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Xiong Ye had always wanted to be the tribal chief, but now that he was really about to take on that position, he was a little overwhelmed. Even so, he spoke firmly, “I will work hard so that the people of the tribe can live a good life!” PYJAR

“You’ll definitely be able to do it.” The priest smiled as he spoke.

Xiong He also felt that Xiong Ye would be able to achieve this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The chief of a tribe was loved by their people, and they would receive many benefits. He wanted to continue on as the tribal chief, but the tribe had changed too much over the past year.

In reality, he could probably continue on as the tribal chief; Xiong Ye most likely wouldn’t try to snatch away his role, but he felt a little embarrassed to be holding on to the position when faced with the powerful Zhu Zhan and others like him, so he simply decided to let it go. M13c40

In any case, the tribe was now flourishing, and he would still be able to eat well and live a good life even if he wasn’t the tribal chief. “Xiong Ye, you’re still young, but you’ve already become so powerful. You’ll become stronger and stronger in the future, and the tribe will also become more and more powerful.”

Xiong Ye nodded, then asked, “Where’s Zhou Ji?”

He had constantly been looking for Zhou Ji ever since he came back, but he hadn’t been able to find him in the crowd.

Now that he had such news, he wanted to find Zhou Ji even more to share the news, but… Where was Zhou Ji?


“Zhou Ji hasn’t come out these past few days. He said that he was communicating with the Beast God.” The priest said. He hadn’t even finished speaking when he discovered that Xiong Ye had already run off and disappeared.

The priest: “……”

Xiong He was a little worried when he saw what had happened, “Xiong Ye won’t end up accidentally disturbing Zhou Ji like this, right?” They hadn’t dared to go over to Zhou Ji’s place recently… In the blink of an eye, it had already been almost a month since they’d last seen Zhou Ji. Zhou Ji should be fine, right?

The priest was a little anxious, too, “Let’s go and take a look.” c4MP3C

“You’re too slow. I’ll take you!” Xiong He picked up the priest and ran forth.

The priest: “……” This fellow Xiong He actually dared to disdain him for being slow!

There was no way for Xiong He, who was carrying the priest, to catch up to Xiong Ye no matter what. He was still running when Xiong Ye had already reached his own doorstep, “Zhou Ji!”

Xiong Ye’s voice had just fallen when he saw Zhou Ji open the door. mo4wbC

It seemed that Zhou Ji’s skin had darkened a bit. He smiled at Xiong Ye, “You’re back?”

“I’m back.” Xiong Ye reached out and hugged Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, I’m going to be the tribal chief!”

“You’re so amazing.” Zhou Ji patted Xiong Ye on the head, then gave him a kiss on the mouth.

Xiong Ye was a little depressed from having his head patted, but it was followed by a kiss so he soon started smiling again, “Zhou Ji, I killed Hu Tian! Hu Tian was the Giant Tiger Tribe’s tribal chief!” iMnhJ3

Zhou Ji simply kissed him again in praise.

“I brought back a lot of people and a lot of food!” Xiong Ye continued.

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“You’re the best.” Zhou Ji kissed him a few more times.

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“I’ll go wash up!” Xiong Ye jumped into the river and started to take a bath.

The priest, who had originally intended to leave, saw this situation, and chose to stay, “Zhou Ji, how was your conversation with the Beast God?” PzbTZe

“Very good.” Zhou Ji replied.

He had had quite a rough time when he went out this time and had only returned one day earlier than Xiong Ye.

After that, he had washed up and gone to sleep, waking up just in time for Xiong Ye’s return.

The tribe would definitely be very lively, so he hadn’t gone over to participate in the revelry. In any case, Xiong Ye would come find him on his own… Sure enough, Xiong Ye had come. 3bTAGm

“That’s good!” The priest looked at Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, Xiong Ye’s going to be the chief of the tribe. Do you want to be the priest?”

“I don’t have time.” Zhou Ji was very calm when he said this.

The priest also felt that it was quite shameless for Zhou Ji to say this. Zhou Ji was probably the most idle person in their entire tribe!

However, he couldn’t make Zhou Ji do anything. cZSIvd

The priest continued, “What do you think of Xiong He? Is he suited to being the priest?” He had put a lot of effort into cultivating Xiong He back then, but Xiong He had run off to become the tribal chief after Xiong Ye’s father died.

Now… It was time to have Xiong He continue working hard.

“I can’t do it!” Xiong He didn’t even hesitate to say this when he heard the priest’s words. His fear of being taught by the priest reared its head up again.

Back then, the priest had made him memorize things every day. He had to learn to recognize herbs, and wasn’t allowed to eat meat when he wasn’t able to remember things properly. His head had hurt from all that learning! Wd9S4H

He didn’t want to become the priest. He wanted to just go hunting!

“Suited.” Zhou Ji’s answer came quickly.

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Xiong He regretted his decision now! He felt that he should’ve kept his position as tribal chief and refused to let it go!

“I also think that Xiong He is very suited for the position. He can start training tomorrow…. Oh, right, Zhou Ji, the Giant Tiger Tribe is gone now, and we have three hundred more people in our tribe. What do you think we should do?” The priest asked. Although Zhou Ji didn’t manage things, he was always able to come up with a lot of accurate suggestions. iStMeG

Zhou Ji was about to speak when Xiong Ye spoke up, “Grandpa Priest, there’s a lot of things to deal with today. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

He had already taken a bath and wanted to cuddle with Zhou Ji. Why was the priest still talking about these things with Zhou Ji?

“Then we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” The priest watched as Xiong Ye picked up Zhou Ji and went back to their room.

The priest: “……” Xiong Ye was acting too obvious and anxious. He really couldn’t bear to look on! YK2CtS

The priest and Xiong He couldn’t continue disturbing them and could only choose to leave.

The priest’s actions were very slow as he made his way back, and Xiong He couldn’t keep himself from saying, “Priest, I’ll carry you back.”

The priest said, “Just follow me back slowly… Come, let’s recite the Big Bear Tribe’s history together!”

Xiong He: “……” Q08PR4

“There’s also the prayers to the Beast God that need to be memorized.” The priest continued.

Xiong He: “……”

“Right, and the dances need to be learnt as well.” The priest added.

Xiong He: “Priest, your body is still healthy, and you’ll be able to live on for another twenty years. As for me, I suffered a lot of injuries when I was young and might lose my life at any time… You should find someone young to train!” Pcodls

It was alright to identify herbs and such, but the priest needed to memorize too many things, and he would die if he had to do all this!

If it weren’t for this, he also wouldn’t have minded becoming a respected priest who was given the best food to eat.

“You’re thirty years younger than me. You’re still a child in my eyes.” The priest looked at Xiong He lovingly.

There was nothing Xiong He could say. p79J8W

At this time, Xiong Ye was being intimate with Zhou Ji––It had been a month since he’d seen Zhou Ji, and he wanted to rub himself all over him!

Zhou Ji also missed him quite a lot. Although he had always been able to see him, they weren’t able to hug and kiss.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The two of them helped each other out, and Xiong Ye felt really wonderful for a while, “Zhou Ji, are we going to participate in the celebrations?” Their tribe was holding a welcome party today, and it was very lively.

“I’m not going. You go.” Zhou Ji wasn’t interested in these things. After sleeping out in the open for a whole month, all he wanted to do now was to lie in bed at home and act like a ‘sage’. U7WhFv

“Alright, then…” Xiong Ye felt a little disappointed.

Seeing this, Zhou Ji gave him another kiss, “Come back early.”

“Yes!” Xiong Ye agreed. He left and soon arrived at the place where pottery was made.

The fire in the pit where pottery was fired had burned out, but there were still many other fires burning in the area. The priest and Xiong He had taken out some of their tribe’s specialty smoked meat for the newcomers to eat. Wv6Ctk

The tribe had made many pots in recent days, and now the priest placed some of these pots over the fire to make a lot of smoked meat and earth egg stew.

“How fragrant. What kind of meat is this?”

“Why is this stone pot so smooth?”

“It doesn’t seem like a stone pot…” dy4lD2


The newcomers were all very surprised.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were very proud, “This is pottery. We made these in the fire with the Beast God’s guidance!”

“In fact, this smoked meat isn’t that special, and isn’t very tasty… Hot pot is really delicious.” vrGHx2

“I can treat you to some fried barley tomorrow so you can try it.”


These newcomers had basically all heard about these things that Hou Shi had told them about the Big Bear Tribe, and when they saw it now with their own eyes, they were even more aware of how well off the Big Bear Tribe was.

It was great that they could join the Big Bear Tribe! 3 4HIK

They would live very well this winter.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were looking forward to the future, and over on the other side, Shi Li was still wandering around on his own.

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It had taken him quite a lot of work to catch a dinosaur, but he wasn’t able to build a fire to roast the meat. That was bad enough; the scent of blood had attracted a bunch of small egg-stealing dinosaurs that had then snatched away his prey!

He was both cold and hungry. He had no choice but to go and seek out other prey, but then it started to rain heavily. C8 k7Z

Shi Li once again regretted his decisions while hiding under a tree.

He should’ve stayed with the Big Bear Tribe…

He had roamed around before in his previous life, but he had been with Xiong Ye and the rest of the tribe back then.

Although there were only a few people left from their tribe back then, he had still been the tribal chief… Because of that, he hadn’t had to do anything other than hunt. m1LcVA

At the very least, he could just lie down and rest after bringing back the prey and wait for others to wash the meat clean and roast it… Xiong Ye’s cooking skills were quite good, and he would even save the best parts of the meat for him to eat.

When faced with this kind of rainy weather, Xiong Ye would turn into his animal form and lie down together with him, the two of them cuddling together to stay warm.

Shi Li’s mood became complicated when he thought of this.

These were all things that he hadn’t been willing to think about before, but now that he started to think back… He missed Xiong Ye a little bit. hQ2aDc

The Giant Tiger Tribe should have already attacked the Big Bear Tribe by now. Zhou Ji was likely dead, and Xiong Ye, who no longer had a mate, could now choose another mate. It wasn’t impossible for him to keep Xiong Ye by his side in the future…

“Found you.” A voice suddenly rang out, and Shi Li raised his head, only to see Xiang Tian in front of him.

Xiang Tian’s expression looked very abnormal.

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