of people he had brought with him?

That didn’t make sense!

The people of the Big Bear Tribe, regardless of whether they were male or female, old or young, all came out of the valley to wait and greet Xiong Ye and the others upon their return.

Everyone started cheering when the huge brown bear appeared in front of them. EouLwk

Life in the Big Bear Tribe was getting better and better, but in the past, they hadn’t been strong or powerful enough.

Things were different now. They had powerful people in their tribe, and the tribe had become large and strong!

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were cheering, and those people who had just arrived at the Big Bear Tribe were looking at everything around them curiously.

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The Big Bear Tribe’s valley looked amazing! yCzGLA

The people of the Big Bear Tribe all seemed too full of energy!

“Let’s go to the place where pottery is made.” The priest looked at this vast stretch of people  and finally decided to lead them to the place where pottery was fired.

Xiong Ye and the others had been gone for a month, and the place where pottery was fired had been developed a little more. The priest had also instructed people to build many more houses… If ten or so people crowded together into each house, they would definitely be able to fit everyone in.

More importantly, they were firing pottery that day, and it was warm there! ycbo6R

“These houses are so tall!”

“It’s so warm here!”

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“This place looks really good…”

“What are they burning?” TsDEjV


These newly arrived people touched the houses made out of mud with surprised expressions on their faces while the priest and Xiong He listened to Xiong Ye’s recounting of this trip to the Giant Tiger Tribe.

“Xiong Ye, you did a good job.” The priest said.

Xiong Ye felt a little embarrassed, “I was too careless and almost succumbed to poison…” C6Xpor

“Aren’t you fine now?” The priest laughed and suddenly looked at Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, do you want to be the tribal chief?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Yes!” Xiong Ye didn’t hesitate at all before replying, but he then looked at Xiong He, “Chief…”

The Big Bear Tribe would ask the strongest person of the tribe to become their tribal chief, but they generally wouldn’t change chiefs if the previous tribal chief was still around…

Xiong He was a little disappointed, but he still said, “I’m getting older! It’s time to hand the tribe over to you!” s3uPox

Their tribe had more people now, and they also had strong people like Zhu Zhan in their tribe. He really wouldn’t be able to please everyone if he continued on as their tribe’s tribal chief.

Juurensha: Oh wow, Xiong Ye gets to become tribal chief now!
xiin: that was … fast and kinda unexpected~

also, i found this gem of a short story: As the Demon King, I am very distressed because the Hero is too weak 1.0
it’s super cute!


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