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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh064 - The Marshal Is In a Very Good Mood


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Rocard had gotten a clear response from Wu Zimo, and he no longer stayed to gossip with him. In particular, he saw Wu Zimo’s gaze telling him to hurry up and leave after he finished talking about proper business, that he needed to go and not disturb his work. Rocard had no excuse to stay. J28z3h

In fact, Deputy Rocard really was especially busy. Wu Zimo had suddenly tossed out a program that he and Scott were very optimistic about, even though it added even more to his workload. 

But if Wu Zimo’s program truly could improve and be applied to the Interstellar battleships, then this was something important that could enhance the Corps’ overall strength. Even if Rocard had to run errands, he would do so happily. 

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Seeing that he was the only one left in the research lab, Wu Zimo’s originally relaxed expression suddenly sank. 

“Ares.” v2wTxY

 (≧▽≦) Hearing its master’s call, Ares immediately jumped out from the spiritual world. Looking from its appearance, it didn’t seem to  have remembered at all that it had clearly said last night that if its master didn’t kiss it and toss it up a dozen times, it definitely didn’t plan on forgiving him. 

Looking at Ares, who had happy characters on its face, Wu Zimo couldn’t help but smile even if he was in a somber mood. 

“Little fellow, you even know how to sell meng in front of me.” It was the kind that people couldn’t get angry at. 

Wu Zimo laughed and used his index finger to poke Ares’s forehead, and proceeded to ask Ares, who thought that its master was playing a game. 


“Ares, just what did you do last night?” Something that made Scott and Caesar react so strongly definitely wouldn’t be a simple accident, especially since Wu Zimo could sense the spiritual power emanating from Ares’s body. 

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The originally happy Ares was reminded by Wu Zimo why it had been angry in the spiritual world last night, and of course, its lofty ideals. 

Ares first showed a (○` 3′○) face towards Wu Zimo, then lightly bumped its forehead against Wu Zimo. This baby was very angry and needed kisses from its master to cheer up. 

“……alright alright alright, Master will give Ares a kiss, okay?” It was rare that Wu Zimo could immediately understand what Ares wanted to express.  PlYa3C

Wu Zimo already had a very thorough understanding of Ares’s childishness. So, he absolutely couldn’t argue with a child whose IQ was equivalent to a three or four year old’s. 

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Wu Zimo lifted Ares, who had been maintaining a pouting expression, up and repeatedly gave it kisses on its forehead, making them especially loud. 


“Obbx, Cgfr. Zjrafg tjr jigfjvs ulnfc Cgfr xlrrfr, rb Cgfr rtbeivc’a yf jcugs klat Zjrafg, gluta?” 2OXTog

(≧▽≦) Yxjs bxjs, Zjrafg! Cgfr lr atf wbra byfvlfca dejcaew yfjra!

Vfflcu atja tf tjv olcjiis mbjzfv tlr bkc wfcu-rfiilcu fuu, Qe Ilwb’r ilqr megnfv lcab j rwlif. Ycis atfc vlv tf jrx Cgfr jujlc ktja la tjv vbcf atf cluta yfobgf ab mjerf remt j ijguf gfjmalbc lc Vmbaa jcv Jjfrjg. 

Hearing its Master ask Ares about the very thing that it was most proud of, Ares first showed a (O_O) and then kept up a barrage of (≧▽≦).

Because Ares was too excited, Wu Zimo had no clue what Ares was trying to say.  wNoPFg

He could feel all sorts of chaotic and excited emotions from Ares. Wu Zimo sighed helplessly again.

Communicating with a preschool child really was a great pain, and in this case, it was an egg that couldn’t speak and could only show kaomoji!

If someone told him before that he would need to communicate with an egg, the Great God MO definitely would have given them a slap to the face. However, now that Wu Zimo only wanted to find an egg language expert, he couldn’t. He really had a pressing need for a translator!

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“Ares! A-r-e-s!”  2XAIsx

Wu Zimo had no choice but to stop the egg in his arms who had already lost itself in its excitement. He was truly afraid that if Ares continued, then it would break the yolk inside. 

Of course, Wu Zimo knew that although Ares was an egg, it was a quantum beast and its spiritual power had materialized. 

So, there shouldn’t be a yolk and egg white underneath the shell, right?

The excited Ares had suddenly been caught by its master and could no longer move about. He showed a (?_?) expression towards Wu Zimo.  BbJw5I

“Ares, you got too excited. I can’t get a sense of what you’re trying to convey.”

Hearing its master’s words, Ares swayed, then leaned in coyly to rub itself against Wu Zimo’s embrace. Ares expressed that it knew that it was disobedient, so it shouldn’t be punished. Ares was a good child that could recognise its own mistakes and do better. 

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“Master knew that Ares didn’t mean to. So, can Ares slowly tell Master what it had done last night?”

Wu Zimo, who hadn’t gotten married nor was even dating anyone, had learned the skills of a stay-at-home dad so early. Should he feel sorry for himself?  MwkiPF

With Wu Zimo’s guidance, Ares very quickly learned how to communicate with its master. Although the process remained strenuous for Wu Zimo, it was better than the big jumbled mess of thoughts it had been just before. This slow method proved to be much better. 

After communicating with Ares at a speed slightly higher than a snail’s pace, Wu Zimo finally figured out what Ares had done the night before. 

The first thing that Wu Zimo did was lift Ares up. He even gave it a few kisses, so that (≧▽≦) flashed rapidly across its face. 

“Ares, you really are too incredible!” tdubpm

Absolute Defense, it was an amazing innate skill that only his meng-selling egg possessed! 

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That’s right, Ares had finally gotten its Absolute Defense skill under control last night, then immediately went to find its master for praise. 

It was just unfortunate that when Ares used its spiritual power, it had been sensed by Scott, who hadn’t been far away enough yet. For some unknown reason, the spiritual power that Ares had released contained guide’s pheromones that were exclusive to Wu Zimo. It caused Scott and Caesar to almost go berserk. 

Even Scott, a strong-willed sentinel, couldn’t resist this kind of soul-stirring allure. It was because this type of attraction was instinctual for intelligent organisms. Resisting it was like resisting who you were.  Xc6q3Q

Wu Zimo didn’t know that Scott’s outburst had been caused by his own guides’ pheromones. He only thought that the fluctuation in Ares’s spiritual power had been detected by Scott’s keen senses. 

Given the Marshal’s reaction to danger, this response wasn’t surprising either, especially since they were at the general headquarters of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, when the sudden, strange fluctuation in spiritual power had occurred. Doubtful people might have wondered if the enemy had attacked. 

Wu Zimo released a sigh of relief at his self-explanation. Scott’s strange behavior from last night had really scared him, and today, he had heard about spiritual mania from Rocard, which had scared him even more and sent him into a cold sweat. 

However, upon hearing Are’s explanation, the heart that had been in suspense could finally be eased.  47WkyU

Wu Zimo, whose excitement had run its course, also thought of Ares’s problem.

“Ares, you can’t rashly release your spiritual power in front of others in the future.” 

Ares’s Absolute Defense really made Wu Zimo’s mouth water. With a trump-card like Ares, Wu Zimo didn’t have to worry about spiritual attacks from sentinels or guides at all. Even sentinels and guides with spiritual strengths stronger than his couldn’t break through Ares’s defenses.

The “Absolute” in front of “Absolute Defense” wasn’t just there for decoration.  qMAK2J

Of course, Wu Zimo had yet to test whether Ares’s defenses were as powerful as it had claimed, but Wu Zimo believed his meng-selling egg. 

It was like believing himself; as a manifestation of his spiritual power, how could Ares lie to him?! 

After Wu Zimo warned Ares, he saw that it had a tendency to pout and immediately opened his mouth to placate it.

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“As long as Ares is obedient, Master will always hold him up high, and of course, will give kisses.” Mvb1wi

Ares, who had been preparing to pout at its master, was coxed by Wu Zimo. Its mouth forgot to pout, and (≧▽≦) flooded past. 


This child Ares really was easy to coax. He didn’t need to spend money, and only needed a bit of time. He didn’t even need to use any physical strength. However, when Wu Zimo looked at Ares, who was so easily coaxed, why did he feel a sense of anxiety? 

His child was so simple (stupid) that it really wouldn’t be thrown for a loop and tricked by others into leaving, right……? lB4ak5

In the future, he would need to keep a closer eye on this meng-selling egg. Others little boys and girls still required spending money on candy, but this one didn’t even need candy, just kisses. Wouldn’t it just leave him?!

Wu Zimo felt more and more like a heartbroken parent, spending all day worrying about this and that……

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Wu Zimo and Ares played in the research lab for a while, before Ares reluctantly returned to Wu Zimo’s spiritual world. 

Without Ares the meng-selling egg, Wu Zimo felt that his research room was very cold for a moment. Although Ares couldn’t speak and could only display all kinds of characters on its eggshell, it made Wu Zimo feel a certain kind of wonderful warmth.  UOjLmI

“Well, since Ares isn’t here, I’ll also need to work hard.” 

Wu Zimo raised his hand and patted his cheeks, cheering for himself in the empty research lab. However, before Wu Zimo prepared to work, he couldn’t forget to go look for Scott tonight. 

Although he knew that Scott’s strangeness might have been caused when he sensed the fluctuation in Ares’s spiritual power, things like regular check-ins were also necessary.

I want my own Ares (๑′°︿°๑) HBqYad

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

蛋痛 -> something like a “kick in the balls”

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