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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh92 - The Origin of an Extraordinary Man


The longest chapter ever, sorry for the late update :blobsweats: 

Edited by Qiuxue and Noks dZXBua

The numerous undead who were kneeling weren’t those belonging to the Flying Wolf Division. From their clothes and appearance, it could be seen that they came from various dynasties; both men and women, old and young were present.

They prostrated before the hospital, while the undead Flying Wolf soldiers stood behind them, thereby forming two distinct rings with the hospital in the center. Due to the fact that all of the prostrating undead appeared to be ordinary civilians with no intentions of attacking, the undead soldiers didn’t have the heart to drive them away. 

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Some of the undead soldiers even approached these undead, who were kowtowing, to make enquiries for the reasoning behind their actions with their unskilled usage of the Chinese language

These undead unanimously answered, “Naturally, we are bowing to Yan Jun! What are you waiting for? Come, we should all pay our respects to Yan Jun!” iEl8qZ

The Flying Wolf undead: “…” 

We don’t understand your words. 

What are you kneeling for? 

None of our leaders will let us kneel.


Such thoughts were running rampant in the heads of the undead Flying Wolf soldiers just before they realised that Xu Yao was coming here. To their surprise, when Xu Yao exited his mecha, the prostrating undead turned their heads and then continued to kneel, but this time, all of them were facing Xu Yao! 

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“Paying our respects to Yan Jun~” The vast number of undead kowtowed with great momentum, shocking all the bystanders to the extent of feeling goosebumps!

At this moment, the rune on Xu Yao’s left hand suddenly released a strong golden light, and in an unconscious movement, he gently raised his hand. In a span of two or three seconds, with this simple action, a magnificent golden light started to illuminate the hospital, making it look just like it was in daylight.

“General..?” The undead from the Flying Wolf Division felt a bit muddled. Although they had seen a lot of strange things since the time they died and became undead, they really didn’t expect their General to be the subject of worship for such a large number prostrating undead! Wouldn’t this make him the equivalent of ‘a big brother in the Underworld?! 2mhRtO

“Be quiet. Don’t disturb my wife’s rest.” Xu Yao’s deep and powerful voice resounded throughout the surroundings before he entered the hospital building. The kneeling undead then voluntarily retreated ten meters away from the hospital.

The undead Flying Wolf soldiers: “…”

Some curious soldiers turned towards those undead who were dressed in a style of clothes similar to theirs and asked them a few more questions. “What were you kneeling for before the return of our General?”

The undead replied, “Naturally, we were kowtowing to the Yan Wang seal. It’s located there. Can’t you see it?” NwDeRt

The undead then pointed towards a certain spot in the hospital, where a golden light, in the shape of a rune, was shining. “The Yan Wang seal is our Yan Jun’s official seal. Seeing the seal is equal to seeing the King, so naturally we must pay our respects.”

The Flying Wolf undead asked again, “Why is it you that have to kneel?”

The people tilted their heads and looked at the undead Flying Wolf soldiers as if they were saying: Are you stupid or what?

Taking pity on them, an undead brother slowly explained it to undead Flying Wolf soldiers, “Yan Jun is the Underworld’s Fifth Palace’s Yan Luo Tianzi. His position is the same as an Emperor of the living world. Don’t you kneel before your Emperor?” sCNoa9

A Flying Wolf undead soldier replied, “No, none of us need to kneel before the Emperor.”

The surrounding undead: “…”

It’s like a chicken speaking with a duck, there’s no fucking understanding each other!

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After Wan Deqing’s team and the Sarna Orcs had withdrawn from Huaxia, wounded soldiers were not being sent to the hospital any longer. Hence, the hospital was now in a relatively better state than before, and the doctors were less busy. Xu Yao passed by various departments as he headed directly to Le Yao’s private ward. zeuSpC

Le Yao was still lying on the bed. He wasn’t awake yet and was being given an IV infusion. Xu Yao sat beside him, carefully held his palm with one hand, whilst his other hand slowly tidied the scattered hair on his forehead. He quietly asked President Liu who was at his side, “How long will it take for him to wake up?”

“In half an hour or so the effect of the anesthetic should dissipate. However, Madam may also continue to sleep directly until tomorrow, since it is night at this moment, and he will experience physical weakness because of the operation.”

“What about the children?”

President Liu replied with an abundance of excitement, “Good! Especially good! It’s almost unbelievable to say that although their bodies are very small, they are very well developed. They can breathe on their own, have no problems at all with their cardiopulmonary functions, and are also very good in many other aspects.” tL6hek

“As long as they’re given careful care during this period, there’ll be no impact to their future, they’ll be just like the children born from a full-term pregnancy. Would you like to see them? They’re resting in incubators just next door. The Old General and the Old Madam are watching over them together now.”

That night, the old couple had, as per their routine, gone to visit Le Yao after night had fallen, but they hadn’t expected their daughter-in-law to not be at home! Instead, he was in hospital!

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This frightened the two of them immensely and, without any further thought, they immediately  drifted, using the fastest speed of their undead life they could muster in a rush to get to the hospital. There, they were greeted with the sight of their daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Although the little guys were really very small, this didn’t prevent their love for their grandchildren from overflowing. 08MkCL

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After the old couple confirmed that Le Yao hadn’t encountered any problems, they floated to watch over their grandchildren, and it had been a while since then. They didn’t dare to get too close, after all, their Yin aura was a bit heavy for children to bear and they worried about affecting them negatively.

Qtfc We Tjb mjwf lc, atf biv mbeqif kfgf ralii uefrrlcu ktja atf mtlivgfc kbeiv yf cjwfv. Vfflcu tfg rbc fcafg, Zbatfg We tegglfvis oibjafv bnfg. “We Tjb, mbwf tfgf, mbwf jcv rff atf mtlivgfc. Yt ws ubv, atfs’gf rb meaf!”

We Tjb kjixfv ab atf rlvf bo atf lcafiilufca lcmeyjabg jcv qffgfv lcrlvf. Lf atfc ofia atja atf biv mbeqif kfgf pera rqbealcu cbcrfcrf.

His sons and daughter looked really far from the word ‘cute’. ‘Cute’ was simply an overstatement. The little ones were flushed, their skin was very thin, and red blood vessels could be seen all over their bodies. They really looked like hairless little birds that just hatched from their eggshells.  pnb76u

Although his thoughts were like this, he was still very fond of them.

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“They’re so small. What about their food?” Xu Yao couldn’t help but worry.

“For the time being, they’ll be given nutrient solutions. They’ll be able drink milk after getting a little older. Please rest assured that we’ve already planned out an early-stage nurturing program for them.”

“Good. If you need something, just tell Leslie directly.” Xu Yao added, “Also, some tremors may occur in a while, so set this incubator and all the beds in the hospital on suspension mode so as not to frighten anyone.” t8jdJd


“In around two hours or so, two squadrons of Sarna Orcs will arrive at Huaxia. I ordered Yan Jie to take everyone to support Tang Ye, so we may face some impact here.”

President Liu: “…” General, are you kidding me? Is that really what you want to say?!

Father Xu frowned, “What about our side?” 0JDAyi

Xu Yao replied, “I’ll make them turn around before they even arrive here.”

Mother Xu suddenly asked, “Son, what’s that in your hand?”

She had just noticed that a golden light was being emitted from her son’s palm.

Xu Yao raised his palm. “Mom, you mean this?” y6poYr

The rune flashed and Mother Xu’s legs seemed to have lost their strength. Father Xu covered his eyes with one hand, and with his other hand, helped Mother Xu from falling to the ground.

As Father Xu held his wife, he also felt a strange pressure compelling him to kneel, which was really very hard to resist. He then thought back to the numerous undead who were prostrating outside. “Son, those kneeling undead outside, are they kneeling towards you?”

Xu Yao said nothing. As the golden light flowed from his palm, strange memories also poured into his mind.

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The undead outside worshipped him?  Dd4oAg

Of course they did. 

But who is he? 

Fifth Palace’s Yan Luo Tianzi?

No, not really. OVlz2d

The rune on his left palm was indeed the Yan Wang seal, however, he wasn’t the real Yan Wang.

As for who the real Yan Wang was…

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President Liu suddenly noticed a trace of embarrassment flash across the General’s eyes, and he then left only a parting sentence of ‘Take good care of Le Yao’ before walking out without glancing back even once. 

There were still numerous undead prostrating outside, and their number kept increasing as more and more of them gathered at the hospital. When Xu Yao came outside, they stopped bowing and focused their fervent worship-filled gazes on Xu Yao. lskOoj

Song He, Bei Hongli and some of the undead soldiers floated out to the front of the hospital to prevent them from potentially causing a ruckus.

They had sensed Xu Yao walking out of the building, and they finally saw him for the first time tonight.

Upon seeing Xu Yao, Song He felt a question rise in his mind. But as Xu Yao walked closer, he hesitated in asking it and instead quietly withdrew by two steps.

It was strange, he was still the same person, but the pressure his aura gave off had multiplied. Now, as Xu Yao swept his eyes at the surrounding undead, it made them want to lower their heads, bend their waists, and even kneel on the ground with a resounding thump. RKhLVE

Eventually, Bei Hongli returned to his senses and asked, “Mr Xu, what is Brother Xiao Le’s condition?”

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They had already known that Le Yao was in the hospital, but because it was easy for injured people to absorb Yin energy, they hadn’t dared to enter it.

“He hasn’t woken up yet. But his condition has stabilized.”

“General, as per your instructions, guards have been arranged around the residences of the inspection team. At present, everything seems normal.” Lxr7Ab

The undead soldier added, “However, more and more undead are gathering here and it’s difficult to understand most of their words. Do you want to persuade them to go elsewhere?”

“No, I just so happen to need their help.” Xu Yao glanced at the horde of undead. “Brother Bei, Brother Song, have you fought in a war before?”

“… I’ve been a soldier but have never fought in a war,” said Song He.

“I’ve killed people, but have never fought.” Bei Hongli added, “Mr Xu, what is it you want us to do?” MyRpOY

“I’d like to ask the two of you for help.”

Xu Yao glanced at his communicator. “In about one hour, two squadrons of Sarna Orcs will arrive. Of course, they are unlikely to be as stupid as to mobilise on the ground. It’s probable that they will conduct a long range attack while hovering in the sky. Since Vodapei requires a significant amount of manpower, I have deployed most of our soldiers to support Vodapei, so we have to solve this impending matter without their aid.”

“You… you want us to deal with the two squadrons of Sarna Orcs?” asked Song He.

“To say ‘deal with’ isn’t quite accurate. I would say… to ‘control’ them is more appropriate.” c hCkg

Xu Yao continued, “Although the Flying Wolf undead were originally soldiers, their experience in fighting against the living using their undead form is zero. Possessing, manipulating, confusing and other such skills are relatively less familiar to them than to you. So I would like to ask two of you for a favor: to control the Orc troops and to fight back for Vodapei.”

“You want us to make them fight among themselves?” asked Bei Hongli.

“That’s right. The reason why we didn’t attack in advance is due to the Haixuan gate. After they arrive here and are possessed by you all, we can go to Vodapei using the fastest speed and launch a surprise attack.”

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“But just the two of us won’t be enough,” said Song He. 9dsZ6B

“You can take all the undead here along with you.”

After Xu Yao finished speaking, he quickly drew a rune using his right middle finger on empty air. He stroked in a circular movement around the rune, and the single rune became three.

Xu Yao passed each of the three runes respectively to Song He, Bei Hongli, and one of the undead Flying Wolf soldiers. After he had done so, the tens of thousands of undead really bowed their heads towards them.

Oh damn, this is so exciting! WEQhew

With the rune in hand, Song He turned to test it out by ordering the group of undead nearby, “Everyone follow me.”

He flew up and many undead also followed behind him quickly. A long stream of undead drifted upwards in the air, looking like a dancing dragon! In such a situation, let alone the two squadrons of Sarna Orcs, they could even face the entire population of two planets of Sarna Orcs!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They’re so powerful, ah!

In contrast, Wan Deqing and the Sarna Orcs’ situation on Vodapei was not very good. Wan Deqing was being attacked by one of the Orcs, who was supposed to be on his team, for the nth time. 97M08n

He looked angrily at the Orc General. “Sekka! Do they have eyes or not?! Your man is attacking me!!”

The Orc General was also angry and annoyed. “How would I know why they’ve become like this?!”

Obviously, everything had been fine when Wan Deqing had initially arrived in Vodapei, but things changed in a manner he couldn’t understand around ten minutes ago. Now, a few people, who were completely acting against their given commands, seemed to be teeming on their side!

They would turn and attack their own people all of a sudden; it was as if they’d gone totally crazy! FJsZ8S

Because of this scenario, he found himself needing to deal with two sides at once!! If it was just ordinary soldiers who’d gone crazy, then it wouldn’t really matter, but the ones being affected were important troop commanders!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Didn’t you say that you sent two Sarna squadrons to Huaxia to prevent the Flying Wolf Division from sending reinforcements? So tell me, why are they here right now?”

The Heads of all the regiments belonging to the Flying Wolf Division were at Vodapei, and even their Lieutenant General was here. Discounting Xu Yao, who wasn’t present, Wan Deqing really doubted whether the Flying Wolf Division wasn’t going all out! 

Didn’t Sekka send someone to restrain the remaining officers in Huaxia? Holding them back, your ass! 7nbSls

“How dare you say it’s my fault? If not for Xu Yao’s wife being rescued and your plan having failed, how would we have ever arrived at this situation where we are the passive faction?!”

Sekka snorted. “I’ve instructed the soldiers in the Light Fortress to speed up their advance to Huaxia. I don’t believe that Xu Yao will be able to withstand their attack! As long as they transfer the troops here back to Huaxia, we will have enough strength to fight back.”

“I hope that is what happens.” Wan Deqing’s face was becoming more and more pale, and he had even started thinking about ways in which he could retreat.

At first, he had only wanted half of the ownership of Planet Huaxia, but now it seemed that he had been a bit impulsive! They thought they knew all they needed to know to combat against the undead, but it turns out that they had underestimated them. mfdF6K

Regarding the skills which allowed the undead to easily confuse their ranks by making the enemy indistinguishable—it was their first time encountering such a thing!

The undead soldiers brought along by Yan Jie didn’t know how to possess the Orcs at first, but Rong Gui and Ji Fengyu were there to take the lead. Ji Fengyu’s ability wasn’t very strong, but Master Rong was so powerful that he could even make the enemy shear off their skin!

Young people learned fast, so the Flying Wolf undead soldiers were able to master this skill in just a short amount of time. 

Furthermore, they couldn’t be physically attacked, so they were able to cause havoc and instigate discord as they pleased. Even if they weren’t able to control an Orc to the point of them killing each other, they could still control them enough to stand still and do nothing, which was equivalent to a fatal blow on a battlefield. bGIBo2

Tang Ye hadn’t rested since he had arrived at Vodapei and it was only today that he could finally sigh with relief. The fifty undead soldiers brought by Yan Jie, as well as Ji Fengyu and Master Rong whom Le Yao had initially sent over along with Han Mo, were really very awesome support. 

Tang Ye grabbed Yan Jie’s arm. “Ask Brother Xu, if he can successfully prevail on Huaxia. If he can’t, you should take the support team back.”

Yan Jie sighed when he heard this and said, “It’s not that I wanted to bring everyone but, at that time, Brother Xu commanded me to do so. Just wait a moment, I’ll call him.”

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Xu Yao answered as soon as the holographic call connected. He had already returned to Le Yao’s ward and was now sitting at his bedside. N7gLYs

Tang Ye thought: Brother, aren’t we still in a deep water and scorching fire situation right now? Damn, what’s with your peaceful expression?!

Yan Jie was also surprised. “Brother Xu, haven’t two squadrons of the Sarna Orcs arrived at Huaxia? Then, what are you…?”

Xu Yao replied, “No, I sent them back directly to Vodapei.”

Yan Jie exclaimed, “Ah?!” bDUfnO

Xu Yao added, “Get ready to meet them in a moment. There’s a surprise coming your way along with them.”

Tang Ye stared at the strange device behind Xu Yao for a long time and, in the end, still couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Xu, what’s that behind you?”

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Xu Yao turned around and smiled, “My sons and daughter.”

Tang Ye: “…” Hx5twE

Yan Jie: “…”

Just as he finished saying this, he felt movement from the bed. Sure enough, Le Yao was starting to wake up.

Xu Yao gently asked him, “How are you feeling? Does it still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Then, Le Yao remembered the reason for the laceration and became excited. “What about our children?” ZQk6G2

Seeing that Le Yao was trying to sit up regardless of his post-surgical condition, Xu Yao hurriedly held him down. 

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“They’re here, don’t worry. They’re fine. Although they’re very small, they’re very healthy.”

President Liu reassured, “As long as we treat them properly with continuous care, they’ll be no different than children born from a full-term pregnancy in the future.”

“Really?” oude9E

Xu Yao smiled in answer, “Really. You don’t believe me?”

The suspended intelligent incubator slowly floated over, gliding so smoothly that the children inside didn’t feel any movement. 

Le Yao saw their three little children. They had their eyes closed, hands clenched into small fists, and moved their cute little mouths from time to time.

So small… Small enough that he could hold them in one hand. He didn’t dare to touch them.  O5Dv31

Xu Yao suddenly said, “Two sons and a daughter, all three are Alphas. It was hard on you.”

Le Yao: “…”

Le Yao noticed his hand glowing in surprise and looked down at Xu Yao’s palm that was holding his own.

“You?!” IhN0O3

Xu Yao turned off the video call and revealed the glowing rune on his palm to Le Yao. He smiled and whispered, “Baby, do you remember who I am?”

This was a strange question to put forth between a couple who had already had three children together! 

Even so, Le Yao became lost in his thoughts after hearing it. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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Translator's Note

Remember that ‘Chinese language’ is an ancient language for them and just a few of them study it?

Translator's Note

阎君 (yánjūn) Lord Yan or King Yama, but it’s different from ‘Yan Luo’, who is the ‘real King Yama’. I’ll explain it in the latter part of the chapter.

Translator's Note

Like a great mafia boss or gangster, ahahaha~~

Translator's Note

This is also King Yama, don’t get confused, okay? The undead refer to their King’s seal as general (Wang), so they said Yan Wang seal instead of Yan Jun seal

Translator's Note

yánluó as King Yama and tiānzǐ as the rightful Emperor. So, in Chinese Mythology, there is the 地狱 (dìyù) or the realm of the dead, which is a subterranean maze with various levels and chambers, to which souls are taken to after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive. The exact number of levels differ between Buddhist and Taoist interpretations. Some speak of three, four or ten, and most frequently it’s called the ‘Ten Courts of Hell’ with each court/palace ruled by a judge, who are collectively known as Ten Yama Kings (It’s a bit different in Chinese but it just the same in English >.<), with King Yama as the overseer; so to differentiate it from the ‘Mighty King of Hell/King Yama’ we are using ‘Yan Jun’. Go here if you’re curious

Translator's Note

jī tóng yā jiǎng: talking but not understanding each other

Translator's Note

One of their spaceships, the ones hovering above Huaxia.

Translator's Note

水深火热 (shuǐshēn huǒrè) means an abyss of suffering

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