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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh93 - The Prince of Fengdu


Edited by Qiuxue and Noks

Xu Yao was a handsome man with an extraordinary ability. He used his fingers as a brush to draw talismans, and could imbue them his own spiritual power, not needing to even invite the Gods. TUZVMO

But when could he have met with him before… 

Le Yao struggled to recall all the memories spanning across his two lives, however, nothing emerged. He could only remember that Xu Yao was his husband in this current life, along with being the father of his children. 

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That’s it. 

As for his other identity, was he really Yan Wang?! tSB7VD

He dimly remembered seeing the seal on Xu Yao’s palm before. His Master had even spoken to him about it, and it really was the authentic Yan Wang seal. 

But how could it be possible?

Le Yao looked seriously at Xu Yao’s face. “You mean to say that, in addition to this life, we have also met in another life?” 

Xu Yao nodded. “En.”


Le Yao was confused. “But, I have no impression of this at all. Were we also husband and wife in that life?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao pondered about how to answer for a while, before finally saying, “We didn’t get married, but we loved each other deeply within our hearts.”

“… Are you joking with me? Then why was it that didn’t we get married at that time?”

Xu Yao engulfed Le Yao in his arms. 47HgsY

Strangely, this action made Le Yao feel a sudden pain in the depths of his heart—it was as if someone hadn’t just dug out a piece of his heart, but had instead torn it apart until only small shreds of it remained. 

The pain was unbearable. It was unimaginably suffocating and all Le Yao could do was hold onto Xu Yao’s arms tightly.

It seemed like he had forgotten something very important, but he didn’t have the slightest impression of what it could be. How could he not remember such a powerful man if he had seen him before?

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Though, that wasn’t quite right. Since it was another life, it was only normal that he didn’t remember. After all, when he drank the Meng Po Tang of the Underworld, his past life should obviously have been completely forgotten.  ob4ykf

Qtja kjr ragjcuf kjr atja, rlcmf We Tjb tjv atf rfji bo Tjc Qjcu, tbk mbeiv atfs tjnf yffc rfqjgjafv? Jbeiv la tjnf yffc atja, yfmjerf atf batfg kjr Tjc Qjcu, atfs kfgfc’a qfgwlaafv ab ibnf fjmt batfg?

“Ktja… lc atf batfg ilof atja sbe rqbxf bo, lc atf fcv, ktb kjr P-cb, ktb jw P? Qts vlv kf rfqjgjaf lc atf fcv?”

“You are still Le Yao.” Xu Yao caressed Le Yao’s hair gently. “But, you’re also the son of the Great Emperor of Fengdu.

“Pffttt! Ha ha ha ha ha?!” LhEWd

Le Yao laughed so hard that his stomach started aching again. 

“Husband, how much did you drink for you to become like this?” 

Are you crazy? 

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To even have the guts to say that he was the son of the Great Emperor of Fengdu…  OTPItX

This person, doesn’t he know what heavenly status the Great Emperor holds?

The Great Emperor of Fengdu was the most exalted God in the Underworld, even all the Yan Jun of the Ten Palaces combined weren’t as powerful as him.

“How could I drink in this sort of situation?” Xu Yao further added, “You really aren’t able to recall anything?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember any of the things you said at all. And if I really am the son of the Great Emperor of Fengdu, how was it that I had to suffer such a miserable fate in my last life? Being abandoned soon after I was born, don’t you think it’s quite impossible?”  uZd6DQ

Who would dare let the son of the Great Emperor of Fengdu be abandoned?! 

Were they tired of living?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It happened because you were with me,” Xu Yao sighed. “Because we were together in a relationship, we were separated. You could have been the brightest and kindest soul in the Underworld, but unfortunately, you met me.”

“Why do you say that? Did you do something unspeakable to me?” ldUwP9

“It is not wrong to state it like that.” 

Xu Yao smiled. “I was the Ghost King of Fengdu Mountain, and you were the Prince of the Underworld. I was undisciplined and liked to spend my days in leisure, whereas you were requested to become a benchmark of exemplar behaviour for all the ghosts in the Underworld. So, you were not permitted to fall in love with anyone until you had completely taken charge of the Underworld.” 

“But… I fell in love with you.”

“Yes.” O4PIBg

“Is Mr Xu planning to switch professions and become a storyteller?” 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao sighed. “Don’t worry. I’m not in much pain anymore. You don’t need to weave a story just to distract me. Think about it, if I really was the son of the Great Emperor of Fengdu, would my spiritual power be worse than yours? You can clearly see that I don’t have any spiritual power of my own and that I have to borrow it from the Gods. The Prince of Fengdu isn’t me—if anyone—it must be you.”

Xu Yao: “… I’m sorry.”

“What are you being sorry about?” hVbW7S

Xu Yao wanted to embrace Le Yao tightly, but he was afraid of reopening Le Yao’s lacerations, so he simply settled for clasping their hands tightly. Without offering any further explanations, he just continuously rubbed against Le Yao’s palms with fondness.

The more he thought about it, the more Le Yao felt that it was strange. Since Xu Yao said he was the Ghost King, why was it that he had the Yan Wang seal? 

Yan Wang and the Ghost King were two completely different beings. Even if both had the word king‘ in their titles, it didn’t mean that they had the same status. After all, one had the right to enforce the law whilst the other didn’t.

Speaking of which… he actually saw the Yan Wang seal in reality! 9iKkHS

Le Yao finally understood the reason why Xu Yao could draw such strong talismans without using a brush and why he couldn’t divine Xu Yao’s fate. He already had a rich abundance of spiritual power, which was normally beyond mortal means, ah.

Xu Yao then noticed Le Yao staring at him with an intense gaze. “What is it?”

“My Master used to tell me that the administrators of the Underworld were all either old or ugly, and I believed in it, until now that is. In the end, it turned out to be nonsense. After all, you’re so handsome. But, then again, since you have such a prominent identity, shouldn’t we increase our efforts with regards to the construction and development of the Underworld? Are the other administrators still present or not? Why did law and order in the Underworld become so messy?”

Xu Yao replied, “Reconstruction is a matter of course, but all these are just small things that are awaiting your approval. More importantly, it’s better if you rest right now.” jVdM4b

“Un. How long do I need to stay in the hospital?”

Le Yao knew that the wound-closing agents and gels of this era were very effective, and that it shouldn’t take him too long to recover from his surgery. 

“You should be able to leave the bed and carry on with normal activities after three days. However, that doesn’t include any strenuous exercise. During this period of time, the hospital will be responsible for taking good care of the children, so you just need to focus on resting more. Once they are released and can come home with us, your days will probably become very hectic. I remember that when I was a kid, I was quite mischievous. If they turn out to be anything like me, they will definitely make trouble every day.”

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Le Yao listened to Xu Yao’s deep voice describe their future and readily imagined it. Having healthy children was better than any other gift, and even if he ended up constantly tired, it would undoubtedly be worth it. PFbuEs

The children seemed to always be in a state of slumber. They would lay quietly in the incubator for stretches at a time, only occasionally making some subtle movements. As Le Yao continued to watch them, he felt sleepy himself. 

He could still feel the sensation of his stomach being cut open by a scalpel, it was like a phantom pain. The fact that he was able to stay awake for so long and say so much to Xu Yao was definitely due to the superior effect of the medicine here.

Xu Yao only left after making sure that Le Yao had fallen asleep again. He called Tang Ye to inquire about the situation over in Vodapei.

Tang Ye was already in a state of feeling completely dumbfounded by this point in time. He thought that they would be the ones to win the battle, and they really did achieve victory. But, never had he expected that the way they had won this war would be like this! 0UM1x7

His enemies had started infighting, within their own ranks!

“That’s a dirty trick, isn’t it?” Tang Ye said as he ate instant noodles, “How did something like this happen? I noticed that there were at least two thousand Orc soldiers in the two squadrons they sent to Huaxia before.” 

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The combat power of two thousand Orcs was really very impressive.

“They knew that we had the undead army close at hand, so it was almost a certainty that they would not engage in close combat on the ground. So I simply asked Brother Song and Brother Bei to bring along a group of the undead and head over to possess the orcs.”  29IWcL

Xu Yao added, “Le Yao definitely has powerful friends by his side. Not to mention Master Rong, who is the strongest, even Brother Bei isn’t that much worse compared to him. You saw them in action this time around, didn’t you?”

“More than saw them,” Tang Ye instinctively replied whilst thinking back to the scene where Bei Hongli and Rong Gui had controlled the Orc soldiers to siege against the Orcs’ main camp. It was a scene straight out of an interstellar blockbuster!

“When will you return to Huaxia?”

“It will take three days. Wan Deqing was about to escape, but we managed to catch him and lock him up. As for the Orcs, we’ve put an end to their attack, but I still need to confirm our situation and clean up all the mines before leaving.”  b yj1v

After two days of continuous battles, Vodapei had become a pot of porridge, and it would take a while before the mines could be resume day-to-day operations.

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“I’ll send Yan Jie back to Huaxia first.” Tang Ye added, “The security system of each sentry outpost also needs to be upgraded.”

In the past, Xu Yao had carried out an inspection on Vodapei every year. He could roughly imagine the remnant situation after the war, so he didn’t urge for Tang Ye’s immediate return. 

Thus, over the next few days, Tang Ye cleaned up the after-effects remaining from the battles, whilst Yan Jie and two-third of the team sent as reinforcement returned to Huaxia. FjghKn

Hope y’all stay safe and always healthy :blobcheer:

Translator's Note

We will use ‘Yan Wang’ from here onwards instead of these: King of Hell; Hell’s King; King Yama; Lord Yan.

Translator's Note

孟婆汤 (mèng pó tāng): Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness or Soup of Forgetfulness; this soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life

Translator's Note

The Great Emperor of Fengdu ( 酆都大帝 Fengdu Dadi) is the divinity controlling Underworld and the dead. More info here

Translator's Note

王 (wáng); King

Translator's Note

一锅粥 (yīguō zhōu): a complete mess

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