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Class Teacher SystemCh20 - Save the psychopathic killer (20)


Director Lu sat very quietly in the black room. Compared to his initial alarm and anger, his current mood was abnormally calm. He knew that he had been framed, and the people who framed him were none other than his most trusted subordinates.

Apart from Secretary Sun, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could fake evidence proving that he leaked exam questions. And the one who could afford such a high price to buy Secretary Sun’s betrayal must be none other than the vice director Song Cheng Shi. V2LspD

Lu Xu lowered his head and revealed a smile that was uglier than crying. This was truly like fighting a wild goose for an entire year but then ended up being blinded by said goose. In the end, he still underestimated the greed of human nature. Since Song Cheng Shi dared to do such things, then it was certain he had complete assurance that when Lu Xu fell, he wouldn’t be able to climb back out. Thinking back on how he also accepted numerous gifts and cash cards over the past few years, he was aware that this time, unless there was a miracle, he would have to spend at least ten years in jail.

“…… Fortunately, Ban Ban is already studying hard and learning well.” Director Lu muttered a few words and then couldn’t help but worry: “I hope mother and father are okay.”

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At this time, he still didn’t know that the outside world had already changed to the point that everything was turned on its head. Furthermore, he didn’t know that because of these changes, his family went through much pain and suffering.

That evening, someone came to tell Director Lu that as long as he confessed to his crimes, they would consider lightening his sentence. They also told him that desperately struggling was no use, they had real evidence. Lu Xu very much wanted to say that the evidence was faked by his secretary. However, he currently didn’t have enough power or even the authority to see other people, much less make a counterattack. Even though it was like this, Lu Xu still felt a little uneasy. He subconsciously believed that he must not admit to his supposed crimes, at least no that fast. Otherwise, his outcome would probably be very bad. xglRNY

Therefore, in the following days of investigations, Lu Xu used what could be counted as a gentle but firm attitude to express that it wasn’t he who leaked the questions for the city wide exam. It was very possibly done by his secretary. Director Lu did not mention Song Cheng Shi’s name as he wasn’t sure if the police were Song Cheng Shi’s men. However, even though he said it like this, with regards to the practically already determined outcome, everything he said was completely useless.

Within the past half a month, Lu Ban Ban had never imagined he would become profoundly aware of the cruel reality that ‘without his father, he was nothing’. The family’s money stored in the bank was all frozen. From the beginning, there was not enough money to cover the costs for Grandpa Lu’s hospitalisation and operation. If not for Ren Zhu and Ning Xun, the young Lu Ban Ban would probably be in a tight spot.

Even though Ren Zhu spared no effort to help Lu Ban Ban, in the following half a month, Lu Ban Ban’s change was also astonishing.

The former Lu Ban Ban was a confident and even arrogant bear child. He felt that if he claimed second place, no one would claim to be first. No one was better than him and everyone should listen to him. However in the half a month in the hospital, he realised that not a single person would listen to him, he could only order around himself. In the time when money was insufficient, Lu Ban Ban had also thought of borrowing money. The families of his several followers were all wealthy. Usually, when he wanted to buy something, these little brothers would always scramble to pay for him. However, just when he called them asking to borrow some money, not a single person was willing to lend him even a hundred dollars. Furthermore, a classmate who would always try to win his favour took joy in his misfortune and used a ridiculing tone to tell him:


“Your father is in jail. You still want to find me to borrow money?! When you bullied me before, was it not enough? I’d only lend you money if I were stupid! You and your father both deserve it!”

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Lu Ban Ban threw his phone in fury. After a long while, he still struggled to crouched down and picked up his already dilapidated phone, afraid that he might have broken it. After all, he didn’t have excess money to buy another mobile phone.

Lu Ban Ban had now become taciturn. He started to sell his collection of action figures and toys online bit by bit. In the first few days, Ren Zhu would buy take-out to give Lu Ban Ban and Grandpa Lu. However, on the tenth day, Lu Ban Ban stopped him.

“Teacher, buying take-out is too much of a waste of money. I’ll cook at home.” siM763

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Ren Zhu silently looked at the young man who had lost more than 5 kg within ten days. After a long while, he then nodded his head: “Alright. Then you may as well also make my share. I’ll stay here to look after your grandpa.”

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At this moment, Lu Ban Ban’s gloomy and tense expression finally eased a lot. He held his right hand and hummed in agreement.

Then, Lu Ban Ban silently sat by Grandpa Lu’s side and didn’t say any more. ogEhG6

Ren Zhu looked at Lu Ban Ban’s appearance and understood that it couldn’t go on like this. If the child continued down this path, his entire life would be ruined.

As a result, Ren Zhu got up and left, heading straight to Zhou Lai’s home.

“Teacher Ren, you want me to go comfort Lu Ban Ban?” Zhou Lai’s expression was very strange. He seemed to be angry but also somewhat pleased. There was also some faint irritation: “His father committed a crime and was arrested. This itself was his father’s own wrongdoing. Why does he need comforting?! Is he very pitiful? If he is pitiful, then when my father was arrested when I was in Grade 3, I was even younger then, was I not pitiful?! I was 3 years younger than him at that time. Do you know what he said then?”

Ren Zhu looked at the angry and sneering teenager in front of him. Zhou Lai said with a cold voice: “He said, your father is a bastard who deserves to go to jail. The father isn’t a good thing, so the son is also not a good thing.” 6oGF1p

Ren Zhu lowered his eyes. He seemed to be unable to explain anything for Lu Ban Ban. Feeling like this still wasn’t enough, Zhou Lai sneered again: “Afterwards, he brought his so called good brothers to bully me for three years.”

“At that time, I wanted to use a knife to stab him in the heart. Isn’t it just that his father is a director? My father also used to be a director, and he was much more powerful than his father. Why must he bully me? Did he think that just because he later apologised, I would forgive him? Why should I? I was bullied for a three years, a simple apology can make up for it? Now it’s good. His father was arrested. He’s now just like me, isn’t that pretty good?”

Zhou Lai’s cold voice faintly trembled. If one didn’t listen carefully, they wouldn’t have discovered it.

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Ren Zhu listened attentively so he noticed. 0KczHF

“Yes, his is like you, but his grandmother passed away due to stimulation. His former little followers all started to ridicule him. His grandfather is now in hospital. His family doesn’t have enough money to cover the hospital expenses. He also started to learn to cook, but it seems like he burnt his hand. He really looks quite miserable. Now, perhaps he would also want to stab others.” Ren Zhu calmly said. “So, will you go see him? Go see his current pitiful and sorry figure.”

Zhou Lai fiercely raised his head. His sharp eyes appeared to want to see something from his class teacher’s expression, but he couldn’t make out anything. After an exceptionally quiet and dreadful long silence, Zhou Lai hoarsely said: “I’ll go. I want to ridicule and laugh at him. Then I’ll tell him how annoying he used to be.”

Consequently, Ren Zhu smiled and shook his head. After having experienced so much bullying and suffering, he could still be good and kindhearted. Such a good child, how could he be a homicidal maniac? Even if his expression was gloomy and his attitude was somewhat crude, this child honestly could be considered as a little angel.

So, after half a month of gloom, on the morning of the 16th day, Lu Ban Ban welcomed the first classmate to visit him. When Lu Ban Ban raised his head and saw Zhou Lai expressionlessly carrying a large insulated lunch box, for the first time his face revealed what seemed to be a joyful expression. However, very quickly, his smile became stiff. TjI Pi

“Congratulations. You’re just like me.”

Zhou Lai’s words had never been so blunt and hurtful.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Ban Ban wanted to be angry, but he soon thought of something and in an instant, annoyance and regret filled his face. However, he still felt very sad.

“Who are you showing that dead expression to? I heard that your cooking is very unpalatable. I started 3 years earlier so my skills are definitely much better than you. Your grandpa and teacher have already suffered enough. You should stop tormenting their stomachs.” m6GwIS

Zhou Lai did not look at Lu Ban Ban. He reached out and opened the lunch box. Inside, there was a healthy portion of stir fried green vegetables, a bowl of mushroom chicken stew, a big portion of rice, and a bowl of congee. In one glance, it was evident that this was for Grandpa Lu.

Lu Ban Ban looked at the steaming lunch box on the patient table and swore that he would never cry again. He was then sad and also somewhat happy as tears streamed down his face. He then said what he always wanted to but didn’t have the opportunity or the courage to say.

“I’m sorry ah, Zhou Lai. I previously bullied you so viciously and pushed all the bad things I did onto you. I also threw away your homework and slashed your books. I’m really really sorry! I was wrong, I shouldn’t have been like that to you! You’re already suffering a lot and I was still so hateful! I was wrong! Hit me! I’ll stand still and let you hit me until you don’t feel angry anymore! Wu wu wu, now that I’m thinking about it, I feel that I was so wretched wu wu wu!”

Lu Ban Ban apologised and couldn’t stop crying. Only now did he profoundly understand how malicious and hateful the things he did to Zhou Lai were at the time. Then, it’s too late for regrets. xGPYCD

Afterwards, he finally received a positive response from Zhou Lai that he had not received for the entire school term.

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“Seeing you so ugly and crying to this degree, I forgive your ignorance at that time.” Zhou Lai was standing straight but the corners of his eyes were slightly red: “Teacher once said that ‘one who doesn’t know is not guilty’. I believe that at that time, you didn’t know how much suffering I was in. However, I will not be good to you. Although I forgive you, I still don’t like you very much.”

Lu Ban Ban broke into a smile. “It’s fine. It’s fine. I will persist. Later on I will properly show my fighting spirit to be your good brother!”

In the next half a month, Lu Ban Ban experienced the rough treatment from Zhou Lai. 0pHMoq

“Don’t look so miserable! Grandpa still wants to raise you! I don’t even have a grandpa to raise me!”

“Oh oh.”

“Are you stupid? Don’t put too much oil when cooking. Stay further away from it, or you will be scalded!”

“Ah ah ah! I got burnt! You should have said it earlier!” lSL6Ba

“Don’t worry about those people who say bad things about uncle. Uncle still hasn’t been sentenced. Back then my father was also going to be sentenced for a long time, but he will be able to come out in five years. When he is released, I’ll be in senior high, just the right time! Perhaps your father will be fine in a few days.”

“But it seems like my father really accepted gifts.”

“…… Oh, then we’ll wait together until senior high. Anyway, we’re not that young.”

When a person experiences a lot of suffering, it would always make then feel suffocated and in despair. However, once there’s someone else who is in the same situation to face it together, they would always feel encouraged and not as sad. X24l9b

At this moment, Ren Zhu was waiting for news from Ning Xun.

“The day after tomorrow is the final trial. I’ve already let people contact Lu Xu. Although he was in a very bad state after he found out about the news outside, he will still firmly cooperate with us helping him to reduce his crimes. There’s now already information on the materials Secretary Sun faked. However, we don’t know where he put them for safekeeping. He and Song Cheng Shi are both cunning foxes. If they don’t plead guilty or reveal a hole in their story, then it’ll be very troublesome.”

When Ren Zhu heard this, after a long while, he suddenly said: “So, before the day after tomorrow, we need to find the original leaked exam paper questions that Secretary Sun forged? Moreover, it’s best to let him take the initiative to admit that he planted false evidence against Lu Xu?”

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Ning Xun nodded and then raised his eyebrows: “Looking at your expression, I always feel that you seem to want to do something.” 4p8sKe

As a result, Ren Zhu smiled: “Why don’t you guess?”

Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai are so cute together (≧▽≦)

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