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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh063.1 - Despairing In the Face of this Gossip-Loving World


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru & Dragon

Marshal Gill coughed first. The solemn expression on his face softened, and then he spoke to Scott, who was on the other side of the video, in a relaxed tone, like he was discussing a daily occurrence: “Scott, you’ve been very busy over there recently.” bPZ3Bz

How could he not be busy? This had quickly turned into the Interstellar’s top male god, Marshal Scott Alman’s, illicit affair that everyone was circling around to watch. 

However, even though Scott was being teased by Gill in his elder’s tone, there wasn’t a slightest shift in his facial expression. It was as chilly as before, and even his voice remained as professional as it had always been: “If Marshal Gill has nothing else, then this video conference is over.” 

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“Ah, wait!”

He still hadn’t pried out any information from Scott’s mouth. How could the Marshal let him go so easily? It must be known that he had plans to go show off to that old fellow Philos after successfully prying some information from Scott’s mouth. wgx1hi

Philos Alman, Scott’s father, was the current head of the Alman family. 

Although he had handed over the position of Marshal of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps to his son Scott Alman, it didn’t mean that the old Marshal, who seemingly had no heavy responsibilities to bear, could peacefully settle down and enjoy time with his grandchildren. 

As the head of the Alman family and even without holding the yoke of military duty, Philos Alman had even more ability to use his rights and power as he wished. As a result, he also became much busier. 

If Madam Alman, who was left to tend to the Alman manor, didn’t have a video call with her husband every day and meet in person once a week, then she would suspect her own sentinel to be  so busy that he must have vanished completely. 


This was because the head of the Alman family, Philos Alman, was precisely this kind of busy person that no one could catch a glimpse of even his shadow all day long. 

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However, no matter how busy the old fellow was, he would normally keep in touch. Moreover, this type of connection was classified as being personal in nature. 

Truth be told, if outsiders could see the contents of this group of illustrious, famous heroes of the Interstellar Federation’s gossip, then even the crumpling of all kinds of images would fall short of depicting their shock. It was because the content of their gossip clashed too much with their image. 

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Among the gossip of the older generation, a topic that frequently came up was definitely related to each family’s children.  XuAyYQ

Zjgrtji Xlii’r ojwlis kjr lc j rbwfktja yfaafg rajaf; ja atf nfgs ifjra, tlr akb ralcxs rbcr, ktb kfgf jcufgfv ys atf Zjgrtji vjlis ecali atflg yfjgvr mjeuta olgf, delmxis obecv uelvfr ab jmmbwqjcs atfw obg j ilofalwf. 

Ktfc, fnfgsalwf atlr kjr ygbeuta eq, Zjgrtji Ciwjc’r fzqgfrrlbc aegcfv ajmlaegc. Pa kjrc’a yfmjerf tf vlvc’a fcns tlr biv ofiibkr yea atja tlr bkc rbc gfjiis kjr abb bvv.

In the end, old Marshal Alman could only pray that the gods would open his eyes and allow the rock in his family that was even more stubborn than the insides of a toilet to open his mind. 

Recently, however, there had been some problems with a certain battlefront against the Dimensional Zergs, a large part of which was related to the Alman family’s industry. This was what the old Marshal Alman had been busy with. As a result, he had missed the very beginning of his rock’s unexpected enlightenment.  N3rgIL

As for this youth Wu Zimo being an ordinary person, Marshal Alman didn’t mind in the slightest. He was even surer than Madam Alman that as long as Scott had someone that could accept him, it would be alright. 

Old Marshal Alman hadn’t heard this gossip, so Marshal Gill wanted to carefully clarify so that when he chatted with that old fellow Philos in a few days, he could tease him even more. 

Thanks to the incredible imagination of the people of the Interstellar, Marshall Gill didn’t even need to think before knowing that the rumors that had gone flying in all directions weren’t true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to personally ask Scott.

Scott’s own father, let alone an outsider like Gill, considered him a lump of rock. Marshal Gill expressed that prying information from Scott’s mouth was even more exhausting than going a round against Dimensional Zergs.  F3ztpu

“Scott, you know that your father is very worried about you. He has been especially busy recently with border affairs and doesn’t have time to seek you out. So, this uncle has taken it into his own hands.”

So you don’t have to keep quiet or stay secretive! Tell this uncle what relationship you and that ordinary person named Wu Zimo have! 

If it weren’t for the distance that could be calculated in light years, it could be suspected that the excited Marshal Gill would have directly grabbed Scott’s neck and shook him to make him spit out everything that was going on. 

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It’s just that Scott didn’t even glance at Marshal Gill, who was playing the familial affection card.  k4yEdY

“I wish you good health, Marshal Gill.” Scott finished calmly, then closed the light brain’s screen without waiting for Marshal Gill on the other side to continue.


Seeing the dark light brain screen, the seated Marshal Gill didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Scott’s character hasn’t changed at all.”

Though Scott had cut off communication between them, Marshal Gill wasn’t at all angry. When he had planned to ask Scott about the gossip, he had already been prepared for the fellow to shut off communications. vBL6cD

“Fortunately, I have another way. Since Scott won’t say it, Rocard should know.”

Rocard really was an all-purpose question bag. Whenever something came up, he was the first they would ask. Should Deputy Rocard feel honored……?

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Of course, Rocard wasn’t thinking about how he was in so many people’s thoughts right now. He was currently wondering how he could tell Wu Zimo about some of Scott’s relatively unimportant matters, then allow him to take the initiative to be concerned about the big iceberg Scott.

In this way, wouldn’t they then become even more intimate?!   J3deEb

There was a vulgar smile on Rocard’s face again, and he casually gave himself a bit of praise for his brilliant method.

“The situation is related to Scott’s personal secrets. To be honest, even though we’re so familiar with one another, I can’t tell you what Scott’s secrets are.” Rocard deliberated, and then put on an earnest expression before telling Wu Zimo this, who was looking at him with a worried expression.

Listening to Rocard start off like this, Wu Zimo didn’t have the mind to worry about their relationship because from Rocard’s words, he was sure that the male god’s and Caesar’s odd behaviour from the previous night must be a very serious matter. 

If Rocard wasn’t present, Wu Zimo would have entered the spiritual world and asked Ares what it had done last night.  ZxYv0s

Rocard saw Wu Zimo hadn’t opened his mouth and was just looking at him with a tight expression. His heart skipped a beat; it couldn’t be that he had played it too far? If Wu Zimo said he didn’t want to know about Scott’s matters, how could he continue?

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Right when Rocard felt vexed to the point of wanting to grab his hair, Wu ZImo placed his mind back on track and continued with the topic.

“I know that Scott, as the highest ranked commander in the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, has a lot of secrets that outsiders can’t know. I understand that; I don’t have to know everything. I’m just very worried about Scott. The behavior he exhibited last night was truly alarming.”

It wasn’t only Scott, but Caesar as well. h86bMZ

If he could only understand what Ares had done, or why Scott and Caesar had become like this, he would be very careful in the future and not allow Ares to act recklessly again.

Rocard nodded internally. He could see from Wu Zimo’s perspective that he cared about Scott from the depths of his heart. Maybe Wu Zimo had initially claimed to be Scott’s fan, but fans weren’t the same as friends. 

Rocard also hoped that Wu Zimo would get rid of his status as a fan and interact with Scott as a friend. 

Of course, he would first start out as a friend, then become a boyfriend or something. It was only one word away!  4TWmZh

“From what you’ve described, I suspect Scott experienced spiritual mania last night. However, it also doesn’t feel too similar to it either.” 

That’s right, Rocard could very easily tell from Wu Zimo’s recounting that Scott had experienced the symptoms of spiritual mania that all sentinels could sniff out. 

However, Rocard soon let go of his suspicions. If he really had suffered from spiritual mania, then nevermind the Marshal who was working hard today even though there was nothing to do today, even Wu Zimo, who had been by his side, wouldn’t have been able to sit across from him intact and talk like this. 

Nevermind that Wu Zimo was an ordinary person, even if he was a guide, he might not even be able to help mitigate Scott’s spiritual mania in the slightest.  fSOyTr

The disparity in power really was a trench very difficult to cross. 

“Spiritual mania!” Wu Zimo only heard the beginning and already stood up. Even he knew what would happen to sentinels if they had spiritual mania.

Scott had gone through such a dangerous thing in front of him last night!?! 

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Translator's Note

Shiru: I’m sorry what
Dragon: O_O Uhhhh stinky boy and insides of a toilet… Gill and Alman sure are complimentary fathers

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