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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh063.2 - Interstellar’s Best Friend, Rocard


Translator: Callis
Edtior: Shiru

“No no no, Wu Zimo, don’t be anxious.” d7sQ X

Rocard saw that Wu Zimo had only heard half of what he said, his entire body sitting up in worry. He was inwardly happy that the other was worried about Scott, but he didn’t forget to immediately reassure him. 

“When I first heard what you described, I suspected that Scott was showing symptoms of spiritual mania. Although you’re worried like this, nothing actually happened. Scott shouldn’t have experienced spiritual mania.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you sure?” Wu Zimo saw Rocard’s hasty explanation and relaxed. However, he asked him because he was still a bit uneasy. 

“Of course, ordinary people only know that a sentinel’s spiritual mania is terrible. Well, even if they are especially terrible, you can’t assume that it’s spiritual mania when it’s something like a breeze rustling the grass.”  RWDwsX

Wu Zimo nodded to show that he understood. Truly, everything that he knew about sentinels and guides was what he found on the StarNetwork. However, Wu Zimo understood that sentinels and guides, these types of evolved humans with spiritual power, had a community separate from ordinary people. They couldn’t let ordinary people enter it.

In other words, from the awakening of the first sentinel to the separation of guides from sentinels, and from several thousand years of Interstellar people to now, no one could confidently say that they thoroughly understood the awakenings of sentinels and guides.

Not to mention anything else, no one could explain why sentinels’ mania and guides’ awakening happened at 18 years old and couldn’t happen after. 

Wu Zimo had awakened to become a guide after becoming an adult. If his secret was exposed, it would be enough for the people of the Interstellar to once again deepen their understanding of the mystery and unpredictability of a guide’s awakening. 


“Rocard, then do you know what happened to Scott last night?” Since it wasn’t the frightening spiritual mania that made people pale, Wu Zimo wasn’t as nervous as he had been before. But he still wanted to know what happened to Scott the previous night. 

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However, this time Rocard only gave Wu Zimo a shrug. He didn’t make him wait. He answered very evasively: “I don’t know either.”


Clearly, they were talking about a very serious topic, but by looking at Rocard’s current appearance, Wu Zimo’s hand suddenly had an itchy feeling. If he hadn’t had the fighting prowess of only a level 5 dreg, he would absolutely let the unreliable fellow in front of him know that scaring people could kill them! oV4bfL

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As a sentinel, Rocard’s keen sense allowed him to immediately perceive Wu Zimo’s cold gaze. The cogs of his head quickly turned and allowed him to figure out that Wu Zimo was thinking. He immediately began to shout: “Hey! Wu Xiao Mo, don’t look at me with such a gaze ah, I’m not a worm in Scott’s stomach. I really don’t know ah!”

Vb sbe, j ofiibk jr qfaas jr Vmbaa, vbc’a cffv ab atlcx bo kjsr ab vfji klat wf!

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Snfc afc sfjgr kjrc’a abb ijaf obg j cbyif ab ajxf gfnfcuf. Ktlr kjr bcf bo Qe Ilwb’r rjslcur. Ciatbeut Qe Ilwb ilxfv la ktfc j cbyif abbx gfnfcuf bc atf rqba, lo atf mlgmewrajcmfr vlvc’a jiibk obg obgmf, la kbeiv yf olcf obg la ab yf gfaegcfv afc alwfr bnfg ja j ijafg alwf.  kVAtaf

Rocard wasn’t reliable. However, the Marshal’s situation still made Wu Zimo very worried. After thinking, Wu Zimo asked: “Scott had experienced something so serious, so why didn’t he seek out a doctor?”

Sentinels without guides usually went to doctors if they had health problems. The team of doctors responsible for treatments and examinations usually consisted of guides and ordinary people. 

“How would I know?”

Now that it was mentioned, Rocard also felt that it was very strange. With Scott’s character, if such a serious problem occurred, he would definitely seek out a doctor for an examination to ensure that there wasn’t a problem. 7n d4o

It was precisely because Scott didn’t go see a doctor that the rumors outside spread so wildly that they couldn’t be reeled back.

“You don’t?”

Wu Zimo hadn’t seen Scott since they bid their farewells last night. In addition, Wu Zimo hadn’t been at the Heaven’s Wrath Corps for very long and had only known people for a few days, though he recognized that they were busy people. He couldn’t hear any news about Scott from their mouths.

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The only exception was Rocard, who loved gossip. If it hadn’t been for him specially running over, Wu Zimo wouldn’t have known that what had happened with him and Scott was rumored  so fiercely.  ncBqgr

“No, but……” Rocard saw that Wu Zimo had finally reached the important point and laughed, then pulled closer towards Wu Zimo’s face to urge him on.

“I think that Scott doesn’t want to go see a doctor for an examination, so you should urge him. Truthfully, after listening to your account about what happened to him last night, it isn’t very clear. It would be best to go to a doctor for examination. It would make people more at ease, right?”

At the end, Rocard’s gaze could really be shown that he was getting carried away, especially when he saw Wu Zimo silently pondering. Even a word of praise wasn’t enough retribution for his own kind-heartedness as a very good friend in the Federation. 

“I understand.”  C1IlVs

Wu Zimo didn’t know what Rocard had secretly planned. He only thought that Rocard was very right. As a fan of the Marshal, it was normal to care about the health of his male god. Since Scott wasn’t paying attention, he ought to give it even more attention as his number-one fan. 

Wu Zimo earnestly nodded, but he had no idea that Rocard was so proud of his secret plans that his nose almost pierced the sky. 

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Wu Zimo stopped asking about Scott’s matters. He understood that Rocard was only able to tell him about such matters because he was Scott’s friend. As for other more in-depth matters, Wu Zimo could admit that he still didn’t have the right to know.

This thought, however, was very depressing and dismaying.  1TOY 6

“That’s right, Rocard, didn’t you come to me for something?”

He didn’t continue on about the gossipy matters between him and the Marshal that would shock people until there were goosebumps all over their body. Wu Zimo hadn’t forgotten that Rocard had first come looking for him because of some proper matter.

“Of course there’s something.” Rocard saw that Wu Zimo no longer asked more questions about Scott. He thought that too much was as bad as not enough, so he didn’t speak anymore about it. Anyway, there were many opportunities in the future; he didn’t care about this bit of time.

Since Wu Zimo returned to the topic of proper business, his expression returned to being as relaxed as it had been before.  wvSGE1

Seeing Rocard, this unreliable person’s, change in expression was a slight relief for Wu Zimo. It was because when they were talking proper business, Rocard could still be relatively serious, although it was still possible for him to snap back to his true character in a split second.

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“We’re especially interested in the program you sent to Scott before. However, this program can only be applied to mechas. Can it be modified for battleships?” 

The program that Rocard mentioned was precisely the one he had neglected sleep and food on the first day that he was in his research room. This was because he had the idea for a while. He was able to push out the idea that had been turning in his head for a long time. 

Hearing Rocard mention the program, however, Wu Zimo couldn’t help but recall the wonderful development with Scott that day.  3fAOjp

For a moment, his two cheeks flushed uncontrollably. 

Fortunately, Rocard’s mind was currently on the program. Otherwise, if he saw Wu Zimo’s blush, then this gossipy brain pit would have definitely conjured up 18+ images that even mosaics couldn’t cover up. 

Cough cough.” Wu Zimo coughed subconsciously and pressed certain disharmonious thoughts into the deepest parts of his mind. He seriously reflected over Rocard’s suggestion. 

It was a while before he replied: “It should be possible. However, I don’t understand the mechanisms of battleships very well. To convert its use from mechas to battleships, there must be many modifications. Additionally, I’m afraid that this program might interfere with the battleship’s control program.”  Ql9ms4

Wu Zimo didn’t explain it very clearly, but Rocard was the young master of the Maca family, the StarNetwork’s largest share-holding company. He still understood computer programming.

After hearing Wu Zimo’s words, Rocard immediately understood. What’s more, he understood even more clearly than Wu Zimo that if his program interfered with the battleships’ control program, the results wouldn’t be something that they could bear. 

Especially in battle, a small mistake could affect the outcome of a war. They bore the survival of humanity. As the deputy commander of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, Rocard needed to be even more cautious. 

“I understand your concerns, so I’ll ask a person who’s very familiar with the battleship’s master control program to work with you. With this, you shouldn’t have any problems?”  18GRKd

There were too many twists and turns regarding this type of technology. Rocard didn’t mince his words with Wu Zimo; he spoke directly and clearly. 

Wu Zimo didn’t think as much as Rocard. When he heard that there would be an expert in the battleship’s master control program coming to help him research, he was delighted. How could he consider his broken broom as a treasure?

It wasn’t that Wu Zimo was easy-mannered, but that he believed that it was impossible to improve his own skills if he built a cart behind closed doors. It was only with constant communication with others and sharing strengths that they could further the field. 

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Especially when it came to communicating with similar people, it was even easier to collide with all kinds of sparks of inspiration. Perhaps a split second of realization could reap benefits that you might not be able to reach even from a few years of burying yourself in work.  HlTh3q

Rocard didn’t know what Wu Zimo was thinking. He only saw that he unexpectedly didn’t have any other thoughts, and even had a happy expression. He didn’t know whether to be gratified that Wu Zimo’s level of understanding was high, or if he should worry that this child was too unguarded. 

In the Interstellar era, the protection of intellectual property was very thorough. Very few of the big masters from all trades who have made great contributions, unless they had already taken on an apprentice, would instruct outsiders. 

It wasn’t that these great gods were selfish and unwilling to teach others, but that they paid more attention to the dissemination of their own knowledge. It was a bit like the sects that Wu Zimo understood.

So in the Interstellar, saying that so-and-so was so-and-so master’s apprentice was a very enviable matter. It was because the starting point of these kinds of people were higher than those who weren’t able to get a master’s instruction. EpXUMa

“Relax, Wu Zimo. The person I’m sending over can definitely be trusted.” Rocard thought about it, but still decided to explain.

“Ah?” He had no idea that Rocard was imagining a huge pile of things again, and could only nod in confusion. 

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Although it was very strange for Rocard to bring this up, could it be that the person he was bringing over was untrustworthy?

Any guesses as to who this mysterious expert will be? (。>ω<)。 FZW7sP

Translator's Note

闭门造车 -> being very secretive and disregarding what goes on in the outside world

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