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LonelinessChapter 19


It took him a long time to find a clear expression of his emotions from his confused mind. Chen Dong Lan said, “What shall I do then?”

He had already given up all hope once today and even prepared himself to beg Yuan Yuan not to alienate him. Suddenly embraced by Yuan Yuan and being told “I’ll treat you well”, his whole body went soft from his tailbone upwards. B2k0vq

“What do you mean? If you want to eat, then we’ll go to the restaurant. If you don’t want to eat, then we’ll stay in the room. Or if you want to visit any scenic spot, I’m fine with that too.”

Chen Dong Lan gazed at Yuan Yuan and felt useless. “I don’t know what I want to do…”

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Yuan Yuan saw that he was so confused that he didn’t know where to place his hands or feet. He laughed, spread out his hands and put on the appearance of someone to be taken advantage of. “Think about it. You can do whatever you want.”

His tone was gentler than if he were coaxing a small child, as if no matter how excessive Chen Dong Lan’s demands were, he would agree with a smile. EdFjsY

Chen Dong Lan’s eyes were hot. He reached out a hand, gently placing it on Yuan Yuan’s chest. He didn’t exert any force, just placing his hand on his clothes.

His deepest obsession emerged from his mind.

“I want to take the metro with you.”

Yuan Yuan stared. “Ah?” YymNFV

Chen Dong Lan seemed to have opened the floodgates in his heart and continued, “I want to take the metro home with you. No…first, we must take the metro together to our old middle school, then take it back together. No, not just this. I want you to not play basketball with anyone else, but only me. Then eat together with me, then take the metro home together. When you reach the station, you must say to me…”

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He spoke incoherently with some difficulty breathing. It was as if he had returned to the past, back to that cowardly time, but with the courage of today.

“You must say to me, ‘See you tomorrow’…”

Yuan Yuan gazed at him, his eyes softening into a pool of water. “Didn’t I say that before?” exF620

Chen Dong Lan shook his head. “No…you’ve never cared if you would see me tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry,” Yuan Yuan apologised in a low voice. “But that’s too difficult for me right now. We’re at the forest park. Where can I find a metro for you? Why don’t I bring you to take the sightseeing bus in the park instead?”

Chen Dong Lan was coaxed by him till his waist felt numb. “Really?”

He didn’t know what he was asking Yuan Yuan. du4jE3

“Really.” Yuan Yuan rubbed the corner of Chen Dong Lan’s eye with his thumb as if he could rub off the red and swollen skin. “I’ll bring you now.”

Following that, a dazed Chen Dong Lan was brought out of the hotel by Yuan Yuan. In the middle of the park, there was a flat terrain near a river, with a spacious grassland within. Tourists could rent an electric vehicle at the entrance and explore the area themselves. There were single and double vehicles, with family ones as well, which had an extra child seat compared to the double.

Yuan Yuan actually wanted to rent the family vehicle so that the two men with their thick coats would not feel crowded together. But on second thought, there was nothing wrong with them crowding together, so he rented a double vehicle.

Yuan Yuan sat in the driver’s seat and patted the seat beside him. “Come on.” JxFjKE

Chen Dong Lan sat in a daze.

Then the electric car set off.

For safety reasons, the park’s electric cars were slow. The speed could only be compared to a tortoise. So even if they crashed at full speed, it wouldn’t be a major issue.

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“Happy? Although it’s not the metro, it’s still transportation. Let’s just make do with this first.” aKYgdq

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Tejc Tejc xcfk ktja tf kjr jrxlcu, jiyfla atlr gfrqbcrf alwf yflcu abb ibcu. Mgbw atf alwf tf ujnf tlr jcrkfg alii cbk, tf olcjiis atbeuta bo jrxlcu kts joafg rb ibcu.

“Then why do you?” Yuan Yuan asked in response.

Asking Chen Dong Lan was obviously more meaningful. Yuan Yuan felt that he wasn’t very attractive and had many shortcomings. Understanding him further, his temper was also strange and he was difficult to please. Yet surprisingly, there was someone who liked him for such a long time. DmiRr4

So long that the entire adolescence period had been thrown in.

He originally thought that Chen Dong Lan would need to think it over, but unexpectedly, he replied immediately, “Because you’re a very good person.”

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At this moment, Yuan Yuan’s heart felt like it was being poked by a finger. It didn’t hurt and was more like a tickle.

He didn’t answer Chen Dong Lan’s previous question. YVmGZU

On the mountain, when he was only a few minutes away from Chen Dong Lan, hastily turning back to look for Chen Dong Lan but not finding him, a question popped up in Yuan Yuan’s mind.

If Chen Dong Lan gave him love, could he give it back?

There was only one answer.

He could. atRx7y

He did it while complying to his inner desires. He did so as he searched for Chen Dong Lan on the mountain, brought him back to the hotel, and changed the room type. When he saw him crying and asking whether it was pity, he had wanted to embrace him and promise him, so he did.

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He didn’t calculate it. The only question left was——was what he gave enough?

He had just realised that, from the beginning, the one who made him withhold his stinginess, who turned his fussiness into an uncontrollable affection, was only Chen Dong Lan.

In front of the water was a snow-covered field and there were many electric vehicles stopped by the roadside. Many tourists were on the snow building snowmen or in snowball fights. 4Hg8w

The sound of laughter attracted Chen Dong Lan’s attention. Seeing him staring at the tourists building snowmen on the field, Yuan Yuan stopped. “Since we can’t play basketball, do you want to play snowball first?”

Chen Dong Lan was half astonished and half surprised. “A snowball fight? But we don’t have gloves.”

Yuan Yuan looked around and saw a lady nearby with a basket full of miscellaneous items, but from where he was sitting, he could only see some small plastic toys. “We should be able to buy some. Lock the car while I go over and ask.”

He walked over, and as expected, there were gloves for sale, but they were only cheap knitted gloves, thin and airy. Nevertheless, he still bought them, both in the same design and blue colour. UfFdD9

After he paid, he took the gloves and went looking for Chen Dong Lan. He found him squatting near where they had parked, grabbing a lump of snow.

Yuan Yuan ran over and held Chen Dong Lan’s hands to warm them. “Even small children aren’t as impatient as you. Can’t you wait for two minutes?”

Chen Dong Lan felt guilty after being told off. “No, I just touched it for a while.”

Afraid that he was being serious, Yuan Yuan didn’t dare to say more and started to put on his gloves for him. “I’m not really admonishing you. I’m just worried about you. Do you understand?” DlpCmk

Chen Dong Lan obediently allowed him to put on the gloves, with an expression of “You’re always right”, clearly not understanding.

Yuan Yuan sighed and didn’t persist.

After the two of them finish putting on their gloves, Yuan Yuan attacked first, grabbing a handful of snow and throwing it at Chen Dong Lan.

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He was deliberately very obvious and his movement was light, but Chen Dong Lan didn’t avoid it and let the snow hit his face. KheGd

He was caught off guard and shivered from the cold.

Yuan Yuan hurriedly wiped his face. Seeing him confused, he frowned. “Why didn’t you avoid it?”

“Did I have to?” Chen Dong Lan learned from him sincerely. “I don’t know how to play with snowballs.”

Yuan Yuan made a snowball and placed it in his hand, ran a few steps away, then shouted to him, “Now hit me.” z49WPe

Chen Dong Lan looked at the snowball, then looked at Yuan Yuan, eventually running over to him. “Do I really have to hit you with this?”

Yuan Yuan was afraid that he wasn’t satisfied with his snowball-making technique and said, “You don’t like this? I’ll make you another one.”

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“No, no.” Chen Dong Lan threw the snowball aside. “I don’t want to hit you.”

Even if it was just for fun, he couldn’t bear to hit Yuan Yuan. v5IhnR

Yuan Yuan’s breath hitched, and his heartbeat quickened.

He didn’t know what to do with Chen Dong Lan.

Seeing a child building a snowman not far away, he changed his plan. “Then let’s not play. Shall we build a snowman?

Chen Dong Lan nodded. 9CIm50

They squatted together and began rolling a snowball for the snowman’s body.

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As a matter of fact, Chen Dong Lan had been attracted to building a snowman since the beginning. When he and Xiao De were very young, Uncle Xu had brought them downstairs to build a snowman. At that time, because Xiao De was still young and wanted to monopolise everything, Chen Dong Lan didn’t really touch the snowman and only sat aside to watch. In the end, Uncle Xu even made a signboard with “Xiao De” written on it and hung it around the snowman’s neck, making Chen Dong Lan envious for a long time.

Now, he wanted his own snowman.

Yuan Yuan wasn’t as good at building a snowman as he was in a snowball fight. Because Father Yuan could always make the finest snowman in the neighbourhood, he no longer bothered in this area. Instead, he became the master of snowball fights, always packing the densest snowballs and throwing with the best accuracy. yx9agG

So, the snowman that Yuan Yuan made was just two snowballs, one larger than the other, stacked together with several holes poked in it for the facial features.

Compared with the works of several children nearby, the slipshod creation was very much inferior.

Yuan Yuan was dissatisfied and stood up. “I’ll find two branches for its arms.”

Chen Dong Lan was concentrating on creating a nose for the snowman. “Okay.” R4zsY1

Yuan Yuan said he was going to look for branches. But in the end, he turned to the lady who was selling things and bought a children’s scarf, a toy hat and a packet of stickers that could be pasted on the snowman as its facial features.

“Did you bring your children to play? Take a look at the toys.” The lady promoted her wares enthusiastically.

Yuan Yuan subconsciously wanted to refuse, but at a glance, he spotted a toy and couldn’t help picking it up. “Add this.”

Since his own skills weren’t good, then he should just use money. XslwP6

Yuan Yuan walked back, put the toy into his pocket and gave the rest to Chen Dong Lan.

Chen Dong Lan widened his eyes. “So it could be done like this.” Then he opened the packet of stickers and looked through them piece by piece, unsure whether to paste a smile or a laugh.

But Yuan Yuan’s vision was occupied by Chen Dong Lan. While looking at the corner of his eyes still carrying the redness from his crying, at him on the snow with his nose red from the cold, at his lips opening and closing, asking him how he wanted to decorate the snowman, a sudden strange impulse surged in his heart.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For him, it was the first time experiencing it. FIlzNB

He wanted to kiss Chen Dong Lan.

In the next second, he asked, “May I kiss you?”

Chen Dong Lan didn’t hear clearly. “Hmm?”

Yuan Yuan repeated it, but this time, it became more like an affirmative sentence. Y73BML

Chen Dong Lan sat on the snow, almost knocking into the snowman. “Kiss…kiss…” He looked around. There were tourists everywhere and quite a few children. “But there are people around.”

He actually didn’t refuse but was afraid of being seen.

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“There’s a snowman helping to block us.”

After Yuan Yuan finished speaking, he stopped asking Chen Dong Lan, put his hand behind his head and moved closer, kissing him on the lips. g5XIQc

It was the first time either of them had kissed someone.

They were so inexperienced that they only rubbed their lips together, not knowing how to take a breath, and separated very quickly.

Their intermingled breathes and the soft touch on his lips made Chen Dong Lan nearly faint right there.

“Again.” jXdPuU

He grabbed Yuan Yuan’s shoulder tightly.

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“I want to do it again.”

Yuan Yuan breathed heavily. “Be good. We’ll go back and do it again.”

Men really were a useless species. Even a stingy person like him, a late-bloomer like him, would have desires because he liked someone. jzn3hb

He took the toy out of his pocket, a small snowman, and turned on its lights. It could even sing.

“Thank you for letting me kiss you. This is a thank-you gift.”

His tone was more tender than ever before. NTLSjb


Note: Shiru wants me to warn you guys that the next few chapters are kinda NSFW in some parts. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Shiru: Yuan Yuan what are you teaching him lmao

Translator's Note

Shiru: I kept screaming “CHEN DONG LAN” in my head while editing. I didn’t want to spam it all over the chapter lol. This lovable, hopeless fool.

Flareax: Haha I was feeling the same way when CDL refused to throw the snowball at Yuan Yuan. He’s so cute.

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